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A Skunk, Knoxville, AND A Record Day

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Matt sent me the following:


Richard Childress was asked about the verbal battle between Denny Hamlin, his teams and team members maintaining their innocence: “You can’t win a pissing match with a skunk.”

My question would be “who is the skunk?” 

From seemingly not wanting to go to Knoxville a week ago, Matt is now talking about going both Friday and Saturday, staying overnight in Newton or someplace close to Knoxville.  I would say I am just along for the ride, point me to my seat and I’ll sit down and be quiet, but if I didn’t navigate we might not make it to the track.

Listed below are the entrants for the Knoxville Late Model Nationals.  I do not know the procedure used to determine who gets in and who doesn’t, but with Lucas Oil sponsoring the event, you would think that all of the top ten drivers in the Lucas Oil Dirt Series would be invited. Yes, I know it is not a series race.  You won’t find Ray Cook, Dale McDowell, Chris Wall, John Blankenship, or Steve Casebolt on the list.  Nor will you find Shane Clanton, Tim Fuller, Chub Frank, or Clint Smith who are in the top ten in the WoO late model series.  They certainly belong in the event more than a lot of the drivers listed. Still, there are 30 elite drivers along with some excellent regional drivers, so there should be some great racing action. Though Tony Stewart is listed, Matt read that he will not be racing.

Late Models   Late Models
0 Scott Bloomquist – Mooresburg, TN   25 Chad Simpson – Mt. Vernon, IA
1 Josh Richards – Shinnston, WV   25H Kerry Hansen – Spencer, WI
1M Rob Moss – Iowa City, IA   25s Chris Smyser – Lancaster, MO
1s Jack Sullivan – Greenbrier, AR   28M Jimmy Mars – Menomonie, WI
2 Brady Smith – Solon Springs, WI   29 Darrell Lanigan – Union, KY
2J John Anderson – Omaha, NE   29x Jeremiah Hurst – Dubuque, IA
3c Chris Schroeder – West Des Moines, IA   31 Jason Utter – Columbus Junction, IA
3s Brian Shirley – Chatham, IL   32 Chris Simpson – Oxford, IA
5 John Duty – Happy Valley, OR   32D Darren Miller – Milledgevillle, IL
E5K Eddie Kirchoff – Gillette, WY   33 Nick Marolf – Moscow, IA
5m Mike Fryer – Freeport, IL   33F Rickey Frankel – Quincy, IL
07 Kelly Boen – Henderson, CO   39 Ryan Newman – Statesville, NC
7 Matt Miller – Whitehouse, OH   39T Tim McCreadie – Avon, NY
7c Chad Chenoweth – Huron, SD   40x Joel Callahan – Dubuque, IA
7D Don O’Neal – Martinsville, IN   41 Brad Neat – Dunnville, KY
8 Mike Wallace – Carter Lake, IA   42 Terry Casey – New London, WI
s9 Dan Schlieper – Oak Creek, WI   44 Earl Pearson Jr. – Jacksonville, FL
9 Ken Schrader – Concord, NC   44ZO Alonzo Grosse – Council Bluffs, IA
10 Junior Coover – Norfolk, NE   45 Curt Martin – Independence, IA
11T Tyler Reddick – Corning, CA   45DW Denny Woodworth – Mendon, IL
14 Tony Stewart – Columbus, IN   50 Denny Eckrich – Tiffin, IA
14x Boone McLaughlin – Mediapolis, IA   51 Matt Furman – Iowa City, IA
15 Steve Francis – Ashland, KY   54 Dillion White – Graley, KY
15B Brian Birkhofer – Muscatine, IA   55 Jeep Van Wormer – Pinconning, MI
15c Curt Schroeder – Des Moines, IA   56 Andy Eckrich – Oxford, IA
F15 Justin Fegers – Mound, MN   56x Chris Spieker – Massena, IA
15R Jeff Guengerich – Washington, IA   57J Bub McCool – Vicksburg, MS
18 Shannon Babb – Moweaqua, IL   58 Dave Eckrich – Oxford, IA
19 Austin Hubbard – Seaford, DE   58x Gary Christian – Broken Arrow, OK
20 Jimmy Owens – Newport, TN   73 Zach Johnson – Kensington, MN
20x Jake Meier – Tipton, IA   74 Ron Boyse – Kalona, IA
21 Billy Moyer – Batesville, AR   79 Robby Warner – Quincy, IL
21B Rich Bell – Sheffield, IL   83 Scott James – Lawrenceburg, IN
21L Matt Lux – Franklin, PA   93 Jay Johnson – West Burlington, IA
22 Jill George – Cedar Falls, IA   95 Ed Sanger – Postville, IA
23 John Blankenship – Morristown, TN   98 Jason Rauen – Farley, IA
24 Rick Eckert – York, PA   99D Darrel DeFrance – Marshalltown, IA
24x Bryant Goldsmith – Corning, IA    


IMCA modifieds will be the support class this weekend, and they should provide some entertaining racing too. I would have liked Johnny Saathoff to be on this list, but even without ‘the Jet’ this is a good field with a strong contingent from the Sioux City area and the likes of Murray, Shute, Havlik, Pope, and the Gustins.

IMCA Modifieds (Invite Only)   IMCA Modifieds (Invite Only)
1X Chris Abelson Sioux City, IA   3Z Randy Havlik Madrid, IA
00 JD Auringer Evansdale, IA   41 Rob Hughes Humboldt, IA
1CC Clayton Christensen Spencer, IA   37 Shawn Jerovetz Sobieski, WI
16 Reese Coffee North Sioux City, NE   18L Mike Long Keokuk, IA
62 Greg Cox Altoona, IA   10 Jeremy Mills Garner, IA
7 Eric Dailey Armstrong, IA   72 Brian Mullen Seymour, WI
1T Bill Davis Jr. Des Moines, IA   97M David Murray Oberlin, KS
55D Nick Deal Walnut, IA   45L Levi Nielsen Mason City, IA
19D Darren Duffy Hazleton, IA   7N Jay Noteboom Hinton, IA
18 Jake Durbin Perry, IA   2X Mike OLear Marshalltown, IA
12 Mark Elliott Webster City, IA   45 Ron Pope Mason City, IA
10 AJ Fike Galesburg, IL   27M Mark Schulte Delhi, IA
45X Mike Fluegel Davenport, IA   5 Todd Shute Des Moines, IA
77 Josh Foster Montrose, IA   8 Rich Smith Davenport, IA
83G Josh Gilman Earlham, IA   69X Jon Snyder Ames, IA
19 Jimmy Gustin Marshalltown, IA   20 Luke Wanninger Jefferson, IA
19G Richie Gustin Gilman, IA   71W Jeff Waterman Quincy, IL
73 Dave Hardesty Minneapolis, KS   9 Jerry Wilinski Seymour, WI
74C Clint Hatelstad Glencoe, MN   68 JJ Wise Manly, IA

Whether we are going for one day or two, I am excited about watching some good racing on the big half-miler.  I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature gives us a break this weekend after all that happened in this event last year.

Thanks for stopping by.  I really do mean that every time I write it, but today even more than ever-yesterday was my highest count of viewers to date, and I am thrilled that people want to hear what I have to say.


Part II-Some Promoters Get It, Others Don’t

September 29, 2010 3 comments

A comment from rcrlmidwest:

Matt, HERE YA GO, 1994 slm motor cost approx. 15000 to 20000 tops and we had some that were only about 10000 and won several Busch All-Star races with them. Last motor we bought $45,000! The 100 lap shows are frowned on by the DRIVERS more so than anybody else because of motor freshening cost. A 100 lap show needs to pay at least $10000 to win and most tracks just can’t afford that in these times. Hey I’ve been to the Hillbilly, World, Topless, Dream, etc. No doubt all great shows but I am afraid they are getting few and far between. And yes as anybody that hangs with me knows I would rather push a SLM around the track than watch a mod race. A little tongue in cheek there as yes I have seen some good mod races but not as a destination only because they were running with the SLM’s. I respect any and all that would put in the work, time and $ to do any form of racing and/or promoting of racing.

My response:

So motors cost more-yeah, we know that, and Matt doesn’t do the blog, I do.  Anyway, everything costs more to run a super late model, I don’t dispute that.  As long as you have drivers willing to pay $$$$$ to go faster, this will be the case.  If promoters or sanctioning bodies try to even the competition with engine rules like crate engines, drivers will spend the money on shocks or springs and cheat like mad on tires to get even the smallest of advantages. That drivers spend what they spend and accept what they are paid is something I have never understood.

I do not have a problem with only the crown jewel races being 100 lappers.  My butt gets to tired watching L-O-N-G shows anyway.  However, a race that is only a few laps longer than a weekly feature does not merit being called a special by my definition of the word.  Couple this with competition that does not begin to compare with 10 years ago, and as a fan I resent paying more for these programs.  I am hard core and go anyway, a lot of people who aren’t hard core simply stay away.

Sunset Speedway shows in the late 90’s were amazing.  The level of competition in the weekly super late models at that track was better than any Midwest late model tour can claim in 2010.  NASCAR never understood what it had with the Busch All-Star tour.  The talent in that league and later in the WDRL was simply superb. No other regional tour could compare to how well run BAST and the WDRL were-most officials on today’s tours don’t hold a candle to Jim Wilson’s team.  GN late models in the final Sunset years and the Craig Kelley years at NRP were amazing.  Few of the NASCAR late models that race at I-80 and JMS today would make an A feature running against the competitors of yore.

Maybe that is my interpretation of facts, but Sunday night racing for me used to be a “destination.”  When people ask Matt if he missed Sunday weekly shows he answers “I miss what was, I don’t miss what is.”  When I first started writing for Dirt Late Model magazine in 2003, I always had a back log of assignments, drivers or tracks I wanted to write about.  In the past few years I have written more stories for Dirt Modified than for Dirt Late Model because there are no tracks, no events, and not very many Midwest late model drivers that I want to spend my time writing about. 

Whether you want to agree with me or not, I see the current state of Midwest late model racing as a failure of promoters to do a professional job promoting dirt track racing.  The old sports cliché of “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice make perfect” can be adapted to promoters.  A promoter can spend time and effort on a track, but if the money and labor isn’t spent on the right things in the right way, fans and competitors will lose interest.  Big races of 30-40 years ago paid more than “specials” of today do.  Were the promoters of that day and age simply better than the promoters of today?  My answer would be for the most part, yes, they were better, or at least they did things that more fans enjoyed.

There were many weekly modified shows in the Midwest that were better than any late model race this year.  The only weekly late model show I saw this year was when JMS ran NASCAR late models as a support class to the MLRA show there in August.  I was not overwhelmed.  I wish it was different, but if I ranked the shows I went to this year, only 3 of my top ten would be late model events-Wheatland, Eagle, and this coming Friday at Knoxville.  The rest would be modified shows.

There are many very good modified drivers.  The USMTS shows feature the best of the best modified drivers.  When over 100 of the best modified drivers in the country show up for three nights of racing at a track like Deer Creek, I do think it becomes a destination race.  Is it the same as a World 100 or Show Me 100?  Probably not, but sprint car fans would say neither of those shows compare with the Knoxville 410 Nationals, so maybe destination like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Thanks for stopping by.

Knoxville Late Models Plus GOTRA Vintage at U.S. 30 Speedway

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Does anyone know if IMCA modifieds are part of the program at Knoxville this weekend?  Modifieds are not mentioned at all on the track website. There were several threads on about this, but as a Hall of Fame poster on that famous forum, I know that more b.s. is spread there than on an organic farm.  Matt says that the race is not on Johnny Saathoff’s schedule, and you would think Saathoff would be one of the first modified drivers to receive an invitation.  I guess we’ll find out on Friday.

I am sure that Wayne Dake’s good buddy Steve Basch, aka raceguru, aka Belleville Basch, aka Knoxville rainmaker will be at the nationals this weekend, but I wonder who else will be. Randy Palmer talked about it, but he will more likely stay at home and watch old videos of 305 sprint cars.  Tom and Judy Schwartz have made it a part of their season in the past, but I wonder if they will this year.  Like above, I guess we’ll find out on Friday.

Matt told me that Tony Stewart will not be racing at Knoxville this weekend, and to me that is no big deal.  I wouldn’t go to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race to see Billy Moyer or Scott Bloomquist, and in past years I did not go to Knoxville just to see Stewart.  If he drew more people than what his appearance fee cost the track I would be very surprised.  The people who attend these races are savvy late model fans. Stewart is a great driver on any surface, but I am going to see Moyer prove once again that 50 is just a number.

I am also giving serious thought to visiting U.S. 30 Speedway on Sunday for the Cornhusker Vintage Nationals.  I love the track, I love the old time cars, and opportunities to go racing in the Midwest are down to a handful of days after this weekend.  I hope GOTRA will have a good turn out of cars as I know John and Cheryl Ferguson put a lot of effort into this event.

Another event I am hoping to attend is Friday night of the Octoberfest races at Beatrice Speedway.  I have never been to the track-well, we were there for a late model special several years ago, but so was the rain-and with the Huskers playing football on Thursday night, and each day of the Octoberfest being a separate show, maybe I can talk my race going son into driving down.

And for those of you who wonder what Matt looks like-I always say it is a good thing he looks like his mom-there is a photo of him in the latest issue of Dirt Late Model magazine.  It goes with an article written by some yokel about promoting a late model special at Nebraska track this summer. If you don’t subscribe to the magazine-and you should-you can order an issue by going to  I am sure Matt would autograph it for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Some Get It (Like Deer Creek), Others Don’t

September 28, 2010 8 comments

I think maybe Matt is finally seeing the light about the USMTS Featherlite Jamboree at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota.  I have been trying to convince him for several years that we need to put this event on our must see list, but getting him to a race after the first kick-off of the first Nebraska football game is no easy task.  However, I got the following email from him last week, and I think both the car count and who was on the entry list finally convinced him to at least compromise with me and go to the Thursday and/or Friday night Deer Creek shows in 2011.  From Matt:

Look at the car count in this race:

Matt and I did not attend the Cornhusker “Classic” this past weekend.  I actually suggested we go on Saturday night, but after receiving several emails from people who did, I am glad that Matt talked some sense into me and we stayed home.  The money we saved not going to I-80 Speedway and also not spending $40 on the Husker PPV against South Dakota State will pay for us to go to Knoxville on Friday for the late model nationals at the big half-miler on the Marion County Fairgrounds.

From someone who did venture to the races this weekend (with a little editing by me):

We went to the CC Saturday.  You guys missed a command performance by Boen-head.  This guy is out of control.

He brings out a brand-new Rocket chassis.  In hot laps, the car is so loose he almost wipes out another car before he reels it back in.  In his heat, he tries to slide Wiarda, who won’t move over, and Boen comes extremely close to side-swiping him.  Wiarda has to hit the binders to save his machine.  Meanwhile, Berck has checked out and Mike Wallace has stretched out second place but Boen reels him in, tries to slide him in 4, Wallace won’t back down, and Boen stuffs him into the wall coming out of 4.  Wallace is done for the night.  Boen is sent to the back by the race director.

 In the A feature, Boen started in about the 4th row.  Berck takes off and hides, Looney’s engine stumbles and he falls back, and O’Brien and Humphrey take off.  O’Brien takes out Humphrey at the top of 3/4 (I don’t think it was intentional nor was Humphrey over his head).  So Humphrey stops sideways, yellow comes out, 3 or 4 cars miss him, Boen blows into 3 at 200mph (not actually 200 mph, just this person’s way of stating Boen was traveling too fast) and nails Humphrey.  Humphrey is now out.  As they clear up the wreckage, Humphrey drives down the banking and stops at the turn 4 pit entrance, cutting off Boen who wanted to pit.  Boen revs his motor, shakes his fist, Humphrey just sits there.  Boen gets out of his car and starts yelling and flailing his arms at Humphrey.  Humphrey just sits there.  Boen then runs into the pits, brings out a pry bar and starts fixing his car – on the track!  Meanwhile, nobody has the balls to stop him or get the show moving.  Finally, Wyman apparently feels that someone should do something so he makes the loooong walk from the tower to turn 4, with 2 security guards, and directs Boen into the pits.  Finally, it looks like we’re going to get a restart.  Of course, Boen either isn’t told that he is DQ’d or doesn’t feel that he should obey the order and comes back out in the back. In his insane march to the front, Boen sideswipes Purkey and flattens Purkey’s tire.  Purkey stops for a yellow and pits.  Then after 4 or 5 laps of circling around, flagman Larry White throws a red.  And we sit. And sit.  Finally, the announcement comes that Boen has been DQ’d for the Humphrey incident.  Boen pulls into the pits, loads up his car as 2 security guards stand watch and keep the ********camps away, and is on his way home as Berck is in Victory Lane.

We didn’t stay for the rest of the boring pole dashes or the GN feature.  By this time, it was 11:00 and I had seen enough.  It took one hour to run 30 laps and I find that completely unacceptable.  Any thought of my going back on Sunday was completely erased by this fiasco.

The saddest part of all this is, look around at who is running the tracks and who is running the sanctioning bodies and you have to conclude that things will not get better before they get worse and most likely irreparably worse.  Nobody will pay to see crate racing or hornets or this other boring field-filler bullshit that the *** and ******* of the world pass off as entertainment and that these so-called promoter’s workshops keep calling the salvation of racing. 

People want to see loud cars go fast and they need heroes and villains.  Someone needs to beat the drum and create some excitement, not just post some illiterate bullshit on DirtDrivers and call that marketing.  We do not need this kindergarten sports mentality of racing every weekend where there’s a class for everyone, which is about what racing has degenerated into. 

After reading about the USMTS show at Deer Creek, I am definitely going to try to make it up there next year because they seem to get it.  Nobody around here does any more and it shows.

Matt’s reply to this person was:

Remember when we were paying $16 or $18 for 50 lappers, now we pay $20 for 30 lappers with for the most part a subpar field.

My thoughts:

As far as Boen, comments made on pretty much verify the above.  Boen hitting Humphrey after several other cars missed is no big surprise.  Once at I-80 I saw a crash happen right in front of Kyle Berck and Joe Kosiski and both managed to miss it.  Boen was about a ¼ of a straightway behind and plowed into the wreck, ending up on the hood of another car.

My problem with Boen has always been that he goes through a field of race cars like Sherman going through Georgia.  His soirees always seem to leave other cars damaged, and most drivers cannot afford to replace equipment like Boen can.  If he would tone it down a notch he would still be an exciting driver to watch, and not rend thousands of dollars of equipment as he makes his charges.

As far as his other comments, my opinion is that he is right on.  I am sure there are some who will say we should not speak badly of anyone providing us with a night of racing, but I left that camp years ago. I figure if you take my money promising me entertainment, I am owed entertainment, and scores of meaningless heats and a 30 lap feature that lasts an hour does not qualify as entertainment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Now That Is A Penalty.

September 25, 2010 6 comments

I woke up this morning thinking of the word incongruous.  No, Guru, that is not the place where our senators and representatives meet.  I am not sure why that word woke me.  Maybe it had to do with Clint Bowyer’s New Hampshire car being incongruous or “unsuited to its surroundings” according to NASCAR. I doubt it, but I can’t think of one other time in my life where the word incongruous was something I thought of before sunrise.

Yes, Tony Anville, NASCAR docked Bowyer 150 points for using a car in New Hampshire that did not conform to its rule book.  Supposedly NASCAR had warned Richard Childress Racing that Bowyer’s Richmond car was close to being “incongruous,” and the problem with the New Hampshire car was in the same area, hence the big penalty for ignoring a warning.

NASCAR even told RCR that Bowyer’s car was going to be checked after the New Hampshire race.  I find it really difficult to believe that someone would ignore a warning given the high stakes game called The Chase.  To ignore such a warning is either total arrogance or total stupidity. If RCR ignored it, you’ll have to decide which.

No one is addressing two questions I have about this situation.  While the check done post-race might not be in normal pre-race tech, why not check Bowyer’s car before the race for the problem that showed at Richmond?  If the car failed this tech procedure before the race, simply don’t let RCR race it.  Make them use a back up car and start them in 43rd place, dead last. There are ways of getting someone’s attention other than hitting them with a tire iron.

My other question surrounds a statement made by Richard Childress when he mentioned RCR would appeal the penalties.  He said that the car was less that 1/16th of an inch out of tolerance.  If what Childress said is true, that means 1/16th of an inch made the difference from Bowyer’s car being dominant at New Hampshire to being no better than any other car in the field.  If 1/16th of an inch makes that much difference, it is no wonder that NASCAR racing is insanely expensive.

One other thought on the matter is this-NASCAR lowered the boom on RCR and Bowyer’s crew chief, heavily fining him and suspending him for six races.  Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief Chad Knaus has a rather long NASCAR rap sheet.  Yes, he is pushing the envelope, but he is also ignoring NASCAR warnings.  If NASCAR is going to be consistent in dealing out penalties, next time Knaus gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar he needs to be penalized in similar fashion-to me this would mean a $250,000 fine and a 12 race suspension. My money is on that never happening.

I have never been a big Clint Bowyer fan, but I am rooting for him to win Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Dover.

I still haven’t decided on whether I am going to this week’s Back Gate Classic at I-80 Speedway.  I do like touring late models, and as Matt said, NU vs. South Dakota State on PPV isn’t exactly must see TV, but in addition to the complete MLRA/NCRA show, there are qualifying races in four classes PLUS flat track motorcycle racing on Saturday.  Too much, way too much, but for years this event has not been about putting fans in the stands, but putting cars and crews in the pits.  Sunday is pretty much the same-“features” in five support classes, and I assume that means B features as well as A features, plus a complete SLMR late model show.  Again, this is way, way too much for a normal butt to take. It’s even too much for my butt to take. I truly hate giving these promoters $20 of my money and being forced to either “go out walking after midnight,” or leave before the races are complete. I am leaving this up to my race planner, and I think he is planning on staying home this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Birthday Matt

September 24, 2010 2 comments

34 years ago about this time I had just arrived home after spending nearly 24 hours in the hospital waiting for my son to be born.  Actually, Jane and I did not know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, we just knew the baby was going to be willful and stubborn-the last trip to the hospital was our third one to have this baby.  We knew the baby was going to be active too-if you had been able to see how Jane’s stomach moved during the miserable for her month of September, you would have thought of a marching band.  It was our first child though, and nothing prepared us for just how willful, stubborn, and active the kid was going to be.  We learned though.  Boy did we learn.

I admit that I started brainwashing this kid at a very young age.  He hadn’t been home long before I started stretching a blanket between my upraised knees and placing him there while I read him the Omaha World-Herald sports section and magazines like Sports Illustrated and Stock Car Racing.  I achieved my goal, because my son started watching and playing sports when he was barely out of diapers (no, Randy, he was much younger than 10).

We have been to countless baseball games, basketball games, football games, and car races from Charlotte to Sonoma, and I have never grown tired of our sports trips to places close to home or far away.  Somewhere along the way I went from being in charge of these trips to being the passenger, but I don’t mind.  I still have to be the navigator to make sure we get to the right place on time though.

Like anyone raising a child, Jane and I experienced plenty of pain and frustration with this kid, but experienced far more joy.  In fact, for years it has been my fervent prayer that my son has at least one child exactly like him.  Two like him would be even better, but one would be OK too.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Matt!!!!  I am proud to call you my son.

A Kick-Ass Five Course Meal

September 22, 2010 2 comments

Yesterday reported that Clint Bowyer’s car “almost” failed post-race tech at Richmond.  I don’t understand what “almost” means.  The car either broke NASCAR rules or it didn’t. Richard Childress Racing either cheated or they didn’t.  Every crew chief is looking for a competitive advantage, so every car in the field has some part somewhere on the car that is border line. It would be naïve to assume otherwise.  So again, I do not understand what “almost” means.  RCR either cheated or they didn’t.  If they were legal, why the big deal in the news about NASCAR and RCR meeting about the car?  If they weren’t legal, why aren’t points being docked and fines being levied? 

Even a major point penalty would not have kept Bowyer from being one of the twelve drivers in the Chase, so why all the mystery?  A certain famous State of Nebraska employee suggests there is no mystery at all, that RCR has cheated for years, including during all seven of Dale Earnhardt’s championship years.  Sometimes I don’t know how to answer this famous State of Nebraska employee. 

It seems like every special in the Midwest was rained out last Saturday.  The Park Jefferson South Dakota Nationals were postponed from Saturday to 9/24.  I suspect Sioux City modified drivers Noteboom, Abelson, and Coffee will stay home to race Friday night, but I wonder if there is still a way they can get into the modified final at I-80 on Sunday, maybe through a B feature.

I am going out on a limb, making a prediction on the outcome of Saturday’s I-80 MLRA/NCRA late model race.  I will say Kelly Boen wins, especially after a poor finish at the track earlier in the month.  Unless Terry Phillips is present, John Anderson will finish second, and Kyle Berck will take home third.  If Phillips is present, put him in second and move Anderson and Berck down a spot.  OK, so that wasn’t exactly going out on a limb.  It is difficult to see any other late model driver bettering the Fab Four.

Recent posts in Pro Blogger have suggested different approaches to increase the number of visitors to a site.  One way is to be a “Bruce Lee” when posting to a blog-I suppose that means provide kick ass content.  The other was to romance viewers like providing them with a five course meal.

It would not be easy for me to take the five course meal approach.  I understand they are saying a blogger should “serve up” a memorable experience, but otherwise, dirt tracks and five course meals just don’t mix. For most of the Sunday Night Irregulars a five course dirt track meal would mean four beers and a hot dog.  Me being a little more classy than most Irregulars, it would mean two BBQ sandwiches, 2 diet Cokes, and a bag of popcorn.

Thanks for stopping by, and I plan to continue to serve up The Rest of the Dirt for as long as you will keep coming back.