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“You’re All Fired, Every G.D. One Of You,” Miscellaneous NASCAR, And Some Dirt Track Racing Too

Michael Waltrip Racing followed through on driver Martin Truex’s expletive deleted rant during theRichmondrace when he said he was firing all of his pit crew.  While not everyone is gone, Truex will have new front and rear tire changers and tire carriers at Darlington this weekend.  This change might not be as infamous as the Jimmie Johnson crew swap last season, but it emphasizes that racing is a professional sport, and the crew members are professional athletes.  Like every other pro sport, if the athlete doesn’t perform up to standards set by the owner, the owner will find someone who does.

In my opinion Truex hasn’t done much better on the track than his crew did in the pits, but I doubt he will be fired.  Sponsors have a lot of time and money tied up in drivers-Truex stars in a NAPA commercial-and that makes it much more difficult to get rid of a driver than it is to wave goodbye to crew members.

Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne continues to be hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic. I am not sure what to think about the lack of information on his condition. He is young and was seemingly healthy until the last month, so no information is scary for fans of the Wood Brothers/Roush driver. A decision on whether he will race in the Nationwide Series race at Darlington may not be made until Thursday.

Charlotte Motor Speedway has a program that allows fans to purchase tickets for $20 for military personnel and their families.  They expanded the program this week to include 1,000 seats specifically for Navy Seal personnel and their families.  It is a win/win situation, with the track filling seats that might not otherwise be filled and military personnel going to a race they might not otherwise go to.  Many tracks have programs honoring those in the military service, and I applaud their efforts.

The comment of the Richmond race was not the Martin Truax rant; it was made by Joey Logano’s crew chief Greg Zipadelli.  After five time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson spun Logano into the wall, Zipadelli stated “The 48 was just a bleeping moron there.”  No, he did not say bleeping, but the 48 IS a bleeping moron in a lot of races.

Maybe aLas Vegassports book could take bets on how many cars Johnson (or Matt Kenseth) will hit in theDarlington race. Or whether Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman will continue their on track jousting.

Texans continue to hold the top four spots in the IMCA Modified National Point Standings.  Keith White is on top of the leader board, followed by Chase Jupe, Ben Ketterman, and Gabe Tucker. Most Midwest drivers have only have one week of points racing to date, so it will be several weeks before these drivers start moving up the standings.

With a trip to the Sigourney,Iowa cemetery to decorate graves of my wife’s family, the logistics make a trip to the Show-Me 100 impossible.  I will still be going to the Alphabet Soup race on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend though.  Dropping one race from our schedule, Matt is talking about adding another one-the Hawkeye Dirt Tour modified race at Buena Vista Raceway in Alta,Iowa.  We’ve only been to BVR once-for a WDRL late model show, but I enjoyed the fairgrounds track and hopefully this race will be one we can make.

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  1. huskerdirtlm
    May 6, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Too bad you arent gonna make the Show-Me. I remember reading that the drivers are getting upset because the purse has been decreasing the last 2 years of the event. I think this year its only 30,000 to win. Just a few years ago it was 38,000 to win. The race certainly isnt what it was when the Gibson had it at West Plains. I remember going to Buena Vista about 13 years ago on the oldman and I’s quest for 14 races, 14 nights trip. It was just a county fair race, but Steve Kosiski was in the house driving the Charlie Clark machine I believe. It kinda had vintage look to it, covered white covered grandstand, fountain pop, 5 dollar gate admission, huge crowd, ferris wheel off of turn 1. Looking back on it now, it was everything a racing and racetrack should be, dont we all miss that kinda stuff now.

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