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Lots of Dirt-Late Models, Sprints, Modifieds

March 31, 2013 1 comment

Brian Birkhofer is notorious for slow starts to his racing season. While other name drivers are racking up starts and wins in the Sunshine State in February, Birky rarely races there. The Muscatine Madman was so busy building cars for other drivers that he did not have time to get his car ready for last week’s Lucas Oil show in Brownstown, Indiana. His first two races were scheduled to be the $20,000 to win NDRL events in Kentucky and Missouri this weekend, but both were rained out. So he headed to LaSalle Speedway in Illinois for his 2013 debut, where he rewrote the script for this season.
On Friday night Birkhofer finished a decent sixth place, especially since he started 18th. Last night he won $10,000, taking the checkered flags in an ALMS sanctioned event. One of the cars the co-owner of MB Custom Chassis built over the winter was that of second place finisher Chris Simpson. Jimmy Mars-the ‘M’ in MB Custom Chassis finished sixth. One night’s success does not mean MB Custom cars will dominate like they did several years ago, but having Simpson communicating with Birkhofer and Mars means all three should do quite well this season.
Calls for me to replace Scott James with Bobby Pierce in my Top 25 Poll will probably go unanswered. James won the Spring 50 at Florence Speedway, while Pierce did not race. James win was worth $5,000. Pierce is likely to replace Brian Shirley though.
One driver who is not falling out of my top 25 is Jonathan Davenport. Davenport won his third straight A feature last night, winning the Carolina Crown and adding $30,000 to his bank account. The Friday night preliminary event at Lancaster Speedway drew just 21 cars. A $3,000 to win event at Winchester Speedway in Virginia drew 39 cars the same night. That I do not understand.
As I mentioned weather ruined the first weekend of the new NDRL mini-series. In checking the NDRL and track websites, none said cancelled, just postponed. It will be interesting to see what make-up dates are scheduled, as there are not many weekends that don’t include a big late model show.
On Friday night the World of Outlaws sprint cars visited Merced Speedway in California for the third time ever. Old-timer Sammy Swindell probably wishes they would visit more often as he has won the feature on each visit. The win was worth $10,000 to Swindell. Daryn Pittman and Tim Kaeding finished second and third.
In looking over the results, I noticed the contingency awards given out after every race. Between cash and product certificates, drivers received over $2,000. I don’t know if contingency awards are given on preliminary nights, but if they are the WoO races 88 nights-that is a lot of extras for the drivers who follow this circuit.
After enduring over 3 ½ hours of crash filled USMTS modified last chance and consolation races as well as an entire USRA B Mod program from Humboldt Speedway, I came close to turning off the computer and skipping the 100 laps King of America feature. I am glad I did not. It was a great race. Terry Phillips jumped to an early lead, but Ryan Gustin was stalking the veteran from Missouri and made a high side pass to take a lead he never gave up. Phillips shadowed the Reaper from Marshalltown until a caution brought out by Al Purkey closed up the field. The Phillips mod faded a little after the caution, as both Jeremy Payne and Chris Brown passed him. Payne and Brown both had shots at Gustin, producing some great action, but Gustin managed to thwart all attempts at passing him.
The best of the best modified drivers will be in Oklahoma next weekend, racing at Thunderbird Speedway in Muscogee on Friday, and West Siloam Speedway in Colcord on Sunday.
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California, Kansas, Illinois, South Carolina-TRODT Goes Everywhere Boys

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment

I get race information from a variety of sources, put my own spin on the facts and pass it on to you. It may surprise you, but several times a week I receive a media information email from the WoO Sprint Car Series PR. Earlier in the week the email talked about the series visiting Calistoga Speedway on Saturday, April 6th.

I have actually been to Calistoga when I attended a conference in Napa. I did not drive past the track on the Napa County Fairgrounds but have seen photos, and I was intrigued by the email. I visited the track’s website, and recommend you make a visit as well.

The track first ran open wheeled race cars 75 years ago, and has operated continuously since then, except for during World War II. In addition to the winged whiners (or maybe at this track it should be winged winers) of the Outlaw world, the track hosts a West Coast Late Model and Modified special, and a non-winged sprint and midget show. I didn’t see anything about running 305 sprints though.

The Calistoga show is a handful of WoO sprint car races I wouldn’t mind seeing-shows at Williams Grove Speedway in Pennsylvania when the Outlaws try to out slide job the Pennsylvania Posse are the others. Honestly Calistoga is a race I wish was PPV, but it is not on the DIRTvision schedule. Oh well. I am being nudged/pushed/shoved to attend the WoO show at I-80 Speedway on Sunday, June 9th, and the views of corn fields north of the track are almost as good as those of the rolling hills of California Wine Country (that was meant as irony).

From Ivan Tracy:

“Your ideal location for your track could be an idea for an insulated dome over all the property. A little grading and tree and shrub work and there ya go!”

Well Ivan, Forrest Lucas has his own domed stadium, so if we’re going to think crazy, we might as well think really crazy. Let’s build it with a retractable roof. No rain-outs ever and no shivering in early spring or fall. I wonder how much damage the noise would do to everything from seats to toilets to concession equipment to the dome. 24 late models or 24 sprint cars on a 1/4the mile indoor track. You have to be crazy to even think such thoughts.

Even if we could build such a venue, Ivan would not come-he is traveling southwest byways watching racing outdoors from January through March.

The top three spots in tonight’s King of America USMTS 100 lap feature race have been filled by late model veterans. Terry Phillips will start on the pole of the $10,000 to win event, and Kansan Al Purkey will start beside him. Jeremy Payne will take the green from the inside of row two, and on his outside will be USMTS champion Ryan Gustin.

Only 12 drivers have locked in starting positions, and four name USMTS drivers are in danger of not making the show. Stormy Scott will start 2nd in the C feature, and Jon Tesch will start 10th. 12 drivers transfer to the B feature. Kelly Shryock will start 9th in tonight’s B feature, with Rodney Sanders starting 12th. The top 12 B feature drivers will transfer to the A feature.

LaSalle Speedway in Illinois benefited from bad weather in Kentucky as the opening night of the new NDRL series was weathered out. 46 cars time trialed in the UMP DIRTcar points race and many were scheduled to be in Paducah. Dennis Erb Jr. set fast time and took the $2,000 feature winner’s check home to Carpentersville, Illinois. Since I started my Dirt Late Model article on Erb he has won both races he entered. Coincidence? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Austin Hubbard finished second and Jimmy Mars was third at LaSalle. In his first race of the season, Brian Birkhofer came home 6th.

Carolina Crown promoter Cody Summer raised the winner’s share of South Carolina’s biggest dirt race by $10,000 over last year’s event, to a whopping $30,000. In return for his big buck commitment, Summer got 21-yes 21 late models to show for the event. Looking over the results of the three heat races, I recognized only 10 names, so most of the field will be local drivers. Steve Shaver, Steve Francis, and Jonathan Davenport all won qualifying heat races.

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Comments, Late Models, GOTRA, And USMTS Mods

March 29, 2013 3 comments

Comment from Ivan Tracy:
“I know you would build a new venue and run only SLM and Sprints!!”

Ivan- If I was the winner of a huge Powerball, I might buy an existing facility, tear it down and rebuild it so the stands face west and it is a 3/8ths mile track with the exact same specs as a track near Irvington, Nebraska once had. I would have to find people to do all the work though, because all I would want to do would be to drive to the track, park my car in its reserved spot, take the elevator to my suite, and watch races while eating broasted chicken and letting my friends insult me like they do every race. I would want a great GM, a great race director, the best crew around for track prep, the best tech in the land, experienced and dedicated officials and staff, a safety crew par excellence, and a concession manager who would make the track concessions the best of any sports venue in the country-any venue, not just dirt tracks.

Oh, and a big screen to rival Memorial Stadium’s north end zone screen. The facility would do only special events-races and concerts. I doubt if it could ever make a profit, but if the events were awesome and the place came close to breaking even, I wouldn’t care. I would most definitely run late models, USMTS modifieds, IMCA modified specials, and to avoid continual harassment from east Lincoln I would run Nebraska 360 sprint cars at most shows. And that is about as crazy an idea as I have ever had.

From “Fake Tall Cool One”-
“Seriously!!!! No love for my son?!?!?!?!

He just reeled off another fast time, another heat win, and another top 5 in the Lucas oil series A feature. What more can a guy do?!?!?

Maybe we will come to Nebraska in July to show you in person just how good he is. Then you will have no excuse for not ranking him.”

TRODT: Seriously?? 23 of my top 25 were included in the Top 25. The two I had ranked that didn’t make the site’s top 25 were 26th and 27th so I don’t think I made a farce of the procedure with my picks. 47 drivers received votes in balloting last week, so all of my picks being in the top 27 is damn good.

I added Jonathan Davenport because of his consecutive Southern All-Star Series wins last week. I could have dropped Donnie Moran, but Moran has a $10,000 win on his resume this year, plus I like him (that I like him is the same reason Birkhofer is in my top ten though he hasn’t raced this season). It came down to dropping Scott James or Bobby Pierce. I suppose James driving a Rocket house car influenced my decision. If Pierce had received the $50,000 Champion Spark Plug last week-the sponsorship winner will be announced April 2nd-that might have influenced me. Anyway, Pierce is scheduled to run at LaSalle this weekend, and James’ website shows him off, so there is a reasonable possibility I will drop James and add Pierce on my next ballot.

Personally, I would love to see Bobby Pierce race in Silver Dollar Nationals III. And Billy Moyer Jr.-PLEASE, no more comments about who is Jr.-and Devin Moran and Tyler Reddick and Austin Hubbard. And I would like Joe Kosiski to add a Young Guns race to the Friday night show, say $1,000 to win a 10 lap dash, with drivers like the above running.

If not a Young Guns Shoot-Out, I would love to see a ‘Race of States’ on Friday night, say a 12 car, 12 lap, $1,200 to win event. Take Kyle Berck from Nebraska, and 11 drivers from the Lucas Oil series-go down the point standings choosing just one driver from a state until drivers from 11 different states have been picked. The race could include the likes of Don O’Neal from Indiana , Dennis Erb Jr. from Illinois , Earl Pearson Jr. from Florida, Jimmy Owens or Scott Bloomquist from Tennessee, Billy Moyer from Arkansas, Brian Birkhofer from Iowa, Steve Francis from Kentucky, Jimmy Mars from Wisconsin, and Terry Phillips from Missouri. What late model fans would not want to see a race like that?

Yes, I am well aware that the chances of either of those races happening are as likely as me begging promoters to run B Modifieds, Hornets, and 305 sprint cars at every special.

GOTRA wizard John Ferguson stopped by my office on Wednesday to give me the group’s 2013 schedule. The old time coupes and sedans will race 18 times at 10 different tracks in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. The schedule includes two car shows and a test and tune session before race number one at US 30 Speedway on April 25th. The entire schedule is posted on the GOTRA forum at

I would like to thank XSANTV for giving me the opportunity to watch so many races this year. I watched the first half of night number one of the King of America USMTS show from Humboldt Speedway in Kansas. That included five heats of USRA B-Mods and nine heats of USMTS modifieds. I decided to call it a night after the last of the first round USMTS heats was completed. A “short” intermission was to be followed by the B Mod consolation races and I had patience for neither.

The results on the USMTS site were a little confusing, and that is very unusual. From what I could tell, no second round heats had a repeat winner from the first round, so 18 different drivers won a heat. Combined passing points of Thursday and Friday heats will determine starting positions in Saturday’s feature. As of last night, three of the top four point leaders were late model veterans-Terry Phillips, Jeremy Payne, and Al Purkey were first, second, and fourth in the standings. USMTS regular Rodney Sanders was in third place after one night of competition.

No racing tonight for me. We are taking my daughter Amanda to Farmer Brown’s to celebrate her birthday, and when I come home it will be basketball. I do plan on watching tomorrow night, especially the 100 laps USMTS feature.

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First Amendment Rights; USMTS King; IROC On Dirt??

March 28, 2013 1 comment

A certain southeast Nebraska reader-yes, there are people in southeast Nebraska who can read-is complaining that I am infringing on his First Amendment rights because I edited a comment of his. Not so. I did edit his comment, but he is free to make that comment on a site like and not have to worry about editing.

In the past there have been occasions when as a matter of principle I decided not to write about a certain track or certain race, and to delete or edit comments on my blog that mentioned the race or track. There is an upcoming event that I would normally mention in several blogs, but I am not blogging about at all this year and comments that mention the race or track will be edited or deleted.

My friend didn’t believe me when I told him that, but as Thomas Jefferson stated “On matters of style, swim with the current; on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Or as Bruton II said “Тоні Решта бруд диктатури. Тільки свобод, які існують, що я говорю існує. На моєму блозі аудиторів, які дратують завжди повинні бути відредаговані.”

Stated a little different, “Tony-Le reste de la saleté est une dictature. Les libertés seuls qui existent sont ce que je dis existent. Sur mes auditeurs blog qui irritent doit toujours être modifié.

Of course my true feelings are better expressed in red neck “you !@@#$%^, I’ll print whatever !@#$ I want.”

The King of America III USMTS modified show begins tonight at Humboldt Speedway in Kansas . Over 125 drivers are preregistered for the event, including the previous winners Kelly Shryock, and Stormy Scott. Each driver will race in two qualifying heats tonight and Friday, similar to late model qualifying at the Silver Dollar Nationals. USMTS passing points from both nights will determine starting positions in Saturday’s $10,000 to win, 100 lap feature race. Managing Editor Todd Turner wrote of a dirt racing series similar to the old IROC series in which 10 identically prepared dirt late models face off at tracks like Volusia Speedway Park and Eldora. Drivers would include previous season top three point finishers in the two national series, two wild cards voted in by fans, and two regional champions also voted in by fans. It is an interesting concept, and Turner mentioned using spec equipment and hard compound tires as cost savings measure. Turner also suggested that several veteran dirt crew chiefs could prepare the cars.

I think everyone would agree that both Scott Bloomquist and Josh Richards should be among the ten that would race in such a series, but would Bloomquist race in anything other than a Bloomquist chassis, and would Richards roar around Florida and Ohio speedways in anything other than a Rocket chassis? I don’t think so.

To me such a series would need a major sponsor willing to put up big, big bucks. For starters, you would need more than 10 chassis, probably at least 15 to ensure that 10 would be available at every race. 15 chassis, 15 racing engines-the Chevy CT 525 all-aluminum engine mentioned in Turner’s column must be in the $10,000 range, plus haulers to transport cars and equipment would mean a huge initial investment. Paying the salaries of crew to build and maintain the cars would not be cheap either. Before the first race ever happens a series promoter would have well over $500,000 in expenses. Ouch.

To me, I like the idea of mini-series, but not one in which everyone is in the same provided equipment. The NDRL is a good example of what I would throw money at if I ever won a $340,000,000 Powerball prize. It is not easy to find summer weekends when at least one national series is not racing, so line up just three $30,000 to win, $3,000 to start events, with a nice point fund going to the top ten drivers. Make one race a WoO event, one a Lucas Oil sanctioned race, and the other race unsanctioned. With the egos involved in the series, that may take a “greasing of the skids” with a bushel basket of dollars though. It might also be tough finding tracks willing to host such events. Would Cedar Lake want a 3rd late model special similar to the Masters or USA Nationals? I don’t see Eldora hosting such events. Who knows with Knoxville and their fair board?

While if I won a $340,000,000 Powerball prize I wouldn’t care about making money, I wouldn’t want to just throw a party either. I would want to find venues that would provide a racy track and have enough seating capacity to at least make the event a break even proposition. Crazy dreams, true, but just a year ago the NDRL was someone’s crazy dream, and this weekend two $20,000 to win shows are making that dream a reality. I have had crazy racing dreams since I was 20 years old. Maybe someday one will come true.

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Lots Of Dirt And NASCAR Too

March 27, 2013 1 comment

Here is my weekly ranking of the Top 25 late model drivers. It does differ a little from the top 25 which combined the rankings of 22 writers, fans and drivers, but you will have to go to the site to see just how much different my ballot was. You should go there anyway and subscribe. As I have said before, a one year subscription costs $65, or $1.25 per week-less than the cost of a 20 ounce bottle of Diet Coke at the local convenience store. When the Coke is gone, all you can do is recycle the bottle. With you can’t possibly use all the site has available-videos, interviews, race stories and results, links to the sites of every late model series, as well as discounts to various PPV special events.


Name Ron Meyer
Please Enter Date Below
Position 03/25/13
1 Josh Richards
2 Don O’Neal
3 Dennis Erb Jr.
4 Jimmy Owens
5 Darrell Lanigan
6 Scott Bloomquist
7 Billy Moyer
8 Shane Clanton
9 Brian Birkhofer
10 Tim McCreadie
11 Steve Francis
12 Rick Eckert
13 Bub McCool
14 Mike Marlar
15 Dale McDowell
16 Steve Casebolt
17 John Blankenship
18 Donnie Moran
19 Brian Shirley
20 Jared Landers
21 Earl Pearson Jr.
22 Jonathan Davenport
23 Tim Fuller
24 Eric Wells
25 Scott James

I continue to rank Brian Birkhofer in the top ten although he is the only driver in the top 25 who has not raced this season. Many drivers have already raced 10 times this season. Birkhofer is scheduled to run in the NDRL races this weekend.

No Midwest regional drivers are ranked in the site’s top 25-I don’t consider Birkhofer a regional driver. Once the Midwest racing begins in earnest (a track located just off I-80 between Lincoln and Omaha), I hope to be able to rank drivers like Terry Phillips, Will Vaught, Jesse Stovall, John Anderson, Kyle Berck, and Chris Simpson. Not all of them, but at least one or two them will be included in my late spring and summer rankings.

Billy Moyer is also committed to race the NDRL this weekend, and other name drivers expected include Jimmy Owens, Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Mars, and Tim McCreadie. Dennis Erb Jr. has the NDRL shows listed on his website, though I thought he might stay close to home and race in LaSalle Speedway’s $10,000 to win show. When I talked with them several weeks ago, Donnie Moran and his son Devin also planned on going with the NDRL this weekend.

Lancaster Speedway in South Carolina is scheduled to host the $30,000 to win Carolina Crown event this weekend. What is unique about this event is there is a mandatory caution on lap 50 of the 60 lap event, setting up a 10 lap shoot-out. Scott Autry won last year’s inaugural event.

Although there are four big dollar late model events this weekend, neither national tour is racing, so split up the big guns, the young guns, and all the regional racers and each event should have both numbers and a quality field. If the right drivers are in the mix, 35-50 late models in the pits are plenty.

For those of you who continue to question if Hall of Famer Billy Moyer was actually Billy Moyer Jr. long before his son Billy Moyer Jr. was born, you can contact him at 870-251-2151 and ask him.

After meeting with NASCAR consultant and neurosurgeon Dr. Jerry Petty, it was determined that Denny Hamlin needs at least six weeks for his spinal injury to heal. Hamlin will miss at least five races, meaning his only hope to gain a spot in this season’s Chase is as a wild-card. Even that is a long shot because Hamlin would need to win 2-3 races AND finish in the top 20 in points to gain the wild card. That many wins could happen, but missing five races and finishing in the top 20 in points seems very unlikely.

Hamlin may have been injured even if the wall he hit was a SAFER barrier, but the possibility exists he would not have been injured at all if it had been. Other than the pit wall, I think ALL walls at all NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series tracks should have SAFER barriers.

I was wrong about Tony Stewart’s fine for his post race rant about Joey Logano. I said the tirade would cost Stewart $25,000. It didn’t cost him anything. Neither Stewart nor Logano was fined for on or off track actions at Fontana.

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More Comments, More Logano, More Dirt

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment

From Dr. Exacta a comment on the comment below, posted in response to yesterday’s blog:

“I’m appalled by the language on this blog. Fortunately, I failed to watch the NASCAR race because I was watching basketball and betting on the horse races (won 4 straight exactas at Oaklawn). I’m sure glad I didn’t hear the expletives that spewed out of Tony’s mouth because my virgin ears would have red hot.”

Well, Doc Ex-Lax-ta, first, I do not believe you hit any exactas. Second, I suppose you are a sprint car fan, and sprint car aficionados say things like “golly gee,” and “please don’t do that again.” Not.

Your story reminded me of something that happened way back in 1976. I only remember the year because it was just a few months before Matt was born. Ak-Sar-Ben was still a very big deal, and a salesman we did a lot of business with got club house seats for my boss and I one summer day. I was about as good at picking horses as I am at picking race winners, but I came oh so close to hitting the daily double that day. I am still poor, but I was really poor then. After I picked the winner of the first race, I watched the tote board changes for the daily double pay-out. My numbers would have paid $750. In the second race my pick led from the start all around the track-until just before the finish line when it faded to fourth. That $750 would have paid for a lot of diapers and baby food.

And no, Tony Anville, I did not claim the value of those clubhouse tickets as income tax on my 1976 return. I suspect that statute of limitations expired long ago on the few dollars extra I would have had to pay in taxes.

A comment from Smoke-probably Faux Smoke

“What the f@&% did I say wrong? He’s a f@&%ing little $hit and I’m gonna punt his f@&%ing little punk @ss the next chance I get. I’m gonna make so worthless, he’s gonna end up driving a f@&%ing 305 sprinter in Nebraska.”

Smoke-your comment was a combination of Stewart in Fontana, Anville in Percival, and the driver of a 5-county Nebraska license plate car in four different Saunders County locations.

According to a Joe Gibbs Racing press release, driver Denny Hamlin has a compression fracture of the L1 vertebra after the violent last lap crash into an infield retaining wall at California Speedway in Fontana. Although the Sprint Cup series has this Sunday off due to Easter, Hamlin still might not be ready to go on April 7th at Martinsville, one of the two NASCAR Sprint Cup tracks in his home state of Virginia. Actually, as serious as a spinal injury can be, I doubt he will be ready for the Martinsville race. Missing any race would be a serious blow to Hamlin’s chances of making the season end Chase, but I am sure that Joe Gibbs Racing will take a long term view and put his future health at the forefront of their decision making.

Some NASCAR writers and fans are defending Joey Logano’s actions that resulted in the Hamlin crash, but I disagree. I have no problem with the two bumping and banging much of the final lap of the California race. However, just before the last Logano knock sent Hamlin into an outer wall, then spinning out of control in front of the rest of the field and hard into the infield wall, it appeared that Hamlin had moved away from Logano and was giving him room to race. Logano moved up the track and hit Hamlin anyway. I guess I will never be one of the “wreck your own mother to win” club.

I have less of a problem with Logano for blocking Stewart on the final restart. Stewart was furious, and insists he will teach Logano a lesson, but blocking is a tactic Stewart has used in the past too, once causing about a million dollars worth of damage to cars at Talladega. No one was hurt by Logano’s block and no cars were destroyed, so I am more comfortable with letting that go as “just one of them racing deals.”

Sporting News writer Jeff Owens suggests that Logano’s actions in California will bring him more respect in the Sprint Cup garage, but I don’t see that. If it was a matter of standing his ground and not being pushed around, I would say that might be so. The Stewart incident could fall under that heading, and until the last bump with Hamlin, I wouldn’t argue that Joey was saying “don’t tread on me”. However, the last bump shows Joey has a long way to go before he is mature enough to be called just Joe.

The USMTS King of America Modified Nationals is still a go as of today. Forecasts call for highs in the low 60’s from Thursday through Sunday, with lows in the mid-40’s each of those days. There is a chance of precipitation on Friday and Saturday. XSANTV is covering the event and is charging $50 for a PPV that shows all races for all three days. I see Rodney Sanders and Johnny Scott winning preliminary races, and Ryan Gustin taking home the big check on Saturday.

The big dirt late model specials this weekend fall under the NRDL banner. The mini-series has two $20,000 to win shows scheduled-Friday at Paducah International Raceway in Kentucky, and Saturday at Federated Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri. With neither of the national tours racing, both tracks should have quality fields. I am not going to make any predictions on these races, but will say that if I could pick whoever I wanted to win, Donnie Moran would win the Kentucky event, and Dennis Erb Jr. would double up last Saturday’s winnings in Missouri. The long time competitors don’t have the budget that some of the really big name drivers do, and could certainly use a $20,000 addition to their bank account.

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Comments, Plus Logano’s No-No At Fontana

March 25, 2013 10 comments

In response to several comments, first from Glass House:

I don’t disagree at all that a mini-van would be much more appropriate for me to ride around a few laps at I-80 Speedway than a sprint car. I am really not planning on doing either because the gentleman who is supposedly the money man in the Bruton in a sprint car deal makes Scrooge look like a spendthrift. No way is he going to meet any of the criteria for me to dash around the speedway-he would sprain his entire body trying to pry open his wallet. Ivan must have guessed this or he would not have offered his sprint car for this stunt. And while the K’s might not mind me going for a wild ride in a race car, I am pretty sure they would not want it to happen at the track they own.

To Afros Anonymous:

Far be it for me to ever suggest that Adams County Speedway committed an error in printing that program, but I can only go by what the Hall of Famer told me when I interviewed him for a Dirt Late Model Father’s Day article several years ago, and what he said was that he never went by Billy Moyer Jr.

I will say that the topic of Billy Moyer Jr. or Billy Moyer III holds somewhat more interest for me than does 305 sprint cars, but that is like saying having a nickel in my pocket is better than having nothing at all. Obviously that is true, there isn’t much difference though.

I spent about 40 hours watching basketball this weekend, but I did take time to watch the last five laps of the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Fontana, California. I even watched some of the post race show, which I rarely do. I actually feel I am stating the truth calling it a race. 4 ¾ of those laps were as good as any ever at the Fontana track. I did not mind Hamlin and Logano bumping each other until in the last ¼ lap Logano decided that sending Hamlin into several walls and a 26th place finish made great sense.

Hamlin’s hit on an inner wall-with no safer barrier-was frightening. It lifted the car several feet in the air, and thank goodness for improvements in driver safety equipment in the past 10 years. Hamlin complained of lower back pain and was transported by helicopter to a local hospital where he spent the night. An update on his condition is supposed to come out something on Monday.

Logano and Hamlin are not likely to become buddies anytime soon, and with Martinsville next on the Sprint Cup schedule, the odds of a Hamlin payback are good. Logano also managed to anger Tony Stewart by blocking the 14 car on the final restart. Logano and Stewart exchanged post race courtesies, and at least one punch was thrown before they were separated. I’m thinking the odds of Logano’s car getting up close and personal with a Martinsville wall went even higher as neither Hamlin nor Stewart are drivers who forgive and forget.

Since they cover just about every other unimportant piece of information surrounding the sport, perhaps the NASCAR prerace shows can now have a segment titled “Who Will Joey Logano Piss Off This Week?” Well, he won’t anger anyone on March 31st since NASCAR does not race on Easter, but with all he has accomplished the past two weeks, he deserves a week off. I don’t know if Logano is trying to become a NASCAR bad guy ala the Busch brothers, but bad Joey is like a boy band member, not an Intimidator.

Stewart’s expletive filled Logano vent will probably earn him a fine. Actually it was no worse than when Anville, Palmer, or Matt get stopped for speeding, but it was on national TV. One anonymous party suggests it should cost Stewart $100,000 to get back in the good graces of the sanctioning body, but I am guessing it will only take $25,000.

With snow on the ground-and thank goodness the big storm went south through Kansas -I am glad that my first outdoor race is still at least 11 days away. I am thinking that a warm front moving through Nebraska on April 5th and 6th will bring daytime highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s, plenty comfortable even for me. Of course I also picked Jimmie Johnson to win the Fontana race and he finished 12th, so anyone going to the I-80 late model opener should wear warm clothes and take along a blanket.

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