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Thank God It’s Friday

July 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Have you stopped being surprised when you read that Jonathan Davenport won yet another race? Well, yes or no, he won another race, the opening night race of the USA Nationals. If you are looking for a surprise, well, a Batesville, Arkansas driver finished second. Yes, his name is Billy Moyer, although in this case attach the suffix Jr. to the name. The old Billy Moyer finished third, and Scott Bloomquist finished fourth.

Davenport is allowing fans a little excitement before the inevitable happens. At the Prairie Dirt Classic last week, the hands down driver of the year waited until the last lap to garner the lead. Last night, he grabbed first place on the next to last lap. Prior to his win in Fairbury, Illinois Davenport had planned to take this week off. With a $6,000 check in hand and a shot at the big prize of $50,000, I am sure the Georgia driver is thinking he can vacation in the off season.

I am sure that WoO officials loved the fact that the top seven finishers last night were non-Outlaws. Chub Frank in eighth was the first WoO regular to cross the finish line. 48 cars raced, and as always at this event, the non-qualifiers list is impressive. Dennis Erb Jr. failed to qualify for last night’s feature. Neither Simpson brother made the main event. USMTS ace Rodney Sanders finished fourth in his heat-only the top three qualified for the feature, and then finished third in a B feature where the top two made the A main. Gregg Satterlee and Brian Shirley were also non-qualifiers, and WoO regulars Eric Wells, Rick Eckert, Chase Junghans, and Brandon Overton all had to take series provisionals. All but Eckert took “emergency” provisionals meaning they forfeited prize money to run the race. I suppose that running for points is important to a regular, but with 22nd, 25th, and 26th place finishes, none of the drivers earned many points.

I did watch time trials and heat races of one of last night’s events on a PPV. Whether it was late models at Cedar Lake or sprint cars at I-80 Speedway, well, you’ll just have to guess.

I love this link

I would love to answer “what is wrong with MWR?” but I am too busy discovering and pointing out all that is wrong with Roush Fenway Racing. OK, I will answer anyway. Instant karma from the Richmond attempted manipulation of results, including the Bowyer spin. Losing a B-I-G dollar sponsor because of the spin. Losing the team’s best driver, Martin Truex Jr. Losing crew chief Rodney Childers who went on to a championship last season teamed with Kevin Harvick. Any of the four might generate poor results. All four practically guarantee them. And as Twitter’s Drunken Brian France points out, it has now been 1,023 days since Clint Bowyer won a NASCAR point paying race.

So, what will I watch tonight? Late models or sprints? 48+ late models or 53 sprints and some modifieds. I wonder which heats were the best last night at I-80? The 410 sprints? The 360 sprints? The modifieds? My money is on the modifieds.

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I Am Faced With Some Tough Decisions

July 30, 2015 Leave a comment

I-80 Speedway is not racing on Friday August 7th because of Junction Motor Speedway’s King of the Hill special.  However they are racing on Sunday August 9th.  Now there will be no super late models that night, but they are having DOUBLE B-mod features.  OK, should I go to the Saturday night of the King of the Hill at JMS and watch regional late model action, or go to I-80 Speedway on Sunday and watch two B-mod features.  Darn, that is a tough decision.


Of course I am faced with a tough decision tonight. Should I watch the opening night of the USA Nationals from Cedar Lake Speedway on a PPV or should I watch The Road to Knoxville on Speed Shift TV? Late Models or Sprint Cars? I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decided.

Ivan Tracy has already made his decision. It is I-80 tonight and tomorrow and then off to Knoxville for what he calls the “real” nationals. As always I envy Mr. Tracy. I would love to jump in my motor home-if I had one-drive to a race track, camp out with race fans, and night after night go watch racing, even sprint cars, just not B-mods. Enjoy yourself Ivan.

This from Sporting News-I miss the days when it was a baseball paper:

There are many ways this story could spin, and I only reluctantly remind you of the Clint Bowyer Richmond spin that has let to so many problems for Michael Waltrip Racing. Jamie McMurray, Kyle Larson, Clint Bowyer, and David Ragan-not exactly names to be mentioned with Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.of Hendrick Motorsports. Actually, not really names to be mentioned with Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and even Danica Patrick of Stewart-Haas Racing. It would certainly be a far more formidable team than Greg Biffle, Trevor Bayne, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. of Roush Fenway though.

Crew chief Scott Eggleston of Mike Curb Racing was fined $25,000 for a P3 penalty during Brickyard 400 practice. Yeah, I know, who? OK, does driver Timmy Hill ring a bell? No? An unattached weight left the car. Ouch, not exactly something you would want to run over or have thrown through your windshield at 200 miles per hour. Eggelston was also suspended for a race and put on NASCAR double secret probation. Seems a little like robbing from the poor, but that could have created a dangerous situation.

Here is something I wish I could afford to do. Unfortunately, all the gold in California-or rather Nebraska, is in a bank in the middle of Auburn, in somebody else’s name.

While it didn’t cost me $400 ala Tony Anville to actually race against Jeff Gordon, I did contribute a nice sum to have a name put on Gordon’s Drive To End Hunger Chevrolet at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on September 27th. No, not my name. Henry Meyer will be one of the names on Gordon’s car that day. I was thinking of getting a 1/24th die cast #24 car and have Stan Cisar do a decal of Henry’s name and put it on the car, but car cost $99.95, almost as much as my donation to the AARP Foundation. Jane not happy with me or Henry very happy? That is a tough one.

Anyway, supper and then time to watch a PPV from————-.

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July 29, 2015 2 comments

This from S.J. Cisar ‘re last night’s blog:

“They have a great salad at Sortinos.”

TROTD-Two things. If I was a salad lover, I would not be worried about losing weight. And, yeah, sure, all of you are eating pizza and I’ll eat salad instead. Right. Ain’t happening.

However, perhaps some Tuesday in August we might schedule one of our get-togethers.

Of course of far more importance than me eating a pizza, even more important than Kyle Busch winning four of the last five NASCAR Sprint Cup races and Jeff Gordon not winning in 2015, is that Danica Patrick is supposedly close to signing a deal to stay with Stewart-Haas Racing as SHR appears to have sponsors lined up to replace Go Daddy as Patrick’s sponsor.

Of course in my household, the fate of Clint Bowyer is of great importance. Read that as me being ironic, sarcastic, smart ass.

So someone wants Bowyer to go to another team? Obviously they don’t read Drunken Brian France on Twitter or they would know the old Kansas modified driver hasn’t won a NASCAR point race in 1,021 days.

DBF also point out that there were maybe 75,000 fans on hand at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or about 300,000 fewer than the first NASCAR visit to IMS in 1994. Gee, does that mean fans don’t appreciate the kind of racing seen in the Brickyard 400? Imagine that.

Shane Clanton won yet another WoO feature last night, this one at Shawano Speedway in Wisconsin-the second ‘a’ is silent. Clanton was followed by Earl Pearson Jr., Jimmy Mars, A.J. Diemel, and Josh Richards. The win was worth $10,550 and was Clanton’s ninth WoO feature win this season. The Georgia driver has a 176 point lead over Richards in WoO standings.

The outlaws head to Cedar Lake Speedway tomorrow for a $6,000 to win show, followed on Friday with qualifying for Saturday’s $50,000 to win USA Nationals. I’ll be watching the DOD PPV.

If you prefer asphalt short track racing to incredible dirt late model action, tune into on Saturday for shows in North Carolina and California. Normally the Irwindale, California race would be one that interested me, but not this week.

For those of you who don’t like great late model action or short track asphalt racing, Speed Shift TV will be showing both nights of the Road to Knoxville from I-80 Speedway, starting tomorrow night. NSL and ASCS sprints will take to the track from complete programs each night. Wow, USA Nationals or sprint cars? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Speed Shift-I can’t believe how many times I type that incorrectly-has PPV’s more in tune with what I like next week. MLRA action Farley and West Liberty will be shown on August 3rd and 4th, and the Nights of 1,000-10,000-and All-Stars from Hancock Speedway will be shown on August 6th-August 8th. IMCA modifieds will be the featured class those nights.

The USMTS is off until August 6th. I am not sure if this was planned or if the series is trying to give other drivers time to figure out how to defeat Rodney Sanders. Sanders is spending his time off racing late models. He started 11th at Shawano last night, but mechanical troubles ended his night on lap 10 of the 50 lap feature. He is scheduled to race at Cedar Lake this weekend.

Me, I am trying to figure out things, just like USMTS drivers not named Sanders. And I am having about as much success as those drivers. Ah well, thinking of one Henry Ross Meyer always makes me smile.

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Yes, This Is A Second Post Today, But It Is Meant For Tomorrow

July 28, 2015 1 comment


This blog is actually for Wednesday. I have figured out the posting problems with my computer and will now be doing posting at night. OK, so Amanda figured out what my problem posting was. She already gave me enough grief, so I don’t need more. Anyway, be sure to read my earlier blog too, and come back again tomorrow evening.


Below is my Top 25 ballot for the week: Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 7/27/2015
1 Jonathan Davenport
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Shane Clanton
4 Jimmy Owens
5 Earl Pearson Jr.
6 Randy Weaver
7 Brandon Sheppard
8 Billy Moyer
9 Josh Richards
10 Dennis Erb Jr.
11 Jesse Stovall
12 Chris Ferguson
13 Jason Feger
14 Darrell Lanigan
15 Bobby Pierce
16 Shannon Babb
17 Dale McDowell
18 Don O’Neal
19 Casey Roberts
20 Tim McCreadie
21 Chub Frank
22 Jared Landers
23 Billy Moyer Jr.
24 Devin Moran
25 Donald McIntosh


24 of my 25 drivers made the overall list, and the other driver on my list finished this week in the 26th spot on DOD.  No, Bub McCool was not on my list.  I openly admit to having a bias against green Mohawk hair-dos, but mainly I thought Donald McIntosh was more deserving of the spot.

This is a busy, busy week for late model racing.  Southern Nationals drivers will race three times and the World of Outlaw series has four nights on its schedule, starting tonight at Shawano Speedway in Wisconsin, and ending with the USA Nationals $50,000 to win feature at Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday.  There is regional action in the Southeast and Midwest, and there are six races that pay at least $5,000 to win.

Below are two comments about yesterday’s blog:

From Jim Hitzemann:

“Good luck Tony!! That would be a blast to do… Represent us well and try to stay out of the hands of the Knoxville PD… :)”

And from Speed Racer Tony Anville:

“If I could get Slowhand to distract everyone with the always incredible pyrotechnics just off the backstretch…I’d have a slight advantage in the Last Chance race. Unless Ron can convince Matt to run it for me?”

TROTD: I agree with Jim. That would be fun. I have even given some consideration to driving over just for that-hey, I did consider it briefly before deciding that is a long way to go to watch Tony in anything.

As far as ‘Slowhand’ creating a distraction, I suppose he could set one of the fields behind Slideways Karting on fire. No, I may never let you forget that Jim. In the past I would have given it up for a few pieces of fudge from the candy shop, but that was 28 pounds and two months ago. Then you could follow through with my suggestion, claim you won the foot race, and with everyone watching a roaring blaze, who could argue?

Tony, you should have done this when Matt was a cross country runner in high school-yes he was good. He was going to run cross country and track at MIDLAND UNIVERSITY, but jacking around playing basketball on someone’s driveway he tore a hamstring bad (if he was a horse he probably would have been put down). He stopped running then, and I am not sure if he runs any more than you these days. That would be from his car to Casey’s for donuts as you do from your car to Dunkin’ Donuts.

And speaking of donuts, two thumbs up for the writer of TROTD. A salesman brought in three dozen donuts today. In the past that would have meant at least two donuts, maybe three heading back to the controller’s office. Not today. Zip, nada, nothing. And my situation is also the main reason behind no soirees to Sortino’s Pizza at lunch for all the somewhat in crowd.

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NASCAR Stars To Race In Knoxville In August

July 28, 2015 2 comments

If you are attending the 2015 Knoxville Sprint Car Nationals next month, plan on making a Wednesday afternoon stop at Slideways Karting. Jeff Gordon, Kyle Larson, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne-AND Tony Anville will be racing go-karts as a fund-raiser for the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. The NASCAR stars have donated their time and 50 fans, including Tony will be doing their best to defeat the big name drivers in one of eight heat races at the go-kart venue north of Knoxville.

Anville will be in a heat that features Gordon and Larson. The NASCAR stars will start 9th and 10th in the race, while Anville has an outside 3rd row starting spot. I won’t speculate on how soon they will pass him, nor will I comment on whether or not they will lap him during the race.

The event will include heat races in which the winner advances to the feature race. There will be a last chance foot race around the track to determine an additional starter, and the four NASCAR stars have provisionals if they don’t qualify through heat races.

I did advise Tony that if he is in the last chance race he should do what his hero Roush Fenway Racing would do-cheat. I suggested he start at the very back of the pack and when the gun goes off to start the race, he should turn and run the opposite direction. As soon as he sees the other runners coming, he needs to turn around and sprint to the finish line, crossing first. And, if they tried to DQ him, to say that he was sure he saw Stewart do this at one of the Knoxville Late Model National races.

Here in his own words, Anville describes how he came to be in the race.

“A long-time friend of mine (he was a neighbor when I worked in the packing house in Lexington) named Dan Jensen lives in Omaha and a huge Jeff Gordon fan.  He’s the one with the motorhome painted like Gordon’s car.  He received an e-mail notice from the Jeff Gordon fan club about the event at Slideways.  He forwarded it to me.  The e-mail said, “At 10:00…the first 50 people to click on the link and donate $400 will get to race”.  So…that’s what I did.  I kept close tabs on it and it took about 6 hours for 50 spots to fill up.  So there was plenty of time for everyone.

Back before NASCAR became what it is today, from about 1978 through 1995…I raced with all the drivers at the local go-kart track in Oxford Alabama (just a few miles from Talladega Superspeedway).  Sterling Marlin, Morgan Sheppard, Jimmy Spencer, Davey Allison, Rusty Wallace…were all regulars.  They’d stand in line, pay their money like everyone else.  Mingle with the fans.  I always enjoyed that.  Every year you could count on these guys, and their crews to show up.

My favorite was when then driver Chad Little (now a NASCAR executive) convinced me to do as he did…and break the rules.  To make a long story short…we were both escorted out by the cops and I thought he and I were going to jail.  Thankfully, Chad is a law school graduate and at that time in the starting line-up for the next day’s race.  So they just told us not to come back the rest of the weekend.   Looking back, it was one of my all-time favorite racing memories.

The only thing I hope to accomplish is to say I was on the track at the same time as these guys.  Anything else is a bonus.”

I like to harass my friend Tony, because he deserves it. However, on this I give him two thumbs up. What race fan wouldn’t like to say he was on a track the same time Gordon, or Stewart, or Larson, or Kahne? Plus the event will raise over $20,000 for the Gordon Foundation and pediatric cancer research.

The event is open to the public and starts at 2:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00. If anyone does go, I would love to have photos or a video to use on my blog-and for future blackmail material.

For those of you so inclined, Larson will also be a guest bartender at the Dingus Lounge from 2:00-3:00 p.m. on Thursday August 13th. And don’t say you don’t know where the bar is.

Slideways Karting is a busy place. During the big track special events, people are lined up to pay $8.00 to race one time or $30.00 to go five times. It is open Thursdays through Sundays, and even has a league. Here is a link to their website for more information.

Another asphalt kart track that is associated with dirt track racing is located on the grounds of Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri. The place is beyond busy on Show-Me 100 weekend, and I suspect it is busy every race night. All of this got me thinking-what if Little Sunset Speedway at I-80 Speedway was paved? And the track owned about 15 karts-the ones at Slideways Karting have sponsor wraps. Such a track would be available for all the track’s special events, and could be a good money-maker. And I know that go-karts do race on asphalt, so it could still be used for competition.

I mentioned a celebrity go-kart race to advertise the Silver Dollar Nationals, with some kind of course set up on the front straightaway of I-80 Speedway, but an asphalt track would be more conducive for such an event. Starting in 2016, Jeff Gordon’s schedule would be open for such an event, even if NASCAR continues to schedule races that weekend. Do you think media would cover such an event?

No, I do not think this is likely to happen, it is just me thinking like my son Matt thinks-off the track, over the fence, sky high, but making sense if you think about it.

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Kyle Busch Is Hot-Hot-Hot. Jeff Gordon Is Not-Not-Not.

July 27, 2015 Leave a comment

When you’re hot, you’re hot. Rodney Sanders, Jonathan Davenport, and Kyle Busch are hot. Jeff Gordon is not. The driver of the #24 car deserves a better final year of racing than he is getting. Yesterday was just another example of Gordon’s bad luck. Clint Bowyer spun out in front of Gordon, hit nothing, continued on and finished sixth in the race. Bowyer’s spin led to Gordon spinning and hitting the wall, severely damaging the nose of his car, sending him to a 42nd place finish. Per Drunken Brian France on Twitter, Bowyer’s NASCAR point race losing streak is now at 1,019 days and counting. I am not a fan of the one-time modified driver from Kansas.

With his fourth win in five races, Busch is now just 24 points from claiming 30th in the Sprint Cup Series point standings, the spot he needs to be a part of The Chase. Justin Allgaier is currently in 30th place. In his last five races, he has finished 35-18-24-40-37. Roush Fenway Racing needs to hire him. Anyway, do you think that Busch will catch him with four races to go before The Chase? Yes, I understand-no way he doesn’t move up to 30th in points. Will he catch him this week at Pocono, or will it be the following week at Watkin’s Glen? I am sure he will pass David Gilliland for 29th spot. It looks like the Dynamic Duo of Trevor Bayne and Ricky Stenhouse Jr., 28th and 27th in points are far enough ahead of Busch that he won’t pass them. However, if Busch keeps winning and Stenhouse and Bayne continue to rack up finishes like at Indianapolis (35th and 40th), he might blow by them too.

Although there will no doubt be a NASCAR/NBC spin on the ratings, there was a 21% decline over the 2014 Brickyard 400, and of the nine races on a cable channel this year, it was the eighth to show a decline. This race has been pushed as second only to the Daytona 500 in importance, so it not being shown on network TV is kind of farcical to me.

As far as the race itself, well, I didn’t see a big improvement over previous years. It was still a lot of single file racing. The restarts were a little wild, but anymore, all Sprint Cup restarts are. 2014 champion Kevin Harvick called the changes NASCAR mandated for the race “huge science project that probably didn’t really change that much.” I didn’t fall asleep, but after the Bowyer/Gordon incident I didn’t pay really close attention either.

Now it is on to Pocono, another Sprint Cup race that does not overwhelm me. The best race of the weekend should be Saturday night when the Xfinity Series races at Iowa Speedway. That is a race I would go to. I would not go to a race at Pocono.

I won’t be watching the Xfininity race though. And, no, I will not be on The Road to Knoxville on Thursday and Friday at I-80 Speedway. I will be watching the USA Nationals from Cedar Lake Speedway on a PPV. Subscribers can get a three day package (Thursday-Saturday) for $59.99, while the same package costs non-subscribers $67.99. Single day packages cost $24.99 on Thursday, $21.99 on Friday, and $27.99 on Saturday. The coverage includes pre-race reports, multiple cameras, instant replays, driver interviews, coverage of support class races, and all WoO action from time trials through features. I honestly think the DOD does a super job with their coverage and it is well worth watching-just be prepared for a late night on Saturday because the track does not do the feature until well after 10:00 p.m.

I did not include Donny Schatz in who is hot, not because I am ignoring sprint cars. He finally won last night for the first time in six races, taking the checkered flags and a $10,000 check at Lebanon Valley Speedway in New York. Maybe I should have included him anyway-in those five races in a row he did not win, he finished second. The WoO is racing in Canada this week, and then heading to Pevely, Missouri for the Ironman 50. After that it is the “other” Knoxville Nationals, the one that is in August, not September. I will write more of that tomorrow, as there is a very special race happening at Slideways Karting in Knoxville on August 12th.

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Berck Knows Way Around Off Road, Sanders Owns The World, Davenport Has Fastest Schooner On Prairie

July 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Last night Matt and I visited Off Road Speedway in Norfolk for the first time. Picture a thoroughly modern US 30 Speedway and that is the Norfolk speed plant-grassy parking area, walk up a hill to the grandstands, people standing on a concourse behind the stands, walking down steps to your seats, pits on the outside of the track, and a track that to me seemed much like the Columbus race track.

Track officials did a great job of running the program efficiently. Even with an intermission, the program that started around 7:30 p.m. was over just after 10:00 p.m. The track was racy with Kyle Berck, Tad Pospisil, and R.C. Whitwell all starting 7th in their heat races and winning. At one point in the Whitwell heat there was a 4-wide battle for the lead and that is something you don’t see often. The hamburgers weren’t bad, and the popcorn was the best race track popcorn around, even better than the popcorn at I-80 Speedway. Yes, I do like popcorn.

In fact the only problem was it did get a little dusty. Not an outrageous dusty, but the evening was warm and breezy, and they did appear to put down plenty of water prior to the racing. How wet did they have the track? Well, it was almost as wet as I-80 Speedway was a-f-t-e-r last Saturday’s 80 lap Silver Dollar Nationals. Cheap shot? Sorry.

There were 18 IMCA Northern Sport Mods, aka B-Mods on hand, along with 15 IMCA Sport Compacts, and 13 IMCA Hobby Stocks. There were 30 late models in the pits. The grandstands were packed, and people stood behind the stands and more stood close to the beer stand-sounds like a sprint car crowd. In addition to the already mentioned Berck, Pospisil, and Whitwell, Matt Buller won a heat race. Berck started on the pole, and I told Matt the race was already over. However, in a rare Berck mistake, the Marquette Missile veered off course heading into turn one and was passed by three cars.

Just when I started thinking we would now see a good race, the caution flag flew as three cars at the rear of the pack managed to find the same place on the track at the same time. Since no laps were completed, a complete restart was ordered, much to the disgust of the rather large, animated person in front of me-hey, someone who is 1 ½ times my size is rather large. Anyway, he displayed his disappointment with an extended middle finger as Berck drove by. Amazing.

No way would Berck make the same mistake two times, and he did not. He led the entire race and lapped 11 cars, picking up his 57th SLMR feature win, and $2,000 for his efforts. Whitwell was second and Pospisil finished third. Pospisil retained his series point lead. The SLMR will race at Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids, Iowa on Friday before heading to Raceway Park in Jefferson, South Dakota on Saturday.

The track name implies a non-oval course, which is not true. It was built on land of the Off Road Ranch, where there is also an off-road course for motorcycles and four wheelers. I say this for the benefit of residents of Nemaha County who found this difficult to understand.

Would I return to the track? If they have another late model special, yes I would. Will the track host the SLMR in the future? I suspect the crowd was the best of the season for the brand new facility, so there is no doubt it will return. It was a good night at the track, and in this day and age, there aren’t enough of them.

To our far north, at least to southern Minnesota, in a shocking surprise, Rodney Sanders led all but eight laps of the USMTS World Modified Dirt Track Championship and picked up a check for $5,000 in winning the first segment of the race, and a check for $15,000 in winning the second segment. Jason Hughes finished third in the first segment and second in the second part of the race and went home to Oklahoma with $7,150. Missouri veteran Terry Phillips finished fourth and third and collected $4,670. The series is off for 11 days, before a four day swing to Kansas and Missouri.

In another B-I-G surprise, Jonathan Davenport won a super late model race, his 12th victory in his last 15th starts, adding a Prairie Dirt Classic victory to his ever growing resume. Davenport passed Dennis Erb Jr. on the final lap of the 100 lap race. What greatly impresses me about this race is that there were eight lead changes. I am pleased when a track allows for side by side racing, and for drivers to advance through the field, so that many lead changes would be icing on the cake of a great night. Erb finished second, followed by Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards. WoO point leader Shane Clanton finished 19th, one spot behind Silver Dollar Nationals winner Scott Bloomquist. On our way home from Norfolk, Matt stated yet again that he wanted to go to this race in 2016. We’ll see.

The win at Fairbury American Legion Speedway was worth $26,000 to Davenport. As Jimi Hendrix once said “save it for a rainy day.”

And today, NASCAR at Indianapolis, and if all goes as I am afraid it will, a nap sometime during the race. Thanks for stopping by.