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A Lot Of Silver Dollar Nationals Dirt

Below is my Top 25 ballot for June 10th. Yesterday I said every position had changed, but I did keep Jimmy Owens as #1. I did penalize drivers that did not compete in The Dream. I did not drop out anyone because they didn’t race at Eldora last weekend, but I did move them down in the rankings. My thought is if you are good enough to be ranked in the Top 25, you ought to appear in the biggest late model race of the year. As always, the combined list can be found on http://www.DirtonDirt.com


Name Ron Meyer
Please Enter Date Below
Position 06/10/13
1 Jimmy Owens
2 Josh Richards
3 Scott Bloomquist
4 Dennis Erb Jr.
5 Darrell Lanigan
6 Shane Clanton
7 Brian Birkhofer
8 Tim McCreadie
9 Don O’Neal
10 John Blankenship
11 Steve Francis
12 Rick Eckert
13 Billy Moyer
14 Jonathan Davenport
15 Jimmy Mars
16 Dale McDowell
17 Steve Casebolt
18 Eddie Carrier Jr.
19 Bub McCool
20 Tim Fuller
21 Eric Wells
22 Chris Simpson
23 Brady Smith
24 Earl Pearson Jr.
25 Mike Marlar

Great timing by Dirt Late Model magazine having Devin Moran on the cover of the latest issue. The Million Dollar Son made The 2013 Dream, something Darrell Lanigan, Billy Moyer, and Don O’Neal did not, and the well spoken young man has a bright future in the sport. I bring this up, not because I wrote the DLM article, but because the Moran’s are not a high budget team, despite Donnie’s nickname and signature win. While the Silver Dollar Nationals Fans Fund goal of $2,700 is committed to the non-qualifier’s race, additional funds are not. If we could raise an additional $1,000 and offer it to the Moran’s if they would race in SDN III, I think we have a great chance of getting them to come to Nebraska. So, everyone, please dig deep and help out. There is nothing new to report as far as donations go.

I don’t know when DLM will run the article, but it would be great timing if the next issue featured an article some Nebraska writer did on Dennis Erb Jr. Erb has had a solid season and last weekend in Eldora he finished 5th in the Thursday prelim, won the Friday prelim, and finished 2nd to Scott Bloomquist in the feature.

The WoO late models race in North Dakota on July 12th and are off until July 26th. From July 12th through July 20th, the Lucas Oil late models race six times in nine nights, including four $10,000 to win shows and the two day $27,000 to win SDN III. My astute readers know where I am going with this. Could any WoO drivers be recruited to race a few nights with the Lucas Oil series? For most, a trip through the Midwest from North Dakota is on the way home, so why not extend it a few days and make some money? That makes sense to me, but no one ever said the thoughts of race car drivers make much sense.

I seriously doubt that Josh Richards could be recruited, and Darrell Lanigan races less than a handful of non-WoO sanctioned events. But what about Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, Tim Fuller, Tim McCreadie, Eric Wells, Morgan Bagley, Bub McCool, Clint Smith, and Pat Doar? Hopefully I-80 promoter Joe Kosiski is trying to sell these drivers not only on the SDN, but on racing a few other nights as well. I think a big effort should be made with McCreadie. He has shown a willingness to race non-WoO events, he likes I-80 Speedway, and when he is running well he is one of the most exciting drivers to watch.

Two other drivers that Joe might want to work on are Billy Moyer and Scott James. Moyer has raced in both SDN I and II, and Billy Jr. is a Lucas Oil Rookie of the Year candidate and will likely be in Nebraska in July, but that doesn’t necessarily put Mr. Smooth in the pits. The event will be better with him there. Scott James had some hauler problems and is not running for WoO points any more. He is picking and choosing and maybe with a little effort the Rocket house car driver might pick and choose SDN III.

A quick glance at The Dream Top 10 shows at least seven drivers who will be racing at the Silver Dollar Nationals-Bloomquist, Erb, Birkhofer, Owens, Mars, Francis, and Phillips. Fourth place finisher Dale McDowell has been racing mostly regional events in the southeast, so I don’t see him coming to Nebraska. Same with seventh place driver Chris Madden. Tim Fuller finished ninth and he may be a WoO driver that could be convinced to visit Nebraska.
What I have been saying, is look for a great field, maybe even an outstanding field for SDN III. Check out the I-80 Speedway website to order reserved tickets.

Thanks for stopping by.

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