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Silver Dollar Nationals II, Bristol, And The Amazing Mr. Sobbing

August 29, 2011 9 comments

I hear many rumors about Silver Dollar Nationals II.  I don’t know if all of the things being said are going to happen, but I do think some of the rumors have some factual basis.  If even half of the things that I hear are true, SDN II will be bigger and better than the great show that was SDN I.

One thing that promoters must do to get an even bigger crowd next July is reach out even more to hard core fans.  SDN has great appeal to the hard core among us, and these are people who will travel hundreds of miles to see a great late model race.  I think that advertising in both Dirt Late Model and Dirt Modified is a must, and I suspect fairly reasonable too.  I also think that video advertising on will be important next year.  The site has plenty of footage of Billy Moyer, Don O’Neal, Brian Birkhofer, and Jimmy Mars from coverage of SDN I.  These are drivers that hard core fans follow closely.

I think the camping/RV aspect of SDN needs to be pushed in 2012 too.  Seeing a fleet of RV’s parked on a hill side reminded me of Randy Palmer’s 60th birthday party at his vacation home in Colorado.  This and the midway of souvenir trailers gave SDN I a big event flavor, and people remember that type of atmosphere because it is much different from a weekly show.

Anyway, I haven’t been writing about SDN and didn’t want to disappoint those who track such things, so just a few thoughts.  Actually I-80 promoters can count this as a freebie from RPM Consultants. R would be Ron; P would be Palmer as in Randy, and M would be Matt as in Boy Genius.  It is our contention that if promoters around the country simply listen to what we have to say, the sport will boom.

I watched the Bristol night race on Saturday instead of to alma mater Midland University’s blow-out win over Dakota State.  There probably was more action at the football game than the race.  Whether it is the car now being used or the new track configuration, there is simply not the action that Bristol has always been known for.

Brad Keselowski continued his blazing hot streak with a win.  He is certainly in the Chase as a wild card, but if Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart don’t do better than they have been, Keselowski might not one of them out of the top 10.

Other thoughts-Jeff Gordon was the dominant car Saturday night, though he finished 3rd after a late lap pit stop.  His consistent top finishes could pay off in the ten races that make up the Chase.

Carl Edwards continues his slide down the standings.  He is looking more and more like a non-factor in the Chase. 

Matt Kenseth should just shut up and drive.  Listening to him whine on Saturday, you would have thought Greg Biffle was in the car.  “How am I supposed to compete for championships,” he asked over the radio, complaining about brakes.  Well, Matt it is like this.  You are supposed to be one of the top drivers in the world, competing on one of the top circuits.  You are paid millions of dollars to drive the car, so quit whining and drive it.

What is with Tony Stewart?  If he continues to perform like at Bristol he could find himself out of the Chase.  

Jesse Sobbing continued his winning ways at Shelby County Speedway and I-80 Speedway this weekend.  I may be wrong, but I believe that is now 9 weeks in a row Sobbing has won at SCS and 10 weeks in a row at I-80 Speedway.  The young Iowan could win both IMCA and NASCAR national championships, and I am not a historian, but it seems likely that has never been done before.

Just like today’s blog is finished before 7:00 a.m. That has never been done before.  Thanks for stopping by.


Cold Pizza And Root Beer, Lakeside, Danica, And Bristol

August 26, 2011 8 comments

I had a slice of cold pizza for breakfast this morning.  It brought back memories of long ago.  A & W-the original fast food restaurant inFremont, had a special, buy a large pizza, and get a jug of root beer free.  Since Jane and I were both going to school (we lived in a trailer at a court that is long gone, now parking for Diers Ford), we had little money and this was a great value.  For a great price we got supper, breakfast, and a snack.  I had orange juice with the pizza today, but root beer sure sounded better.

This from Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City:

Sadly, the 2011 season at Lakeside Speedway is coming to an early conclusion. There is still a significant amount of water in and around the facility from flooding of the Missouri River in July that is preventing us from re-starting this season. No one is sorrier than we are to announce this.

Hopefully before winter hits, we can get in a weekend or two for clean-up. Many of you have called or e-mailed that you would volunteer your time to help with the clean-up process, this is greatly appreciated by both of us. We will need people with push brooms, riding lawn mowers, weed eaters, a large pump or two and a power washer.

We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Lakeside Speedway will be back in 2012 and better than ever with the best drivers, fans, teams, safety crew, officials and sponsors.

Page and Marc Olson

This man-made flood will cost billions of dollars before it is through.  With water receding, it appears that much more than a clean up is going to be necessary. Photos of I-29 north of Council Bluffs, Iowa show broken up pavement.  I wonder how much pavement will have to be replaced-not exactly a quick repair.  I wonder how stable road beds are and if bridge approaches have been washed away.  Heads should roll at the Army Corp of Engineers, but I doubt that will happen.

That Lakeside Speedway will open next year means Marc Olson must have a very understanding banker.  I am sure many businesses will be lost because of the flooding, and many peoples’ jobs will be lost too.  This is sad, and though the flooding had no impact on me, it makes me angry too.  This cannot be allowed to happen again.

I went to lunch yesterday with my son Matt and a friend of his who knows a little bit about racing.  I do not know how the topic became sprint cars-I certainly did not bring it up, but we discussed the new heads of state for the Marion County Speedway in Knoxville, Iowa.  Matt’s friend made the comment “it isn’t rocket science.”  That comment was too good to pass by, then and now.  I replied “I don’t think any sprint car fans are rocket scientists.”  I am not sure why he gave me an obscene gesture. I Googled “rocket scientists who are sprint car fans,” and did not get any results.

So, the big decision is now official, Danica Patrick is going NASCAR.  I am sure every driver with a mediocre on track record wishes he would receive as much attention as Danica gets.  Maybe if they appeared in the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue they would.  Patrick has always had good Indy racing equipment and has not fared especially well in that series.  She has had good equipment in the NASCAR Nationwide Series too, but racing part-time provided a good excuse for any poor finish.  It will be interesting to see how she does in 2012, running full-time in the Nationwide Series, and part-time in the Sprint Cup Series. 

Who is going to win at Bristol this weekend?  Kyle Busch tonight, Kyle Busch tomorrow night.  Hopefully my jinx will continue, or Kevin Harvick will want to do a little Busch bumping both nights.

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NASCAR Is “Fine” With Me; USMTS To Run Sport Compacts In 2012; TRODT Buy Out

August 24, 2011 1 comment

Jerry Baxter, crew chief for the NASCAR Nationwide Series car driven by Patrick Carpentier was fined $5,000 for pulling driver Steve Wallace’s hair after a race inMontreal. Baxter’s actions may seem brutish, but there are plenty of crew chiefs in the Nationwide garage who would probably rather kick Wallace’s butt than pull his hair.  He is a wreck waiting to happen, and perhaps his one qualification for being in a top NASCAR series is he is the son of Rusty Wallace.

I read somewhere that raising a child costs parents $250,000.  Steve Wallace has cost father Rusty far more than that this season alone in replacing torn up race cars. Anyway, $5,000 seems a stiff penalty in this case.  Of course now that Kurt Busch has discovered that for $5,000 you can pull someone’s hair, Jimmie Johnson might want to wear his helmet at all times in the Sprint Cup garage.

Kyle Busch was fined $1,000 for going 128 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone, near a day care center and church.  Baxter probably wishes he had that judge doling out fines instead of NASCAR.  $1,000 to Busch is about like $5 to Tony Anville-no big deal.  Busch was also placed on one year’s unsupervised probation-which is really nothing unless he does something stupid again, and has to do 30 days community service.  Actually the judge gave Busch the choice of 30 days community service or having to watch a 12 lap IMCA Sport Compact feature on a big half-mile dirt track, and Busch chose the community service.

Speaking of Sports Compacts, people in the know have probably already heard word from the USMTS camp that USMTS is replacing their high speed ultra-competitive mods with 4 cylinder front wheel drive race cars next season.  While I knew these cars were the favorites of back gate promoters everywhere, perhaps they are on fan’s hot list too and I am the only one crying enough is enough while watching three bumble bees buzz around a half-mile track.

OK, no, the USMTS is not switching to Sports Compacts next year.  But big changes are in store.  Instead of six regions as in 2011, there will only be three regions in 2012.  There will be 5-8 races in each region, and the regional purses will be the current $2,000 to win, $300 to start pay out.  New in 2012 will be a USMTS National Series, with 25 races at 25 tracks the goal-or one such race at most of the tracks the series visits.  These races will pay $4,000 to win and $400 to start. 

In 2012, the national champion will receive $30,000.

I do not understand why moreNebraskatracks don’t take a chance on a USMTS special.  I think that any such races need to be part of a series of USMTS races, with a date at another track ahead of aNebraskadate, and races scheduled at others track after theNebraskadate.  However, this series is the most competitive series around at this time, and promoters should know the USMTS will give fans a great show.

Someone who gives me ideas sometimes has suggested that a USMTS/SLMR show atAlbionfor the fair would be good for fans and for the fair board.  Other area tracks have the facilities to host USMTS events, and I wish the two area tracks that already host USMTS shows-Junction MotorSpeedwayand I-80 Speedway-would add another USMTS date to their schedule.

Finally, the Omaha World-Herald had an article stating that Notre Dame paid $6.6 million to get rid of former football coach Charlie Weis.  I can be bought out much cheaper.  If any of you want to get rid of me, take up a collection.  You can dump me for 2% of Weis’ take, and that is open to negotiation.

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Shelby County Speedway-Hey Joe

August 23, 2011 16 comments

Despite a 78 mile trip home, and leaving Shelby County Speedway inHarlan,Iowaafter 11:00 p.m., I was home in bed by 12:45 a.m.  I think I made a good decision.


My friend Joe Proctor is announcer at SCS, and commented extensively about Saturday’s show.  Here are his comments, and my thoughts too:



Proctor: I will say the Stock Car class reminds me a lot of how the racing USED to be in the ProAm division.  Very close, door to door, nose to tail tight racing with any number of cars capable of taking the checkers.  Professional drivers who dont get into tiffs on the track or in the pits.  They can run 3 wide all the way around the track at a good speed, without ever touching.  Something the Modifieds are incapable of. 

It would appear to me that the Stock Cars are the very essence of IMCA racing.  Run whatcha brung, and hope you brung enuff.  Let your driver skill speak for you.  Grassroots racing, with a professional flair. 


TROTD:  I totally agree with Joe’s statements regarding the IMCA Stock Car class. Where these cars race they put on a good show.  A show with IMCA stock cars and the Hawkeye Dirt Modified Tour would be a good special. 


Proctor: Yes, the time limit being exercised in the Modified feature was a disappointment.  Normally, those guys can run a feature way under their time limit and usually put on a great show.  Fast speeds, close racing with slide-jobs aplenty. 

TROTD: I do not think the feature class at a track should fall under a time limit rule.  What if there is a major accident in this class on the opening lap of a race, and it takes 20 minutes to ensure all drivers are safe and remove the cars? 


Plus, the IMCA Sports Compacts should have had a 12 minute time limit for the feature.  Too much time in my opinion, but I am becoming less of a fan of this class every time I visit a class.  It is a back gate class for promoters, and if it was supposed to be a starter class, a class where drivers gain experience and move up, it simply isn’t happening.  Plus I think these cars are dangerous, especially on a track as big as SCS.  Anyway, that feature took over 20 minutes to run, ended with three freakin’ cars, and should have been stopped long before it ended.


Proctor: The show ran 4 hours of actual racing.  7 pm start time was the posted start time.  Due to the overwatering of the track, we were a bit off that.  The extra half hour I believe was due to having to re-pack the bottom side of the track. 



TROTD: My problem with the repack is that it could be seen from the time we arrived, even in the grandstands.  Officials had to know, and should have had 90 cars on the track packing, instead of doing a little packing, having a pit meeting, deciding only then to get all 90 cars on the track, and then having another pit meeting.  If officials would have done what I suggested, I doubt the start would have been delayed by more than 15 minutes, and by dirt track standards, that is right on time.


Proctor: Cookies BBQ remains a sponsor of the track, however, they no longer serve a Cookies BBQ product in the concession.  They no longer serve Pizza Ranch Pizza either.  Which is strange, considering the concession manager is the owner of the Harlan Pizza Ranch.  Still, the concessions are hot, good, and reasonably priced. 


TRODT: Yeah, they sell Cookies BBQ at I-80 Speedway, and I was looking forward to it at SCS.  I have dined at other Pizza Ranch locations in Iowa, and it is good pizza.  I thought they might have that too.  I do agree that SCS concessions are good quality-we are talking good concession quality-and reasonably priced.

Proctor: SCS tries to put on a good show, for both the racers and the fans.  Since it’s primarily ran by the racers, they seem to have the balance pretty even. 


TRODT: Don’t get me started about racers running race tracks.


Proctor: Several former National Champions race there weekly, however they dont always win. 

TRODT:  There is no shortage of excellent drivers at SCS.
Proctor: Once the quagmire formed on the bottom side of the track, particularly in turn 4, I thought…….”uh oh, I’m in trouble.  I told these guys we’d finish by 10:30 and it would be a good nite of racing”.  Then I knew I was in for it, when the series of silly caution flags filled the air.”


TRODT:  I said I would hold you responsible, yet I really didn’t hammer you or the track.  I didn’t agree with some things done, but I spent the previous Saturday night at JMS, so was prepared for a program that lagged. 


Proctor: One issue is revolving around the use of Raceivers.  The track mandates them, however, racers being racers dont always LISTEN to them !!  And, some racers show up without them.  No penalty is handed out for this, which would curtail the problem, in my opinion.  The Race Director, “Cowboy”, speaks to the drivers thru the Raceiver radio.  Sometimes he’s powerless if these monkeys dont listen to their radio, since racers obviously know best !  This problem occurs ALWAYS in the feature events.  Never in the heat races. 


Raceceivers and transponders are among the best devices to come along in years.  They should be mandatory at every track, and I mean everyone.  There is one good way to ensure that drivers don’t “forget” or don’t “listen.” They go to the back of the pack or they go to the pits.  A few times of that and every driver gets the message.


Proctor: I have always liked the way the heats run at SCS.  QUICK.  I dont have time to breathe, once the checkers fall on the previous race, to the point the next heat pulls on the track.  And the length of the heat races is especially nice.  Why run a crazy amount of laps for heats ??  6 laps for Sport Compacts is PLENTY of laps for a heat race.  The classes will take turns with 8 lap heat races.  Usually only 1 or 2 classes will get 8 lap heat races.  And it’s not always the same class.  Still, 8 laps is MORE than enuff for heat races.  The other venue I’m employed by, seems to think that 8 lap heat races on a 4/10ths mile is good for a 6 car heat of Hornets !  Running less laps quickens the heat process naturally, but it also cuts down on yellow flags due to spins and crashes.  Less crashes in heat races, means a fuller field in the feature.  SC, Hobby, and SportMod run 6 laps.  Stock Cars, Late Models, and Mods will take turns running 8 laps. 


TRODT: My theory is that in support classes, the number of laps to be run is never more than the number of cars in the race.  6 cars=6 laps, and never more than 6 for sport compacts.  5 would be better on tracks like SCS or I-80.  I think from a fan’s perspective on this.


Proctor: I have a much better time at SCS.  They treat me like GOLD, and are always looking for ways to help me out.  They’re always asking my opinion, and if I need anything to make my job easier.  And I get paid when I expect to get paid. 

TRODT:  And aren’t happy employees better employees?  This is one of many things I do not understand about some race promoters.  Guys like Joe aren’t doing this because the expect to earn big bucks.  They do it because they love the sport.  BUT, they do deserve to be treated fairly and paid appropriately.


Proctor: Again, I hope this past “full moon-type” night doesnt deter you guys from coming back.  The Tiny Lund would be a good show to attend.  Big payouts and no Sport Compacts !!!


TRODT: I am afraid that the arrival of Baby/Grandbaby Meyer may crimp our style around then.  Plus a certain person will not miss Husker football for racing.  Still, it is my birthday on that Friday. 


Proctor: By the way, each class has it’s own time limit.  One minute per lap.  20 lap features, 20 minute time limit, etc.  The town has placed a curfew on the races, they must be STARTED by 12 midnite.  A feature can end after midnite, but we cant start a feature after midnite. 


The Modifieds reached their 20 minute time limit, therefore, the warning was given to the drivers that they were under time limit alert.  This means the next yellow flag is a checkered flag.  With Reetz having a flat tire, that brought out the yellow, thus ending the race.  The sad thing……the time limit warning was given after ONLY 6 LAPS had been completed.  It took them 20 minutes to run 6 laps.  HIGHLY unusual for the Modifieds.  Generally, it’s the Sport Mods who will reach their time limit. 


Had the Mods made it to the entire 20 laps, we wouldve been done prior to that 11 pm finish.  They usually only take 10-12 minutes to complete their race.

I’m not sure if I clarified the “time limit” procedures.


TRODT:  I certainly agree with a curfew and am surprised it is as late as it is.  Time limit for a feature class I do not agree with.  However, the driver who brought out the final caution flag could easily have pulled off the track and did not. It was a driver who was far behind, and should not have had any influence on the race, but did.  Those kind of things get me saying very bad words when they happen.


I am sure Joe didn’t expect his comments to be used this way, but it was my way of holding him responsible for Saturday, as he knew I would.  And who knows, if Matt and I went to another track, it probably would have been much later. Check is in the mail Joe.


Thanks for stopping by.





Shelby County Speedway-NOT A Full Moon, I Think

August 22, 2011 2 comments

After thinking no live racing this weekend, I got a call from Matt about 11:00 a.m. yesterday.  The forecast had changed and the chance of rain was slight, so he wanted to go to Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa.  He also talked to our friends, Steve “Belleville 100” Basch, Mike “Dirt/Ice” Pierson, and Rick “52K” Bradley about going.

Basch and Pierson managed to make it to Harlan, but Bradley was a no show.  In the tradition of the Sunday Night Irregulars, Bradley was spoken of in all sorts of negative ways.  I was sticking up for you Rick-until Steve Basch said we would all be talking that way to you even if you were on hand. They did pick out a car and every race and pretended it was you driving and cheered for you.  Sort of.

SCS runs six different classes of cars. I will admit to liking four of them.  Classes that use the adjective “Sports” to describe, I have no great liking for. These classes seem to run a few laps, crash, and take forever to go racing again. Kind of like sprint cars.

Thoughts in no order:

-Thanks to announcer Joe Proctor for mentioning the SNI.

-I really like the IMCA stock car division.  I wish more tracks in the area featured them.  The stock car feature was the best race of the night.  Four or five cars in a pack the entire race, these cars are fast, and the drivers very professional.

-The black dirt track is a big half-miler.  Please speed up yellow flag laps when safety vehicles are not on the track.

-The late models are very fast on the SCS dirt, and the feature went green flag to checkered flag with no yellows.  I like that.

-Shannon Anderson wins all the time and is booed.  Jesse Sobbing wins all the time and is cheered.  Interesting.  And I do like Jesse-I did a Dirt Modified article on the young Iowan.

-A time limit less than the current time limit needs to be placed on both “sport” classes. Both took so long to finish, the modified feature-supposedly the main feature of the night-ran barely half of its laps.

-I was hoping for some Cookies BBQ.  I thought last time I was there they had this item on the concession menu, but I have not been to Harlan for years.

-See Joe Proctor’s comments on yesterday’s blog for more of what the night was like.

-The track is actually only 78 miles away from Fremont, so perhaps we will visit again in the near future.

Just a little dirt about SCS.  Thanks for stopping by.



US 30 Speedway, USMTS Modifieds, And So I Don’t Disappoint Anyone-Silver Dollar Nationals II

August 20, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday was a disaster for me.  I was working on a blog during my lunch hour, had about 400 words written, was going to do a save, and somehow lost all I wrote.  I have no clue what I did-not unusual for me-or why I couldn’t retrieve the blog, but it was gone.  I did not have time to redo it, so no blog.

I read that US 30 Speedway finished their IMCA heats on Thursday night, and then had to call it quits for the night because of weather.  I wonder if they will do double features next week. If you haven’t visited this track before, you should give it a try.  As I have mentioned in the past, I have never left the track without a smile, and I can’t say that about most race tracks.

I have already done a save, so I am not losing this blog. Something interesting-I have missed a few days blogging, but my numbers are up over last week.  Does this mean if I stop blogging I will become really popular?

Five races into The Hunt, the USMTS championship, 19 racers have made all events, and one seems bent on running away with the championship.  Ryan ‘The Reaper’ Gustin has four wins and five top five finishes, and is leading Kelly Shryock by nearly 100 points. Jason Hughes, Jon Tesch, and Jason Krohn round out the top five in point standings.

Has anyone heard about whether Dirt Knights will be back for a second season this winter?  I have heard conflicting rumors.  I feel this was the best racing documentary that I have seen, and for the most part shows the sport in a positive light.  For that, and because winters in Nebraska are cold and there is no racing, I hope the show comes back.  Well, throw in that these guys are good.  I never thought I would say I am as big a fan of modifieds as I am of late models, but I certainly am with the USMTS modifieds.

And a second save has been done.

Not wanting to disappoint anyone by going days without talking about the Silver Dollar Nationals, I had an interesting talk with someone in the know yesterday.  Promoters are working on SDN II, and if everything works out, that event will be bigger and better than SDN I-a lot bigger and better.  Despite what naysayers may think, I am not a track spokesman; I speak for myself alone, and will not jump the gun on making any announcements.

I have been thinking a little bit about Fans Fund II though. Should we have one?  What should we do different? How can we involved more fans to make what we do more meaningful?  I would love suggestions.

Finally, someone has suggested I give a nod to friend Tony Anville for playing injured this week.  Please-the sandbagger is playing it for all it is worth.  I suppose Dr. David Hayward will attest that Anville is hurting, but candy from a neighbor and cookies at work? Simply too much. I got no such sympathy when I had rotator cuff surgery, a much more painful procedure.

It looks like no live racing this weekend.  Matt first suggested it, but the possibility of rain has spooked him.

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Last Hurrah, Zach Hensley, and Said vs. Biffle Settled Without a Punch

August 19, 2011 5 comments

While I thought last Saturday at Junction Motor Speedway was Matt’s last hurrah before baby Meyer is born, apparently he wants one more last hurrah.  He called yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go to Harlan on Saturday.  I have not been to the Shelby County Speedway in years.  In fact, the last time I went there I believe Tom Gutowski was the promoter. 

The weather may interfere though-at least one of the Omaha TV networks is calling for a 50% chance of rain on Saturday.  Matt was thinking of contacting friends Steve “Belleville 100 Guru” Basch and Mike “Dirtice” Pierson about seeing if they might head up I-80 too, though with the weather, who knows? If we do go, I am holding track announcer Joe Proctor to the 10:30 p.m. end of show time that he talked with Matt about.

Actually before Matt talked to me about Harlan, I was thinking about going to the 12:00 noon Saturday session of Thunder By the River-the tractor pull in Wisner,Nebraska.  Matt and I went with Stave Basch several years ago and it was loud, nasty, and polluted the clean Nebraska air-all the things a tractor pull should be. I wouldn’t mind going again.  Harlan, Iowa or Wisner, Nebraska are about the same distance from Fremont, and after the week I have been having, I could use some loud, fast action-and I don’t mean listening to Randy Palmer.

Below is from Will Hensley, father of modified driver Zach Hensley ofGreen River,Wyoming.  I have followed Zach closely since interviewing him for an article in Dirt Modified magazine.  Some of you might remember that Zach was born with femoral hypoplasia, and has to use hand controls for braking and accelerating-yeah, and he also has to steer, and remove tear-offs with his hands.  No mean fete.  Zach’s love for racing is to me how everyone should feel about the sport. Anyway, from Will:

Just an update you might find funny.

Last weekend Zach was racing inCortez,CO.

He missed transferring to feature from his heat by

one spot. He was on a rail!!!

The funny part is he was Black Flagged

for being to aggressive in his B-Main. LOL.

He told the officials that he is no longer a rookie

and he is not there to be a bumper cushion. He told them

 I am here to win!!!!!!!!!!!! Zach added “You don’t do anything to the cars that slam into me but when I try to pass a car for several laps and they brake check me in the corner and I have to help them out of the way to pass them, I get the intentional black flag????? He told them kiss off!!!!

Thanks Will.  Google Zach Hensley to find his website.  He has several really good videos on the site, well worth a look.

Apparently Boris Said and Greg Biffle have talked and worked through their differences, meaning no black eye for Biffle at Michigan this weekend.  Too bad.  Well, some racing disagreements are easier to work out than others.  Boris must be as easy to get along with as I am.

Randy Palmer and Matt had lunch today.  I think they are forming a race consulting business, with a track in centralIowa, and one in easternNebraskaas their first customers.  At least that is a rumor I heard-from neither of them.  Interesting.

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