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From Where I Sit It Is No Rush

September 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Although it appears I am being somewhat lax in my blogging, I am trying.  I used to spend 15 minutes a day traveling to and from work.  Now, I spend an hour and 45 minutes commuting-45 minutes in the morning, and an hour in rush hour traffic heading home. It takes me 30 minutes just to get from where I work near 96th & L to Highway 31. Ah, rush hour traffic. Anyway, the difference is about the same amount of time I spent on my blog.

Below is my Top 25 for the week.  I suppose since I was in Knoxville, the deeds of the drivers who raced there influenced me far more than whatever other drivers did.  I only had 21 of the top 25 this week, and my other four were 26th, 27th, 32nd, and 37th. Yeah, three of those drivers raced in Iowa.

And yes, there is a driver named Simpson in my top 25. Again, chalk it up to a Knoxville hangover. Oh, and Matt got a phone call from the Cobblestone Inn, and we have confirmed reservations for next year. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 9/28/2015
1 Jonathan Davenport
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Shane Clanton
4 Jimmy Owens
5 Mike Marlar
6 Josh Richards
7 Shannon Babb
8 Jared Landers
9 Billy Moyer
10 Don O’Neal
11 Brandon Sheppard
12 Earl Pearson Jr.
13 Dennis Erb Jr.
14 Rick Eckert
15 Bobby Pierce
16 Dale McDowell
17 Darrell Lanigan
18 Billy Moyer Jr.
19 Jesse Stovall
20 Jason Feger
21 Randy Weaver
22 Chad Simpson
23 Steve Francis
24 Chris Brown
25 Chub Frank


Speaking of Knoxville hangovers, I received an email from Ivan Tracy explaining that sprint car fans don’t have to worry about seeing over driver haulers in the infield during the “other” big Knoxville event, because the haulers are not allowed in the infield. Ivan has seats in row 17 and can see everything. Ivan wouldn’t be the reason why, but after talking with the Hy-Vee restaurant manager about drunk sprint car fans eating breakfast at 2:00 a.m., I would say the track wants to error on the side of safety and sells tickets below row 17 to the aforementioned drunks.

If I get a chance tomorrow I will write about Tony Stewart retiring. It probably is time, but will NASCAR lose fans after next season, like they will lose fans after this season when Jeff Gordon retires?

The following email and link was sent by Tony Anville. Other than Lee Ackerman-and of course Glen Robey, I don’t know anyone more tuned into the history of Midwest racing.

From Tony: “He was the flagman at “Whitehead Speedway” and “I-29 Speedway”.  He was the flagman that was in the stand when Joe Kosiski won his first feature.  He also flagged at Harlan and evidently others.  He had stand-offs with some of the best local racers in area history (as everyone except Matt will remember, the flagman used to make all decisions).  He also fell out of the flag stand and onto the track one night.  Brushed his self-off…and went back at it.  He’s worth a nod in Bruton’s blog.  “Smokey Jordan” is what he was called.”

RIP Bill Jordan.

Thanks Tony, and thank you for stopping by.






Part 2-Two Days In Racing Paradise

September 27, 2015 1 comment

63 cars were on hand for Thursday’s Knoxville Nationals prelim, while 58 cars time trialed on Friday.

Random thoughts:

-Time trials were split into Group A and Group B, with heats 1-3 coming from Group A and 4-6 from Group B. Four cars time trialed together-if you have to have time trials, this is a lot more efficient than just 1 or 2 or 3 cars on the track together. It seemed to work well, although several times fast cars caught up with and passed slower cars on the final timed lap.

-My opinion is simply if a car is 2 ½ seconds slower per lap in time trials than the fastest car, the car really has no business being in the race. It is going to be a moving road block to fast cars every time it is on the track, meaning it could affect the race outcome, and worse yet, be a danger to other drivers. Race locally, get experience, and then race regionally gaining more experience. AND then, go to a race like the Knoxville Nationals.

-There were a lot of IMCA regulars in this event. Two started Saturday’s features-both got provisionals.

-Yes, I do realize that the track wants all of the Iowa drivers possible to fill out the field. Of the 20 entered, only Bart and Homer Simpson had a realistic chance at winning. By DOD guidelines, brother Chad should be in my Top 25 this week.  By memories of “Happenings Ten Years’ Time Ago,” no way.  As the Yardbirds sang:

Looking in a room I see Things that mean a lot to me why they do I never know Memories don’t strike me so.

I guess that means I hold a grudge for a l-o-n-g time.

-Racing on Thursday and Friday was OK some of the time, good much of the time, and very good part of the time. Track prep is both a science and an art at Knoxville. It was interesting watching track prep early Friday morning from the second floor of the Sprint Car Hall of Fame. It is definitely done right.

-Some sprint car fan wrote to TROTD about Donnie Schatz showing late model drivers the way around Knoxville.  Simply did not happen. Schatz was 28th overall in time trials, finished 7th in his heat, 4th in the C feature, and 15th in the B feature.

-Ryan Gustin continues to be just an average late model driver after being the top USMTS modified driver. He was just 46th in Thursday time trials, finished 8th in his heat, and 5th in the C feature. Friday it was 44th, 5th, and 12th in the B feature. On Saturday he finished 8th in the B feature.

-With Billy Moyer’s announcement he was retiring from “full-time racing,” I had hoped for something great to happen, like a few years ago when he won all three of the event’s A features. It wasn’t meant to be this year though. He finished 17th, 16th, and 11th in the A features. For most drivers that would have been a decent weekend.  Most drivers don’t have 100 feature wins-or 200 or 300 or 400 or 500 or 600 or 700 or the 800+ that Moyer does. I do hope Moyer will continue to race in crown jewel events in coming years.

-The one really scary moment of the weekend came when Iowa driver Greg Cox drove over a spun out and stopped in turn one Paul Glendenning. For a moment I thought he was going to hit Glendenning in the driver’s side door going full speed.  He missed the door, but drover over the front of the car and flipped hard, pretty much destroying both his and Glendenning’s car. A fan behind me stated Cox couldn’t avoid Glendenning, but it was at least four seconds between when Glendenning spun out, and Cox hit him.

-Matt said that Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel should bring a crew to the Knoxville Sprint Nationals-the other Knoxville Nationals-to film some of the non-race “events” like breakfast at the Hy-Vee at 2:00 a.m.

-Thursday’s feature was awesome, with Jimmy Owens passing Jonathan Davenport late in the race, and Davenport getting back by Owens a few laps later. I enjoyed the entire evening, but just a few laps like these were worth the price of admission.

-I can’t say I much enjoyed Friday’s feature though. Davenport missed qualifying for the A feature by one spot and had to make a guest appearance in the B-his words. He broke early in the B and was done for the night. And then Chad Simpson won the A feature. Not a great way to end what was otherwise a perfect two days.

-I followed Saturday’s A feature via the DOD updates. Sorry to see Davenport’s hopes go up in smoke. Sorry to see O’Neal’s chances go flat. Sorry to see Bloomquist break.  Was hoping for an Owens win, but that didn’t happen.  Wished Feger would have done a little more damage to Landers when they collided. The only thing good about Landers win was that meant Chad Simpson didn’t win.

-After an awesome two days, we already have our hotel reservations for next September 15th-16th-17th.  As soon as tickets go on sale we will order them. I would like to enjoy the event a little more and that means I have to get in shape.  Climbing up about 45 steps had my left knee screaming obscenities. Plus I would like to get into a kart at Slideways Karting too. Everyone shout encouragement from time to time.

And if a certain auditor wishes to tell his side of the Slideways collision, I will give him space to do so.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I almost forgot.  Jeff Gordon has a lucky charm on his car today at New Hampshire.  Henry Meyer’s name is on the car, along with others too. Hopefully Gordon’s talent and Henry’s good luck will overcome any crazy decisions by Gordon’s crew chief today.



Part I-Two Days In Racing Paradise

September 26, 2015 1 comment

The Knoxville Late Model Nationals is an event all dirt late model fans should attend at least once-or like Matt and I, go every year. It isn’t just a race, it is an experience.  16 of the top 25 drivers on my DOD ballot were on hand for the nationals. At least 10 more experienced national caliber drivers were on hand, as well as plenty of good regional drivers. The track carries a mystique among drivers and fans that no other track carries. There is plenty to do-the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame is adjacent to the track, and Slideways Karting is just a few miles north of Knoxville. There are plenty of decent places to eat in town, though you will likely have to go somewhere else to sleep unless you have an RV to camp at the track or at the campgrounds just a few blocks away. The few hotel rooms in town are booked a year in advance-we know for a fact, as we got the last room at the Cobblestone Inn for the 2016 race dates.

Some random thoughts:

-The axiom “it isn’t what you know, but who you know” was proven once again.  Steve Basch, aka RaceGuru, had an extra room reserved, and got the Cobblestone Inn to let Matt and I have it.  And yes, it was very nice having a room in town. Thank you Steve.

-I realize this is far out of character for me, but I very much like the Sprint Car Hall of Fame. I like going through all of the books available for sale-and yes, I did buy one, and I almost bought Henry a sprint car model.  Right, if you believe that, your name is Randy Palmer. I really do like the exhibits in the Hall, and the special Doug Wolfgang exhibit was actually more than special.  It was worth the price of admission-which is a meager $4.00.  Since we had a room this year, I did not have to go to the Hall Theater to take a nap, but I like the movies shown there.  And, the appearance by Jonathan Davenport on Friday was top notch.

-Speaking of Davenport, it appears that Matt and I are now full-fledged citizens of Metropolis, as listening to the late model super star cinched our becoming total Davenport fans (OK, his driving on Thursday helped too). Davenport is humble and well-spoken and should be a great representative for the sport for years to come. I think I am going to have to get a Davenport t-shirt, and how many of you have actually seen me in a race t-shirt?

-We ate breakfast at the Hy-Vee across from the track on Friday morning.  The restaurant had a $10.00 all you could eat buffet, and the food was good.  Even better was the conversation. We talked to the manager while we were getting our plates of food and he told how the store and restaurant are open 24/7 during the “other” Knoxville Nationals in August.  He mentioned that people are lined up at 2:00 a.m. for breakfast.  He stated “they are all drunk,” but even though he was talking of sprint car fans, I am sure it was probably just most who were drunk. He said he even had a marriage proposal this year.

-Eating Friday lunch with Lee Ackerman and Tony Anville is becoming a Friday tradition for us. Lee is not just a dirt track historian, but also my favorite Nebraska race writer.  If someone would fund it, I am sure we would work together on a Sunset Speedway book.  Tony is a good friend, and is the only auditor I can say I do not dislike. Tony actually paid for lunch at Pizza Hut-yes, I was shocked too.  When he pulled out his wallet, I was even more shocked.  It looked for like a bag international couriers would chain to their wrists, than a wallet like mine. Anyway, this is always a good time, with an extreme amount of bench racing and b.s. flowing.

-Yes, Matt and Tony did take to the Slideways Karting track after we finished at Pizza Hut.  Yes, there was an incident during their final session. I will show both viewpoints of what happened and allow you to decide which is more truthful:

Matt said that two karts in front of him came together and he slowed to keep from running into them. As soon as he slowed, Anville “clobbered” him. “He drove right through me,” stated Matt. “He never lifted, and he hit me so hard it lifted the back wheels of my kart off the ground.” Matt also stated he was very sore, that his neck was tingling, and that he thought he might have to go to the emergency room at the Knoxville Hospital.

Anville stated that Matt “brake-checked me,” and “I had nowhere to go.” He complained of a possible concussion.

Guess who I think is telling the truth.

-I got to talk with my favorite Iowa race writer Jeff Broeg on Thursday.  Jeff very much knows what he is talking about, and it is a pleasant experience talking racing with him. Maybe in 2016 we can start making this a tradition too.

-In addition to Tony, Lee, Steve, and Jeff, we saw Lincoln late model fanatic Scott McBride both nights. Matt went to the campground to see Joe Kosiski’s new (used) motor coach, and talked with Joe, his brother Steve, and driver Mike Wiarda-yes, I did a story on Wiarda for Dirt Late Model magazine years ago. After Thursday’s races, we talked with Mark Wyman and Dusty Reynolds who were there with driver John Hampel to watch the action.  Dusty happens to be one of my favorite people-he got me to do the Terry Golder story, and to me it will always be both my favorite story and the most important one I wrote.  Check out to learn more about what is becoming a very successful racing business for Dusty. We also saw a couple (I believe they are from Omaha) that we have seen at races all over the Midwest.  They are about my age, we talk to them every time we see them, but darned if I know their name.  I’ll have to ask next time. Anyway, there were plenty of Nebraskans around.

-Mona Kosiski does not have to worry about someone topping her pork tenderloin sandwich.  I had one on Thursday night.  It wasn’t bad, but it isn’t in the ball park-‘er race track, with the I-80 Speedway pork tenderloin sandwich. The popcorn at Knoxville wasn’t as good as I-80 popcorn either. The pop at Knoxville was cold, and that is something a lot of concession stands can’t claim.

-The weather was so nice I didn’t even put my sweatshirt on Thursday night. I did about halfway through Friday’s program, but was never uncomfortable.

-I realize I have an ample posterior, but when I am sitting forward on my seat, not anywhere near the back edge and I keep getting kicked by the person behind me, it tends to anger me.  But, since I was in a good frame of mind over everything else, I didn’t say anything.

-I can’t say I am overly thrilled when 4 twenty-somethings walk in with two 12-packs of beer, come back later with another two 12-packs, and end the evening with a 6-pack. Let’s see, 12 x 2 x2 + 6 = 54 cans of beer.  54/4=13 ½ cans each. And we have to drive home on the same roads these gentleman use.

-I think that the Marion County fair board needs to spend some money on revamping the pits. We sat in row 28 one night, and row 29 the next night. Sitting any lower makes it extremely difficult to see the back stretch over all the haulers in the infield. The track needs to take a page from the I-80 play book and tear up the concrete and dig out a few feet of the area where the haulers are parked, to make it easier to actually see the back stretch.  It won’t happen, but I am going to keep repeating this every year.

NO, there was not much about the racing in this post.  I am already at almost 1400 words though, so I will save my discussion on that for my next post. Thanks for stopping by-and next year go to this event.  You will kick yourself for missing it if you don’t go.


September 24, 2015 1 comment

No, I haven’t blogged for a few days. Or as John Lennon sang, “It’s been a long time.”  A job, a commute, and a grandson took priority.  After about seven weeks off, it is wonderful to be back in the “go to work every day” club. My job is interesting, I enjoy the people I am working with, and even the commute hasn’t been too bad. It is great having no responsibility for the job others do. And I am kind of liking the fact that it is a temporary position and sometime around Thanksgiving I can start bugging Jane again, being home all day.  And did I mention I like the people? After many years of going in a different direction, that is nice.

One thing I missed not blogging was Matt’s birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Matt!!! And despite what a certain agitator from Auburn suggested, I do NOT have a 40 year old son yet.  At least not this year. Matt is a good son and an even better father and husband. He has become a Youngstown State football fan and is quick to point out that even though NU coach Mike Riley may say the team is just a few minutes away from being 3-0, at the end of the day their record is 1-2, and even Bill Callahan did not start out 1-2 in his first year as Nebraska’s head coach.

I am getting ready for our annual trip to Knoxville.  We are actually staying over in Knoxville tonight, and that is certainly a plus. As always, I enjoy the journey to Knoxville, I do enjoy our visit to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, and I am looking forward to the Jonathan Davenport program tomorrow at the HoF.  Mainly though, the Knoxville Nationals is a crown jewel event, one of less than a handful that bring almost all the top late model drivers together at one track.

An added bonus tonight is a chance to visit with gifted race writer Jeff Broeg.  I say gifted not only because his work is a good read, but he is an Iowan, so being able to write at all is a gift. Yeah, harsh.  And your Sigourney, Iowa born mother does not need to hear that zinger Matt. Anyway, I am looking forward to talking with Jeff about all that is happening in the dirt world.

Here is one for you, Randy.  What do you call an event at Knoxville that doesn’t involve push trucks? Answer: a real race. What do you call Saturday’s football game at Heedum Field in Fremont? Answer: MU’s best chance at winning a football game this season as the NWY Prairie Dogs visit.

Even though most of my Top 25 drivers will be on hand, the obvious favorite at this event is Jonathan Davenport. I will say that about tonight’s preliminary.  I will say that about tomorrow’s preliminary, and I will definitely call Davenport the favorite in Saturday’s $40,000 to win feature. Yes, Scott Bloomquist will be a factor. I wouldn’t count out old-timer Billy Moyer either. He knows how to win at Knoxville, he is another gifted Iowan, and if he is thinking of retiring, a win at the Marion County track has to be a goal.

As far as weather, well, the forecast is for high temperatures in the mid-70’s, and 68 when the racing is over both nights. If the weatherman has it right, it will be cloudy in central Iowa, but none of that word I will not use today or tomorrow. Yes, I am looking forward to the coming two days.  If you can’t be there to soak up the atmosphere, you can still watch the racing on a PPV tonight and tomorrow.

And, I almost forgot, here is my DOD Top 25 for the week: Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 9/21/2015
1 Jonathan Davenport
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Shane Clanton
4 Billy Moyer
5 Jimmy Owens
6 Josh Richards
7 Mike Marlar
8 Shannon Babb
9 Rick Eckert
10 Bobby Pierce
11 Brandon Sheppard
12 Don O’Neal
13 Earl Pearson Jr.
14 Dennis Erb Jr.
15 Jared Landers
16 Dale McDowell
17 Billy Moyer Jr.
18 Darrell Lanigan
19 Randy Weaver
20 Jesse Stovall
21 Jason Feger
22 Chub Frank
23 Devin Moran
24 Chris Ferguson
25 Casey Roberts


Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. A certain fellow reading this knows I expect doughnuts from Jaarsma Bakery tomorrow. I hope he does not disappoint me. If I don’t get any doughnuts I will have to talk with the people at Slideways Karting to make sure this fellow gets the worst kart at the track.



I Feel Nice-Like Sugar And Spice

September 21, 2015 3 comments

And James Brown, I feel good-but until this morning I did NOT know I would. I am in a much better frame of mind than I was when I last wrote. At that time Matt had received what appeared to be very bad news about my grand puppy Kahlua.  Today, results of a blood test caused a different diagnosis, and a much better prognosis. Before Kahlua came along I was NOT a dog person at all.  However, she changed my thinking, and because of Kahlua, there is now a Sophie in the family too-my daughter’s Silky Terrier. And I am a dog person.  And Kahlua hopefully getting healthy again is a big deal in the Meyer family.

I also am starting a temporary position tomorrow. Since early August I have been giving serious thought to part-time or temporary jobs. I could augment my Social Security and get out of the house-OK, so Jane is already tired of me being home all the time-but not have all the responsibility a full-time accounting position would have. So, maybe I will become Omaha employment agency’s “go to guy” for temporary accounting jobs, and have time to do things I want as well.

Yesterday Jane and I went to see the move “A Walk in the Woods.” I can attest that like writer Bill Bryson, I have wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail for years. Being “retired” I certainly have the time to do so.  What is holding me back?

-those of us who actually had to walk to school in the winter will remember that to or from school we always had to walk into a north wind.  Similarly, the Appalachian Trail is all uphill, no downhill ever. My left knee cringes going up two steps into my house.

-I have never been a big camper. Sleeping on the ground in the woods does not hold a lot of appeal for me. If I could hike about 10 miles a day and then stay in a nice motel, well that would be very appealing.

-I do not like bears and I do not like snakes. I have no doubt that in less than 24 hours every bear and snake between Georgia and Maine would know I was on the trail, and would want to welcome me.

So, hiking the Appalachian Trail will just have to be a bucket item list forever. Another bucket list item that will not be checked off is traveling to Antarctica. I would love to set foot on this desolate continent, but that would require a journey of several days over rough seas.  I darn near got sea sick one day in San Francisco harbor, so seas south of Argentina won’t ever see me. Yeah, I like the letter ‘s.’

One bucket list item I do plan on checking off is going to see races at Marshalltown Speedway in Iowa. On Saturday I watched some of the postponed Friday night show and then the features of the Saturday program. The racing was outstanding-three wide was common, four wide was not rare, and even five wide racing occurred. Speed Shift TV did a good job of covering the racing.

Jonathan Davenport won yet another big money race last weekend, this time the Jackson 100 at Brownstown Speedway in Indiana.  The win was worth $20,000 for the Georgia driver. Mike Marlar finished second, and young Devin Moran was third.  Going into this weekend’s Knoxville Nationals, Davenport holds a 110 point lead over Scott Bloomquist in Lucas Oil standings.

If you don’t go to Knoxville you won’t be able to listen to Davenport speak at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame on Friday.  However, you can still watch the races on a PPV. Check the site for more information.

Now that things sound better for the little diva Kahlua, I am getting excited about our trip to Knoxville. The racing for sure.  Donuts from Pella-at least if we stay in Pella and not Knoxville. The Davenport program. Matt kicking Tony Anville’s posterior at Slideway’s Karting. Did I mention the racing?  Two nights of ALL the very best dirt late model drivers in the country racing at the most famous dirt track in America.

When Jane and I left to go to the movie, Jeff Gordon was leading the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Chicago and had been running in the top five most of the day. When we got home I discovered Gordon finished 14th. Was this yet another pit foul-up for the 24 car? This totally irritates me. If the Meyer family owned the team, Crew Chief Alan Gustafson would be gone, along with a lot of the pit crew.  Gordon deserves a lot better than he is getting this season from all involved.

Thanks for stopping by.





A Really Short Post-Maybe More Later

September 18, 2015 Leave a comment

2016 will see the start of the rumored National Sprint League 360 Series, to be called the GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360 Sprint Series.  150 regional events will be scheduled, and the series will carry a point fund of $500,000 called the Cash Bowl.  Like most things sprint car I do not quite understand how the point fund works.  For more information on the series go to:

I have no idea what that might do to regional tours like the Nebraska 360 Sprints. I would think it has the potential to really hurt such series. Honestly I wonder how it will affect the Lucas Oil ASCS National Series. Tod Quiring may have a pot of money, but I would not want to get into a spending war with Forrest Lucas. I guess it means we will still have winged wonders around for a while.

Still on sprint cars, it is time for I-80 Speedway’s Midwest Foul Ball, or Fowl Brawl, or Fall Brawl. Nope, I will not be attending. Lots of things happening, and that I won’t be going has nothing to do with not being a big sprint car fan. I am not going to be able to go to the Abe Lincoln Memorial at US 30 Speedway tonight either-and that I planned on. If I do anything racing tonight, it will be watching one of the PPV’s from either Speed Shift TV or Even Knoxville is kind of up in the air for next week.

Shit happens, I just wish my family did not have to be taking so much of it right now. I’ll try to write more later. Please keep my family in your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.





Five Years After Sgt. Pepper Taught The Band To Play

September 16, 2015 1 comment

Actually 5 years, 3 months, and two weeks after.

Sixty-five years ago a gallon milk cost .82 and a loaf of bread was just .14. Roberts Dairy delivered milk to our house several times a week, and there was a mom and pop grocery store just a half block from where we lived that had the bread. Today a gallon milk cost $3.76 and a loaf of bread is $1.41. I suppose in bigger cities there are services that will buy and deliver groceries for you-and you pay a premium for the service, but the mom and pop stores are now called convenience stores and while they do sell milk and bread, you pay dearly for that “convenience.”

In 1950 a new home cost $14,500. Today the average new home is $208,300.  A new car cost $14,500 in 1950-today the average new car costs $26,790. If you wanted to fuel that new car in the good old days, the average cost for a gallon of gas was .20.  Heck, in 2015, the Nebraska tax on gas is over .26 and going up.

According to one website, people born on September 16th are:

“Energetic and enthusiastic, individuals with a September 16 birthday are blessed with a thoughtful and intellectual mind that is both analytical and

realistic. These people have a balanced outlook in life and are slightly reserved in nature. What differentiates them to other Virgos’ is their talent at creative skills. September 16 individuals have immense knowledge about music and poetry. Talking about nature, these people are blessed with a characteristically emotional yet composed disposition.  They aim to succeed in life and refuse to recognize failure or limitations. These people are mostly spirited, brave and steadfast. What is interesting to note is that individuals with this birthday do not accept anything on face value. They are suspicious and like to investigate deeper to find the meaning of everything.”


I certainly agree.


Below is my Top 25 for this week. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 9/14/2015
1 Jonathan Davenport
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Shane Clanton
4 Billy Moyer
5 Jimmy Owens
6 Josh Richards
7 Mike Marlar
8 Shannon Babb
9 Brandon Sheppard
10 Don O’Neal
11 Earl Pearson Jr.
12 Dennis Erb Jr.
13 Rick Eckert
14 Bobby Pierce
15 Billy Moyer Jr.
16 Jared Landers
17 Dale McDowell
18 Randy Weaver
19 Chris Ferguson
20 Darrell Lanigan
21 Jason Feger
22 Casey Roberts
23 Jesse Stovall
24 Chub Frank
25 Devin Moran


I believe in previous posts I had stated I would make Bub McCool my #1 if he won the World 100, green Mohawk and all. He did win a race in Mississippi last weekend, but for me that carries about the same weight as Josh Krug winning an SLMR race at Junction Motor Speedway on Saturday. 23 of my drivers were in the overall Top 25-ther other two were 28th and 30th. will have three nights PPV’s of the Legendary 100 from Cedar Lake Speedway starting tomorrow. That is the name of the event, not my description. In racing I pretty much limit the word “legendary” to Sunset Speedway. The site will also carry the Fastrack World Championship from Virginia Motor Speedway on Friday and Saturday.


Speed Shift TV will carry the World Nationals from Marshalltown Speedway on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday will show the Iron Cup from Park Jefferson.


I am still giving serious consideration to a night of the Abe Lincoln Memorial at US 30 Speedway this weekend, though if I go it will be without my usual racing partner.

Next week is one of my two favorite racing weekends of the year-the Knoxville Late Model Nationals. Matt and I will be heading there for the Thursday and Friday night preliminary races. If you go, Jonathan Davenport will be appearing at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame at 11:30 a.m. on Friday. The event is called “An Afternoon with Jonathan Davenport,” and will be emceed by Dave Argabright.


I am not a great sprint car fan, but Davenport’s appearance is worth the price of admission and actually the exhibits are quite interesting too. Plus, the theater will be showing past Late Model Nationals, and it is a comfortable place for a short nap if you are old like me.


Also happening Friday afternoon will be a grudge match at Slideways Karting with Matt defeating Tony Anville as he did last year-this despite Anville’s practicing there in August and racing against NASCAR stars in a benefit for the Jeff Gordon Foundation. If I can figure out how to use Matt’s phone, I’ll video the event.


Thanks for stopping by.