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Down And Up, Up And Down, Round And Round

July 31, 2012 3 comments

It looks like the only dirt track racing I will be watching this week is the USA Nationals PPV from CedarLake.  Yesterday I mentioned Matt and I were planning a visit to Alta, Iowa for the USMTS race tomorrow night, but that was before we found out there will be five support classes running as well.  If the track was 50 miles closer or if they were running just two support classes I would go, but as far as Alta is with five support classes-including the dreaded B-mods, it promises to be too late a night to get up early for work on Thursday. The track does OK without my money the rest of the year, I am sure they will do OK tomorrow too.


Looking through the remaining USMTS schedule I don’t find many opportunities to watch the best modified drivers in action the remainder of the season.  Tracks are either too far away-meaning an overnight stay, or they conflict with the start of the college football season which is definitely a no go for a certain Meyer family member.


Matt is talking of going to a race on Friday, but I have no desire to give that particular promoter another penny of my money.  I had the option of going somewhere I do not want to go or babysitting my grandson.  That was a no brainer.  I’ll help Jane with Mr. Henry Ross Meyer and see if he’ll do some more walking to Grandpa. And no, I would not be tempted to go even if the feature class was USMTS modifieds.


There was an interesting thread on talking about IMCA fining any of its sanctioning tracks for hosting a USMTS show in 2013.  I don’t know if it is true or not.  Several people swear it is, at least one on the thread says it is not.  It is easy to believe it though as that kind of attitude is prevalent throughout dirt track racing, hurting both drivers and fans.


Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa added the SLMR late models to Friday night of the track’s huge Tiny Lund Memorial in September.  I guess this will be our replacement for the Alta show, even though it is IMCA mods, not USMTS mods racing. Super late models on the big half mile oval should be fun to watch, plus I always enjoy seeing the IMCA stock cars in action.  I think a meeting of the Sunday Night Irregulars on Friday September 14th in Harlan sounds like a good idea.


To me, a not so good idea is “King of the Hill” races.  Tracks hold these races after all A features are run, and by then most tracks have only one fast line, meaning the driver with lane choice is likely to win.  What does that prove?  Plus, watching two hornets/sports compacts race around a big track like I-80 Speedway is excruciating, mind numbing, torture.  Satan’s VCR plays only hornet King of the Hill events, 305 sprint car races, and B-mod B features.


Enough of this roller coaster blog post for one day.  Thanks for stopping by.





Charlie Clark Memorial, USMTS Modifieds, Earnhardt Jr.

July 30, 2012 1 comment

Our weekend race was the Charlie Clark Memorial at I-80 Speedway last night.  31 A-mods, 39 B-mods, and 24 hobby stocks were on hand.  Though the races started about 30 minutes late, the delay was due mainly to heavy watering of the track because of the excessive heat we are suffering this summer.  Anyway, I find I am worrying less about starting time as long as the races get over in a timely fashion. Last night we were headed back to Fremont shortly after 9:30 p.m. and that was good enough for me.


At best the I-80 Speedway crowd was just OK.  I am not sure if it was a money making crowd for promoters, but hopefully they broke even.  Jason Wilkinson won the hobby stock A feature, Jesse Sobbing won the B-mod feature, and Luke Waninger won the A-mod feature.  Wilkinson took home $522 for his win, Sobbing won $1022, and Waninger received a $500 bonus for winning with a crate engine.  His winnings for the night were $2522.


Random thoughts:


-the first B-mod B feature highlighted why I cringe whenever I see “B-mods” or “IMCA Northern Sports Mods” scheduled to run at a track I am visiting.  After five caution flags, drivers were warned the next caution would end the race.  Yes there was another caution.  Six cautions in less than ten laps of racing, and two of them were for the last place car spinning out.  There is a huge difference between the best B-mod drivers and the B-mod, B feature back markers.


-Johnny Saathoff was involved in a lap 8 confrontation with Jay Noteboom, sending Noteboom into the turn 4 wall and Saathoff into the pits.  Saathoff went to the back of the field for causing a yellow, but he managed to drive to a third place finish behind Waninger and Dylan Smith.


-Sobbing did double duty, running a back-up car in the B-mods and his main car in the A-mods.  He was running a crate engine in the A-mod races, and announcer Joe Proctor mentioned several times that Sobbing’s car was a legal IMCA Northern Sports Mod.  Sobbing had a flat tire on the front stretch and brought out a yellow-one of three trying to finish lap 8.  Like Saathoff he went to the back of the field, and he drove his car to a fourth place finish.  If the car really was a legal IMCA Northern Sports Mod-aka B-mod, that was a fantastic effort, and just more confirmation that the Iowan needs to run A-mods next year.


-Sobbing has 39 feature wins for the season, with plenty of racing left.  I wonder if any driver in any class in the country has more wins.


-It is always nice to sit with friends at the track.  Last night Steve ‘Belleville 100’ Basch, and Scott ‘USA Nationals’ McBride were on hand.  Another fellow said he was going racing, but he ended up as a no show.  I won’t mention any names, but he lives in Auburn, and works for the Nebraska Department of Revenue.  And he is not broke.


I am not sure what this week holds for Matt and me.  We have talked of going to Buena Vista Raceway in Alta, Iowa for Battle at the Beaver, a USMTS National Series show on Wednesday.  It is the first night of a three night National Series swing through Iowa.  As I have said many times, I love old fairgrounds tracks, and BVR is a fast, black dirt northwest Iowa track. Whether we go or not depends of the baby sitting situation for my favorite grandchild, Mr. Henry Meyer.  Don’t think bad thoughts of me if you are a first time reader-Henry is my only grandchild, so of course he is my favorite. This weekend will be a stay at home and maybe catch the USA Nationals PPV on, so I hope we are able to make the east of Sioux City road trip on Wednesday.


The USMTS finished its 2nd Annual World Modified Dirt Track Championship at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota on Saturday.  Surprise, surprise, Ryan Gustin took the checkered flags in modified racing’s richest race.  Gustin took home $25,000.  Second place finisher Joey Jensen won $13,713 and third place finisher Jason Hughes took home $8,913. 


I am amazed at the relationship between Deer Creek Speedway, the USMTS Series, and sponsors of both.  Friday night nine sponsors stepped up to add $30,000 to the championship pay-out.  Every starter shared in the increase.  I love late models, but this modified tour has become my favorite-there seems to be much more on track action with the USMTS and no off track drama that comes with the national late model and sprint car circuits.


Congratulations to Dale Earnhardt Jr. on taking over the point lead in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  It seems very strange, but I find myself rooting for him more each week.  I still think the Jr. Nation is bizarre, but most race fans have their foibles, including me.


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Charlie Clark Entrants; NASCAR-Test & Qualify; Plus USA Nationals

July 27, 2012 2 comments

33 A-mods, 41 B-mods, and 20 hobby stocks are preregistered for Sunday’s Charlie Clark Memorial at I-80 Speedway.  Included in the A-mod entries are three past IMCA national champions-Jordan Grabouski, Johnny Saathoff, and Dylan Smith.  Kyle Berck and Chris Abelson are also preregistered in A-mods.


In B-mods, past IMCA Northern Sportmod champion Jesse Sobbing is registered.  Sobbing and Kyle Prauner are first and second in 2012 Northern Sport-Mod points.  Prauner is also registered.  41 B-mods?  Oh boy, can’t wait.


NASCAR is talking about doing away with the ban on testing at tracks that host a series race.  I think that is a good idea.  The ban is not saving any money-teams are testing at tracks that are similar to tracks that host events.  With new bodies coming for Sprint Cup Series cars in 2013, relaxing the ban makes sense.


There is also talk of going back to all teams qualifying on speed, with no team locked into a race.  The rule was put in place to protect sponsors-someone paying $20 million a year would not want a Jimmie Johnson or Greg Biffle or Dale Earnhardt Jr. to crash or blow up in qualifying and not make a race.  However, for a top driver to not get a provisional would mean at least five top teams failed to qualify, something as likely to happen as a downpour in Nebraska this summer.


Jeremy Mayfield defended suspended driver A.J. Allmendinger, while blasting NASCAR’s drug program.  Geez, I wonder why. Allmendinger is trying to rebuild a career and I doubt he was looking for an endorsement from NASCAR’s poster boy for bad decisions.


Scott McBride sent me the following from the Cedar Lake Speedway website.  There are plenty of good ideas here for other promoters to try.


25 Reasons to attend the 25th Annual USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway

July 26, 2012. New Richmond, WI. For those who have attended any of the USA Nationals events since 1988, you know that the highlight of the weekend is certainly the quality of racing as drivers battle for a total purse of nearly a quarter million dollars. The best drivers in the country converge on the high banks of Cedar Lake Speedway and provide some of the best racing you will see anywhere in the country. Over the past many years, the event has become the one place to be each year as the weekend is filled with numerous activities for you and the family. The 2012 edition of the USA Nationals marks the 25th Anniversary of the event and Cedar Lake has 25 events planned to make sure you have an absolutely fabulous time celebrating the silver anniversary. Here they are; yes, we did purposely stick with a theme of “25” for each of the items. Enjoy and don’t forget to buy your tickets now at All regular campsites are already sold out but there are overflow sites available by calling 612-363-0479.

1) To celebrate the 25th anniversary with a fun twist, the top 2 qualifiers will have the option to start last in the main event. If they elect to do so and win the race, they will receive a $25,000 bonus!

2) Anyone who purchases tickets in advance of the race will be automatically entered into a drawing. 25 tickets will be selected and those fans will each receive a commemorative 25th anniversary USA Nationals T-shirt.

3) Anyone who attends the race on Friday can enter a drawing. We will select 25 names and pair each person up with one driver in the main event. If your driver wins, you win $ 250.

 4) All fans will receive a gift on Saturday night. Yes, you will want to use this during the driver introduction ceremony later that evening. – Turn out the lights, watch the grandstands flicker in a rainbow of colors and the top 25 drivers roar onto the racetrack through a cloud of smoke with a spotlight on them.

5) All fans can sign up for the ladderball tournament on Saturday afternoon. Each participant on the winning team will receive $ 25.

6) Go carts will be available to race on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Fee is just $2.50 for 5 laps ($5.00 for 10 laps).

7) $2.50 beers at the party each night (Thursday and Friday) after the races.

8) The winner of Thursday’s Cornbelt Clash event will be guaranteed a provisional spot (25th starting spot) in the main event on Saturday night.

9) Cedar Lake Sweatshirts are just $25 this weekend.

10) 25 of the country’s best drivers will qualify for the $50,000 to win event. Don’t miss a minute of the action!

11) Advance tickets for the 2013 USA Nationals are just $25 per day if all 3 days are purchased.

12) 25 fans will be selected on Thursday night to sit in the VIP suite.

13) 25 drivers will be available for an autograph session on Saturday afternoon.

14) 25 fans will be selected and paired up with a driver in the main event on Saturday night. If your driver wins, you win $ 250. The remaining 24 people will receive a free 25th anniversary USA Nationals commemorative T-shirt.

 15) 25 boxes of huge fireworks for your entertainment on Friday night. If you missed this last year, don’t miss it this time. Some of the best fireworks you will see!

16) Both Friday and Saturday present a full race program of NASCAR Late Models. Get a taste of the weekly Cedar Lake action with complete shows each night paying $ 2,500 to win the main event.

17) Go for a ride in the Cedar Lake two-seat Late Model. For $25, you will receive 25 tickets in the raffle! This is half price from the regular price of $2.00 a ticket. 

18) Attend the fans fund luncheon! Donate $25 or more to the fans fund to help your favorite drivers attend the USA Nationals and enjoy a free lunch and meet your favorite drivers on Saturday afternoon.

19) Watch the best drivers in the country battle for one of the richest purse’s in dirt late model racing. $ 250,000 paid out over the 3-day event.

20) Enjoy a packed campground with your friends. Only 25 overflow sites remain available as of the date of this press release. Reserve yours now by calling 612-363-0479.

21) 25 kids will be selected on Friday night and will receive a free light up item!

22) Don’t miss the complete Cornbelt Clash touring late model show on Thursday night. In addition to a $5,000 check, the winner of the event is guaranteed a starting spot (25th) in the main event on Saturday night.

23) 25 vendors selling everything a race fans loves and needs from die cast to T-shirts to the fabulous cinnamon roasted ####!

24) Experience the ride of a lifetime on our mechanical bull at the pit party each night. One ride for just $ 2.50. Two tries for $5.00.
25) Wildcard ……… You fill in the 25th item for what makes this an enjoyable weekend for you. This event has it all – don’t miss it!

 Yes, I feel a little lazy today.  However, I really do like 16 of the above mentioned items, and a few of the others are simply common sense, making it easy to post their p.r. than to make similar comments on my own.

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USA Nationals PPV, NASCAR, Pit Stop, Deer Creek, And Lucas Oil

July 26, 2012 Leave a comment

This from Michael Rixby of regarding the site’s PPV of the USA Nationals from Cedar Lake Speedway next weekend:


“It really is a fun time here.  When you tune it, it is in essence, like a true Dirt Late Model show.  It’s Ben Shelton, Dustin Jarrett, and Chris Stephan anchoring the broadcast, with five cameras, instant replay, and most importantly, every lap of action live. What I think I like most about it is that all the guys we work with, especially the announcers, really know the sport.  These aren’t guys that follow it recreationally, they spend their entire lives knowing, covering, and learning about Dirt Late Model racing.”


Having subscribed to last year’s PPV, this really is a professionally done webcast.  I realize I am biased, but the announcers are better at what they do than any group of announcers covering NASCAR Sprint Cup series races.  The five cameras and replay really add to the coverage too. 


Go to and click on the red colored “Order Cedar Lake Live Video.”  The three night package includes Corn Belt Clash late model action on Thursday, August 2nd, Friday night USA Nationals qualifying, and consolations and the 100 lap feature on Saturday night.  For subscribers the cost for the full package is $30.  For non-subscribers it is $38, but that also includes a month’s access to premium content on the Dirt on Dirt website.  Single day packages are $15 for members and non-members.  You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. 


If you are a late model fan, you will love this event.  If I did not think it was worth the money, I would not be promoting the PPV on my blog.  Just be prepared to stay up until about midnight on Saturday.  In addition to the WoO late model events the track will run a complete NASCAR late model show on Saturday, do some farming during intermission, and a lights out/spot light introduction of cars in the feature.


A.J. Allmendinger has chosen the NASCAR Road to Recovery program rather than appealing his suspension for testing positive for a banned substance and will begin the program immediately.  This is not an admission on Allmendinger’s part that he took a banned substance, but does show his desire to work within NASCAR guidelines to regain his NASCAR license.  As I mentioned yesterday, I believe Allmendinger deserves a second chance, and I hope that sponsors will too, though that remains to be seen.


I wonder where Jeremy Mayfield might be had he followed the NASCAR Road to Recovery program instead of suing NASCAR when he tested positive for an illegal substance.  Given his track record of bad decisions since, he might be where he is right now any way, bankrupt and facing jail time, but maybe not. Allmendinger made the correct decision.


I mentioned in a previous blog that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the highest paid NASCAR driver according to Forbes Magazine.  Earnhardt made $13.2 million on the track and $15 came from endorsements, like the deal he has with Nationwide Insurance.  According to the website, Earnhardt’s net worth is estimated at $300,000,000, or close to Tony Anville’s net worth.


Jeff Gordon made $23.6 million last year, Tony Stewart made $22.3 million, and Jimmie Johnson made $21.5 million.  The highest paid motorsports personality was Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso who made $32 million. 


Sunday’s Charley Clark Memorial A-mod race at I-80 Speedway features the unique halfway, front stretch pit stop.  Cars can be refueled, tires changed, etc.  The dirt track crews take a little longer than the 12 second pit stops seen on Sunday afternoon NASCAR Sprint Cup races, but the five minutes allowed at I-80 goes by quickly. The top three at the halfway point get paid too-$122 for first, $52 for second, and $22 for third.


46 cars took to the Deer Creek Speedway track last night, attempting to qualify for the 2nd Annual World Modified Dirt Track Championship.  The six who captured starting spots in Saturday’s feature are:  Joey Jensen, Mike Sorenson, Jason Hughes, Jason Cummins, Lucas Schott, and Bryan Rowland.  Among the non-qualifiers were past national champions Kelly Shryock and Jason Krohn.  Johnny Scott and Terry Phillips will also need to take a mulligan tomorrow night.


Tim McCreadie took time off from the WoO Late Model Series to make a Lucas Oil series $10,000 withdrawal.  McCreadie finished first at the Utica-Rome Speedway as he did in 2011.  Of the 24 feature starters, 9 were locals and 4 were WoO invaders.  The series visits Fonda Speedway tonight.


A source told me that someone was celebrating a birthday yesterday at Sortino’s Pizza in Omaha.  Happy Birthday OLD-timer.

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The Streets Of San Francisco, Plus A Potpourri Of Other Topics

July 25, 2012 3 comments

Listed below is a link to a video that might interest some of you.  It is purportedly a drive on the streets of San Francisco.  It is fun to watch, but I wonder how they managed to close down some of these streets, especially the Bay Bridge.  I have driven those streets late at night and early in the morning, and there are cars and people out no matter what time.  One thing about the video, those are not the famed cable cars driver Ken Block spins around.  They are rubber tired replicas used for guided tours around the city. Anyway, the video reminded me of Matt driving to Raceway Park in Jefferson, South Dakota last Thursday.

Thanks to Craig Kelley for the link.

The test of A.J. Allmendinger’s Sample B was positive.  NASCAR has a “road to recovery” program than Allmendinger must now complete before he can compete in a NASCAR sanctioned event.  It is easy to say everyone deserves a second chance, and I think Allmendinger does if he completes the program.  The reality of this matter is will any sponsor be willing to give him a second chance.  Sponsors invest millions in a team and the driver is the face of their investment.  I doubt Allmendinger will be part of the Penske team in the future and will be lucky to catch on with a second tier team.

Tailgating at the Brickyard 400 will be somewhat limited this weekend.  Because of drought conditions, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has placed a ban on open burning that includes all non-gas grills and the use of fireworks.  Too bad I-80 Speedway didn’t have that fireworks ban last weekend.

I am picking Jeff Gordon to win at Indy on Sunday.  Normally I use my pick to jinx a driver I don’t like, but with all the bad luck Gordon has suffered this year, I figure my pick will bring him good luck.  Don’t count out Tony Stewart either.

The stats of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series at Stateline Speedway in New York are interesting.  Of the 37 drivers entered, 25 were locals, and two more were WoO late model regulars.  WoO driver Chub Frank and 14 locals were among the 25 starters in the feature.  Jared Landers and two locals received provisionals.  Jimmy Owens continues to lead the series point race, with Scott Bloomquist in second and Don O’Neal in third.  The Lucas Oil drivers are at the famed Utica-Rome Speedway in Vernon, New York tonight.

With just 10 regulars following the Lucas Oil tour, the Lucas Oil/MLRA co-sanction of the Silver Dollar Nationals is definitely the right thing to do.  Lucas Oil brings the name national drivers, MLRA brings the best regional drivers, and the $25,000 plus winner’s share brings the top independents like Birkhofer, Moyer, and Mars.  Even with all the local provisionals, the quality of the Silver Dollar Nationals field was far better than the quality of the field in last night’s Lucas Oil show.

I notice that Thunder by the River, the Extreme Nationals Truck & Tractor Pull event in Wisner, Nebraska is using etix to sell event tickets.  Sorry Joe, but it is time to join the 21st century and start selling tickets online to the major specials at I-80, i.e. The Alphabet Soup Race and The Silver Dollar Nationals. The track is doing other things to nudge SDN into crown jewel territory; selling tickets online is a must in the future.

If you have never been to a truck/tractor pull, this is one you should go to.  Bring your ear plugs and your own seat though.  There are three sessions, 6:30 p.m. on Friday night, Noon on Saturday, and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.  Adult tickets are $22.00 per session, while children’s tickets are $5.00 per session. Check out for more information.

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NASCAR, Lucas Oil, USMTS, And I-80 Speedway

July 24, 2012 1 comment

Dale Earnhardt Jr. made $28,000,000 last year.  No wonder he can have an Old West town on his acreage, along with several go kart tracks and other amenities.  Still, it is hard for me to fault the fringe benefits of rock star popularity when he has granted so many Make A Wish requests, and his foundation helps so many youth at risk.


Speaking of youth at risk, today is the day A.J. Allmendinger learns if he still has a NASCAR Sprint Cup career.  His B sample is tested today. Results could be released as early as tomorrow.  A negative test and Allmendinger will be behind the wheel of a Penske Dodge at Indianapolis.  A positive test would mean Allmendinger would have to complete a supervised rehab program before he could drive in a NASCAR race.  His contract with Penske is for 2012 only and even if the rehab program ended before November, would sponsors want him back in the car? 


It appears doubtful that Michael Andretti will be fielding a NASCAR Sprint Cup team in 2013, as sponsorship has not been secured yet.  An agreement would have to be reached soon for Andretti to replace Penske in fielding a Dodge next year.  So, where does Matt Kenseth go?


While Lucas Oil late model drivers had a long pull from I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska on Saturday to Stateline Speedway in Busti, New York tonight, the travel schedule for this series is much better than for WoO late models.  Many of the series events are two night shows, most are run on weekends, and the Nebraska to New York trip is the only drive of more than a few hundred miles. 


The USMTS modifieds had last night and tonight off, but tomorrow is the first day of the four day of the World Modified Dirt Track Championship at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota.  Wednesday through Friday will see six drivers per night qualifying for Saturday’s $25,000 to win feature.  Twelve drivers will qualify on Saturday, and like the Silver Dollar Nationals, one starting spot will be auctioned, making for a starting field of 31 cars. 


98 drivers have preregistered for the Deer Creek show.  43 will attempt to qualify on Wednesday, 55 will attempt to qualify on Thursday, and Friday could be a big night of racing as drivers who did not qualify on the first two nights of the event will be racing for six spots in Saturday’s feature.  I can’t confirm this, but Matt says Saturday’s A main will have a three wide start.




With the Midwest mired in a severe drought, farmer Kyle Berck is not traveling far to race.  As a result, late model fans get to see the Marquette Missile in action every Friday night at I-80 Speedway.  Berck is currently leading the point race in the late model division with four points nights remaining.


I-80 Speedway will host the Charlie Clark Memorial on Sunday, July 29th.  Non-sanctioned A mods will be the feature class, with hobby stocks and B-mods as support classes. Starting time is listed as 5:55 p.m. 


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Random Thoughts After Time To Reflect On Silver Dollar Nationals II

July 23, 2012 2 comments

Random thoughts after 36 hours of pondering Silver Dollar Nationals II:

-If there is a better qualifying format than the dual heats on Friday night, I would love to hear about it.  I hate time trials with heats merely backing up a two lap run earlier in the show.  The dual heats even out the luck of the draw and make every lap, every position at the finish very important.  This format should NEVER be open for change. 

-One area that should be open for negotiation is tires.  I don’t say open it up to any compound, but adding 1600’s or D40’s to the mix might not be a bad idea, especially to keep the Lucas Oil Series happy.  Believe me, that series is needed if the race is ever to meet its potential.

-Drivers like to complain, moan and groan, but look at the finish order.  Two top independents sandwiched the first four in points in the Lucas Oil series.  On paper similar results would be expected, meaning that the drivers may have had to work a little harder than normal this weekend, but the outcome was no surprise.

-I was surprised that Scott Bloomquist had good things to say about the track, and mentioned coming back in 2013.  I figured Brian Birkhofer would sing praises, but Bloomquist’s comments were an important endorsement for the event.

-Both nights of the event had good crowds, though I am not sure how the Lincoln Journal Star fitted 7,000 people in the place Saturday night.  Still, when the K’s added $1,000 to the winner’s share and mentioned that in 2013 the race would be $27,000 to win and $1,300 to start, you know the track had a good weekend.

-I was impressed with 16 year old Tyler Reddick.  The young driver from California won both of his heats on Friday and finished eighth in Saturday’s feature. With Scott Bloomquist as a mentor, he is someone to watch in the coming years.

-I understand the promoter’s position regarding provisionals, but don’t agree with it.  35 cars are far too many to start in a big race.  28 are plenty for a race with crown jewel aspirations.  Put the other seven cars in the non-qualifiers race, and put their purse money in that race too.  Brian Birkhofer was into lapped traffic within 10 laps of the start of the race, and within 10 laps of every caution.  I don’t think that is good, and driver Steve Francis expressed similar feelings in a post race interview.

-It would be nice for these drivers to have a race somewhere in the Midwest, say eastern Iowa on the Wednesday before the Silver Dollar Nationals.  It is too bad that the Lucas Oil east coast swing has to happen right after the SDN.  It would seem like a better time would be right after The Dream in Eldora, Ohio.

-Lucas Oil late models and USMTS modifieds make a perfect combination.  Both series feature the best of the best, and having a complete modified show on the late model qualifying night adds to the Friday night show. I do think that both nights should have been USMTS National Series races.  The purse difference between a National Series and a Casey’s Cup race is just $5,000, and I think having both nights as a National Series race adds to the prestige of the SDN.

-After a so-so eighth place finish in Saturday’s USMTS feature, Ryan Gustin bounced back to win at Nobles County Speedway in Worthington, Minnesota last night.  Besides the organized show and intense competition of the USMTS, I like that I can go to the series website early the next day and find a story and results from the preceding night’s race.

-Only 360 days until Silver Dollar Nationals III.

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