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A Hot, Humid, But Enjoyable Night At The Track

June 30, 2014 4 comments

Happy Birthday to Craig Kelley, Sunset Speedway owner-may the track rest in peace, and former GM of Nebraska Raceway Park.  I guessed 60, he said 53.  Anyway, have a great day Craig.


Last night Matt and I visited I-80 Speedway for the first time since April.  While we have been connected often to tracks and races via cyberspace in the past two months, this was just our third physical visit to a track this year.  On the way to the races we talked of the weekly shows we used to attend and all of the specials too.  I haven’t missed weekly racing in quite some time, and it seems like area tracks simply are not scheduling many late model specials this year.


Anyway, it was a nice evening-on the way down and the way home we talked about three of our favorite subjects-Henry Ross Meyer, NU sports, and racing.  Steve Basch was the only Sunday Night Irregular we saw, but it is always fun watching what unfolds on the track listening to the commentary of Race Guru.


Despite no late models on the bill, the track had both a decent grandstand attendance and car count.  I would call the car count of 110 a Goldilocks car count-not too few that there is no racing, and not too many of junk classes to tire one’s posterior.  Racing started just about on time and we left at 9:00 p.m.  No, the races were not yet complete but we had watched 13 heats, a trophy dash, and 4 features, and that was a good enough evening for us.


Random thoughts:

-15 GOTRA coupes and sedans, 22 stock cars, 36 B-mods, and 37 A-mods were on hand.


-while the Pro-Am’s used to be 90% Camaro’s, the Pro-Am/stock car division had only 1 Camaro last night.


-the wall around the track had been painted, a nice touch.


-4 past IMCA National Champions were in the same modified heat-Dylan Smith, Jesse Sobbing, Johnny Saathoff, and Jordan Grabouski.  If my calculations were correct, with the number of cars and number of heat races, the odds of that were 1 in 7,290.


-It appeared that Sobbing and Grabouski were less than pleased with each other’s driving in their modified heat.  Sobbing spun out Grabouski and the discussion carried over into the pits.


-“Hey Stroker, you got a second?”  After hearing it a number of times over the PA last night, I just had to say it too.


-Kyle Berck won the first segment of the Charlie Clark Memorial feature.  Jesse Sobbing won the second segment.  Jordan Grabouski was declared the overall Clark Memorial winner, based on combined finishes of the two segments.


-In between segments of the Clark Memorial feature, a 4 minute 44 second pit stop was held.  Drivers and crews could do anything they wanted to the car, but had to have everything completed in the time allotted.   At first I thought this might be a try out for Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR Sprint Cup crew, but I remembered this is an event tradition.


-There was plenty of what I call racing last night, especially in the modified and stock car divisions.  I define racing as going fast, turning left, but running side by side, three wide, even in packs of five or six cars.


-Through the wonder of smart phones, we were able to discover what a jamboree was-the event was billed as the June Jamboree, and we were also able to view video of the Bobby Pierce flip at the UMP Summernational race in Lincoln, Illinois.  I gotta get me one of those things. Matt also showed me an aerial photo of the Kentucky Speedway crowd from Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race. Apparently it was more than just a race, there was a costume party as well, and thousands of fans came dressed as empty seats.  Track owner Bruton Smith had asked fan forgiveness for the total debacle in 2011, but maybe it is human to not readily forgive billionaires for their errors of judgment.


-I overheard a well thought out plan on how to reschedule the Alphabet Soup race and not lose any additional weekly shows.  Add the open late model races to the weekly show of the second week in August and charge $15-$20 per ticket.  Add the sprint car classic to any other Friday show where the Nebraska 360 sprints are available and charge $12-$15 per ticket.  Late model fans would be happy because they get one more night of open late model racing at the track.  Sprint car fans would be happy because it would give them one more Friday night of beer drinking at a dirt track.  The tours would be happy getting an additional race.  The weekly drivers would be happy they don’t lose another night of racing.  The track would be happy because it would give them a couple more nights making money.  Everybody wins, everybody is happy, and it is so logical that I doubt it will happen.


-Oh, the late model program could still be part of a MARS/MLRA/CBC weekend.  If all three of the tracks reschedule, it would be Park Jefferson on Thursday, I-80 Speedway on a Friday, and Adams County Speedway on a Saturday.  If only two of the tracks were willing to reschedule, it would be I-80 Speedway on Friday and the other track on Saturday.


XSANTV has 15 events scheduled for webstreaming in July, starting with a Hawkeye Dirt Tour race from Algona Speedway tomorrow night.  XSANTV will also follow the entire Dakota Classic Mod Tour, featuring IMCA modifieds and IMCA stock cars.  Over 85 drivers have already registered for the event that runs July 6th-July 11th.


I will certainly be tuning in to XSAN in coming days, but Matt and I will also be heading west on Highway 30 on Thursday for the SLMR series race at US 30 Speedway.  I am very much looking forward to our annual visit to the Columbus, Nebraska track.


Finally, Matt sent me a link to an interesting Facebook page.  Check it out.  It makes me want to do a story on the old Washington County Fairgrounds track in Arlington and drivers like Bob French and Bill Wrich who ran there.  I wonder if anyone has photos.

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Lanigan And Rain, Birkhofer Bests Moyer, And More

June 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Mother Nature conspired to turn the Firecracker 100 into the Firecracker 90 at Lernerville Speedway, but I doubt Darrell Lanigan minded. It was Lanigan’s first win of this crown jewel event, and 90 laps or 100 laps, the check was made out to him for $30,000-OK, the actual amount was $30,650.

Lanigan inherited the lead from Jonathan Davenport who had dominated the first 66 laps of the race. Davenport dropped out of the race with mechanical troubles on lap 67, leaving Lanigan in front with Bloomquist close behind. At the end of the race Bloomquist was catching Lanigan-depending on which driver you ask it was either because of the rain or because Bloomquist found a better line. Bloomquist felt he would have passed Lanigan if it had been the Firecracker 91, but we’ll never know.

Congratulations to Boom Briggs for bringing out the caution three times during this race. Without the efforts of Briggs, the race might actually have finished all 100 laps.

Lanigan padded his WoO late model point lead over Rick Eckert. Eckert finished 11th and now trails Lanigan by 164 points. Tim McCreadie is an additional 10 points behind the leader. Shane Clanton is 4th in points, but did not help his cause getting DQ’ed for the night following an incident with Chub Frank. The series is off until Thursday July 10th when it begins a much abbreviated Wild West Tour at Hibbing Raceway in Minnesota.

Brian Birkhofer may have led only the final three laps of the UMP Summernationals race at Federated Speedway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri, but it still meant a win and a season that is starting to heat up for the popular Iowa driver. Billy Moyer finished second and Bobby Pierce came home third. Shannon Babb finished 11th, but increased his tour point lead over Ryan Unzicker who finished 17th. The Hell Tour will visit Lincoln Speedway in Illinois tonight. There were 38 drivers on hand at Pevely, and most will be racing again tonight in Lincoln.

Catching up with the USMTS version of a Hell Tour, Chris Brown won at Grayson County Speedway, Stormy Scott thundered to a victory at Super Bowl Speedway-no it is not promoted by Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys never get to the Super Bowl, and Rocket Rodney Sanders lapped half of the field at Southern Oklahoma Speedway to pick up his 10th win of the season. The USMTS mods will be racing tonight at Outlaw Motorsports Park in Muscogee, Oklahoma tonight.

Last year I wrote about Arizona modified driver Jason Noll in an article for Dirt Modified magazine. I see the young Arizonan is now driving a late model as well, and won a CDM event at Central Arizona Speedway in Casa Grande last night. He also won in Tucson a week ago. Yes, I do like it when drivers I write about win races.

Where I’ll be tonight has yet to be decided by Mother Nature. If we get much more rain, I will be at home reading a book. If rain doesn’t fall, I’ll be at I-80 Speedway for the June Jamboree which will include make-up features from the Charlie Clark Memorial as well as a full program of A-mods, B-mods, Pro-Ams, my favorites, the old time coupes and sedans of GOTRA. If it is going to rain, I hope it will be before we leave, and not after we get to the track. If we don’t go racing tonight, Matt and I will still be heading to US 30 Speedway for SLMR late models on Thursday night.

My thoughts on last night’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Kentucky Speedway can be found at Check out Caution for Debris.

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Busch League In Kentucky, Big Leagues In Lernerville

June 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Another racing newsletter I subscribe to is One Dirt.  This is a great site, and it is free.

Below is a link to an article from their most recent newsletter.  If it sounds familiar, well, if you read my blog regularly you have read similar words countless times.


What does Kyle Busch prove by winning every truck race he runs in?  Sorry to those who disagree, Ivan, but this is like Lebron James going one on one against a middle school player. Or, like Donny Schatz venturing to some small dirt track and running a 305 sprint car.  For years Major League Baseball put an * beside the home run record of Roger Maris.  I think NASCAR should do that too when someone says Busch has 135 NASCAR wins. Like, *40 of these wins were in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  Admit it or not, the truck series is minor league compared with the Sprint Cup Series.


In a post-race inspection, the ride-height of Busch’s truck measured too low.  I suspect this will be an infraction resulting in a fine-Busch gets no points for racing in this series anyway, and the crew chief will be put on probation-more like a golf clap than a slap on the wrist.


Rain continues to dampen the spirit of race fans around the US.  I know there was major disappointment in Fremont that the ASSCC at I-80 Speedway was postponed.  That would be in the west Fremont home of Matt Meyer.  While I felt terrible missing sprint cars and hornets, I got to see my grandson and then watch the second night of Firecracker 100 preliminary races from Lernerville Speedway.  Actually that wasn’t a bad trade at all.


Adams County Speedway cancelled their Saturday night show almost as soon as I-80 Speedway announced it was cancelling Friday’s show, so no argument amongst Meyer family members about heading east tonight.  Now the big question will be rescheduling. I have heard many rumors, and normally I follow the “ready, fire, aim” philosophy of blogging-I figure if promoters didn’t do something this time to irk me they already had a thousand times before and will again-but I am just waiting for the facts before I swing away.


Since I now have a NASCAR blog I’ll be watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Kentucky. The one with only 42 cars, and NASCAR spinning that 43 has never been a magical number anyway.  OK, I have been saying the car count at dirt track specials does not matter as much as the drivers making up the car count-unless the car count is only 17, so I can’t disagree with this spin.  Obviously all the “right” drivers will be among the 42 starters.


Night #2 of the Firecracker 100 prelims was as good as night #1.  Again, awesome track prep, another efficiently run program, late models only, and again, lots of great racing action. Perhaps Lernerville officials can give seminars on those topics at the annual Reno and Daytona soirees of race promoters. After visiting my grandson I got home just in time for the heats, missing all of time trials. No, that did not break my heart. Thanks to my best son ever Matt, TROTD Speedway concession served barbecue beef sandwiches last night. Barbecue and good late model racing is an unbeatable combination. The night ended with Jimmy Owens and Scott Bloomquist dueling for a feature win, with Owens taking the $6,000 first place money.


If my name was Matt or Tony I could watch Lernerville on my lap top computer and Kentucky on my TV. Unfortunately I do not have a lap top computer, so I will have to settle for watching Kentucky Speedway and checking for updates. No, I did not consider going to Butler County Speedway to watch the Nebraska 360 Sprints in action. And gentlemen, ASSCC was not a typo of ASCS, it was short for Alphabet Soup Sprint Car Classic.


Nebraska and southwest Iowa weren’t the only locales to suffer race rain-outs. Almost every late model special other than Lernerville was a wash out. That included the UMP Summernationals race at Paducah, Kentucky. I was looking forward to reading about it as not only was Brian Birkhofer joining the tour there, but so was Billy Moyer. Moyer Jr. had rejoined it in Tennessee, so it was going to be an excellent field. And weather permitting, those drivers will battle tonight at Federated Speedway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri.


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Kentucky-Two Thumbs Down; Lernerville-Two Thumbs Up; Rain On The Plains

June 27, 2014 3 comments

My latest NASCAR post on is up.  Basically it is my take on the Sprint Cup race from Kentucky Speedway, along with facts and figures that for some reason intrigue me.  I would appreciate a visit.


For the first time since 2001, a Sprint Cup race will not have a full 43 car field, and that was the New Hampshire race that was moved from the weekend after 9/11 to the Thanksgiving weekend.  At that time a team had shut down between the two dates.  Not even a start and parker could be found to complete the field?  I wonder if this is just a one race blemish or if less than a full field will become the norm.


That is almost as bad as only 17 super late models at the MLRA show in Mayetta last week.  For those of you who don’t know me, that comment was facetious, ironic, and sarcastic.  Given its vast resources, that NASCAR cannot come up with one car to fill out the Kentucky race is an interesting statement in itself.  The year that Talladega opened, regular drivers struck and NASCAR founder Big Bill France got in a car and raced.  I say put his grandson Brian in a car and let him race Saturday night.  Put him in a Roush Fenway car.


I wrote the next three paragraphs last night during down time of the Lernerville race.  Right now it looks like there may not be racing at I-80 Speedway.  It is raining hard in Fremont and it looks like most of eastern Nebraska is getting soaked.  Many of the streets in Fremont are flooded.  Anyway, don’t blame me for the rain.  If I had that good of connection with the man upstairs TROTD would be making $100,000 a year. If the sun comes out and there is racing at I-80 Speedway tonight, so be it.  If not, well, I will watch another Lernerville preliminary night on


Jane is babysitting Mr. Henry Ross Meyer tonight until Matt’s wife Steph gets home around 7:30 p.m.  Gee, I could help my wife watch the coolest kid on the planet, and then go home and watch night #2 of the Firecracker 100 weekend on or go with Matt to the Alphabet Soup Sprint Car Classic.  I hope Matt understands that me going with him is a testament to my feelings for him, damn sure not this race.


I am hoping against hope that the ASSCC sprint car feature will run after the late model feature tonight. That, plus the opportunity to “Basch” my friend Race Guru, a chance for a track concession barbecue sandwich and a bag of popcorn would salve my spirit a little.


I probably misread an email that stated the sprint cars would in fact take only two minutes to line up for their feature.  OK, 20 or so cars will be pushed on to the track by assorted 4 wheelers, where sundry pick-ups will push them to get them started.  The 20 or so cars will zoom around the track for 3-4 laps getting properly lined up, and this is all going to happen in two minutes?  Remember what Ice Man said in the Top Gun classroom scene when Maverick claims to have been in a “4G inverted dive” with a Mig-28.  I am thinking that same thing as I type this.


If you purchased last night’s Lernerville Speedway PPV, you spent your money wisely.  For virtually-get the pun-the same price as you will spend to get into the ASSCC at I-80 Speedway, you got super late models, the best in the country, and NO sprint cars, GN’s, or hornets.  If the racing in Pennsylvania had been crappy, in comparison it is still a better deal.  But it was far from crappy. First, track prep was amazing.  Drivers could run anywhere on the track-from time trials through the last lap of the feature.  This does not surprise me.  The Lernerville crew also prepares the track at Volusia for two weeks of racing during Florida Speedweeks.


As I said, the racing was far from crappy.  There was plenty of nose to tail, side by side, even three wide racing.  The leaders raced hard the entire 30 laps.  I’ll take Jonathan Davenport, Darrell Lanigan, Scott Bloomquist, and Jimmy Owens racing for the win any night.  Hot laps began shortly before 6:00 p.m. and the racing was over by 9:30 p.m.-this despite time trials and two sessions of track farming.  And somehow they managed to pay a hefty WoO sanction fee and a purse that included a winner’s check of $6,000 and did it without B-mods or hornets on the program.  Actually they did it without any support classes.  There were 55 late models on hand, and that was more than enough to thrill a decent Thursday night crowd.  Wow, no support classes.  What a novel concept.


The UMP Summernationals blew into Atwood, Tennessee-wherever that is-raced, loaded up and headed toward Kentucky to race at Paducah International Raceway for Friday’s show.  Brian Shirley was the winner, followed by Bobby Pierce and Shannon Babb. Babb and Ryan Unzicker can’t be more than a point apart in the tour point standings. Brian Birkhofer is joining the series tonight and will race at Paducah, Pevely, and Lincoln-Illinois, not Nebraska this weekend.


If you have a minute, go to the USMTS website and read the story of how the series ended up at Grayson County Speedway last night.  Now that is a promoter who understands the meaning of the word. No results are up yet.  Hopefully they were able to get the race in.


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Work, Hell In Tennessee And Texas, Nebraska, Pikes Peak, Winchester, And San Francisco

June 26, 2014 Leave a comment

If not for LinkedIn connections I would have forgot that today is my anniversary day at work.  I have been coming to work here for 28 years.  Translation:  I am getting old.  Forecast:  I probably have another seven years stuck at this desk. Ah well, in another life I must have really lived it up.  Maybe I was a sprint car driver back in the good old days with no wings, not even a roll cage.


Shannon Babb led all 40 laps of the UMP Summernationals race at Clarksville Speedway in Tennessee.  Ryan Unzicker continues to finish well, edging Dennis Erb Jr. for the second place spot.  Unzicker leads the Hell Tour point standings, but Babb is less than ten points back.  The series visits Clayhill Motorsports Park in Atwood, Tennessee tonight. To date four of the thirteen scheduled races have been cancelled or postponed due to rain.  There are 20 races remaining on the schedule.


Weather continues to plague the USMTS version of Hell as well. What was to be 10 nights of racing in just 12 nights has turned out to be 4 nights of racing, two nights of rain, and a track switch in the first half of the June-July journey.  Last night’s event at Devils Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas was cancelled and tonight’s show was moved from Mountain Creek to Grayson County Speedway in Bells, Texas.


Tonight is night number one of the Firecracker 100 weekend at Lernerville Speedway in Pennsylvania.  If Mother Nature decides to leave well enough alone, I will be watching the PPV tonight.  The cost is $19.99 and the DOD shows are always well worth your money.


I am going to I-80 Speedway tomorrow night for one reason only-Matt.  Well, I maybe also to see the Sunday Night Irregulars and to have a barbecue sandwich. I am not really looking forward to the racing, and that is a first. I have suffered no withdrawal symptoms from no live racing since April, and normally after a lengthy lay-off I am itching to go racing.  I can’t say I am looking forward to going to I-80 on Sunday either.   I am looking forward to our annual visit to US 30 Speedway on July 3rd.  I checked this morning, and though B-mods are on the bill, sprint cars and hornets aren’t. I just hope the lights stay on all night.



The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is the second oldest race in the U.S.  The course is 12.42 miles long with 156 turns, and an elevation jump of over 8,000 feet.  My theory is you have to be insane to try to accomplish this in under 10 minutes.  But on Sunday June 29th drivers will attempt to do just that.  You can watch a webstream of the competition at:


For one hour of viewing the cost is $3.95; for two hours watching the cost is $9.95, and you can get unlimited viewing for $19.95.


When I was growing up we used to vacation in Colorado, too many times for my liking.  We would headquarter at Estes Park, and Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park was usually the quest for our family.  One year we did travel south for some reason, visiting the Air Force Academy, Royal Gorge, and Garden of the Gods.  We did not drive up Pikes Peak, instead someone had the brilliant idea to go up Mt. Evans, west of Denver, and the “highest paved road in the U.S.” at 14,264 feet.  We made it to the top, we made it back down.  And as Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd says in each of their concerts, “been there, done that, ain’t ever going back.” Let’s just say if I was doing the Pikes Peak Hill Climb I would set a record for slow. But it is fun to watch.


Matt mentioned that since there is no NASCAR Sprint Cup race on Sunday July 6th, an alternative for race fans would be the 200 lap ARCA race from Winchester Speedway in Indiana.  The 100 year old track-no typo, it is 100 years old, is billed as the fastest ½ mile paved track in the world. The event will be televised on CBS Sports Network.


If I had Auburn money, I would love to spend the 4th of July in San Francisco, watching the fireworks from the Buena Vista Café eating a nighttime breakfast of New York Steak, scrambled eggs, house potatoes, and San Francisco sourdough toast. Instead I’ll have to settle for US 30 Speedway on July 3rd, and a stop at the Columbus McDonald’s on the way home.


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Outlaws, Fireworks, Deery Brothers, Park Jefferson, And Rain

June 25, 2014 2 comments

Several of the UMP Summernationals races had eight of my top 25 drivers on hand, as well as a quality field of regional drivers.  Last night’s WoO event at Big Diamond Speedway in Pennsylvania had a quality field of regional drivers, but only four of my top 25 raced.  Maybe I should be questioning the strength of the WoO fields as I did the UMP Hell Tour fields earlier this month.


Surprise, surprise, Darrell Lanigan took home the $8,000 first place check.  Rick Eckert finished second, followed by Chub Frank and Dan Stone.  31 cars were on hand.  The WoO has tonight off before beginning three days of racing at Lernerville Speedway, culminating in the Firecracker 100.


Speaking of firecrackers, call me unpatriotic if you want, but I am not a big fan of fireworks.  No, not the big 4th of July shows; I have no problem with them.  It is the incessant pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop of “shoot ‘em at home” fireworks.  Maybe it is because a neighbor kid wastes about $1,000 on such items.  Maybe it is because my two grandpuppies go frantic from the fireworks.  Or maybe it is a week of the darn things going off late at night that bugs me.  Whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind them being banned.  And I am sure that irritated some readers as much as my racing comments do.


It is no surprise that an IMCA Deery Brothers late model show in central Iowa draws 34 cars-decent numbers and plenty of good regional drivers.  The Deery Brothers shows are always a mix of veterans from the NASCAR dirt days of 15-20 years ago and some decent younger drivers.  They always put on a good show.  I just wish a track or two in western Iowa or eastern Nebraska would host this series.


The MARS/CBC race at Park Jefferson has been postponed per the CBC website.  The heavy rains and flooding in that area made it impossible to get the track ready to race by Thursday.  The CBC site also suggested they are looking for another date.  I checked the MARS website as well, and it seems like the only possibility would be Wednesday August 6th.  As far as MARS drivers have to travel, I don’t see the series committing to a stand alone date.  The August 6th date is before an August 7th date in Wichita and two nights at Junction Motor Speedway on August 8th and 9th.  Yes, that is some back and forth driving.  The CBC does not have a race on any of those nights.


Having stated the above, I am sure that the track and series will do something totally different from my thinking, like making it a two day show.  Or, maybe they will add sprint cars to the line-up since that seems to be the thing to do at other Midwest tracks.  Or, maybe they won’t even try to reschedule it in 2014. And why do I even care?  Well, the travails of PJ will help me get my 500 words in today.


Matt suggested that the Wednesday after the Lucas Oil race at Lakeside Speedway and before the Silver Dollar Nationals would be a better date.  Actually his is right.  There is less travel than the date I suggested, plus there is a possibility that cars that might not have been at the original date could race there-hoping to get a check instead of doing nothing that night.  That is a great idea, meaning that the promoter is even less likely to do this than to do my suggestion.


I admit to making a sarcastic comment to several friends regarding adding sprint cars to the PJ event.  Surely I am not the only person in the world who thinks this sucks?  Anyway, TMC suggested adding the Nebraska 360 sprints vs. the Jackson 360 sprints to the line-up.  Though he didn’t say so, it would mean more fans and a lot more in beer sales too.  Again, the logic is irrefutable-well, not to me, but to other serious fans, meaning that the promoter is very unlikely to do this.


I wonder how many late models will actually be at the Alphabet Soup Sprint Car Classic on Friday.  With three tours sanctioning the late model portion of the event, there should be more than the mediocre MLRA count of 17 at Mayetta, but how many is the question.  Matt thinks the total will be between 39-44.  I think it will be 37.


I hope you are checking out my NASCAR Sprint Cup blog ‘Caution for Debris’ on  The more visitors to the site, the more money the site will make.  The more money the site makes, the more likely the writers are to make a little money. I don’t blog for money-if I did you wouldn’t be reading this, but occasionally it would be nice to get a check in the mail.


Perhaps it is just me, that I am following racing closer than ever because of my blogs, or perhaps it is just that so many special events are scheduled, but it seems more races than in the past are losing out to Mother Nature.  Tuesday’s USMTS show at Heart ‘O Texas Speedway was cancelled because of heavy rain in the area on Monday and Tuesday.  The UMP Summernationals seems like every other race is a wash out, and the ones that do get in have to be hurried because of the threat of rain.  I suppose according to some, sprint car races are never rained out because God likes sprint cars.  However, if that was the case, how come God didn’t make it so every race car has to be pushed to start allowing all race fans to enjoy wasting time?


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Sheppard Leads Flock In Peoria, And There’s Floodin’ Up In PJ

June 24, 2014 1 comment

I just read that The Rest of the Dirt is a media company. I am a media mogul. Isn’t that impressive? That and $2,600 is going to get a bridge put in where I had to have a tooth pulled last month.


Here is my Top 25 for the week: Top 25 Voting Ballot
Voter Name: Ron Meyer
  Please Enter Date Below
Position 06/23/14
1 Don O’Neal
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Jimmy Owens
4 Darrell Lanigan
5 Dale McDowell
6 Billy Moyer
7 Rick Eckert
8 Bobby Pierce
9 Steve Francis
10 Mike Marlar
11 Jonathan Davenport
12 John Blankenship
13 Eddie Carrier Jr.
14 Gregg Satterlee
15 Chris Madden
16 Tim McCreadie
17 Kent Robinson
18 Shannon Babb
19 Brandon Sheppard
20 Terry Phillips
21 Ryan Gustin
22 Billy Moyer Jr.
23 Earl Pearson Jr.
24 Brian Birkhofer
25 Shane Clanton


There are four constants here:

-I don’t like Chris Madden, though my vote made no difference in where he ranked in the DOD poll this week.

-I don’t like drivers taking weeks off when most are racing.

-I like Brian Birkhofer.

-I am highly opinionated.


At least Lanigan and Clanton and the WoO regulars will be back in action this week, with four nights of racing in Pennsylvania, including an $8,000 to win show tonight at Big Diamond Speedway. Remember the three nights of racing from Lernerville Speedway are available on DirtonDirt PPV.  On a scale of 1-10 on purchasing all three nights of the Lernerville PPV or going to the Alphabet Soup Sprint Car races, I would give Lernerville a 10 and I-80 Speedway a minus 20.  However, I like doing things with my son, so I will probably end up in my regular seat at I-80 on Friday, though in a grouchy mood.


I see Stephen King has a new book out titled “Mr. Mercedes.”  Matt told me it was the life story of Tony Anville. I thought Anville drove a Lexus, but I am not familiar with luxury cars.


Brandon Sheppard zoomed to the lead on lap one and led all forty laps of the UMP Summernationals race at Peoria Speedway in Illinois.  After leaving the tour for a night of “regrouping,” Bobby Pierce finished a solid second, followed by Brian Shirley, Ryan Unzicker, and Shannon Babb. The tour is off tonight before heading to Clarksville, Tennessee to race tomorrow night.


Unofficially-meaning my calculations-Unzicker continues to lead the point standings of the Hell Tour, followed by Babb, Sheppard, and Shirley. Despite dropping off the tour, Rick Eckert is fifth in the point standings.  After missing a night, Pierce is sixth.  With the four leaders making every race, it will be extremely difficult for young Pierce to catch them.  The race for the $25,000 first place point money is between Unzicker, Babb, Sheppard, and Shirley.  Personally, I would like to see Unzicker take the title-I hope TROTD’s jinx doesn’t kick in.


The rains the Midwest has been receiving have been a b-i-g problem for Park Jefferson.  The track was flooded and then pumped out, but water has been seeping back. Ground for parking haulers is very wet, as is the parking area for fans. The track itself has not been raced on in several years, and until recently nothing had been done with it.  Even if PJ was a track I liked, it would seem the Thursday MARS/CBC race is one to avoid.  Since I don’t like it, I was going to avoid it anyway.  I am just preaching to my son.


I will give PJ promoters a little credit-they have replaced at least some of the boards in the rickety grandstand that frightens me like no other. Unfortunately they have not knocked them down and replaced them with something less scary, placing lights behind the grandstand not in front of it.


A song Stevie Ray never sang, to the tune of “Texas Flood.”


Well’s there’s floodin’ up in PJ,

All of the parking lot is wet.

Yeah it’s floodin’ up in PJ,

Can’t think of a reason to go there yet.


Matt says we should be goin’

Only a 30% chance of rain,

Yeah Humpy says we should be goin’

Only a 30% chance of rain,

To South Dakota I don’t want to be goin’

Man this kid is drivin’ me insane.


A defense attorney would appeal as cruel and unusual punishment any sentence that included PJ and the Alphabet Soup Sprint Car Classic on back to back nights-and I did check the Sioux City and Omaha weather. The forecast for Siouxland is just what the song said-30% chance of rain before Thursday, and no mention of a certain type of weather that might keep I-80 Speedway from racing on Friday.


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