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Park Jefferson, Sprint Cup, Cigars, Formula One, And USMTS Mods-Don’t Even Try To Say You Get All Of This Anywhere Else

October 31, 2014 1 comment

A preliminary schedule for 2015 has been released by Park Jefferson Speedway. The South Dakota track has 17 nights of racing scheduled, with super late models being the featured class on three nights, and late models heading the program another night.  Sprint cars will race four nights at PJ, and the new National Sprint League will make an appearance on Friday, July 10th.

The 2nd Annual Carlson Clash will have Corn Belt Clash super late models pitted against MLRA super late models on May 29th and 30th.  The CBC returns again on Thursday June 25th to battle MARS super late models.  It looks like this race will precede the Alphabet Soup Race at I-80 Speedway and possibly a Saturday night race at Adams County Speedway in Corning, Iowa. Given that I received a copy of the schedule in an email from my son Matt-who is a fan of PJ for reasons I have never understood, I suspect a Meyer family outing to Siouxland will take place on one of those SLM nights. Or maybe I can come up with a great excuse not to in the next seven months.

A Sporting News NASCAR article posed the question “Which Sprint Cup driver looks best in a cowboy hat?” They showed pictures of previous winners at Texas Motor Speedway and honestly none of them looked that great. It was a toss-up between Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle as to who looked the most ridiculous.  Actually both of them looked better than Tony Anville who sent me a photo earlier this year when he was in Dallas for work and to attend a Dallas Cowboys preseason game.  I admit I would look pretty stupid in a cowboy hat too.

Actually the best photo of someone in a cowboy hat was my son when he was about five years old. He was sitting on his CB cycle-a plastic three wheeled self-propelled vehicle he rammed/jammed around our house-wearing pajamas, cowboy hat on his head, and a toy cowboy gun in his hand, and a plastic cigar tube in his mouth as if he was smoking a cigar.  Funny the things we remember over 30 years later. The cigar tube came from an Antonio y Cleopatra cigar.  I haven’t smoked cigars in years, but didn’t smoke really cheap ones ever.

Anyway, since TROTD is a major jinx I am not going to say which driver I think looks the best in a cowboy hat, but there is certainly one I hope will be wearing one-a white one, he is one of the good guys-in Victory Lane on Sunday.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but after watching the movie ‘Rush’ a few times on HBO this week, I actually wouldn’t mind going to an F1 race. I do remember Niki Lauda, but I had to ‘Google’ James Hunt. He was certainly an interesting individual. He was a European version of Tim Richmond.

To be honest I used to watch F1 racing years and years ago. It was glamorous long before the NASCAR Sprint Cup series caught the attention of the corporate world. Put the race at Circuit of the America’s in Texas on my bucket list if I win the lottery. It would take a lottery win to be able to afford tickets-COTA tickets run from $139 for General Admission to $550. Actually the F1 race I always wanted to go to was the Grand Prix of Monaco. That is definitely out of my league though. I’ll have to settle for NASCAR Champions Week in Las Vegas in December.

Here is something almost as glamorous as racing F1’s in Monaco. Stormy Scott won the USMTS modified feature at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore.  The win on the opening night of “Halloween Havoc” was worth$2,000 to the New Mexico driver.  Rodney Sanders finished second. 30+ USMTS drivers will go at it again tonight and tomorrow.

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Allman Brothers, Keselowski Bucks, Waltrip Dancing, And Let’s Elect The Sprint Cup Champ

October 30, 2014 3 comments

The go racin’ music Matt and I listen to on trips around the Midwest always includes Southern Rock-either Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers Band, usually both. After 45 years, break ups, make ups, and new alignments, the Allman Brothers Band is calling it quits. It played its last concert at the Beacon Theater in New York on Tuesday.

I can remember a Friday night way back in 1972, already married though still in college, coming home from working in the night invoice department at Hormel, walking in the door of our mobile home-nothing mobile about it, we lived in a trailer park, turning on our black and white portable TV, and watching the Allman Brothers on In Concert. Their music has lived for nearly half a century, and I am sure it will live on for many more years.

Newsday reported that each of the top 12 NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers have over $5,000,000 in winnings this season. Brad Keselowski leads the way with $7,089,223, while Jeff Gordon has won a “mere” $6,722,862.  The Top 43 drivers, and that is how many drivers qualify for each Sprint Cup race have all earned over $1,000,000.  Owned or leased, I can see how drivers can afford private jets to travel to and from their Charlotte area homes.

Somehow, some way, Michael Waltrip is still dancing on the ABC show Dancing With The Stars. Judges continue to give Waltrip low scores, but with half the total score based on fan voting, Waltrip keeps coming back when better dancers have been eliminated from competition. Since he doesn’t have a driver in the Chase, I guess this is Waltrip’s attempt to get a championship.  If he really wants to win, he needs to talk with his buddy Dale Earnhardt Jr. and have him make a special appeal to all members of the Junior Nation to vote for Waltrip.

The last time a bad dancer lasted this long on the show was when Bristol Palin garnered all the Tea Party votes. It does surprise me that so many rednecks are voting for Waltrip-I guess what is surprising is that the rednecks are watching dancing and it isn’t at a country western bar.

What if NASCAR championships were determined the same way we determine our elected officials? Yeah, I know Dale Earnhardt Jr. would win in a landslide.  But maybe not.  Think of all the attack ads that other drivers could make on Junior. I am pretty sure that hand painted “Go Jun’yer” signs next to a rusted pick-up with no wheels setting in the front yard of a trailer house with plastic trash bags over broken out windows might not be the best way to get across a message.  If all the Brad Keselowski fans donated one dollar to his PAC, it could pay for at least one ad on the radio station in Pumpkin Corner, North Carolina.

And that’s all the politics I am talking about today. Thanks for stopping by.



Think Arkansas-Dirt Tracks, Junior Nation, Budweiser, B-Mods, And Attack Ads

October 29, 2014 Leave a comment

I read the Omaha World-Herald today while sitting in the surgery waiting room at the Fremont Area Medical Center-or whatever they are calling it this week. My mom had back surgery to repair a stress fracture, the third one in the past 18 months.  Anyway, one of the news items was there is an initiative on the ballot in Arkansas that would make the sale of alcohol legal in all 75 counties in the state.  Apparently about half of the counties are dry.

I had two thoughts almost immediately. First, all of the race tracks in Arkansas must be in half the counties, because no dirt track can survive without beer sales.  The other was that a lot of members of the Junior Nation have to go to another county to get their Budweiser.

The latest issue of Dirt Modified magazine has an article on a $10,000 to win B Mod show that was held in Wisconsin. I just read the headlines, not the articles, but again my mind went to work on possibilities.  Wouldn’t it wonderful if some local track hosted the “B-Mod World Championship?”  Go with $10,000 to win and $1,000 to start.  Make it a three day show with a $100 entry fee.  Advertise it.  Get maybe 200 cars to show up.  Divide the cars into two groups.  10 heats of 10 cars for each group.  Top two finishers in each heat move on to the A feature for the group.  The other 80 cars will race in one of 6 B features, with the top two in each B feature moving on to the A.  That would mean 20 heats, 12 B features, and 2 A features on the two qualifying nights.

Drivers accumulate points each night, and the 20 drivers with the most points on nights one and two qualify for the big buck A feature. There would be 12 last chance races of 15 cars each, with only the winner qualifying for the A main.  The A would start 32 cars and run 50 laps.  If I calculated correctly, that would be 1,090 laps of B-Mod action over 3 nights.  What could be more exciting?  A root canal?  A colonoscopy? Listening to hours and hours of idiot political attack ads?

That format was stream of conscious, so if it sounds crazy, well, not a lot of effort was made for it to sound otherwise.

Do any of you vote for a candidate based on yard signs? I don’t.  Maybe some people do.  Candidates sure seem to spend a lot of money on them. Other than to occasionally shout obscenities at attack ads, I don’t pay any attention to political ads on TV either.  Please don’t vote for a candidate-of either party-based on TV ads that are full of half-truths and outright lies.  I am beyond sick of commercial after commercial of this crap.  I would like to thank the Supremes, no not the Motown group, rather the Supreme Court for allowing an overabundance of wasted money. Back in the 60’s films, and magazines were called pornography if they contained “no redeeming social value.”  Well, political attack ads contain no redeeming social value.  You know a candidate I would vote for?  One who would disassociate himself/herself from all this PAC puke.

I wish there was a way to block all such ads if you don’t want to watch them. I’ll vote next Tuesday and then I am going to go watch Midland University basketball. My plans do not include watching results when I get home. I’ll go to sleep knowing that we got what we deserve-or less than we deserve if two statewide office candidates from Fremont are elected.

Sorry about the rant. I would rather spend three nights watching B-Mods (see above) than listen to any more of this shit. READ, LEARN, DON’T LISTEN.

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P.S. My 90 year old mother is doing fine. She is getting to be a pro at this. Two small incisions are made and a material the consistency of toothpaste is injected into her spine.  It hardens and the break is repaired.  And as the doctor has said after each of these surgeries, there is a 50-50 chance of another stress fracture within the next two years.




Is There Any Question Scott Bloomquist Is The 2014 Dirt Late Model Driver Of The Year?

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

I received the following comment on yesterday’s blog from Ivan Tracy:

“Just finished up with the STN in Little Rock. Great show but track prep was very questionable! Not much passing. On the way to Texas Motor Speedway!”

I don’t know if there is a sprint car race or if Ivan is going for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Either way he knows I am envious-a good race, even a good sprint car race-is 100% better than working any day.  Ah to be retired and have Ivan’s money.

Below is my Top 25 for the week. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Voter Name: Ron Meyer
Please Enter Date Below
Position 10/27/14
1 Scott Bloomquist
2 Jimmy Owens
3 Don O’Neal
4 Darrell Lanigan
5 Dale McDowell
6 Billy Moyer
7 Jonathan Davenport
8 Brian Birkhofer
9 Steve Francis
10 Mike Marlar
11 Chris Madden
12 Tim McCreadie
13 Eddie Carrier Jr.
14 Shannon Babb
15 Randy Weaver
16 Bobby Pierce
17 Jimmy Mars
18 Rick Eckert
19 Jason Feger
20 Gregg Satterlee
21 Brandon Sheppard
22 Billy Moyer Jr.
23 Chris Simpson
24 Devin Moran
25 Terry Phillips

No, you are not see things-I really did place a Simpson brother in my Top 25. Most of the season I have not been overwhelmed by the performance of John Blankenship, though I kept him in my Top 25-partly because he was in the Top Ten in points in the Lucas Oil series, and partly because he won the World 100 in 2013.  Perhaps his accomplishments this season rival that of Simpson, but Simpson wins out on “what have you done for me lately?” reasoning.

NO, I could not see replacing any of my 21st-25th drivers with Simpson’s brother Chad.  Let’s just say that won’t happen before winter-at least I was thinking it would be a “cold day” before I added him to my list. If you really want to know my reasoning for this, email me.  I admit it isn’t rational, but how much in racing is?

Anyway, only one of my drivers is outside the overall top 25, and he is 27th.  I am not sure if the other voters are getting smarter, or I am getting dumber.  Of course as the season ends, a driver would have to do something spectacular to make a big move.  Even if Owens or Lanigan won a few races at the World Finals next week I am not going to move them ahead of Bloomquist.

While the coverage is the same, I would encourage you to purchase your World Finals PPV’s from and not from the WoO’s The price is the same too, this is just me being biased for DOD and against WoO.  The PPV’s will be shown November 6th-8th and will include all action of the big block mods, 410 sprint cars, and super late models. Cost for a three night package for DOD subscribers is $64.99, while individual night packages are $19.99 for November 6th, and $34.99 each for November 7th and 8th.

After the World Finals, the only PPV’s left to watch are on XSANTV. The Duel in the Desert from Las Vegas will run on 11/13-11/15, while the Desert Thunder Nationals from Central Arizona Speedway in Casa Grande will be held on 11/22 and 11/23.  Go to to order these races.  Oh, and for people who are cheap or who really want to watch fast cars turn left on dirt as the season winds down, the 11/12 Duel in the Desert practice session will be shown on for free.

Yup, racing is almost over, but it is just one week until the home opener for the 2013 NAIA National Runner-Up Midland University Warrior men’s basketball team.

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A Rant, Tennessee Two-Step, PPV From EAMS, Plus NASCAR

October 27, 2014 1 comment

One of the bad things about living in eastern Nebraska is that we are not only inundated with political ads for Nebraska candidates, we are drowning in ads for Iowa candidates too since the Omaha TV stations serve western Iowa. This is insane. I read that between candidates and the idiot PAC’s-I am calling PAC’s on both sides idiots-something like 57,000 TV ads have been purchased for the Iowa Senate race.  I take back the insane-this is obscene.

I am not sure how any person with half a brain can be influenced by ads filled with half-truths and outright lies, but apparently this must happen. In the past week I have been beseeched for donations from candidates in California, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia.  This despite unsubscribing on emails I never subscribed to get in the first place.  I realize it is our responsibility as citizens to vote, but I am coming quite close to becoming apolitical.

Again, I have a solution that would benefit us all. For every dollar candidates and PAC’s spend on TV advertising, they have to contribute a dollar to charity. No, I don’t think that will happen.

I am hoping that the airways will clear on Wednesday November 5th.  So is my wife-she is getting tired of the profane adjectives I attach with liar when some of these commercials come on.

Enough of my rant. Two drivers from Tennessee took home the big bucks in dirt late model racing this past weekend. Scott Bloomquist continued to make a mockery of fall racing by capturing the Blue-Gray 100 at Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, South Carolina and adding $10,000 more to his bank account.  The only person I know who has made more money the Bloomquist in September and October is Tony Anville.

Randy Weaver of Crossville, was the other Tennessee winner. He took home $15,000 winning the Coors Light Fall Classic at Whynot Motorsports Park in Mississippi.  Iowan Chris Simpson was a close second.  Weaver moved up in my DOD Top 25 ballot, and yes, I did add Simpson to my vote this week.  It surprised me too.

The main event this weekend will be the $20,000 to win National 100 from East Alabama Motor Speedway in Phenix City, Alabama. will show both days of the Saturday and Sunday event.  Go to the website for further details. The only other major event is a Southern All-Stars “Bonus race from Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, Kentucky.  That show pays $10,024 to win.

Add a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville to my bucket list, even though the small town in southwest Virginia is 100 miles away from any major airport. I very much enjoyed yesterday’s Goody’s Headache Relief Shot 500 yesterday-I would have enjoyed it more if Jeff Gordon had won, but it held my attention all afternoon, no napping at all. Maybe by next fall I will finally win a $$$$ lottery and Matt and I can afford to go.

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Oh My Aching Back-And Knees

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

This morning as I sat in my easy chair with a heating pad on my left knee and an ice pack on my back I thought of jobs I could never do. Maybe it was the achy knee that triggered my thoughts.  Anyway, there are a number of jobs I could never do.

I could not be a catcher for the Kansas City Royals-or any other ball club for that matter. When Matt and I were watching the NU Red-White scrimmage on Monday, I watched the catcher for several innings and counted how many times he went into the catcher’s crouch.  An average inning might be 25 times in that position, or well over 200 in a game.  Now, I can still get down into that crouch, but I would need four people on hand if I did-three to help me out of the crouch, and one to drive me to the emergency room at Fremont Area Medical Center.

I couldn’t paint the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge either, even if I was paid $1,000,000 to do it. What good would the money do me if I died from a heart attack the second I looked down?

I could not be a surgeon. I hate the sight of blood, and the thought of slicing into someone gives me the creeps.  I couldn’t be the captain on a cruise ship either.  I came close to being sea sick on an hour cruise around San Francisco Bay, so I know what would happen once the ship left port.

And, I could not be a race car driver. The idea of going fast does not bother me.  Neither does the idea of bumping someone and being bumped in return.  What would not let me climb through the window of a race car-and I don’t need any “the window would have to be a lot bigger for you,”-is the fear of ending up on my head.  Not rolling over, rather rolling over and ending up with the car on its roof.

I couldn’t be a novelist either. I love to write, and even more to read, but the few times I have even thought of writing fiction I found my dialog comes out like robots talking.  I’ll just have to stick with blogging and the occasional magazine article.

No, I still won’t drive 50 miles to watch a sprint car race, but add another destination to the list of where I would go to watch the push to start race cars. In addition to Cocopah, Arizona and various tracks in Australia, I wouldn’t mind visiting Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida next February 19th-21st. Bubba’s digs hosts the USAC Winter Dirt Games VI those dates.  Yes, USAC wingless sprint cars.

I am not sure if I will ever get to retire, and even less sure if I did retire that I could do this, but I would love to spend three weeks in Florida-East Bay, Volusia, Ocala, and the big track in Daytona, watching races every night. 21 days and nights of racing sounds like a dream vacation for a race fan. I’m not putting that on my “if I win the lottery” bucket list though.  There is a young man who will probably start playing basketball next winter that I want to watch in action more than I want to see fast cars blazing around Sunshine State ovals.  Maybe a week would be better.  A night in Ocala watching USAC sprints, a few nights at Volusia watching late models and big block mods, plus the Twin 150’s and Daytona 500 seems a lot better than snow and cold of mid-February Nebraska.

Yeah, I do say these things a lot. I think of them often, and with no live racing in the area, I have to write about something. Oh-don’t forget to visit my NASCAR Sprint Cup blog at  Click on ‘More,’ and then click on ‘Caution for Debris.’

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A Truly Brilliant Idea

October 23, 2014 1 comment

Kurt Busch is entered in the Race of Champions, an event that will be held in Barbados in December. I Googled ‘ROC’ and found this race has been held in locations in Europe and Asia and has been on the scene for over 20 years.  In 2012, the race was held in Bangkok, Thailand in what appears to be a soccer stadium.  Photos of the track show it to be a giant version of a slot car track, and the cars raced would have to be termed ‘exotic.’

Riding to races and games with my son Matt is always an adventure. Almost every trip he has a new, whacky, but really good idea for some type of event.  Being exposed to his thinking so often, got me thinking about stadium or arena racing after reading about Busch and the ROC.

There are plenty of indoor midget races in the winter, most notably the Chili Bowl in Tulsa. In Richmond, Virginia a half-million dollar high banked track is set up in the Richmond Arena to race light weight, half-sized stock cars on 12 dates running January-March. See the link below.

The problem with these types of racing is the fumes produced by the high octane fuels that power the engines. What if there was an indoor race series that did not come with the headache-literally-of gas fumes? I am thinking electric motors in ArenaRacingUSA type cars, cars that look like smaller versions of NASCAR Sprint Cup cars.

I realize that the trade-off for no fumes would be no engine roar, but electric engines mean no carbon monoxide and no hearing loss either. Electric cars are among the fastest in the Pikes Peak Climb-and yes, I realize that is due in part to not needing oxygen to burn fuel in such a high altitude.  Still, the cars aren’t going to go 200 miles per hour indoors, so an electric engine could provide all the power needed.

I wonder how well this type of racing would do at an arena like the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Or if you could make the series a tour with stops in places like Indianapolis, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Las Vegas. Heck, a track could be set up in the home of the Dallas Cowboys, A T & T Stadium in Texas in January-it is never needed for football in January anyway.

While I realize that NASCAR stars aren’t very likely to do much racing on dirt in the future, perhaps this type of indoor racing would be OK with car owners. They could race against other “pro drivers.” Since so many parents are eager to put youngsters in race cars, there could be a youth division too. MAVTV could televise the events-obviously there would be no rain-outs, and since Lucas Oil sponsors about 99 other racing series, get ‘ole Forrest to sign off on one more. Yeah, I know, pipe dream, come back to reality (thanks for those words Blues Magoos).  Add this to my “if I win the lottery bucket list.”

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