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WoO vs. Lucas Oil, Mammoths, Plus A New Slogan For TROTD???

July 31, 2014 1 comment

Todd Turner’s Quick Time column in pointed out that the WoO late models have only two multiple winners, Darrell Lanigan and Tim McCreadie.


I did some research and am able to make the following comparisons between the WoO and Lucas Oil series:


-The WoO has had 13 different winners in 24 races this season, while the Lucas Oil series can claim 14 different winners in 29 nights of racing.


-As mentioned, the WoO has two multiple winners.  The Lucas Oil series has five multiple winners-Billy Moyer, Bobby Pierce, Don O’Neal, Scott Bloomquist, and Jimmy Owens.


-The WoO has 5 races on their schedule that pay at least $20,000 to the winner, while the Lucas Oil series has 8 such races.


-The WoO has 51 nights of racing on their 2014 schedule and 20 nights do not require additional traveling. The Lucas Oil series has 54 nights of racing scheduled, and 27 do not require additional traveling.


-Three of the DOD Top 25 are WoO regulars, while six are Lucas Oil regulars.


If numbers don’t lie, it seems the Lucas Oil series betters the WoO in many categories that are important to fans and drivers alike.


The latest minor league football team in Omaha in the latest minor league football league, the FXFL, will be called the Omaha Mammoths.  Here is a history lesson you do not get with most blogs, especially racing blogs.  More mammoth remains have been found in the state of Nebraska than any other state.  And, the mammoth became the official state fossil in 1967.  I thought Lee Ackerman was the official state fossil.


While I will always thank my readers at the close of each post, I am looking for a more colorful phrase to close with.  Unfortunately, many really good slogans have already been used.  For example:


-It’s the Real Thing  Coca-Cola

-Mmmm Good Campbell’s Soup

-We Try Harder  Avis

-Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut  Almond Joy

-Just Slightly Ahead of Our Time  Panasonic

-You’re In Good Hands  Allstate Insurance


So, here are some possibilities.




Others pale in comparison.


Exquisitely subtle.


When only the best will do.


A wonderful merger of old and new.


Make up your own mind.


The smartest choice you’ll ever make.


A new American classic.


A bright spot in your day.


From the finest master craftsman.


A recognized world leader.


Rated “Best” by an independent panel.


Withstands the roughest abuse imaginable.


Your best friend in extreme conditions.


Get the facts.


Helps you turn wasted hours into productive ones.


A reflection of your uncompromising good taste.


Truly a work of art.


The choice of those in-the-know.


An unforgettable experience.


Savor the finer things in life.


You can’t have too much of a good thing.


Free refills.


Never fades.


Go ahead and indulge.


Live the good life.


An unexpected pleasure.


When was the last time you had this much fun?


You’ll never be bored.


Doctor approved.


High in fiber.


An amazing cure for B-Mod blues.


A clever problem solver.


Ahead of the pack.


Rare and unusual.


You’ll wonder why no one has thought of it before.


Inconceivable until now.


A breath of fresh air.


A step in the right direction.


The one the world has been waiting for.


A source of inspiration.


Keeps you on track.


Not just a pleasant distraction.


Your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Don’t be left behind.


A new standard.


Creates order out of chaos.


It does the job.


Proves its worth time and again.


Join millions of satisfied users.


Don’t settle for an imitation.




The power you need.


A little piece of heaven.


Clearly the best.


Deserving of high praise.


First class all the way.


Second to none.


Others talk about quality, we deliver it.


We set the standard.


Consider us friends you can rely on.


Acts as a deterrent.


Safe and easy to use.


A celebration of the senses.


Soothes the soul.


Unparalleled sophistication.


It’s good for you and the planet.


An attractive solution to an unsightly problem.


Before it’s too late.


If you agree that it’s time for a change.


The ultimate destination.


They broke the mold.


Suitable for framing.


It’s all here.


Yeah, that was a lot of ideas.  I don’t know which one to choose.  Which one did you like?  Do you have a different slogan I should use? Better yet, to avoid posts like these in the future, give me some late model ideas to blog about.  My email is:


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Lanigan, A Real FansFund, Joe Gibbs Racing Was Very Naughty

July 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Shawano Speedway has a sweet spot in the WoO schedule.  It comes in between two big money events-the Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway in Illinois, and the USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin.  A few days after the PDC, the Shawano race is somewhat on the way to Cedar Lake and draws a better quality field than it might otherwise.  Nine of the top 25 drivers in the were on hand for the Sun Drop Shootout.


In a huge surprise, Darrell Lanigan won the race.  It was Lanigan’s third win in the last four WoO events, and his 11th of the season.  Rick Eckert finished second, and Jimmy Mars finished 3rd.  The last 43 laps of the race were run with no cautions.


Many times I have stated that the Silver Dollar Nationals should be able to provide drivers with a Fans Fund similar to Cedar Lake Fans Fund for the USA Nationals.  This year fans of the Wisconsin event raised $16,800 to help 11 different drivers with expenses for the event.  In a change I like, the drivers will run a FANSFund Dash on Friday night.  The winner receives $2,500 and the rest of the purse will be distributed as follows: 2000/1700/1600/1500/1400/1300/1200/1200/1200/1200.


Drivers participating in the Friday night FANSFund Dash will be Garrett Alberson, Travis Dickes, Jon Henry, Jacob Hawkins, Ryan Unzicker, Doug Drown, Wendell Wallace, John Blankenship, Jason Feger, Jonathan Davenport, and Bobby Pierce.  Fans who donated at least $30 also get a luncheon meet and greet with the drivers, a FANSFund t-shirt, and free admittance to an arena race happening Saturday afternoon.


I read over all of the FANSFund material on its own website-yes, it has its own website and think of the possibilities for the SDN.  Of course immediately following I think of the two disappointing attempts I was involved in with an SDN Fans Fund, and lose all my enthusiasm for a third try.


I mentioned previously that the WoO will be sanctioning the Prairie Dirt Classic again next July.  The series announced it will again be sanctioning the other big money race in Illinois, the $20,000 to win Illini 100 at Farmer City Raceway on 3/27-3/28/15.


NASCAR hit Denny Hamlin and his Joe Gibbs Racing team with a major penalty yesterday.  It was a P5 level penalty, with P6 being the highest level.  Apparently the firewall block off plates on Hamlin’s Toyota weren’t sealed off.  This was both a safety and performance issue-the plates are supposed to block hot fluids, smoke, and fire from entering the driver’s compartment, but loose plates also allow air to pass through, improving aerodynamics of the car.


Hamlin was docked 75 points dropping him from 11th to 21st in point standings, though with a win already this season he is still in good shape to make The Chase.  Owner Joe Gibbs was docked 75 owner points as well.  Car Chief Wesley Sherrill was suspended for 6 races and put on 6 months probation.  Crew Chief Darian Grubb was given the same penalties as Sherrill, plus he was fined $125,000.  JGR is going to appeal the penalties, but Grubb and Sherrill will not be part of the team at Pocono this weekend.  The two could maintain their duties during the appeal process, but if the penalties were not overturned, the two would miss at least one Chase race.


I will never be accused of being a Denny Hamlin fan.  It should come as no surprise when I say that I would like Tony Stewart, Marcos Ambrose, Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman, Jamie McMurray, and Kyle Larson to each win one of the last six races before The Chase begins. I would also like to see Aric Almirola and Kurt Busch move ahead of Hamlin in the point standings.  By my reckoning that would move Hamlin out of The Chase.  Icing on the cake would be if those six win a race, Matt Kenseth, Clint Bowyer, and Austin Dillon would be winless and not make The Chase either. Hey, I have never been shy about proclaiming likes and dislikes.


Unfortunately the likelihood of those six each winning one of the remaining pre-Chase races is close to me winning Powerball. I still play the game though, so I can keep my fingers crossed at least until the finish of the always exciting 400 from Pocono on Sunday.  How many of you would rather go bowling than watch 400 miles of “racing” from Pocono?  Yeah, me too.


Oh, as far as race penalties go, this was second only to last year’s Michael Waltrip Racing penalties resulting from the infamous Clint Bowyer spin at Richmond. Bad boy, bad boy, bad boy. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


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A Report Card-And I Don’t Give A’s Just For Showing Up

July 29, 2014 Leave a comment


I seriously considered not posting today.  It isn’t that there is a shortage of material; I am just in a really funky mood about the status of late model racing within 150 miles of my home. If I were to grade the sport it would look like:


IMCA Deery Brothers-B, but they race no closer than Des Moines.


MLRA/MARS-since they seem to race together in these parts I will grade them together, and that grade is a B.


SLMR-a C and that is just because Kyle Berck is part of the series.


NCRA-D and that is just because Kyle Berck is also part of that series.


NASCAR Weekly Racing-what once was an A (15 years ago) is barely a C- now.


I have to visit to find racing that intrigues me at all.  I’ll read the articles, follow Race Wire for reports on races around the country, and of course look at the videos.  This weekend I will purchase the site’s Cedar Lake USA Nationals PPV. It is a shame that the only great racing close to home is the one weekend a year of the Silver Dollar Nationals.  Otherwise we have to travel to Deer Creek or Knoxville or Cedar Lake or Wheatland or Fairbury or Kansas City.


I suspect Matt and I will make the trip to McCool Junction for the MLRA/MARS/NCRA show at Junction Motor Speedway-no not both nights, just Saturday August 9th.  That will be the last open late model show this season in Nebraska.  Not that many years ago we could watch open late model shows in the area through mid-October.


Matt wants to go to Adams County Speedway on August 16th for an SLMR race, but he forgets how many good races we’ve ever watched on our trips to Corning.  I can count them on one finger and am not thrilled about traveling 125 miles each way to watch Kyle Berck win yet again.


Besides the trip to ACS, the SLMR has six other dates remaining on its schedule. Four of them are a no go for various reasons. I would say I have no intention of being within 50 miles of I-80 Speedway when the SLMR races as a support class on September 20th, but that isn’t exactly true.  I intend to be at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln watching the Huskers play Miami that night, and Lincoln is not 50 miles away from the track. October 11th at I-80 is a possibility as NU does not play that day.  Unfortunately that happens to be one of the Cornhusker Classic days, meaning that every division ever known to man will be racing.


Wow, this really cheered me up.  Not.  It is a good thing I am planning on visiting Mr. Henry Ross Meyer after work tonight.


Here is my Top 25 for this week: Top 25 Voting Ballot
Voter Name: Ron Meyer
  Please Enter Date Below
Position 07/28/14
1 Jimmy Owens
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Darrell Lanigan
4 Don O’Neal
5 Billy Moyer
6 Shannon Babb
7 Dale McDowell
8 Tim McCreadie
9 Rick Eckert
10 Brian Birkhofer
11 Bobby Pierce
12 Steve Francis
13 Jonathan Davenport
14 Jason Feger
15 Eddie Carrier Jr.
16 Brandon Sheppard
17 Mike Marlar
18 John Blankenship
19 Chris Madden
20 Mason Zeigler
21 Gregg Satterlee
22 Terry Phillips
23 Billy Moyer Jr.
24 Earl Pearson Jr.
25 Ryan Unzicker


I don’t know which of the 21 voters gave Kyle Berck a 25th on their ballot, but it wasn’t me.


Finally, this is for my friend Tony Anville, who is a big fan of the Dillon brothers-the NASCAR drivers, not the Nebraska Harley Davidson dealers.  Austin and Ty Dillon will both be racing in the Southern Nationals event tonight at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia.  2014 Dream winner Dale McDowell is a teammate of the Dillon Brothers as well as being promoter of Boyd’s Speedway.  That ought to draw a crowd like Carl Edwards used to draw at I-80 Speedway.


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PDC, FALS, DOD, WoO, HDT, NASCAR B.S., Plus 69 Years of BGS-aka Madhouse

July 28, 2014 2 comments

Is it too early to begin lobbying my race companion for race road trips in 2015?  No, I am not talking about the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, despite how well Jeff Gordon does at that track.  And a Sprint Cup race at Eldora is not on NASCAR’s “radar,” so not to Ohio either.  I am thinking we should follow up the excitement of the Silver Dollar Nationals with a race even more exciting-the Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway.


I just watched the video of Saturday’s 100 lap feature.  Unless you want to watch 13:55 of lead changes and three-wide racing among some of the top dirt late model drivers in the country, you probably shouldn’t watch it.  Wow.  I had already put this race high on my bucket list, but after watching this video it is moving even higher. Truly amazing.


Yes, I have frequently suggested that you subscribe to if you don’t already.  It is $79.99 annually or $9.99 monthly.  If you divide $79.99 by 52 weeks you come up with a figure of about $1.54 per week.  Skip the vending machine at work once a week and you have more than enough to subscribe.  The PDC video was worth more than the cost for one week-it was worth more than the cost for a month.  And that is about 1% of what the site has to offer dirt late model fans.


OK, back to lobbying.  We could even tack on the WoO/Hawkeye Dirt Tour show in Independence and make it three nights of racing Matt.  Hey, the week after this year’s Silver Dollar Nationals we journeyed to Crawford County Speedway to watch 18 SLMR late models that included 0 national drivers, and only one top regional driver.  Going to FALS we could see 15 national caliber drivers and maybe 20 more good regional drivers.  It’s time to build up some kitchen passes.


Despite wanting to hear from all parties and having “robust discussions” about the future of Sprint Cup racing-and despite me writing a pretty good blog suggesting a Sprint Cup dirt race at Eldora, NASCAR is not considering a Sprint Cup or Nationwide Series race at the Ohio track.  Boo. Hiss. Go to Chicagoland instead where a Nationwide Series race can’t even draw as many people as the weekly show at Bowman Gray Stadium in North Carolina. Instead of three wide racing on a sold out half-mile dirt track, race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway where passing is next to impossible and 60% of the seats are empty.


Speaking of Bowman Gray Stadium, the track is going to host a 199 lap NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified event this Saturday.  Sportsmen, Street Stock, and Stadium Stocks will be support classes.  I looked at the ad three times to make sure my eyes weakened by old age saw the admission price correct, and I most certainly did.  No, it was not $34, not $28, not $25, not $20, not even $15.  General admission seating for the show is $12 for adults, $2 for children 6-11 and children 5 and under free.  Earlier this season the NASCAR K & N Pro Series East late models raced on the narrow ribbon of asphalt surrounding a football field where the Winston-Salem State University Rams play and admission was the same $12 for adult males, but just $2 for adult females.


Since some believe that what is wrong with grassroots racing is fans, I have a newfound respect for the rednecks of the Madhouse. The track draws huge crowds every week, and has hosted races since 1949. I am pretty sure no Midwest tracks can claim to have crowned champions for 65 years, and it has been a long time since admission to big time specials was just $12.


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P.S. Be sure to check out my NASCAR blog on


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America’s Dirt Track-Hint: It’s In Illinois

July 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Fairbury American Legion Speedway is billed as “America’s Dirt Track.” With racing like the 2014 Prairie Dirt Classic, it is easy to see why. Chase Junghans started 27th and finished 12th. Billy Moyer started 22nd and finished 6th. Tim McCreadie started 17th and won the race. 13 of my top 25 drivers competed. Young Mason Ziegler was a factor against grizzled veterans, leading the first 29 laps of the 100 lap race. Shannon Babb, Darrell Lanigan, and McCreadie all led laps, and Babb and McCreadie each led the race three different times. And Jimmy Owens almost took the win away from McCreadie on the last lap. Is that enough excitement for late model fans?

I said yesterday the track jumped to near the top of my bucket list. After reading about the racing there, it is easily a top five on my list. What do you say Matt? Central Illinois in 2015? If not, talk with your friends at DOD and get them to do a PPV.

The WoO heads to Shawano-pronounced Shawn-o, on Tuesday before making a short trip to Cedar Lake Speedway for three nights of the USA Nationals. The Cedar Lake races are available on PPV’s. A three day package for subscribers cost $59.99. Single day PPV’s are $21.99 on Thursday and Friday, and $24.99 for Saturday. No, Guru, I do NOT get these free. I pay for them just like everyone else. Cedar Lake remains near the top of my bucket list too.

From the top of the list to not even on my bucket list-the 58th Hutchinson Nationals, one of the longest running races in Kansas. Past winners include Billy Moyer and Larry Phillips. Add Kyle Berck to the list as he led every lap of last night’s race. Nothing surprising there, Berck has won everything in July against regional competition. Why wouldn’t such an event be on my list of things to do? Well, it is an NCRA event for one. An NCRA stand alone event, meaning don’t count on a full field-actually, you could count the number of cars at last night’s race using just the fingers on your hands. 10 cars.

So, how are fans the problem here? How does writing about NCRA foibles add to the problem? This is a series that should have left the scene years ago, but continues to promote such events. Maybe the fans in Kansas are more accepting of farce.

While less of a surprise than Kyle Berck defeating a mere nine drivers at Hutchinson, it should come as no real surprise that Rodney Sanders won the World Dirt Track Modified Championship at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota last night. It was Sanders’ 8th USMTS feature win in a row, and was worth $20,000 to the Texan. Kelly Shryock holds the series consecutive win record with eleven. Sanders can tie the record with wins at Batesville Motor Speedway, Springfield Raceway, and Monett Speedway as the USMTS heads to Arkansas and southwest Missouri for the start of the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s National Championship begins.

Jason Hughes finished second and Terry Phillips was third at Deer Creek. Phillips must feel like he is the Scott Bloomquist of modifieds, finishing second or third race after race. Just like Bloomquist broke out of his “slump” with a big win at the Silver Dollar Nationals, it would not surprise me at all if the driver who finally breaks Sanders’ streak is none other than Phillips.

Time to get ready for the big NASCAR race. I think I’ll practice snoozing.

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Just A Typical TROTD Post

July 26, 2014 1 comment

The Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway in Illinois has jumped to near the top of my bucket list. With 60 cars and 13 of my Top 25, this is one of the WoO’s toughest fields of the season. How tough? Billy Moyer, Billy Moyer Jr., Brandon Sheppard, Bobby Pierce, Ryan Unzicker, and Rick Eckert all have to run B features to qualify tonight.

Drivers who have qualified through heats include Darrell Lanigan, Dennis Erb Jr., Jimmy Owens, Tim McCreadie, Jonathan Davenport, Brian Birkhofer, Jason Feger, Gregg Satterlee, and Shannon Babb. Babb was last year’s PDC winner. Yes, the field is notch or two above the 17 SLMR late models we watched race at Crawford County Speedway on Thursday.

After the WoO time trials and heats, the UMP Summernationals make-up features were run. Billy Moyer made up for a fourth place finish in a WoO heat-more than made up, with yet another Hell Tour feature win. Moyer won seven features in 12 series appearances, including the last five in a row.

Chris Simpson has been fined $1,500 by the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series for fighting at the Silver Dollar Nationals last week.  Simpson is not Lucas Oil regular, but before he can enter another series race he will have to pay the fine.


I am not an advocate of fighting at race tracks, but this particular soiree is interesting as the other person in the fracas was Simpson’s brother Chad. I know at least once on Friday that Chad did a slide job on his brother-I pointed that out to my friend Tony and mentioned it was something he would do if we were on the track.  In Saturday’s feature Chris finished 19th after he spun on the back stretch late in the race.  I did see Chris continuing after the spin, but did not see what caused it. I wonder if Chad had anything to do with the spin.


When advised of the Simpson set-to, a reader emailed me:  “Why didn’t Simpson mace Simpson??  Thought for the day…always carry some mace in your pocket.”  I have some very interesting readers. This was from someone in Nebraska, but I wonder if I have any readers in Australia or Florida. No, not mace fanatics, just normal people. If anyone from Australia or Florida is reading this, email me. I’ll send you a Rest of the Dirt t-shirt if I ever have some printed up.

I also wonder what Christmas at the Simpsons is like. Did they ever get slot cars? I did. The first set I had was 1/32nd, and later I had a 1/64th set.  I remember setting up the 1/32nd track using up almost the entire length of our ping pong table in the basement.  I made it a high-banked oval with lane changes halfway down each straight-away.  I don’t remember fighting my brothers about slide jobs though.

Well, the Simpsons can use this weekend as a cool-down.  One is racing with the CBC in Iowa and Wisconsin, and the other is racing at the PDC.

Matt always burns a C.D. for our “road trips.”  One he has used in the past and Thursday night includes Steppenwolf, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, and others, including this from the Kentucky Head Hunters.  Listening to the twangy voices I can’t help but imagine racing at some dirt track in South Carolina or Alabama. Or after all the cowboy boots at the Crawford County Fair, maybe Denison, Iowa.

Matt also told me that Time Warner is going to carry the new SEC channel.  The chances of him going to a race during college football season became even lower than “ain’t likely.” It isn’t even August yet and his race buddies are sending him harassing emails about football. I would say they are much deserved. The late model nationals at Knoxville remain a possibility, but I am betting only for Thursday and Friday in late September.

The USMTS World Modified Dirt Track Championship is taking place at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota this weekend. In a real surprise-not-Rodney Sanders won Thursday’s feature. I’m not sure if it is the Texan’s 6th, 16th, or 60th straight feature win, just that no one else seems to be able to beat him. Terry Phillips finished second, giving him three seconds and a third in the last four USMTS races. Rain forced officials to postpone the last 27 laps of the Friday feature to tonight.

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Carnival Rides, Farm Animals, Fair Queens, Wind, Sprint Cars, And A Packing Plant Neighbor-A Night At Crawford County Speedway

July 25, 2014 2 comments

If Denison is not the coldest community in Iowa, I do not want to visit whatever town is.  In past years I have froze at Crawford County Speedway in March.  I have shivered at CCS in October.  I won’t say I froze or shivered last night, just that the evening was unseasonably cool, with a brisk wind out of the northwest.  I am glad Matt brought along blankets to sit on.  They were not used for that purpose.


Since he is likely to comment if I don’t mention it, I steered Matt wrong last night.  It has been at least 10 years since we last visited Denison, and I had it in mind that CCS was just off Highway 30.  I was wrong.  I am not sure I deserved being told he adds the “Ron factor” to the time it takes to go some place as my slight detour did not take as long as his inability to find a parking spot.


Crawford County Speedway had a distinct air about it last night.  I am not sure if it was the Iowa Beef plant just south of the track, the farm animals on display at the Crawford County Fair, or a combination of both.  Matt told me I could not say it was the packing house, the farm animals, AND a certain division that raced there last night-other than GOTRA you can put in the division of your own choosing.


There were 13 GOTRA coupes and sedans, 16 Sports Mods-aka B-Mods, 18 SLMR late models, and 16 Nebraska 360 sprint cars.  My thoughts:


-I like the “new” CCS track a lot better than the old CCS track.  There was actually some racing going on, not just go fast and turn left.


-Over the years I have watched many GOTRA features, but last night’s feature was the closest ever, with three cars close enough to throw a blanket over-though if I had another blanket, I would have thrown it over me.


-Dumbest move of the night was by a late model driver on the second lap of the first heat race. It took out three cars, though two were able to make repairs and tag on the back of the SLMR feature.


-Chris Abelson was driving a B-mod last night.  Isn’t this the same Chris Abelson who is leading the IMCA Modified Nationals points and who won the Harris Clash at Knoxville just a week before?  I am not sure why he was racing in this division.  Abelson started on the pole for the feature and I was ready to throw the checkered then.  However, he could only manage a 4th place finish.


-Surprisingly enough, the B-mod feature wasn’t half bad.  At one point late in the race there was a three wide battle for the lead.


-The same day I published a link to an article talking about intermissions, the track has a 25 minutes waste of time.


-Yes, Kyle Berck did win the SLMR feature-his 5th in a row in the series.  The main surprise in this race for me was that young Brian Kosiski runs a Missile chassis.  A Kosiski running a Berck chassis, who woulda thunk it?


-We left while Berck was being interviewed after his win and were probably close to Missouri Valley by the time the sprint car feature was over.  I checked the CCS website and see that Billy Alley won.


-One thing about the Silver Dollar Nationals-watching the best of the best in action spoils you.  There was absolutely no comparison between SLMR late model action and Lucas Oil late model racing.


-Not wanting to be considered part of the problem with dirt track racing today, I won’t comment-much-on the bizarre numbers being shown on the track’s scoreboard.  Wouldn’t a better time for testing and repairing be before the races started?


Overall, a B- for the night, though the conversations going to the track and coming home added to the quality of the evening.  It was 10 years since we last visited CCS, I would say let’s do it again in 10 years. Now a certain Meyer is talking of going to ACS-Adams County Speedway.  Why I do not know.  Maybe I can bribe him not to.


My rain dance this week did work; it was just a little slow.  We had quite a thunderstorm about 1:30 a.m.


Since Darrell Lanigan won the WoO race at Independence Speedway and Brian Birkhofer finished 11th, I am glad we did not make the 5 hour trip to eastern Iowa.  Lanigan has a 212 point lead over Rick Eckert heading into this weekend’s Prairie Dirt Classic in Fairbury, Illinois.


Be sure to go to and check out my latest Caution for Debris post.  You may have to click on ‘More’ to find it.  After the success of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Eldora Speedway and with track owner Tony Stewart calling for additional NASCAR races at the track, I make a case for a Sprint Cup series race at the Ohio dirt track.


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