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Cashews And Toilet Paper, Menard And Earnhardt, Some Links

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Good Morning America did a feature on Costco yesterday.  They talked about three of the company’s biggest sellers-wine, cashews, and toilet paper.  I am not much of a wine connoisseur, but I am a big fan of cashews and toilet paper. Cashews are one of my favorite childhood memories.  On the occasions when my dad would take us to a bar, we would always get a Pepsi, but once in awhile dad would get a little paper tray of warm cashews that the bar sold.  I don’t drink Pepsi anymore, but I would eat cashews three times a day if I could. And while taking a youngster to a bar may seem less than politically correct today, going to the Dug Out or Irv’s or any of the other blue collar bars we visited didn’t seem to have a terrible effect on me. Of course watching the coupes race at the Washington County Fairgrounds track in the mid-1950’s did have a big effect on me.

I have to get in another shot at Paul Menard fan Tony Anville, mainly because of five emails I got this morning about Jeff Gordon bumping Matt Kennseth during the Martinsville race.  It seems like the best way to find where Menard finishes a race is to look for where Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishes.  At Martinsville Menard was 14th and Earnhardt finished 15th.  This happens too many times to be called a coincidence. A look at current NASCAR Sprint Cup point standings finds Earnhardt in 8th place and Menard in 9th.  Apparently the drivers have very similar talents.

Martinsville winner Denny Hamlin is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery on the knee he injured in a pick-up basketball game several months ago.  Originally Hamlin was to wait until the off-season for surgery.  While denying the knee has been part of the problem for Hamlin’s slow start this season, it seems like moving the surgery confirms it has been a problem.

I actually watched some of the Martinsville race yesterday while working out at the Fremont YMCA Wellness Center.  My choices were the race, an exhibition baseball game, HGTV, or a soap opera.  Since the Cubs weren’t playing, the race seemed like the best choice.

Following are some links I received recently.  The first is from Jill George fan TMC.  George was injured in a crash at a WoO late model show in Texas.  Apparently 10 stitches were needed to close a cut in her forearm, and she may have a broken arm as well.  While a broken arm would certainly put a crimp in her racing, it would greatly affect her livelihood as a chiropractor. Scroll down for a photo of George’s late model in flight.

Matt sent me a link of an interview with Jim Wilson talking about the demise of the WDRL and his new venture at Bethany Speedway in Missouri.

Finally, this came from Drew of Iowa. The site covers Iowa dirt track racing.  

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Second Blog Of The Day-March 29th

March 30, 2010 2 comments

I received an “anonymous” comment about my first blog.  Actually, it wasn’t anonymous at all because the blog is equipped with Aksimet which allows me to delete any offensive comments or spam posts, and tells me the email address of the sender.  The comment read:

“Nothing is more degrading than a plea for notariety!”

It is actually notoriety, and gaining notoriety has never been my intent in this campaign. I cannot justify spending more family money than I already have on this blog, and I merely wanted to be able to purchase equipment to improve it.  I have never minded pushing a product, a book, a race, or someone else’s website or blog.  To me, mentioning Prilosec once in awhile seemed like a fair trade. And asking for your help did not seem like too much too ask.

However, it appears that I have offended at least one person with my asking for your help.  Maybe it is more, and only one spoke up. I apologize to anyone I have offended, and today’s other post will be the last asking for your vote.

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A Disappointed Blogger

March 30, 2010 2 comments

Mother Nature teased Midwest auto racing fans this weekend, allowing the Friday night portion of two Nebraska specials to actually run.  Of course she showed how fickle she can be by dousing the state with a cold rain on Saturday, forcing both Junction Motor Speedway and Beatrice Speedway to cancel the second night of their programs.

Forty-five cars from twelve different states took to the JMS dirt Friday.  Ryan Gustin led all 30 laps of the feature and was followed by Jon Tesch and Tommy Myer.  Coloradoan Ricky Alvarado took night one’s A modified checkered at Beatrice Speedway.  Young Dylan Smith finished second in what appeared to be a stout field of modifieds.  In the support classes, Jesse Sobbing won the Northern Sports Mod feature, Brandon Johnson took the hobby stock trophy, and Ole Olsen claimed the top spot in the sports compact feature.

There will be an article on Jesse Sobbing in an upcoming issue of Dirt Modified Magazine.  I’m not sure which issue, because the author just turned in the story.  

Rain also postponed big time shows in the southeast U.S. this weekend.  NASCAR Sprint Cup, NHRA, and IRL races scheduled for yesterday are supposed to be run today.  That keeps Tony Anville happy-well, as happy as a tax man can be-as Paul Menard remains in the Sprint Cup top ten for one more day.

Although I am not as serious about tracking statistics as some bloggers, I do check my blog stats from time to time.  In the past 12 months I have had over 75,000 visitors and 425,000 hits.  I spend a lot of time trying to make my blog something that people want to read.  I also spend a lot of time on social media sites Twitter and Facebook.  Getting 35,000 Twitter followers and over 6,000 Facebook friends and fans did not happen overnight.  Those numbers contribute greatly to the discouragement I feel after noting my vote tally in the Prilosec blog sponsorship contest.  After promoting my entry for a week, I got all of 68 additional votes, and at least 30 of those came from three people. 

I am currently 52nd overall in the balloting, and 8th in my category.  That is a shaky 52nd as seven other contestants are within 10 votes of me.  However, 100 additional votes would move me to 34th overall in the balloting, and 500 more votes would put me in 13th place in the contest.  An additional 1,000 votes would move me to 6th overall in the contest, and 1st in my category.  The top five contestant totals are: 215,200-12,600-2,900-2,500-2,000.

If only have of my Facebook friends and fans or 1/10th of my Twitter followers would vote one time, I would be in 3rd place in this contest.  If all my Facebook friends and fans would vote for me just two times, I would be in second place.  That hardly seems like too much to ask. The Prilosec sponsorship isn’t going to make me rich.  It would allow me to improve my blog by adding audio and video to it by paying for a video camera, sound equipment, and computer software that I just cannot justify buying otherwise and make my blog a more entertaining place to visit.

Once again, you can vote once every day through 4/19. Go to Create an account-a real email address and a password. Log In and do a search for Ron M. I am the Over 50 Auto Racing Philosopher. When my profile comes up, click on Vote.


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A Campaign Manager, A Spoiler, And The Sun Is Shining

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I would like to thank Ivan Tracy for his efforts regarding my campaign to have my blog sponsored by Prilosec.  If I ever run for a political office I will hire Ivan to be my campaign manager.  Of course, I could only campaign for nine months because Ivan spends his winters going to races in Arizona and California.  I hadn’t calculated totals, but according to Ivan, if half of my readers, Facebook friends, and Tweeter followers would vote each day, I would have 130,000 votes by April 16th.  Since I only have a little over 100 votes that must mean that about 99.99% of my readers, friends, and followers aren’t voting.  Darn. I see my blog as a community, and if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire community to get this blog sponsored by Prilosec.

The ugly wing on NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars is history.  Goodbye, farewell, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.  If NASCAR purposely set out to make their race cars ugly, they couldn’t have hit on a better way to do it than those wings.  Hopefully the new COT will continue to be a safe car as well as easier on the eyes.

Maybe another benefit of the spoiler replacing the wing will be that Jimmie Johnson won’t be so dominant.  I doubt it, but certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that happen. 

An article in the Omaha World-Herald sports yesterday stated that Rick Hendricks Racing is worth $350,000,000.  Amazing.  Picture a race team operating out of a gas station garage 50 years ago.  Now picture a well landscaped college, and that is what the Hendricks facility looks like.  At least it did a few years ago when Matt and I visited. It probably looks even better now.

I was told about a new racing site today, and while it isn’t finished, my visit proved quite interesting.  When it is ready to go I will definitely be promoting it on this blog.

I am almost afraid to think it, but it appears that at least the first night of racing at both Junction Motor Speedway and Beatrice Speedway is going to be a go.  The sun is shining in Nebraska, and while it isn’t exactly warm, there is no Canadian air blast headed this way either.  Good luck to everyone racing.

Thanks for stopping by. And check out yesterday’s post that tells how to vote for me on the Prilosec site.

So Tired, Tired Of Tire Cheaters

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Another late model driver was busted for a tire infraction.  A tire taken from Chris Madden’s car after the March 7th Lucas Oil Dirt Series race at Volunteer Speedway in Tennessee was found to be chemically altered.  Madden finished second in the race, but his penalty included losing both the points earned and his winnings from the race-300 points and $5,000, as well as a fine of $1,500 and paying $300 for the lab test. Tires from Ray Cook and Jimmy Owens were also tested, and found legal.

I know cheating has always been a part of racing and a lot of drivers and fans figure it isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught, but I have a problem with that.  To me, cheating means buying a race that your talent and experience can’t help you win.  It demeans the hard work of others trying to run by the rules and takes money out of the pockets of those same drivers.

Friend TMC made a good point in an email to me.  With the focus on tire tech, isn’t a driver really stupid to alter his tires? Are some drivers cheating like crazy in something that is off the radar right now?  He also wondered if Hoosier could provide a tire tread that would change colors dramatically if chemically altered. 

My son Matt also made several good points.  At the Crown Jewel events like the World 100, make the drivers buy tires at the track and allow no grooving.  He also suggested that Lucas Oil and the WoO form a pact that includes regional tours-a suspension in one series becomes a suspension in all series. While that may be a good idea, I don’t see it happening for several reasons.  First is Lucas Oil and WoO are competitors and there are some heavy egos involved in the leadership of these tours.  Second is that the national tours don’t have huge numbers of cars following all races and they don’t want to lose any car that does follow the series.  It would have to be an incredibly blatant cheat for a driver to get suspended.

As always, my lack of tech savvy keeps me from coming up with a workable idea to stop tire cheating.  Of course others with tech savvy have not been able to come up with a solution either.  Maybe there is no solution.  If you have an idea on stopping tire cheating, I would love to hear it.

I really do need your help on the Prilosec sponsorship.  The vote tally counts for 20% in the selection process.  Only 50 people will be chosen for sponsorships, and I am not in the top 50 at this time.  Hundreds of people read my blog everyday.  I have over 35,000 followers on Twitter, and 5,000 friends on Facebook.  If everyone would vote just once, I would not have to put these reminders in my blog.

Vote every day through 4/19. Go to Create an account-a real email address and a password. Log In and do a search for Ron M. I am the Over 50 Auto Racing Philosopher. When my profile comes up, click on Vote. That takes a little work but the results of such a sponsorship will mean I can add interviews and videos to my blog.  Please vote!!!

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Fame-I Wanna Live Forever, People Remember My Name

March 24, 2010 1 comment

“There’s some rumors going round,” Witchy Woman-The Eagles

There are some rumors floating around about a recent vote by the board of directors of the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame.  I am not a member of this august group, but suspect I am too outspoken for many members of the board anyway. Let me first say I am in no way making any disparaging remarks about any past or current inductees.  My beef with the NARHOF board is because of several more than worthy individuals who the board decided are not worthy of induction.

I am not going to mention names.  I am sure many people will be able to figure out who I am speaking of, and if you can, more power to you.  The first is a champion driver who raced both coupes and late models in his career.  I am not sure how many championships this driver actually won-there were enough at many different tracks that he might not even remember.  I do know that he won more than one championship at the fabled Sunset Speedway in Omaha, and to me that alone makes for a very strong case for induction into NARHOF.  What I find interesting though is that five of this driver’s contemporaries are in the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame-they are all champions too, but this driver defeated them as many times as the drivers already inducted defeated him.  I truly do not get the logic of omitting him.

The second glaring omission by the NARHOF board is not voting in a family that as promoters for a quarter of a century did more for Nebraska stock car racing than anyone I can think of.  I don’t have a clue about the politics of this board-racing is racing and why there has to be any politics is beyond me.  However, it does look like there is an Omaha contingent on the board that is outnumbered by what I would call an open-wheeled contingent, and there is also a central Nebraska contingent.  I would hope that the fact that the track this family promoted ran fendered race cars had nothing to do with the board vote, and I would hope that the fact that the track was an eastern Nebraska facility had nothing to do with the vote either. This vote simply boggles my mind, and the board ought to be ashamed that this family is not being inducted into NARHOF. I really think it calls to question the credibility of the board.

Here are a couple of links from north of the border.  Yesterday I heard from Anthony Leek of Emo Speedway in Ontario and he gave me several links to share.  The first link is to three videos from the track and the second is to Anthony’s blog.  He has an interesting post about tracks changing nights.  These are definitely worth checking out. 

Just a reminder about  my Prilosec sponsorship quest:  I did not receive Prilosec sponsorship for my blog in their first selection.  I knew it was a long shot starting only a few days before the deadline.  However, there is going to be another selection in about a month, and once again I need your vote.  You can vote once each day through April 19th, so please help me out and vote every day.  Go to  You need to create an account to vote but it is very simple-provide a real email address and enter a password.  I am not receiving any junk emails from Prilosec, so that won’t be a problem for you. After you Log In, do a search for Ron M. Several links will be shown, but I am the Over 50 Auto Racing Philosopher. When my profile comes up, all you have to do is click on ‘Vote.’ I realize that takes a little work, but the results of such a sponsorship would mean I can add interviews and videos to my blog from members of the racing family all over the country.

Writer friend Salley Shannon of Washington D.C. pointed out you can also click on candidates, go to the ‘Sports’ section and page through until you find me.  Down south sports marketer and late model expert Simone Stapel said this on Facebook: “FYI – fastest way to find Ron’s voting page – enter his name in the search box located at the top right of the screen.” Whatever way you find my profile, please vote.

Thanks for your vote and thanks for stopping by.

March Madness Doesn’t Always Mean Basketball

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

A new take on March Madness has nothing at all to do with basketball.  Instead, it is what Midwest racing promoters suffer when they think they can schedule a race in early spring.  Mother Nature casts the final tally in race or no race, and it seems like for every one time she votes yes she votes no five times.  Several two night shows are scheduled in Nebraska this weekend-the USMTS Spring Thaw at Junction Motor Speedway south of York, and Beatrice Speedway’s Spring Nationals.  Keep your fingers crossed.

It looks like I won’t be making either event this weekend.  Duke plays basketball on TV Friday night and my racing compatriot does not like to miss viewing those games. I don’t like driving several hours alone, so it appears Friday is out.  Saturday is my daughter’s birthday and the family is going out to eat.  Ah well, after six months, waiting a few more weeks to go to a live race is not going to hurt me much.

If you are like me and can’t go, or don’t want to go out because of the cold, you can watch the USMTS race at JMS on your computer.  XRN Race Cast will be doing a PPV of each night of the event.  For $9.95 a night, or $14.95 for both nights you get lap by lap coverage, instant replays, interviews, highlights, and you can replay the coverage as often as you like.  To order, go to: and click to proceed to the live player.

Maybe it is just me, but Jimmie Johnson winning so often is one more reason not to watch NASCAR Sprint Cup racing.  I wasn’t able to watch Sunday’s race at Bristol, and after I learned of the results, I am glad I missed it.

Time for a shameless plug.  I have mentioned I need your vote to help me obtain Prilosec sponsorship for my blog.  Such sponsorship would be worth $1,000-$4,000 and would allow me to greatly improve my blog by adding interviews and video.  I would be able to interview drivers from around the country, and provide video of races I attend-interviews and race footage.  Right now I stand 69th in the standings among all entrants.  While the 215,231 votes for a rock guitarist is probably too big a lead for me to overcome, the second place overall contestant has only 2,903 votes, and with your help, I can better that.  Vote early, vote often, and share the details below with your friends.

You can vote once each day through April 19th, so please vote every day.  Go to  You need to create an account to vote but it is very simple-provide a real email address and enter a password.  I am not receiving any junk emails from Prilosec, so that won’t be a problem for you. After you Log In, do a search for Ron M. Several links will be shown, but I am the Over 50 Auto Racing Philosopher. When my profile comes up, all you have to do is click on ‘Vote.’ I realize that takes a little work, but the results of such a sponsorship would mean I can entertain you with more and better racing information.

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