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No Post Thursday, But A Good One Today

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I apologize for missing a blog post yesterday, but Thursday was a work day from hell for me.  When one crashes, how soon we discover how dependent we are on the machines that supposedly make our life easier.  Everyone lost access to our main computer at work, and as I have said repeatedly, a tech person I am not.  I did the simple things I hoped would bring the computer back to life.  When these did not work, I had to call an I.T. person from Omaha.  He in turn had to call someone from Kansas City to help him, so it became an expensive afternoon of getting no work done. 

To add insult to this injury, I could not access the internet either.  The I.T. person made some changes so I finally could, but it was too late in the day to do a blog post. Just so you know how bad a day it was for me, I would not wish this day on Carl Edwards or Jimmie Johnson. 

I need to catch up from yesterday’s disaster, so having a few guest posts available is certainly handy.  Here are several more responses to my “ultimate dirt track” request.

The first post is from Dean Cudly.  I could find nothing I disagree with here. Actually,  a lot of what people are saying is simply common sense, and some things that would enhance a track could be done at little or no expense.

Love this one Ron, here goes . . .

Seating:  I like the seats in the reserved section at I-80, but the backs should be higher.  If you use a seat cushion, the backs don’t provide much support.  The ultimate venue may even have padded stadium seating–especially if they’re putting on one of these 5 hour marathons.

Restrooms:  The bigger the better.  As you know, everybody hits them at the same time.  Remember Eagle before the new ones were built?  That’s what NOT to do!

Concessions:  Cold drinks!  Hot food!  Half the time when I get a pop at most tracks, it’s luke warm.  How about some decent water fountains–there’s an idea FREE WATER–FREE COLD WATER!  There’s another pet peeve of mine, not being allowed to bring in WATER to a track, I can understand not allowing a cooler full of beer, but a water bottle should be allowed, especially if the track doesn’t provide water fountains.  Your idea for vendors in the stands is okay as long as they understand to sit down when the racing starts. 

Racing surface:  Multi-groove tracks go without saying.  I think the black gumbo at Knoxville is as good as it gets for dirt track racing.

Retaining wall:  Make sure it’s high enough to keep ’em in the ballpark.  I-80 screwed this one up when it was built. Cars were constantly jumping into the catch fence (which could have been stronger, too).

Quality of program:  A perfect track for me is 2 classes, 40 cars each.  Eight heats, 2 full B-Features, and 2 full A-Features.  No longer than a 15 minute intermission and out by 10:30!  I would pay $25 a ticket for a weekly show like that!  Like you, I don’t need 6 hours of entertainment for my money–just an efficiently run program with little down time, filled races, and some wheel to wheel racing.  Also, I’m not big on bus races, van races, trailer races, etc. after the races.  Let me go to the pits and get home at a decent hour

Announcer:  Were you ever at Eagle a few years back when Mike and Rick were announcing?  What a great duo, never a dull moment.  The music was non-stop classic and they always announced the line ups, you knew who was on the track.  They constantly threw stuff in the stands, told jokes and had fun!  I hate the “silent” time at a track. I don’t think most promoters have picked up on how important an entertaining, knowledgeable announcer is.  They can make a big difference in how enjoyable your evening is.  Oh, and keep us informed–tell us what the order of the program is, if there have been claims, penalties, etc.–I hate not knowing what going on.

Parking:  Plenty of close, free parking.  Ideally, on hard surfaces–at least not a mud bath if it rains or has recently rained.  How about a shuttle service for our elderly and disabled?  Also, security in the lot may not be a bad idea (on a perfect track) I’ve had a couple of bad experiences when I came out to my car.  Also, they could monitor the idiots that don’t know the difference between the road and a parking space.  Speaking of security, I would like someone at the track to tell some of the over imbibed to sit down and shut up.  I’m with you on having “family sections”, but sometimes they can be rather trying with kids that never sit down.  Personally, I’d be up for an “adults only, 2 beer limit, no swearing, no standing or going up and down the aisles during the races” section.


Oh, thanks for letting me stop by!

The next post comes from Ben Hoesing of Ames, Iowa.  He mentions concessions at the track in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and I would have to agree.  I still remember how good their hamburgers are.


Here are my top picks for your Ultimate Dirt Track:

-Best seating:  Either Knoxville or Denison for size and comfort, but not closeness to the action. That would go to either Stuart, IA or Abilene, TX.

-Rest rooms: ACS at Corning hands down.
-Concessions: My Dad would say the Chicken Gizzards at SCS in Harlan, but I’d say either MCS at Fort Dodge or Park Jefferson, SD, both have a variety of good food.

-Racing surface:  SCS at Harlan.  You can run 2-3 wide all the way around that place.
-Retaining wall:  I like the fact that Park Jefferson only has the front stretch wall close to the track with no walls on the corners, where things more than likely go bad.

-Quality of program:  That has to be Boone, 130-150 cars between 5 classes on a given night and the show is done in 3-3 1/2 hours.

-Announcer:  Toby Kruse ranks pretty close to the top, although he’s mostly promoting now.
-Atmosphere:  Sunset Speedway without a doubt.  Nothing like walking out of the tunnel with the view of the Sunset, the smell of burning gasoline, and the sound of 500 hp screaming by.

-Wow factor:  Boone during Supernationals.  That many people surrounding the track, when 33 modifieds take the green flag 3 abreast, you can feel the energy.

-Overall facility:  Of the tracks I’ve been to, Knoxville is probably the nicest overall facility. 

Thanks and keep up the good work, nothing better than being able to read about racing and Nebraska football in the same blog.

Thanks to Dean and Ben, and thank you for stopping by.


Two Posts In One Day-I’m Inspired

April 29, 2010 2 comments

I’m either inspired or simply pissed off by a court system that allows someone with an important name and high dollar attorneys to walk, when someone less notorious and without access to the best lawyers money can buy would have ended up serving time in some Florida prison.  Last fall J.C. France was stopped by Daytona Beach police for street racing, DWI, and possessing cocaine.  Seems like there is at least one felony in there.  Unfortunately for law abiding citizens, the high speed chase crossed into a Daytona suburb, and gendarmes from that metropolis were not called in to make the bust.  A battery of lawyers hired by the NASCAR France family discovered this technicality, so J.C. is off scot free.  What happened never happened.  Justice is served.

Anyway, it inspired me to write a song.  Given that the first line in stanza one was co-opted from the Eagles song, and the first line in stanza two came from a Guess Who song, I hope I don’t come up on any charges.  I only know one lawyer, and he his forte is personal injury.

Streets of Daytona

(To the Eagles Life’s Been Good)

J.C’s Maserati does 185,

On the streets of Daytona,

He likes to test drive.

The Po-lice stop him, they can’t do a thing.

‘Cause on the streets of Daytona,

The name France it means king.

A bag of goodies,

A bottle of wine.

If your name is France,

In Daytona,

It’s a party, not a crime.

High priced lawyers

His family employs.

With judges in Daytona,

They’s just good ole boys.

They’ll get him off,

They’ll never fail.

Thank God his name is France,

In Daytona if it was Meyer his ass’d be in jail.

It’s tough for J.C. to handle

His fortune and fame.

He’s third generation in Daytona,

And France is his name.

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Ultimate Track # 2-A Guru Is Heard From, Plus Jim Wilson’s Bethany Track

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

The following is from Steve Basch, aka Race Guru.  Like Tom McLaughlin, Steve travels to more tracks than the average fan-he is an Eldora regular, loves Indiana Sprint Week, and rarely misses a Chili Bowl.  I like most of his ideas, especially the one giving me a padded recliner for a race seat.  I need to forward that idea to Roger Hadan now that Eagle is going to run a five class show.

After Steve’s dream of an ultimate venue, read Jim Wilson’s press release from his Bethany, Missouri track.  You have to love reading of a promoter working that hard to fix up and make his track better for fans and drivers. Thanks for forwarding this Matt.

From Race Guru Steve Basch:

Yes, I’m still alive. I have been thinking about the ultimate dirt track.

#1 I would build my track where the cars are. The # of cars in the Midwest compared to the southeast is pitiful. I want my track near lots of people and cars. 

#2 My track has to be fast.  A 3/8 mile track would be O.K. as long as it was banked wide and roundish, like Belleville and Eldora “Flat Out: WFO. Bad Fast.”

#3 I would invest in state of the art sound equipment. The place would rock. Bruton would take his ear protection out when the races started. My track would have a Big Party atmosphere.

#4 Party Busses from different bars shuttling fans to the Party stands, Totally separated from the family stands. Built above a bar like at I-80 with weekly Wet T-shirt contests and Live Bands.

#5 Corporate Suites. Free tickets given away at track sponsors weekly.

#6 Great concessions. Full Bar, Full Ice Cream Shoppe. Several Micro Brew stands. More like a Minor League Ball Park. (I have to laugh when you combine Steve’s #4 idea with micro brew stands and a full ice cream shop.  However, I have watched him drink beer and eat ice cream at races, so I see where he is coming from).

#7 2 Major National Events a year for Super Late Models, with annual specials for  Modifieds, Crate Lates, and Big Block Mods.

#8 The grandstands would have a premium section for season ticket holders with a little more room and full wait staff. (I like the idea of more room.  Matt would say I already have a wait staff-him.)

#9 Since we are dreaming, my dirt track would be designed so the race director could change the moisture content of the track week to week, so I could have the Dry slick nationals, and The Tacky Horsepower Nationals.

#10 Lets put a lid on the whole complex not a dome just weather proof. (You can tell Steve is a Chili Bowl regular. I wonder if a February in Nebraska would draw as many people as the Chili Bowl does to Tulsa. Why not make the roof retractable for good weather if we are dreaming?)

#11 Bruton’s race seat would be a padded recliner that actually picks him up in the parking lot and wheels him up to 25 rows up at the start/finish line.

#12 Large LED screen for instant replay

#13 Large camp ground area with full hook ups.

That’s good for now.

I hope this helps

The Guru     

From Jim Wilson:

Monday April 26, 2010

What is going on at Bethany Speedway

I thought I would write an update on the progress at Bethany Speedway and let you all know what is going on.
As we all know, we had to cancel the races Friday night due to the heavy rains and the mud. If we had of had a few more hours of Sun we may have been able to work the track and the pit area in so we could race. After being out there most of the day I can tell you that we still couldn’t get on the track at 4pm.
The good news is that we are ready to race this Friday and are praying for better weather this week. I think this front will be out of here long before Friday.

Nancy and I have both been putting in some very long hours to get things ready to open the racetrack for weekly racing. We both found out that when you open a track that has basically sat empty for 10 years there is a lot to do. We have both been working 14 to 16 hours a day. We have had some good help and are thankful for that.

First I want to thank the NW MO State Fair Board for all of their help. Mike Sanders has been a pleasure to work with and is willing to help with anything we need done. Dwight Hamilton has been great about grading the track when we need it and spends many hours doing this when it needs to be done. Mike and some of the other fair board members got a bucket truck out to the speedway Thursday night and adjusted the lighting so we would have a better lighted track.

Nancy has redone the complete concession area with all new concession equipment and redesigned it so it will make it easier and friendlier for the fans to go get a hamburger or a beer. She has redone the ticket booth for race tickets and moved it to the North side of the drive. She has done all of the legal mumbo jumbo which takes hours, plus has placed all of the ads and written all of the electronic ads for the radio.

My brother Eldon came down from Des Moines IA on Thursday and sheep’s-footed the track another 6 hours after I had already spent countless hours sheep’s-footing the track. We will continue sheep’s-footing the track this week until we get it hard enough the rains won’t bother it much.

I finished up the new flag stand and got the safety lights wired up, including the new one. That’s right we have a new flag stand and a new safety light on the front straight. When you are coming off of number 4 corner you can’t miss it. I think the drivers will really like it.

We got the new scoring loop put in last week too. The scoring loop goes completely across the racetrack about 14 inches underground and then goes to the judge’s stand for the computer to hook up to. When the cars cross the scoring loop they will be picked up with a transponder that each car will be using. We will be using AMB electronic scoring on part of our classes and hopefully on all of them before long.

Our Son-In-Law Chris Crowder has been out selling sponsorships for the drivers. He has sold all 4 divisions as you can see when you go to the Sponsors page of this web site. Along with selling the divisions he has sold 8 signs that you will be able to see along the front straight wall. He has also helped us work on the track and has spent many hours on the mower and with a weed eater. We appreciate all that he is doing also.

This week we will again be working diligently to make sure that everything is ready to go Friday night.

We want to thank all that has helped us get this beautiful facility back in shape.

We are really excited about this weeks show.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ultimate Dirt Track #1

April 28, 2010 3 comments

The following Ultimate Venue comments came from super fan Tom McLaughlin of Omaha. Tom travels to more tracks than most of us during a season, and certainly has a view point on what he would consider a top notch facility.

I tend to lean toward the earthy, seasoned and quirky side of life, rather than the cookie-cutter venues that overwhelm every suburban area in every city of the country.  Some of my favorite race tracks are dumps.  So, my ultimate dirt track would probably be a racy but oddly-configured fairgrounds track (i.e. Alta) with a rickety covered grandstand that hasn’t been painted since the 1960’s, in some town that’s 25 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart.  But, if I was going to build one, this is a rough idea of how it would shape up, based on some of the things I like from some of my favorite tracks:

Seating:  Close to the track, ample legroom, seat backs in the upper rows, hillside seating running the length of the front stretch.  VIP suites, bar-and-grill with premium seating and some open-air boxes (like Corning’s or I-80’s before they blew away) in a separate structure.

Restrooms:  Copy I-80’s blueprint.  Never a line to take a whiz there, although I would reconfigure the entrances and make them wider.  Would actually have 2 sets of restrooms so that nobody has to walk too far (like USA in Tucson)

Concessions:  I like the food court idea.  Have to have a separate pop-only and beer-only window.  Also would have a giant grill for grilled hamburgers, pork chops, polish sausage, etc.  No Sysco-burgers at my track.  Would also have good tenderloins, chicken, pizza, Mexican – people will spend money for good food.  Would have one person in charge of concessions, and that person would be responsible for adequate staffing and adequate stocking.  Nobody will get pissed off and put their money back in their pocket because the lines are too long or the popcorn is gone at intermission time.  I would throw unsold food away before that happens (USA sells everything left over dirt cheap at the front gate after the program is over).

Racing surface:  3/8 mile max.  Wide, medium banked nothing in the infield but grass.  Pits would abut the spectator area starting in turn 1 and wrap around the backstretch (similar to Eagle, but with more room and better traffic patterns.)  

Retaining wall:  Enough to do the job, not enough to block the spectator’s view.  Armco only where it’s needed.  Ideally, the turns and backstretch wouldn’t have walls as the pits would be set back just enough to make this happen, and would have their own protective walls.  And a substantial catwalk/pit grandstand and concession area.  Along with a covered tech area.

Quality of program:  3 hour weekly program.  4 classes at the most.  I want B-features and some drama every week.  If you take a whiz at any time other than the 10-15 minute intermission, you’re going to miss some action. 

Announcer:  Has to be entertaining, informative, endearing, and be able to rattle off a line-up without looking at a cheat sheet.  Two guys in the booth would be great, as long as they don’t babble too much.  Also need a mobile pit announcer. 

Other Amenities:  Plenty of bright lighting, state-of-the-art sound system, new batteries the mics each week, Raceivers mandatory in all classes, T-shirt/souvenir stand with attractive, quality apparel and plenty of cheap things for the kids to drop their money on, well-organized parking and ingress/egress to keep traffic moving, pit entrance well away from spectator entrance (again, USA in Tucson), a hospitality area like what Eagle has, but could be used for souvenir vendors, company outings, VIP gatherings, displays, etc. and located closer to the stands, a supervised play area for the smaller kids (at one end of the stands so parents can keep an eye on it).

Atmosphere:  Someplace where you can bring the whole family and have an affordable and enjoyable night out, and enough drama and excitement to keep them coming back for more.  Friendly and helpful staff and bouncers who will keep the drunks under control are a must.  You have to have beer drinkers though, as they pay a lot of the bills in an operation like this.  Would have school buses pack the track and give the kids (and grown-ups) free rides. 

Wow factor:  I’m not a wow factor guy – I’ll let the show speak for itself.

And there you have it.  Now I just need about $3 million to make it all happen…

Like Tom I am an old fairgrounds kind of guy.  My first race ever was at a fairgrounds track, so I suspect that is the reason why.  Harlan, Corning, Alta, Oskaloosa, and West Liberty in Iowa and Albion in Nebraska are fairgrounds tracks I enjoy. 

As far as his ideas, I agree with everything except his comment about the wow factor.  A new facility like this would definitely have people saying “wow,” when they drive up.

More ultimate venues tomorrow.  Thanks Tom, and thank you for stopping by.

Do I Dare To Believe My Eyes????

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I can’t believe I am saying this, but NASCAR finally put on a race worth watching yesterday.  I am not going to call it “the best Talladega race ever” like Darrell Waltrip did, but I did watch all of the laps that Fox Sports actually televised. Congratulations to Kevin Harvick on a much needed win for Richard Childress Racing.  And I love the irony of the 29 team winning just days after Shell/Pennzoil announced it would be switching sponsorship from Harvick to the Penske owned car of Kurt Busch.

Speaking of Busch-well, at least Kurt’s Brother Kyle, once again he proved that his legendary status is in his mind only.  A lot of wins might make a driver someone who fan’s love to hate, but with Kyle Busch there is no love involved.  He is simply a very talented jerk, and will be nothing more than a very talented jerk until he stops taking people out of races.

This leads me to Jimmie Johnson who blocked Jeff Gordon, resulting in Gordon being involved in a crash he should not have been anywhere near.  In my book-at least on my blog, Johnson is merely Carl Edwards in a Chevy, and if you wonder what I mean, I have called Edward’s a $3 bill many times.  Johnson may be the worst driver in NASCAR history with the title “Champion” alongside his name.  It seems like he is always a crash instigator, especially at Talladega, and yet somehow manages to drive away unscathed.

The two best lines of the entire telecast yesterday came from Gordon.  The first was a repeat from Monday’s Texas race in which Gordon asked his crew chief “what’s with 4-time?” Four Time was a sarcastic reference to Johnson’s four national championships.  In a post race interview Gordon stated that Johnson was trying his patience, and “right now I am really pissed.”  Love it.

My wife Jane actually watched the race with me, and had a great line too.  She asked “is it just me, or are the announcers really irritating?  No Jane, it is not just you.  The Fox NASCAR announcers are terribly irritating.  Jane added “I don’t like that guy who wore the cowboy hat last week,” which would be analyst Jeff Hammond, and “I wish Darrell Waltrip would shut up.”  So do a lot of other people.

The difference between yesterday’s race at Talladega and last fall’s fiasco at the same track was about equal to the difference in class between drivers Mark Martin and Kyle Busch, i.e. almost too much to measure.  Events happened on the track that old-timers in NASCAR remembered as passing.  AND, the race was won on the track, not in the pits.  I pinched myself several times just to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep and was dreaming.

I would give the race itself a 3.5 out of 4 rating.  Fox’s coverage deserves no better than a 1 out of 4.  Start off with interminable pre-race coverage, mix in good old boy analysts that irritate as much as analyze, and top it off with commercial break after commercial break, making it fairly easy to identify part of NASCAR’s ratings drop over the past few years.

Next week is Richmond, the NASCAR track that should have been the model for all the new tracks built in the past 20 years.  Think of all the racing fans would have if all the

1 ½ mile cookie cutter boring tracks had been designed as ¾ mile tri-ovals. 

Before I go, here is a question.  Where can you street race in your European sports car at speeds over twice the legal limit? Probably a lot of places if you don’t get caught.  But, say you do get caught, and it is determined you are DWI.  And not only are you DWI, but officers discover a bag of cocaine in your car. Well, the key word of course is caught.  You can do all kinds of things if you aren’t caught.  How many places can you get caught doing all of the above and have all charges dropped?  Where, and what does your name have to be? More tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

A Rainy Day Recap

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

From the Facebook page of Three Wide Media art director Travis Cushion came this quote by engine builder Jim Kuntz-“If you’re gonna own a dirt late model, you must really love dirt and hate money.”  Very true, yet there are thousands of late model owners around the United States.  The same could be said about sprint cars and modifieds too.  Just like the old, old cliché states, “how do you make a small fortune in racing?  Start with a large one.”

Tomorrow is the opening night of Eagle Raceway’s regular season-hopefully.  It is raining right now, and depending on which TV channel you watch, the odds of rain tomorrow are 50%-70%.  We might have to wait a week to check out how the new five class Eagle show will work.

If your track gets rained out this weekend and you need a dose of dirt track racing, go to  The site has video from at least eight different tracks, and there is enough content to sate even the hardest hardcore dirt track fan. One began with 30 seconds of footage of fans driving to an evening at a local track.  If this site wants something totally unique they should have me submit a video of a Matt and Ron road trip.  I am trying to page through a racing magazine or the Hawkeye Racing News while earnestly praying for a safe arrival and Matt is confounding me with race promotions or his knowledge of every late model tour in the country.

I have bad mouthed Dale Earnhardt Jr. several times in the past, mainly because Taxman Tony Anville threatens me with an audit if I don’t, but Dale Jr. is a very popular participant in the Make-A-Wish program.  During the Sprint All-Star Race weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway in May, Jr. will have his 200th visit from a youngster with a life threatening disease.  To me, this and his large donation to the Victory Junction Gang Camp say a lot about his character. 

Richard Childress Racing is losing major sponsor Shell-Pennzoil to Penske Racing’s Kurt Busch team.  It sounds like RCR is going to re-sign Kevin Harvick, though who they will get to replace Shell as sponsor of the 29 car is a multi-million dollar question.

I suspect this will get an email from a certain Auburn, Nebraska resident who dislikes Michael Waltrip, but what brought fines and penalties to the four cars associated with MWR was running a radiator pan that had not been “officially” submitted for approval.  It sounds like MWR hired a political spin doctor on this one.  What does not officially submitted for approval mean?  That they submitted the part, but didn’t cross all t’s or dot all I’s on the paperwork, or did they not submit it at all?  My guess is it wasn’t submitted.

I have received three excellent responses on my Ultimate Dirt Track blog yesterday.  I will be using them and others I receive in blogs next week.  Keep ‘em coming-I would love to use mostly guest posts for an entire week.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Ultimate Dirt Track

April 22, 2010 2 comments

I was shocked to read in today’s Omaha World-Herald that four teams associated with MWR-Michael Waltrip Racing-failed to pass post race inspection in Ft. Worth on Monday.  Not shocked because the cars failed to pass inspection, but shocked that ‘Taxman’ Tony Anville did not already have a billboard up calling Waltrip a cheater.  Let’s just say that the Waltrip clan does not receive Christmas cards from Anville.  NASCAR doled out $75,000 in fines, took away championship points from four drivers and car owners, and put several crew chiefs on season long probation. That hardly sounds like a minor infraction.

I will probably watch some of Sunday’s Sprint Cup race from Talladega.  Will the new spoiler at any excitement to a race that has become 99% boring? 

I visited for the first time in several weeks and read a blog post by Michael Rigsby.  In the post he discussed the “perfect” track.  Rather than build new, he decided to take a little something from tracks he has visited in the past.  I thought it was an interesting exercise and thought it would be fun to ask my readers to do the same.  Depending on the response-and I intend to harass some people-this ought to give me enough material for several columns, and that is always a plus.  So, help me build the perfect track (and don’t just answer Sunset Speedway to everything).  Tell me why you like a particular aspect of a certain track.

I have ten criteria to use in building the ultimate dirt venue.  Some I stole from Rigsby, several I adapted from his blog, and a few actually came from me.  They are:

-Best seating.  Comfort is certainly a key factor, but so is being close to the racing action, the concessions, rest rooms, and parking.

-Rest rooms. This is pretty much self-explanatory.

-Concessions.  Quality of items, variety of items, price, waiting in line.

-Racing surface.  What tracks provide multi-groove, side by side racing?

-Retaining wall.  I hope my buddy Rick Bradley answers this one.

-Quality of program. Anything from treating drivers with respect to finishing a program before midnight.

-Announcer.  It will be interesting to see the response I get from several of my readers who are track announcers.


-Wow factor. 

-Overall facility.

The facilities you mention do not have to be in operation.  You can name more than one in any category.  For example, in the best seating category I would name Sunset Speedway for closeness to the action and to parking, but not for comfort.  I would give the nod to Junction Motor Speedway for comfort and Eagle Raceway for nearness to concessions and rest rooms.  I happen to prefer sitting in family sections, which means no smoking and no alcohol-I hate breathing second hand smoke, and a rather large percentage of race drunks are obnoxious. Family sections are a must.

If I built from ground up, I would add berm seating to my race track.  A lot of the new stadium construction is for minor league ball parks and most offer berm type seating, at least along outfield fences.  I would make the entire back stretch of such a track berm style seating.  I would allow coolers in this section, and charge $15 per family admission. 

Reserved seating would actually be seats, not planks, would feature plenty of leg room, and something my son Matt deems important, cup holders.  I would also bring concessions to the fans-I would have a food court, but I would also use vendors to hawk their wares in the grandstands.

I would have walk-out suites like Lucas Oil Speedway, and offer a value added experience to entice businesses to rent these suites-concessions (other than beer) would be free, and food and beverage catering would be available, with a bar tender available as necessary and a waiter serving several suites.  Each suite would have rest rooms, and each suite would have heating and air conditioning, and be hooked to the track P.A. system.  Each suite would be equipped with a large screen TV.  I’ll save my in house TV ideas for another time.   

That is a sample of what I am looking for. And yes, my track would be built after I win a $250 million Power Ball lottery and I don’t have to care about making money.

Please email me your responses @  I will do more “Ultimate Race Track” posts next week.

Thanks for stopping by.