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I Hated Roy Rogers When I Was Growing Up

September 30, 2011 6 comments

My wife called me late in the afternoon yesterday and told me she had a meeting, would not be home until late, and I was on my own for supper.  Being resourceful, I allowed Kentucky Fried Chicken to prepare supper for me.  I am not sure where this thought came from, but as I was waiting in the drive thru line to order, I thought “I really hated Roy Rogers when I was growing up.”

Perhaps it was because I saw in theOmahapaper that stuffed Trigger was on display at the rodeo in Omaha last week.  Or maybe it is because Roy Rogers was the Carl Edwards of television cowboys.  I didn’t like Dale Evans either.  My friend Randy Palmer thinks he is like New England QB Tom Brady, but he honestly reminds me more of Roy’s sidekick Pat Brady and I always wished Brady would have rolled his jeep during the Roy and Dale show.

Wow, I feel better after that.  Not really, but that was crazy thinking anyway.

I was wondering if the Knoxville Late Model Nationals was going to include modifieds this year. The track’s website either doesn’t show it, or has cleverly hidden it.  I see there is a thread on saying mods will run on the Saturday program at Knoxville, vying for $2,500 to win, $300 to start. 

Check yesterday’s blog for a link to purchasing a PPV of the Knoxville Nationals.  And, will have coverage of the event with updates and post race interviews.  I do not see anyone, including Billy Moyer making a clean sweep of the features this year, although I see the former Iowan taking at least one A main checkered flag.  Will Scott Bloomquist make any noise during the nationals?  I don’t mean win a race, I mean make noise.  I am not sure if he has won more or whined more this year?  Bloomquist is the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model series point leader though, with Jimmy Owens 40 points behind.

Several days ago Matt Kenseth’s wife Katie was hurt while practicing for a charity race inCharlotte.  Apparently NASCAR wives and significant others will be racing Bandalero’s on the ¼ mile oval on the Charlotte Motor Speedway front stretch in October.  Kenseth’s wife broke her shoulder blade, slamming sideways into the pit wall.  Some mean spirited person-NOT me-emailed Kenseth fan Tony Anville the following:

“Matt Kenseth’s wife can’t drive any better than he can.  Let me guess, he whined about his wife crashing, somebody had to be blamed, right?” NASCAR fans, you got to love them.

Thanks for stopping by-and I envy any of you going to Knoxville this weekend.


NASCAR And Knoxville

September 29, 2011 2 comments








Yet another NASCAR Sprint Cup race is won on fuel mileage.  How exciting.  NASCAR has a rule that cars going to the garage area for repairs have to maintain a certain speed when they return to the track.  Maybe it is time for the sanctioning body to make a rule that cars trying to save fuel have to maintain a certain speed too.  Dirt track tours often have an award called “Hard Charger,” given to a driver who passes the most cars during a feature race.  I am not sure what an anti-hard charger award could be called, but if every NASCAR “race” is now going to be won on fuel mileage they ought to give out such an award.

The Knoxville Late Model Nationals start tomorrow, but I won’t be going to any of the shows.  Matt has found that life really does change when you have a baby.  Funny how an 8 pound bundle of joy named Henry can sap the energy from two adults.  Matt did send me the following from though:

Saw this on

Only first 2 nights are on Knoxvillewebsite, $12.99 each night:

A race with the prestige and stature of the late model Knoxville Nationals really doesn’t need a support class.

For those who can’t make it to Knoxville (like me) it is being offered on internet PPV all three nights. We bought the Non-Wing Sprint Car Knoxville Nationals earlier in the season on PPV and one other race in July and they do a great job with the broadcast. Video quality is good with multiple camera angles, replays and the audio is good, too.

On the Knoxville Raceway website in the upper right hand corner you’ll see Knoxville Live, click on that and it will take you to the site where you can order the PPV. It’s pretty easy and they even have a high speed internet connection option if you have really high speed.”

The Knoxville races are scheduled to start at 7:15 p.m. each night.  Maybe I’ll let Matt get Friday’s and we’ll go over to visit Henry too. And I will say my son couldn’t be a better help for Stephanie, working his full-time job and doing all the laundry and cleaning, as well as helping where he can with the baby.  He has a right to be tired-though I am getting tired of hearing how I apparently did not do all those things 35 years ago when he was a baby.  

The Marion County Fair Board announced that Toby Kruse is the new General Manager of Knoxville Raceway, replacing retiring Ralph Capitani.  Kruse has been associated with a number of events and tracks, including Beatrice Speedway.  I don’t know if he was helping at Beatrice or not in 2011.  Maybe Ernie Reiss can tell us.  If he was though, I wonder what his becoming Knoxville GM will mean to Beatrice.  I can’t see anyone doing Knoxville and another track.

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More On The Future Of I-80 Speedway

September 28, 2011 5 comments

It intrigues me that whenever I put the words Silver Dollar Nationals or I-80 Speedway in a blog heading my reader numbers jump significantly.  To me that says there are a lot of race fans who still care about the track and under the right circumstances would spend more of their money there.  I wish the track promoters would understand that.  They may not be sitting on a gold mine, but it does not have to be a money pit either.


I don’t know how many of you read comments to my blog, but I thought the comments I received from yesterday’s post deserved some attention. 


From Scott McBride:
Pretty much agree with your mock schedule if I-80 would do only specials.  I think I attend at least one night of all I-80s special events. The ASCS show a week before the CC was a disaster for the front gate, but I think that had a lot to do with the weather.  Same thing with this past weekends CC.  Other than the last 2 events all of the specials have been well attended.  A special every other weekend would work for me.  Already have the rainout/cancellation policy in place before even releasing the event info. Like if it will be rescheduled, if so when, the basic stuff.  When the sprinters run maybe they can run, GN late models and sport modifieds as the support.  When OPEN late models run, you can have modifieds, pro-am/stockcars and every once in a blue moon, the vintage cars.


I agree the sport compacts get spread out on that big track and I don’t like it.  The pro-am/stock car division has provided has good racing the last couple of times I have watched them.  But that’s a dying class, we all can agree on that.

Crazy Ed has said he wanted I-80 to be known for its special events.  Well its time to make that happen.  It worked for Eldora, it can work for I-80.


TRODT:  I think the ASCS show was a disaster simply because of the weather.  Sprint car fans support this tour, and I have no doubt a herd of them would have been at I-80 had the weather been better. I think the URSS 305 sprints would be a good support class for at least one ASCS show at I-80 Speedway.  My friend Randy Palmer-and he is my friend despite his allegiance to winged wonders-has watched the 305’s in action and says they put on a good show.  Put the two together and you would have sprint car nuts from around the Midwest camping out for a two day show.


I like the idea of having a rain-out date in place.  This is something that irritates me about postponements, and it is not just I-80 Speedway that has that problem.  If a track has a tour date, it knows the tour schedule.  Simply work with the tour to have a make-up date in place, instead of always keeping fans out of the loop.



From Rick Bradley:


Really that’s your best bet for next year at I-80. No Hobby stock I feel slighted to say the least you would put sport compacts in but not hobby stock thanks. I thought we were better than that.  If you want to run the place the way it should be run do what Harlan does, do it on Sun night and try to set up some point fund for running both places. You could benefit from cars from Harlan as well as some of the other neighboring tracks.  Sorry to all those Camaros but they should have been put down years ago, this is not rocket science get in line or get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TRODT:  Rick, I would prefer hobby stocks over sports compacts 7 nights a week.  I think the track so destroyed goodwill with the hobby stock drivers that it might be impossible for these promoters to get it back.  Plus, you keep telling me you don’t like racing there. 


I agree about the Camaro class.  Your buddy Boy Genius said that maybe the Camaro drivers could be given a waiver of two years to run Camaro’s with the stock car class so they didn’t have to choose between buying all new equipment and quitting.  Maybe that is workable, I would rather it just be one year.  I love the IMCA Stock Car class-these guys are what the Pro-Ams used to be like at Sunset Speedway, very competitive, very professional, and very entertaining.  I would like to see that class run at I-80 Speedway if they continue weekly racing.  Making the 2012 season a non-sanctioned class for stock cars means the Camaros could hang on for another year, but after that, make it sanctioned IMCA Stock Cars.


From S. Barragan:

I agree with the specials only, however one thing to consider is how many regulars would quit racing without a weekly program.  Anytime a track closes or in this case would cut back on nights, there are always going to be guys selling out that don’t want to travel. 

Aligning a weekly program with Harlan, and even possiblyDenison if they were to open might not be a bad deal.  You would have a hard time to get most cars to race at Harlan and I-80 every week, but if you gave them some kind of motivation, where you used the best 15 or 20 nights finishes, you might get somewhere, especially at the end of the season when car counts start suffering.  Maybe I-80 should consider a change of nights for the weekly program, maybe to Fridays?  Alternate with Denison every other Friday?


TRODT:  I wonder about IMCA giving I-80 Speedway a Friday night sanction, with Beatrice racing on Fridays.  I know they used to give both Beatrice and a track closer than I-80 sanctions on Saturdays though. 


I am all for tracks actually getting along.  In racing NOTHING pisses me off more than promoters who would rather screw themselves if it meant screwing over another promoter, than trying to get along and making something good happen for each track. I don’t think Denison would work, but I would think Harlan could, especially for Omahaarea drivers-Harlan is not really much further than other Saturday night options for Omaha racers.


From Mike Pierson:


I got desperate for one more race and went to I-80 Sunday night. There was a great hobby, pro-am and mod feature which was nice but the rest of the program was less than stellar. I’m getting to the point where I don’t even feel sorry for these tracks with empty stands. I’m assuming these tracks ran by drivers are talking to the guys in the pits when car counts drop, why wouldn’t you do the same when the front gate dies? Nice to hear from you Rick and after this year I totally agree with you, IMCA stock cars is the only way to go. I feel sorry for the few pro-am guys left but I don’t still have eight track in my car do you? As far as SCS if they finally drop the 16 year-old girl cars next year they may have the perfect situation, I enjoyed my couple visits this year. The night of week has NOTHING to do with I-80’s problem, their show is the problem and everything they’ve tinkered with has made the situation worse. I-80 working with SCS would be a good idea and exactly the reason it won’t happen.


TRODT:  Bradley may still have an eight-track player in his car.  Your point about talking to fans when the front gate is down is what both of us said last week.  A fan advisory committee would be so simple to do, and if it helped put more butts in the stands, that is a good thing.


From TMC:


Leave it on Sunday, leave the GN’s alone (there are far more GN’s in eastern Nebr. than there are IMCA LM’s in western Iowa), leave the Pro-Ams alone and let them thrive or die, run IMCA SANCTIONED mods, sportmods, sport compacts and HOBBIES, give one class the night off each week.  They can tighten up the show and run 5 classes in 3 hours.  Don’t tell me they can’t, I’ve seen plenty of places where they can and do every week.  If you didn’t have sprints at Eagle they’d be done by 9-9:30 every week with 120+ IMCA cars. 

Start on time, get racecievers, shake the dust off the black flag and park the squirrels who cause the stop-and-go cautions, make intermission just long enough for everyone to hit the can and grab a pop and keep the show rolling.  Keep the race director in the booth, nowhere else do I see a race director make umpteen trips down the stands and to the track to get some goofball back in line.  Everyone understands what a black flag means, use it.  Cut the laps down, far too many races out there run for far too many laps.  6 lap heats are plenty, maybe 8 for the mods and GN’s.  No more than 20 laps in any A feature, 15 is plenty for pro-ams and sport mods.  And skip the meaningless and unentertaining B features.  If you think you need a 9 car B to put 8 in the A, just put all 9 in and save everyone some time and money.

Oh yeah, and put a paperclip 3/8 mile inside the big track and make that your weekly track and save the big track for the SLM’s and sprints.

Yes, I would prefer IMCA LM’s over GN’s but I fear that the cost of conversion would be a killer for a lot of teams, especially those who live west of the track.  You have GN’s at Norfolk, JMS, Mid-Nebr and Albion plus specials at a couple of other tracks, but there’s only 1 IMCA track between Lincoln and Des Moines and their weekly car count is no better (usually worse) than I-80’s GN count.  Maybe get a IMCA LM Deery show as a support class for one of their specials.  Has anyone ever seen a BAD Deery show??

The CC needs an extreme makeover.  Nobody wants to pay $20 to watch an SLM show and some boring heat races for a small number of cars.  The football excuse only goes so far, if the show was more entertaining and was a better value for the money, it would draw more fans. I wasn’t able to go to any night of it this year and I really don’t feel like I missed much.  Fall specials used to be the best shows of the year and 80% of them are now nothing more than overpriced, overly-long weekly shows with the same cars we see every week.


TRODT:  Pro-Ams used to be my favorite class at Sunset Speedway, and even in the early years of Nebraska Raceway Park.  It was tough making the show.  Now, I don’t believe they are going to thrive, so instead of a lingering death, just get it over with.  I also agree with cutting the laps in heat races, cutting unneeded B features-really, how many of those cars have a shot at winning the feature if they start 16th instead of 20th or 24th?   If they do they will get around the other backmarkers no matter where they start. I am for the lone ranger rule too-you spin you better get the car restarted and heading down the track before the yellow comes out, because if you bring out the yellow by yourself, you go to the pits.


I still believe that specials only are the way to go though.  Scott Mc Bride mentioned specials every other week.  Over a 23 week season, that would be 11 specials.  With at least five of the specials being two night events, that would give the track 16 nights of racing.  The Silver Dollar Nationals would just be super late models and USMTS modifieds, meaning 14 nights of racing for support classes-or 28 opportunities for support classes to race.  Sorry, sports compacts are not special, and don’t belong in specials-that is my opinion, and I am sure many will disagree.  Let IMCA sanctioned modifieds be a support class whenever they are not the feature class, and divide the other opportunities between B-mods and stock cars.


Thanks to everyone who commented, and thank you for stopping by.



The Future Of I-80 Speedway???

September 27, 2011 6 comments

As always, this is my opinion.  It is unsolicited, most likely unwanted too, but that has never stopped me from giving it anyway. I don’t have a penny invested in any track-my opinion is based on 55 years of being a race fan, and 40 years of being a businessman.  I give it because I want local racing to be a success and not go the way of another post WWII form of entertainment, the drive-in theater.

The go kart track at Nebraska Raceway Park-Lil Sunset Speedway should remain open no matter what else promoters do. As far as what I-80 Speedway does in the coming season, if it races at all, raceceivers and transponders are simply a must.  I doubt there is a similar facility in the US that does not use both raceceivers and transponders.  With that technology available there is no reason to have second rate, take forever line-ups on restarts.

There are some who will disagree, but I see no reason for the speedway to remain NASCAR sanctioned.  IF the track is going to run a weekly show at all, it should run five classes-sports compacts, sports mods, modifieds, and late models, all IMCA sanctioned.  It should run an unsanctioned stock car class that allows Pro Ams to continue racing, though honestly I see this as a class that will die out in a few years. 

No, I do not like the “sports” cars.  However, there is an overabundance of cars in both classes, so the track should take advantage of that-again, IF it chooses to run a weekly show.  The IMCA late models are a step up from the GN late models, but drivers would have a chance to run both Shelby County Speedway and I-80 Speedway each weekend, and could compete for IMCA state, regional, and national points.

Other than the raceceivers and transponders, those suggestions are for IF the track runs a weekly program.  I don’t think it should.  For quite some time I have felt the weekly show at I-80 Speedway is a money loser.  There are not many fans in the stands, and the car count is not good either.  I suppose a weekly show might have been justified as helping the car count of the back gate Cornhusker Classic, but after attending the Friday portion of the September race, not having a weekly show wouldn’t matter as far as CC car count.

I know that means the end of a half century of Sunday racing in the area, but for most long time fans Sunday night racing has been dying for quite some time and it does not resemble what we remember from years ago.  The promoters do not do the best job with details-they are hardly the only promoters this way-but if the track did specials only, it would give them more time to concentrate on all that needs to be done to make each event memorable. Weekly racing would not allow that.

I think the track should do no more than two specials a month, and it should also end its season the weekend of Labor Day. No more than two support classes at each special, and do not include sports compacts as a support class at any special.  My schedule would include 8 events, though 5 of them would be two night events, meaning 13 nights of racing-and rain-outs would be rescheduled.

April-open the season with a two night special that features late models.  Perhaps the SLMR series on a Friday night and a CBC/MLRA co-sanctioned event on Saturday. The following do an ASCS two night sprint car show.

May-One of three signature events for the track, the Alphabet Soup Race.  Make it a $3,500 to win show, and add IMCA mods and IMCA stock cars, both at $2,000 to win.

June-The Charlie Clark Memorial.  Another of the track’s signature events.  Just IMCA modifieds and IMCA Northern Sports Mods, but this is a race that could be built to be a Harris Clash type event.

July-The Trifecta during the 4th of July weekend, and the track’s premier event of the season, the Silver Dollar Nationals during the 3rd weekend of July.  Make the SDN just a two day event. And always make it super late models in the same format as 2011, with USMTS modifieds as the co-feature class.

August-a two night ASCS sprint car event.  Make it a weekend that all fans of the winged wonders would thrill to by adding 305 sprints-the series that races inKansas.

September-Run the Cornhusker Classic Sunday and Monday of the Labor Day weekend, featuring CBC/MLRA late models on Sunday, and SLMR late models on Monday.  This would keep the CC from competing with UNL football, something it automatically loses.

I am sure there are lots of opinions on this subject and I would like to hear them.  Thanks for stopping by.

Where Have All The Hobby Stocks Gone? And The Stock Cars?

September 26, 2011 5 comments

I was glancing through my latest copy of Area Auto Racing News on the way to I-80 Speedway Friday night.  I don’t pay close attention to most of the articles and columns, but always read Ernie Saxon’s column. Strangely enough this sage suggested what both Mike Pierson and I did earlier in the week on my blog-local dirt tracks should establish an advisory group like major sanctioning bodies and tracks have done.

I am not talking of entourages of hangers on who can’t see the sunshine because of where their heads are in relation to a certain part of a promoter; I am talking of serious, long-time, knowledgeable fans who want a track to succeed simply because they love the sport.

I have been a one man, unofficial advisory group for years anyway.  I realize some are irritated that I dare call to question anything a promoter says or does.  To them I say “too bad.” I’ll sleep soundly tonight anyway.  And will continue to offer my opinion, welcome or not.

My thoughts today are on the Cornhusker Classic at I-80 Speedway.  I think it is time for a major revamping of this event.  I was shocked at the car count for this event.  Mind you the lack of cars made for a shorter night, and I got a chill early in the evening that did not go away until the heater in Matt’s car made it warm just past Ashland on the way home-so a poor car count wasn’t so bad for me.

But it was terrible for the track.  The car count for late models was OK-about 47 in the CBC/MLRA field.  BUT, not one support class had a full field, despite a generous purse for each class.  Yes, reader Chris who “longs” to be back in Iowa-pun intended, mentioned half the tracks in Iowa had specials this weekend.  But those weren’t the cars that were going to make up the support class field anyway-for the most part.  The cars that should have made up large fields in each class should have been Nebraska cars.  And they simply were not there.

Only 11 cars ran in hobby stock heats on Friday.  I was not there on Saturday, but I would doubt there were many more.  I doubt if there were 20 Pro Am/Stock Cars. There were only 21 modifieds racing, despite a $4,000 to win purse. There are far more than 11 IMCA hobby stocks in Nebraska, and there have to be several hundred IMCA modifieds in western Iowa, southeast South Dakota, and Nebraska.  I think the turnout was shameful. 

I am not a big fan of the purse will be X if Y cars show up, but will only be Z if less than Y cars race, but I think that should have been the case with the Cornhusker Classic this year-at least for the bottom four classes.


So, what is wrong that needs to be fixed?  For one thing, I think no support class should race more than two nights.  One night would be even better, but I know the track will do whatever it can to get back gate money.  Race three support classes on Friday night with a full program of touring late models as a feature class.  Do the same on Saturday night.  On Sunday, no more than one last chance race per class, plus features in all classes-and not extra long features.

I have another suggestion for this event, though it ties in more with my next blog-whether I-80 Speedway should continue with a Sunday night show, or even a weekly show.

More on that tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

Oh wait, I didn’t even talk about any of Friday’s happenings.  Well, Kyle Berck won everything he was in-in both his modified and late model.  In typical Boen-head fashion, Kelly Boen, starting on the outside front row of the late model feature, spun out in front of the entire field coming to take the green flag.  Naturally he blamed the driver behind him-not the way I saw it, and not the way MLRA officials saw it.  Naturally he drove like a madman-even more so than usual-trying to get to the front.  And then sent Joe Kosiski after bumping him out of his way.  Things I would call “a racing deal,” I simply do not with Boen-he has no respect at all for other people’s equipment or what it costs for others to repair unnecessary damage from a run in with an out of control driver.

Thus ends my sermon on this Sabbath. 



Lasagna, Lettuce, Sport Compacts, Sports Mods-The Back Gate Classic

September 23, 2011 8 comments

Two more blog ideas from decade do I find most fascinating, and a food I was surprised to like.  The decade-60’s of course.  If you were there, no explanation is needed.  If you weren’t no explanation will help you understand.


A food I was surprised to like?  Does Diet Coke count as a food?  Lasagna?  Lettuce?  I still don’t like a salad with anything but lettuce and maybe some grated cheese on top.  Pizza?  I never ate pizza until I was married.  Of course that was 41 years ago, so I have ate quite a few pizzas since. 


Matt and I have almost talked each other out of going to the Sunday night show of the Cornhusker Classic at I-80 Speedway.  Actually this will be the first time since I don’t remember when that we are even going to one night of the event.  The nickname Back Gate Classic was given to the event for a reason, and I don’t think I am up to two nights of seven different classes of racing.  Plus, the length of the features is beyond my endurance too.


20 Laps-Sport Compacts

20 Laps-Hobby Stocks

25 Laps-Pro Ams

25 Laps-B Mods

30 Laps-Grand Nationals

40 Laps-Modifieds

25 Laps-SLMR Late Models


The thought of 20 laps of Sport Compacts on that big track makes me want to cry.  I AM tearing up over the idea of 25 laps of B-Mods.  At least in the weekly shows the handicap meant it would take Jesse Sobbing about 10 laps to get to the front of the field.  In this event he is likely to start in the front and the only thing that will keep him from lapping most of the field is that B mods can’t go very many laps without crashing. This race has all the makings of a 45 minute feature.


I don’t have a problem with the Hobby Stock feature.  Pro-Ams ought to be 20 laps.  So should Grand Nationals.  Modifieds I wouldn’t mind seeing at 30 laps, and for the life of me I do not understand why two classes are running the same number of laps as the late models, and two more are running more laps than the LM’s. 


Before someone comes on here and says “it isn’t your money,” please don’t.  First, it is a stupid comment, and second, you do NOT want to be lumped in with the last person who said something like that to me.


Maybe I’ll go to bed early on Sunday, laughing that Stroker has to be there late, late, late to announce.  Of course that is why he gets the big bucks.


We’re off to Farmer Brown’s inWaterlootonight to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  I think we went to Burger King for my birthday last week.  Anyway, we do get to see the Crown Prince of the Meyer family tonight and I am looking forward to that, even if Henry’s grandma doesn’t want to share holding him.


Tomorrow it will be I-80 Speedway for the opening night of the Cornhusker Classic and the CBC/MLRA late models.  I hope that a few of the Irregulars will be there too.  It has been awhile since I saw Rick “The Tractor Tire Reaper” Bradley.


Thanks for stopping by.




Have My Cake, Blowing Off Steam, Silver Dollar Nationals, $400,000 A Year, And Grandpa

September 21, 2011 3 comments

Yesterday’s suggestions from for blog topics included two I have to mention-Cake or pie, and what is the best way to blow off steam.  First, I prefer cake.  Not just prefer cake, I rarely eat pie.  Growing up, I had a younger brother who instead of having a birthday cake wanted pumpkin pie on his birthday.  Now, I could have been a good sport about that, or I could have been pissed off.  I chose to be pissed off, because with this brother it was less about him wanting pumpkin pie and more about he knew I would not eat it.  So, to this day I am not a pie fan.  Very petty, I know.

As far as blowing off steam, I used to write to racing forums as the infamous bruton.  I had some hellacious arguments on the forums, and site owners must have appreciated seeing my posts because controversy always drives up numbers.  Now, I have The Rest of the Dirt blog to blow off steam.  Combine a stressful job with little tolerance for promoter shenanigans, and I can blow off a lot of steam on this blog.

From Sunday Night Irregular Mike Pierson commenting on yesterday’s blog:

“Could you even fathom a promoter/track owner having an open conversation with a fan/group of fans relating to what they do and don’t like at the track. I guess it just seems simple when you aren’t financially attached.  Well as any good Cub fan says…..there is always next year!”

Mike-there was probably 200 years of business experience sitting at that table.  Everyone there is a hard core fan and wants local racing to thrive.  What better group to sit down and talk with than us?  We would provide great advice for the price of a few pizzas.  Heck, we would provide the advice and pay for our own pizza.

No, I have not mentioned the Silver Dollar Nationals for quite some time.  I have nothing to mention at this time.  Really.  I am not holding out on you.  All is quiet on the western front.

I will mention that Matt and I are going to the Cornhusker Classic at least on Friday.  I could certainly do without six support classes for the CBC/MLRA late models, but this is the Back Gate Classic and I know that before I pay for my ticket.  Hopefully there will be some Irregulars on hand to help make it through the long evening.  Saturday I have a wedding to go to, then Midland University and Nebraskaf ootball.  Sunday is still being discussed, though the younger one of us is mentioning it in unfavorable terms.  He is not a big fan of sports compacts or sports mods. 

You have to love a Congressman complaining that President Obama’s tax the wealthy plan would force him to live on just $400,000 a year.  Say what?  Boo hoo.  Other than Tony Anville and Randy Palmer $400,000 is 6-10 years family income for my readers.  Comments like that irritate me as much as promoters who lie.

Happily though my daughter in-law gave us a link to proofs of the newborn baby photos taken of Henry.  I lost track of how many “oh my God’s” my wife said while we were looking at the photos.  Matt was cute as a baby, but Henry has him beat like Midland University would beat Peru State College in football if PSC wasn’t so afraid of being humiliated. Yes, I am a boring grandpa, but I have only been at it for three weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.