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Pizza, Snow, Sand, And January Racing

December 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Our bench racing lunch at Sortino’s in Omaha has been postponed for a week due to weather, road conditions, etc. Matt sent out the following email last night, but here it is again to make sure everyone sees it.

“Let’s just make this easy – bench racing lunch postponed one week – updated information below – everything is the same just one week later.  Forward to anyone you may have invited.  Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all.

WHAT: Bench Racing Lunch

WHEN: Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 11:45 AM – ?? Whenever you need or want to leave

WHERE: Johnny Sortino’s Pizza – 7880 L Street, Omaha

WHO: All of you receiving this email AND anyone you would like to bring or forward this invite too!”

Thanks Matt.

The following was a reply to yesterday’s post from Ivan Tracy:

“Looks like 2 inches of white sand is expected along with lower 70’s. #Winterheat is this weekend. All the bigs are here. Kasey Kahne, Steve Kinser, Tony Stewart, etc. Starting the 9th is USA Raceway lates for 5 nights! Hope to make the last 4 as they overlap on the 9th. Winter is tough ya know!”

Translated-he is going to be at Cocopah Speedway for five nights of the 410 sprint car Winter Heat series and then will head to Tucson for four nights of the Wild West Shoot-Out late model action. And is laughing about the cold, snowy conditions we are experiencing. I threatened Ivan with “rstar” Randy Palmer, but even I would put up with Randy for two weeks of racing in Arizona in January.

TROTD Speedway with a constant temperature of 68 degrees, cheap concessions, and easy access to my bed will be showing at least some of the sprint car and late model races. Speed Shift TV will be showing the Cocopah Races, well the gang from will be streaming the late models from Tucson. I haven’t checked for conflicts with basketball yet, but I will watch while I can-and hope that Ivan gets a few chilly nights too.

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Lucas Oil, Snow, Pizza

December 28, 2015 1 comment

It seems like forever since I last did a blog, but it has only been since December 20th. There is simply not much going on. The Sporting News NASCAR email I receive every day has told me 5-6 times that Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards are getting new crew chiefs. I didn’t really care that much the first time.

However, check out the Lucas Oil site as that series has added some dates. Bubba Raceway Park will host a LOLMDS race on February 14th, and Sharon Speedway in Ohio will host a race in April. The big news though is Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio will host the Buckeye Nationals on May 13th-14th. The A main on Saturday will pay $50,000 to the winner with a strong $3,000 to start the 75 lap race. It looks like the series has another crown jewel event in the making.

I was doing it with fingers and toes, but I am think it is just 205 days until Nebraska’s crown jewel race, the Silver Dollar Nationals. At least the opening night-practice, SLMR late models, sprint cars, and B mods.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the Bench Racing lunch at Sortino’s Pizza on L Street in Omaha for ALL who claim to be Super Fans. Below was from Matt:

”Hi gang,

Some of you have inquired about tomorrow’s bench racing lunch at Sortino’s.  Based on your questions and comments (and how today’s weather affects you today and subsequently tomorrow) we will wait and see how the weather plays out the rest of today and decide tomorrow morning if it is a go.  If not tomorrow a few of you asked for the next Tuesday on the calendar – January 4th?!

Chat with you guys tomorrow.”

I don’t think I need to add more to it. So, if you claim to be a Super Fan-and you know who I am talking of-watch for an email from Matt tomorrow. Hopefully the roads will be OK. It isn’t snowing much in Fremont, but Omaha looks like it is getting more. Matt says his friend from the Nebraska State Patrol says wind is causing issues outside the Metro area. So, stay tuned.

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Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like-Basketball

December 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Yesterday was another basketball day for me. It started with Henry’s game at the Fremont ‘Y,” and ended watching Fremont High School’s boys defeat Kearney and extend its record to 6-0. In between I watched the Fremont girls play in Phoenix through the magic of the internet and also watched the Midland University women’s team defeat a tough Briar Cliff team in overtime.

It was Henry’s final basketball game this season. I asked him what he would do now that basketball was over. He replied “play baseball.” This week his grandma told him we only bought him one Christmas present. He laughed and looked at her like she was crazy saying that. Well, he is our only grandchild, and our intent is to spoil him to the best of our ability. We don’t have 4-5-6-7 grandchildren, just one, so everything we would spend on 4-5-6-7, we will spend on him.

And no one reading this can become a proxy grandchild, especially those who are sprint car fans. Most of you deserve lumps of coal from Santa.

Tuesday will be another big basketball day as Matt and I are heading to Omaha to take in four games of the Metro Conference tournament. We started going to the holiday tournament when we lived in North Bend and the tournament was played at the Omaha Civic Auditorium and have watched games at UNO, Omaha Bryan, Creighton Prep, and the Ralston Arena. Hopefully Matt will carry on the tradition with his son.

Below is a link that allows you to donate to giving milk to food banks in your area. A $5 donation will have one gallon of milk sent to a local food bank. That is a very inexpensive way to give to those less fortunate, and of course you can donate more than $5.

Bobby Allison’s wife Judy died on Friday from surgery complications. Her inner strength was something that amazed me. From Bobby’s amnesia following a horrific crash to losing sons Davey and Clifford, what she endured showed a toughness few likely have. RIP Judy Allison.

In happier news, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. actually won a race this year. No, not NASCAR, but in a midget in an indoor race in DuQuoin, Illinois. I doubt the car had anything to do with Roush Fenway Racing though. I have to admit that with drivers like Bryan Clauson and Joey Saldana it was a decent field. The win was worth $3,000. To quote an anonymous source, “maybe Stenhouse needs to keep his open wheel connections in case RFR goes the way of Michael Waltrip Racing.” Good point.

Has my friend Ivan Tracy left for the desert yet? Or will he do so after Christmas? January 1st is night #1 of Winter Heat from Cocopah Speedway near Yuma and I know he would not miss 410 sprint cars at that track. Me? No Arizona trip for me in 2016, but hopefully I will be able to watch some of it on Speed Shift TV, as all five nights will be shown on the site.

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Replies And An Invitation

December 17, 2015 1 comment

Here are a few comments to a previous blog:

From Ivan Tracy:

“Yes they have chili at the CB! You might not like the lines though! Where does an auditor put the $54,000 squandered on death drugs by the governor? Stan should walk the SEMA show in Vegas sometime! 76 deg. as I type. Keep RSTAR off of skid row in Lincoln.”


From Randy Palmer:

“Not on skid row, but he is getting just his 2nd haircut in 2015.”


TROTD to Ivan:

Actually, my wife’s homemade chili is so good I never eat any at race tracks, plus I don’t ever like concession stand lines. And there is no truth to what Stan Cisar suggests that I always send Matt to get concessions. You do not want to get me started on Governor Pistol Pete. I wonder if he flew on his family’s jet to Chicago for his knee replacement surgery (remember, there is not a single orthopedic surgeon in Nebraska), and if that was the case, was his State Patrol security detail charged for a seat on the plane? It wouldn’t surprise me. That or it becomes some kind of tax write-off. Major two thumbs down on that whole soiree.

I have never been to Las Vegas when it was cold, even last December. I really missed that trip this year.

As far as Palmer, well, see below.

TROTD to Ivan and Randy:

He may need a trim around the edges, but a barber hasn’t visited the top of Randy’s head for years. During the summer when the National Anthem is played at races during daylight, the reflection off the top of his head is almost like a laser.


This from an email sent by Matt:


WHAT: Bench Racing Lunch


WHEN: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 11:45 AM


WHERE: Johnny Sortino’s Pizza – 7880 L Street, Omaha


WHO: Everybody receiving this email AND anyone you would like to bring or forward this invite too!

Yes, a Bench Racing luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday December 29th at Johnny Sortino’s Pizza in Omaha. Good pizza, reasonably OK company, and lots of racing b.s. Hope you can be there. If you can read this, you are invited. OK, I know there might be a few sprint car fans who can’t read this, so get someone to read it to you. It is always a fun time.

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Rain, Basketball, Show Me The Chili, And A New Right Knee-No, Not For Me

December 15, 2015 2 comments

It was raining hard when I left Al Bahe Gymnasium at Fremont High School on Saturday. I got soaked walking to my car, but wasn’t upset at all. I have never had to shovel rain and just a few degrees colder that rain would have been wet, heavy snow.

I watched four basketball games on Saturday. Three were high school games, but my favorite game was at the Fremont ‘Y’ as Henry Meyer scored 4 points, including a basket where he dribbled the length of the court, shot and scored. Not bad for a 4 year old in a league of 4-5-6 year old boys and girls.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I didn’t go back and check, but according to an auditor, I suggested that the World of Outlaws Late Models at Park Jefferson would be up against the Show-Me 100. It won’t be-the race is scheduled for July, not the Memorial Day weekend like the Show-Me. It will be up against a race at Lucas Oil Speedway, but it will be the Diamond Nationals on July 16th.

I screwed up that post just so I had a lead into changes in the Show-Me 100. The three day event will now have $6,000 to win preliminary events on Thursday and Friday. The 18 drivers with the best average finish over the two nights will qualify for Saturday’s feature.

$30,000 has been added to the Show-Me 100 purse. What I like about this as that none of the money was added to the winner’s share. Among the changes-$5,000 was added for second place, $4,000 was added to third place, and the start money was raised from $1,500 to $2,000. Just my opinion, but this is something all big dollar events should be doing.

Stan Cisar suggested that the walking-and walking and walking and walking-at the PRI show might do me in. I suppose he is right, but I would still like to take in the event. One thing that happens at this major off-season racing event is that schedules for many series are released. There have been so many I can’t list them all. Go to the website of any tour you are interested in, and you will likely find the 2016 schedule.

Another event I would like to visit at least once is the Chili Bowl. There are now over 200 entries for the Tulsa indoor event, including drivers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Do the concession stands at this event serve Chili? I am sure Ivan Tracy knows.

Even though this isn’t about racing-like that has ever stopped me, I thought about commenting on Governor Pete Ricketts traveling outside Nebraska to have knee replacement surgery. But then I decided I should not talk about the chief executive of the State of Nebraska (no, Tony Anville is not the chief executive) ignoring excellent hospitals and surgeons in Omaha and Lincoln to travel to Chicago for a new right knee. I wonder if the CEO of Coca-Cola drinks Pepsi.

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Outlaws To PJ-No, Not The Sprint Car Variety, Plus Online Shopping Tips

December 9, 2015 1 comment

It appears that July will bring both national late model tours to the region.  I-80 Speedway will host the Lucas Oil series on July 21st-23rd for the Silver Dollar Nationals, while Park Jefferson will host the WoO on July 16th.  The PJ Facebook page confirms the date.

So, it looks like Matt’s vehicle will be taking a trip up Highway 77, through the Winnebago Reservation, across the Missouri River Bridge at Sioux City, and along I-29 to Park Jefferson this summer. Hopefully Matt will have his Park Jefferson addiction sated by that trip.

Most of the top late model drivers will be in Wheatland, Missouri at Lucas Oil Speedway for the Show-Me 100 the weekend of the PJ show, but seeing WoO regulars in action is worth the trip to Siouxland-as long as we don’t have to go too high in the grandstands.

In a previous post I mentioned a USMTS show in Denison on May 25th, but Matt and I heading east on Highway 30 that night depends on when Nebraska plays in the Big 10 Baseball Tournament. The tournament will be held at T.D. Ameritrade Park in Omaha this year, and yes we will have tickets. Maybe NU will play an afternoon game and we can do baseball and modified racing.

If you are still looking for a gift for that special late model fan, I again will recommend a subscription to For just a little over $1.50 a week, you can subscribe to the site and get more late model information than anyone not named Scott McBride can digest. If you are like me, you will purchase a number of the DOD PPV’s during the year. The site often offers discounts on these shows, so the annual subscription is an even better deal.

A subscriber can purchase an all date Wild West Shootout package for $79.99. The same shows for a non-subscriber would cost $139.94. If you are a late model fan, subscribe to DOD-and no, they do not give me anything for plugging the site.  I wish they did.

Another decent Christmas present for a dirt track fan would be the Speed Shift TV yearly replay package. You don’t get any of the events live, but within a few days you can view the replay. The one year replay pass is $59.95.

And of course there is National Speed Sport News. A year’s subscription is just $29.95-that is 12 monthly issues, plus regular email updates.  That is a good value.

Now if you want to give your favorite racing writer-no, not Dave Argabright, not Lee Ackerman-a special gift, Southwest Airlines gift cards are most appropriate.

Thanks Matt for telling me about Park Jefferson, and thank you for stopping by.






I Made A Mistake In Yesterday’s Blog

December 7, 2015 1 comment

If you went to the USMTS website to look at their 2016 schedule based on my recent blog, well, shame on me. The 2015 schedule is still posted, not the 2016 schedule. Thanks to Matt for telling me to get my head out of my whatever.

Add Brandon Sheppard to the list of competitors visiting Nebraska on Tuesday May 24th for a Lucas Oil show. Sheppard will be driving a Rocket chassis for Best Performance Motorsports of Ohio and will run for points on the tough national tour.

Sheppard will be racing in Tucson in January, as will Jonathan Davenport, Darrell Lanigan, and Don O’Neal. If TROTD was actually a money-making effort, I could see flying to Tucson on Friday January 15th to take in the final three races of the Wild West Shoot-Out. Actually, if it really made any money I would fly to Arizona earlier and take in the Winter Heat 410 Sprint Car races at Cocopah Speedway on January 8th and 9th, then drive back to Tucson for Late Models races January 10th, 13th, and 15th-17th.

Of course, I still intend to watch most of these races-Winter Heat on Speed Shift TV and the Wild West Shoot-Out on But I would rather spend 10 days in Arizona in January, than in Fremont. I’ve been to Florida in February-Tampa, it was chilly and damp-so I would like to see what the southwest has to offer.

Actually, if TROTD was ever in the black, I might think of attending the PRI show in Indianapolis and take my able bodied assistant Matt with me. No doubt I would get a season’s worth of blog ideas in just a few short days at the show. And I bet the USMTS 2016 schedule will be presented during the PRI event.

Back to the Lucas Oil show at I-80 Speedway. The series will be in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and LaSalle, Illinois on May 21th and 22nd. The three day Show-Me 100 weekend will start on May 26th. Does being in between two big weekends of racing mean a good car count for I-80 Speedway? Darned if I know. I am sure that promoter Joe Kosiski will be out and about selling the show to competitors though.

And darn sure I will be heading south of Fremont on May 24th. Hopefully Highway 64 will finally be completed through Ashland and we won’t have to detour on what is already a crazy way to get to the track.

As Dan Shea pointed out in a comment, “I am super jacked about the second Lucas Oil race.” Yes, there will be time trials, but there are time trials at the Knoxville Nationals-Late Model version-and that works out rather well.

Two days, two blogs. Oh yeah, I used to do that and more. Thanks for stopping by.