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Silver Dollar Nationals Fan Funds Ideas; Butler County Speedway Goes Up Against Two I-80 Blockbusters

December 28, 2012 17 comments

Someone issued a challenge to the Fans Fund and said they would pay $2,700 to the Fund if the challenge was met.  Actually this known b.s.’er assumes that the logistics are too great to overcome, and that even if they could be overcome the principal involved would not do what is asked. 


The challenge was for me to take a few practice laps-at speed-in a 410 sprint car sometime during the evening the WoO visits I-80 Speedway.  OK, what sprint car owner in his right mind would let me get into such a car and even try to go fast?  Second, as the always wise (a$$) Randy Palmer commented, there would be an equipment problem ala fire suit, belts, etc. that probably could not be overcome.  Finally, I am pretty sure that the track’s insurance company would frown on such a stunt. 


Now, another known b.s.’er has come up with a stunt that I am sure the track would be willing to go along with.  Get promoter Joe Kosiski on a dunk stand and people would line up the entire front stretch to throw at him.  Get a certain tax auditor on the stand and at least three people would pay $25 each to throw until their arms tired. 


A well know purveyor of crazy ideas came up with a raffle as a fund-raiser for Fans Fund.  The prizes he came up with are actually good ones.  He has to work this out with promoter over lunch some time before I can say more.


My Coke Rewards has a sweepstakes prize-air, hotel, tickets, etc. for the winner and three friends to attend the 2013 Daytona 500 in February. I have entered the contest 85 times, which means I drank a lot of Diet Coke the past few months.  85 times might seem a lot, but contest rules stated you could enter 50 times a day.  Sure as not some redneck did just that to trump my entries.  Oh well, finding 3 friends to go along might have been tough.


Is Butler County Speedway really going to schedule against both the Charley Clark Memorial and Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 Speedway?  That seems to me like a road to financial disaster.  I-80 Speedway specials do well.  They draw good car counts and plenty of fans in the grandstand.  I haven’t seen a pay out for the ButlerCounty race going against the Charlie Clark race, but the CCM has always paid well and I doubt ButlerCounty can match the payout.


Going against the Silver Dollar Nationals seems downright insane.  The race is one of nine Lucas Oil late model crown jewel events, and throw in the USMTS modifieds it is the biggest and best race in Nebraska in 2013.  It is a destination race.  It is one fans look to each year.  Sorry, I like IMCA mods and hobby stocks, but there is absolutely no comparison to such a show and the SDN. Such a race might do OK at the back gate, but other than family members, who is going to be in the grandstands?


I have never claimed to understand promoters. However, when a track was closed for a year and is running just a limited 2013 schedule, I cannot even begin to fathom the thought process in going up against two powerhouse specials. You are right-not my money, but that hasn’t kept me from commenting in the past.  I am a fan advocate and want the newly reopened ButlerCounty track to succeed and don’t see success in marketing something of lesser value in direct competition with something of great value.


Ah well, have a safe and happy new year and thanks for stopping by.








A Christmas Story-Scrooge Was Not Present, Plus Silver Dollar Nationals III Fans Fund

December 26, 2012 2 comments

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas.  I had a very tired but nice Christmas too.  Almost everything on my wife’s honey-do list got done, and what didn’t get done just couldn’t get done before Christmas.  Still, I got a smile from Jane about all that was done, and that was part of my nice Christmas.


My kids always do right by me-either books they know I want, or gift cards that are used to purchase books.  One book opened yesterday, two more ordered with an Amazon gift card, and more coming right before the end of the month when several new books I want come out.  Thanks Matt and Amanda.


It was wonderful watching Henry in action.  He has the unwrapping figured out, and I think he was almost overwhelmed by the pile of gifts he had to open.  Among many things Grandma got him was a min-Honda ATV.  Instinctively he knew how to make it go-with his legs to go backward, and dad pushing to go forward. I suspect that will be a basement toy.  And Henry’s Aunt Amanda gave him a little stuffed monkey-maybe his favorite present.  He hugged the monkey all through his afternoon nap.


My 88 year old mother showed us all that spending a lot of money is not needed to make someone happy.  Matt and Steph got a little sign that said “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” That sign had been in Mom’s kitchen since I was very young-at least 50 years.  Jane received a serving bowl, again one used for many years.  Amanda received some china that was handed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother to my mom and dad.  My mom could have spent a thousand dollars on me and I would not have appreciated such a gift more than what she gave me-a favorite watch of my dad’s, with a new battery, so it was ready to wear. Wow.


On Christmas Eve Matt and I drove into Omaha to attend the Action Signs Christmas party.  I talked with Mike Pierson and his son, Steve Basch, Lee Ackerman, Joe Kosiski, Stan Cisar, and Joe Proctor.  Joe Proctor gave me a TRODT logo that will appear on the car of Wyoming modified driver Zach Hensley this year, and an anonymous donor gave me $50 for the Silver Dollar Nationals III Fans Fund. Thank you Mr. Anonymous.  A review of the open house-a good time was had by all.  Good food and drink, good company, and good conversation.  It was certainly worth the drive from Fremont.  Actually, it would have been worth driving all the way from Auburn.  Ahem.


I emailed my software developer-one more way I am technically challenged, and she will make a change to the Fans Fund on my website.  It will show the goal and how much money has been raised.  I will mention all donors and the amount they donated on my blog.  Right now I am thinking of just having people send checks to me rather than go through PayPal.  While PayPal is convenient, it also takes a percentage of the withdrawal.  I’ll give this more thought.  Do you want convenience or a little extra cash for the drivers?


The SDN III Fans Fund now stands at $150, with a goal of $2,700.  Feel free to donate anytime, plus Matt is working on a raffle idea with Joe Kosiski that should make some money too.  With our help, the non-qualifiers race will pay drivers more than the non-qualifiers race at the Show-Me 100 does.


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Is Earnhardt Coming To Silver Dollar Nationals III?

December 23, 2012 4 comments




My friend Tony Anville donated vacation leave to a state employee with cancer.  Occasionally I have to admit I am glad he is a friend, and this is one of those times.


Since several well known members of the Midwest racing family struck out in their attempt to bring big name NASCAR drivers to the area, Anville suggested that I-80 Speedway go after someone named Earnhardt to appear at Silver Dollar Nationals III.  No, the one worth several hundred million dollars is not interested.  Yes, I did make that statement as fact not speculation.  However, Anville thinks the track should go after Bobby Dale Earnhardt instead.  Who is he?  Check out the links below:


Anville has been drinking too much eggnog as he suggested I say something nice about everyone in my pre-Christmas post, even a track I try not to mention.  His exact words were “at least Stan Cisar is the announcer,” and “you can give Stan a shout-out since you’ll be eating free off of him tomorrow.”


It has been a busy week in the Meyer house.  Not many blogs were posted, but my numbers were better on days I didn’t post.  Hopefully that was because readers checked back a time or two to see if I did post. My to-do list has shrunk dramatically in the last eight days.  Mostly I just supervised carpenters and plumbers, but I did replace a light bulb.  And no Randy, I do not need to know how many late model fans it takes to change a light bulb. The blog is going to be hit and miss in the coming weeks too, with the holidays and my trip to the NMX in Las Vegas coming up. 


I do want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  There are so many negatives happening in the world that a day to pause, reflect, and enjoy our family is much needed.  Thanks to all of you for your loyalty to The Rest of the Dirt, and thank you for stopping by even when I don’t write.










When The Moon Is In The Seventh House And Jupiter Aligns With Redneck Island

December 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I apologize for missing several days posting.  It seems like with the year winding down I had not used up all of my really stupid physical acts of 2012.  I may have torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder, which would balance things out since I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder about five years ago.  How did I manage that?  Let’s leave it at I would fit in well on Wipe Out or RedneckIsland; I could be an auditor for the Nebraska Department of Revenue or write a sprint car blog.  As my good buddy Forest Lucas, ‘er Forest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does.” 


I am hoping to get some sleep tonight and in a week to hear my doctor tell me I don’t need to have surgery.  Been there, done that, really don’t want to go back.  Neither does my wife.  Apparently I was rather demanding after my rotator cuff surgery a few years ago. I know, that doesn’t sound like me. She said she didn’t care if I had to have shots or rehab, she just didn’t want to go through post surgery with me again. For better or for worse must stop somewhere before “pain in the a$$.”


I mentioned promoter politics in my last blog-I was going to say that promoters are like Congressmen, just not as smart, but that might be giving Congressmen too much credit for intelligence. Both groups come to financial cliffs without caring what might happen to the little guy when they go over that cliff.


Anyway, Scott McBride commented on that post and certainly made a valid point. For five straight nights Midwest auto racing fans get to see the best modified AND the best super late model drivers anywhere as the USMTS and Lucas Oil tours join forces to race in Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. It would be wonderful if the Silver Dollar Nationals spawned several similar one night events every year in this area, but July, 2013 could be the only time all the stars are so aligned.


Thanks for stopping by.






Names Are Named, AND A Silver Dollar Nationals III Challenge Is Issued

December 17, 2012 7 comments

If you visited either the USMTS or Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series websites in the past few days you noted that the tracks I hinted as having big specials before the Silver Dollar Nationals are Lakeside Speedway and Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City, Iowa.


The Kansas track will do its mini version of the Silver Dollar Nationals on Tuesday July 16th, while north central Iowa gets the modifieds and super late models on Wednesday, July 17th. Both series are scheduled for a practice night at I-80 Speedway on Thursday, July 18th, followed by the two night Silver Dollar Nationals III.


Yes, one of these tracks is the track I also spoke despairingly about last week, as having declined a lease offer for a similar event from two well known members of the Midwest racing family, and then announced the above.  That offer was Lucas Oil late models with one famous NASCAR star racing, and open modifieds with another famous NASCAR driver racing a modified on the Wednesday before SDN III.  I have learned that one of the drivers was a “partner” in this idea and would have shared in the profits.


Since many of you are hard core fans you have probably already figured out who wanted to lease the track in question, which of the two tracks listed is the track in question, as well as whom the NASCAR drivers were going to be.  Oh well, perhaps instant karma will make an appearance one of those nights.


I’ll have to see how the kitchen passes work out that week before deciding to add either of these shows to my summer schedule.  Hey-if I decided not to go to any track with a chicken —- promoter, I would have to add a lot more to my list of do not attend venues.


I received the following from Joe Kosiski’s I-80 Speedway right hand man Lee Ackerman:


“Belt Bash could get bigger with Fans’ Fun Challenge


The Belt Bash non-qualifiers race at the Third Annual Silver Dollar Nationals (SNDIII) is going to be bigger than last year. How much bigger depends on you the fans. It’s for certain that second place will pay $1,500 with $300 to start in a 20 car event. That’s $9,000, but what about the winner. Well I-80 Speedway has challenged Ron Meyer of “the Rest of the Dirt” and his fans fund to raise at least $2,700 to pay the winner. That’s 10% of what the winner of SDNIII receives.


So email Ron at and contribute to the SDNIII Fan’s Fund and let’s make sure the Belt Bash winner takes home $2,700. Any monies that the Fan’s Fund raises above $2,700 will be distributed evenly to second through 20th place. The current payout for the Belt Bash is:  1st- ?, 2nd- $1,500, 3rd– $1,000, 4th – $800, 5th – $600, 6th – $500, 7th – $450, 8th – $400, 9th – $375, 10th – $350, 11th – $325, 12th to 20th – $300.”


What I like about this idea is that money raised by the Fan’s Fund will not only encourage locals to participate in the event-this is a better pay-out than SLMR tour races, it will also encourage fence sitters to get off the fence and head to I-80 Speedway in July.  A driver like Billy Moyer Jr. might see the Belt Bash as an insurance policy to make some money that weekend with qualifying for the $27,000 to win 80 lap event sure to be tough.  It should also encourage MLRA and CBC drivers to come race instead of staying home. 


And yes, encouraging locals, marginal national drivers, and regional drivers to race is very important for fans.  I-80 Speedway needs 55 late models on had to ensure the fan favorite double qualifying races continue to be feasible.  Less than that and some national drivers and Lucas Oil officials are likely to put pressure on to go to a time trial qualifying system, and I don’t think that is fan friendly.


I will be pushing this hard starting early in 2013, and hope all of you will donate.  To kick off the drive TRODT will contribute $100, meaning we only need $2,600 to reach the goal.  Hey, the Cedar Lake USA Nationals Fans Fund kicks in far more than that each year.  Do you really want Wisconsin Cheese Heads to be able to claim they kicked Nebraska butts twice in less than 12 months?  Even worse, is that sprint car fans raised about that much for a race in the CornhuskerState.  Yeah, sprint car fans.  No way should such people EVER be able to outdo late model fans.  So, please open up your wallets when it comes time to donate.


And no Tony, I am not going to hold you to your promise of picking up the difference between $2,700 and what we raise.


Thanks for stopping by.



I-80 Speedway Posts Full 2013 Schedule

December 14, 2012 3 comments

I-80 Speedway posted its 2013 schedule, and there are some interesting changes from previous years.  First, the Alphabet Soup Race has been moved from Memorial Day weekend to Friday 6/26.  The MLRA is part of the Show Me 100 during that weekend, and a rain-out date for the event is now Sunday-the day the Alphabet Soup Race was normally scheduled.  Without the MLRA, it isn’t much of an alphabet, so the Soup race was moved.


The track will rum the Charlie Clark Memorial race Memorial Day Sunday, with SLMR late models, A and B mods, and hobby stocks running.  Sprint car fans get more than their fair share of shows as I-80 will host 8 sprint car shows in 2013.  The newly formed Nebraska 360’s will race on Thursday July 18th as part of Silver Dollar Nationals III, and again on 9/1 as part of All Star Sunday-sorry Randy Palmer, we will miss out on your 9/1 show, it is Henry’s birthday.


The ASCS Midwest division will visit I-80 four times, starting with the Spring Melt on 4/5-4/6 and again with the Mid-Fall Brawl on 9/20 and 9/21.  The elite of the elite sprint car tour-the World of Outlaws will make a rare appearance at the track on Sunday June 9th.


As I mentioned yesterday, the USMTS modifieds will make two must see visits to I-80 in 2013.  The series will be part of the Silver Dollar Nationals on July 19th and 20th and will return again on Sunday August 11th with a Hunt for the Championship race.


As always, late models rule the roost at I-80 Speedway.  The SLMR tour will make 6 stops at the track.  MLRA and CBC late models are part of the Spring Melt, the Alphabet Soup Race, and SDN III.  And of course, big names of the business will be on hand when the Lucas Oil series co-sanctions SDN III.


Although not posted on the internet, a schedule copy I have shows the track will be holding several “road” races using foot power instead of horsepower.  Races involving mud and other obstacles seem to be very popular, and the track shows a 2K and 4K race on Saturday 5/18 and a 4 mile race on Saturday 9/7. Hey, anything that might generate some income on off dates is worth a try. No, I will NOT be entering these races.


In addition to the specials, the track will be racing weekly on Fridays-check the schedule, not all Fridays-under the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series banner.  Late Models, A mods, B mods, Grand Nationals, Pro Am/Stock Cars, and Hornets are the weekly racing classes.


The Charlie Clark Memorial, Alphabet Soup Race, SDN III, and the August USMTS race are already on my schedule.  Depending on the weather a day or two of the Spring Melt and Cornhusker Classic might be added too. With a USMTS race at Lakeside Speedway, SLMR races at Butler Co, US 30, Beatrice, and Harlan, plus 2-3 days of the Knoxville Nationals on that schedule I don’t see adding a lot more from I-80, but things change as the season progresses, so maybe we’ll head south a few more times too.


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USMTS 2013, Plus A Complaint About A Certain Track Owner

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment

The USMTS released a tentative schedule at the IMIS show in Indianapolis last week.  The schedule had 58 confirmed dates and 17 TBA’s, making for 75 nights of racing for dirt track modified’s best drivers.


The USMTS season begins and ends at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, opening with three nights in late February and closing with three nights in mid-November.  As always, the series is what I call “top-heavy,” with 1/3 of the dates in northern Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. 


At this time there are three dates in Nebraska, and all of them are at I-80 Speedway.  The series is co-featured with Lucas Oil late models at Silver Dollar Nationals III, with a $2,000 to win show on Friday 7/19 and a $3,000 to win show on Saturday 7/20.  The hot modifieds return to the big 4/10th’s mile oval on Sunday August 11th as the final night of a weekend of Hunt for the Championship races that includes stops at Humboldt Speedway in Kansas, and Lucas Oil Speedway in Missouri.  The Hunt races all pay at least $3,000 to win.


As of now, Junction Motor Speedway is missing from the USMTS schedule.  There are 17 TBA’s, so an event at McCool Junction is still possible, but only three of the dates are listed as “Central” dates, and two of those are right before SDN III, which eliminates them.  The only remaining TBA Central date is March 29th.  Until last year the USMTS shows at JMS were March events, so perhaps Nebraska will get another date.


I have been looking over the schedule hoping to find dates Matt and I might travel to. I have mentioned it many times and will continue to say it, there is no dirt track series more entertaining than the USMTS. Lakeside Speedway seems a good possibility for at least one race.  CedarLake in June for the Masters with UMP late models and USMTS mods would be fun.  So would several days of the World Modified Dirt Track Championship at Deer Creek in July.  All good ideas, we’ll just have to see how many kitchen passes can be arranged.


Imitation may be flattery, but theft of good ideas seems SOP in the dirt track racing business.  No, I am not talking about doing a promotion that was successful at another track, that is just good business. I am talking about stealing an idea. A reliable source told me that several well known Midwesterners wanted to lease a track for one night and hold an event involving late model and modified tours as well as several NASCAR drivers, a big time event.  The track owner seemed hesitant even though he could not lose money leasing his track, so nothing ever came of the proposal.  Now it is rumored that track will host an event as described above, but not promoted by the two who came up with the idea. Track owners, ya gotta love them.  At least most of their mothers do. Or as The O’Jays sang: 

What they do,

They smile in your face,

All the time they want to take your place,

The back stabbers.


The USMTS AND the O’Jays.  Tell me anywhere else the two have ever been put together. And no, the track owner in question is not from my home state.


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