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That Was The Week That Was

February 28, 2016 Leave a comment

Please note that my last post was in an incorrect font. Normally I switch to Verdana 12 before I post and simply forgot to do so. I realize that some of my older readers had difficulty reading the last post, so even before starting to type I changed the font to Verdana 14 this time. Hopefully that will help people like Randy Palmer to read and think about such stirring words.

I have had a rather eventful week. On Monday I had a right lower wisdom tooth, what I thought was an out of whack back, and no job. By Tuesday I was missing my lower right wisdom tooth and had a job offer from an institution made famous in a movie starring Spencer Tracy. It is a temporary assignment-about three months-but that is perfect. The commute is easy, and it gets me out of the house.

The bad news-well, the dentist pushing me to get a bridge where the second to back upper right tooth had been pulled (a $3,000 bridge)-was having a doctor tell me I have shingles. Before I go on, no comparisons between me and Terry Bradshaw are needed.

I had no rash at all until Thursday, but apparently nerve pain first is common. And boy have I had nerve pain-lower back, right hip, and right upper leg. Early Saturday I could not lie in bed, I could not sit, I could not stand, I could not walk-I think those are all the options. I don’t like pain pills but took one. About 6:00 a.m. it kicked in enough for me to go back to bed.

The commercials don’t lie when they talk about shingles pain. Simply breathtaking in a very bad way. I always thought it was because of the rash, but my rash itches, it isn’t painful. It is the nerve pain that is overwhelming.

I even missed a Fremont home basketball game on Saturday, and that is a first in a long time. I did listen to the game on the radio, and of course Fremont won-combined, the boys and girls varsity teams are 22-1 in the friendly combines of Al Bahe Gymnasium this year. After I logged on to Speed Shift TV to watch some of the races from Canyon Speedway Park near Phoenix. Other than a handful of drivers I had no clue who was racing, but it was still enjoyable watching cars go fast and turn left on a dirt oval. About the time of the Mod Lite feature the shingles started acting up, so I bowed out.

Speed Shift TV does a great job of covering races we normally would not have a chance of seeing-well, all of us except Ivan Tracy would not have a chance of seeing. Good camera shots, and the announcer does know what he is talking about, so it is a good production. Next up for Speed Shift TV is the Spring Nationals from Beatrice Speedway on March 11th and 12th. If you can’t make the trip to the track south of Lincoln, tune in to Speed Shift TV.

I am just getting ready to go pick up our new puppy, Pippa. Or per the American Kennel Association, Cedarwinds Princess Pippa Sophia. Nothing can ever replace our beloved Sophie, but I know Pippa will be loved like no others could love her. Yes, she is a silkie terrier like Matt’s Kahlua and our Sophie were. Good luck to Amanda in potty training Pippa. I got nothing to do with that department.

After we get back I will watch some of the NASCAR race from Atlanta, but probably play with the puppy more. Oh, I forgot-I start work on March 7th.

Thanks for stopping by.




Yes, I’m Back

February 23, 2016 1 comment

Yeah, check out this link:


If you are reading this, you are certainly a loyal reader, more loyal than I deserve. I have an entire catalog of reasons why I have not been writing, some are pretty good excuses, but all are just that-excuses. I need to get my act together and get writing.

First, I am back to being semi-retired and looking for work again. What I thought was going to be a permanent position wasn’t exactly as described by the employment agency and was not the fit I thought it was going to be. Oh well, I keep applying and sooner or later someone is going to get a helluva bargain when they hire me.

Racing? NO, Sunday’s Daytona 500 was not the greatest Daytona 500 ever. How about Pearson vs Petty? Cale vs. the Allison brothers? Dale Earnhardt finally winning the 500? You could even include Darrell Waltrip’s visit to Victory Lane at Daytona. They are calling it the closest ever, but what about the first Daytona 500 when Lee Petty was declared the winner over Iowan Johnny Beauchamp?

It was a good race though. I am not a Denny Hamlin fan-I would much rather Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, or even Matt Kenseth would have won, but Hamlin’s race winning move was a good one. The Joe Gibb’s Racing Toyota’s were strong all day and it will be interesting to see how that plays out now that the “real” NASCAR season is about to start. The usual Hendrick suspects-Johnson and Earnhardt Jr.-weren’t bad, and Harvick came on strong at the end. It broke my heart that Brad Keselowski only finished 20th. No it didn’t actually. And, Roush Fenway Racing started off the 2016 season where it finished in 2015-middle of the pack and back. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., new leader of The Three Stooges finished 22nd, Trevor Bayne managed a 28th place finish, and Greg “Baffled” Biffle was 34th-my math says that was an average 28th place finish. Too bad.

Surprisingly, I did not watch any of the Georgia/Florida Speed Weeks late model shows. The two national tours ran 15 events, and the big winners were Josh Richards with six checkered flags, and Jonathan Davenport with four. Shane Clanton won two WoO features, Rick Eckert won a single WoO feature, while Scott Bloomquist and Mason Zeigler each won a Lucas Oil show.  No surprise, Richards leads the WoO points by 74 over Eckert, and Davenport is 90 points ahead of Brandon Sheppard in the Lucas Oil standings.

The WoO series is off until the Illini 100 in late March, while the Lucas Oil series gets back on track March 18th-19th at Atomic Speedway in Ohio and Brownstown Speedway in Indiana.

You won’t be seeing my Top 25 ballot this season because I no longer have a top 25 ballot. Apparently compiling the ballots of voters such as me was too much work because the DOD Top 25 will now just be a product of DOD regulars. If I did have a vote, my leaders would be:






Yeah, that was real tough.

I have had a fun last week. I have a cold that has lingered forever, and my lower back is so far out of whack I am walking like an old man. To save a few of you the effort, yes, I know I am an old man. I have been walking like a really, really old man, getting a nice shot with every step I take. And I get a jolt every time I cough, which has been often. The icing on the cake of this medical maelstrom was discovering I had a fractured wisdom tooth which had become infected and had to be extracted. And was yesterday.

Now getting a wisdom tooth pulled is no fun. But there are worse things:

-watching Fremont girls JV basketball. How can girls in 9th-10th-11th grade know so little about the game? Especially when the Fremont girls’ varsity team has a shot at winning the state tournament. Like watch them in practice?

-watching wrestling. Other than trying to hurt someone, I don’t get the sport. And, it is the only high school sport in Nebraska that gets two different championships.

-being poor like me and watching the Gem Shopping Network. Jane and Amanda love it though. I am trying to figure out where all the people with $20,000 for a ring are hiding out.

-listening to Marco Rubio.  Here is a link to his campaign video.

-trusting Ted Cruz, the Joe McCarthy of the 21st century. Donald Trump was right in calling him the biggest liar.

-shoveling snow.

-listening to a Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Interview.

-driving west on Dodge Street in Omaha at 5:30 p.m. any week day.

-having knee replacement surgery. Not me, Jane. Unlike the governor of Nebraska, we found a good orthopedist in the Cornhusker State, Dr. Randall Neumann of Orthowest in Omaha, and her surgery will be at Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital not in Chicago like Pistol Pete’s. And everyone we have talked with says Neumann is the best. Geez, maybe the bald-headed wunderkind of billionaire Joe Ricketts didn’t have the resources to find who we did.

One thing I will enjoy is lots of basketball this week. Tonight, the Fremont girls in district tournament action. Tomorrow the Midland University men in the GPAC conference tournament. Thursday, the Fremont girls again in the district tournament championship. And Saturday and Monday the Fremont boys in district tournament games. Then next week it is the girls’ state tournament with Fremont winning three games, and the following week the boys’ state tournament with Fremont making it to the semi-finals. Pinnacle Bank Arena, here we come.

No promises, but I will try to write again soon. And thank you for your loyalty in continuing to stop by.








A New Dawn

February 9, 2016 1 comment

Starting Wednesday I am out of semi-retirement and back to working full-time in a permanent job.  I am in no way interested in sharing where with my previous employer, but if you want to know more-and I know you, just email me at  and I will share this information with you.

As Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane said at Woodstock, “it’s a new dawn.”

And right now I don’t have anything more to say, so thank you for stopping by.


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Cocopah, Tony Stewart, Bill Bryson, Plus 10 Things I Hate

February 5, 2016 1 comment

Check out Speed Shift TV tonight for the Winter Nationals from Cocopah Speedway. IMCA Modifieds will be the featured class, while Stock Cars, Sport Mods, and Hobby Stocks will be support classes. Action gets underway at 7:00 p.m. MST, which translates to 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

About Tony Stewart-the man obviously walked beneath a ladder and in the path of a black cat.  Stewart was among a group of ATV riders that included Jeff Gordon, Ray Evernham, Don Prudhomme, and Greg Biffle. Stewart was riding near the end of a line of riders when he apparently missed a turn, went over a dune, and in the process suffered a burst fracture of the L1 vertebra. Rumors have Stewart out for the first three months of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season-what was to be Stewart’s final season in Sprint Cup.  Below is a link to Gordon describing the incident:

I am in a linking mood today. Below is a link to a You Tube video on the World 100. It may be the coolest dirt late model video I have ever viewed. I love the cars going by the inside wall at speed, just inches away from the camera.

The 8 minutes you spend watching this will be the most enjoyable 8 minutes of your day. Guaranteed.

I am reading the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Bill Bryson, titled “The Road to Little Dribbling,” describing his journey across Britain. Bryson is about my age, suffers from many of the same maladies as me, and his notions on the world today are quite similar to mine. One of his comments in the book is that that world is slowly becoming a shittier place to live. Amen to that.  Anyway, Bryson suggested that everyone should be allowed 10 things to dislike without having to explain or justify why they don’t like them. Here are mine:

-Bullies. My daughter was bullied throughout junior and senior high and I felt impotent to deal with it. That is not a good feeling for any father. Many times I thought of dressing like a ninja, grabbing a tire iron and swinging away at these people-male and female-while asking how they were going to bully with two busted up knees.

-arthritic knees coupled with stairways. Well, speaking of knees, my orthopedist calls my left knee “that bad boy.”

-auditors. There are millions of them, I like only one and sometimes he makes that task difficult.

-Congress. Whatever happened to compromise?

-Ted Cruz. Even Bob Dole hates him.

-Iowa caucuses. The people who bring you Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst, and Steve King (out of 435 Congressman, he comes in at about #430 on my list) should not have undue influence on the electoral process.

-Super PACS, and that is big money on the left as well as on the right. My contention is that every dollar spent on political ads should be taxed at 100% with the money going to feed, shelter, clothe, and educate those less fortunate. Unfortunately for every dollar I can contribute to this effort, the Koch brothers can spend $1,000,000 to defeat it.

-Former NU athletic director Steve Pederson. His egomania virtually destroyed years of NU football tradition, yet when he was finally handed his walking papers, he received several million dollars in a buy-out. He should have been tarred, feather, and ran out of town on a rail, though I have no idea what that means.

-Sushi. I am against eating anything that swims, but eating it raw seems rather perverted.

-The person/people/company that introduced America to microwave popcorn, replacing a fine product with something of infinitely lesser quality. Plus if those bastards had not given us this convenient but poor quality product, I would be retiring from my job as Plant Manager of Blevins Popcorn Co. in North Bend, Nebraska in just a few months. Retiring with a nest egg that would allow me to travel in the style of Ivan Tracy.

-Rollercoasters. Of any design.

-The downfall of newspapers and magazines caused by the internet.

-Nebraska weather. Blizzards, thunder and lightning, 100 degree days, 40 below zero wind chill, tornadoes-yeah, other places have some of this weather, but all in the same day?

-anyone who would hurt a child in anyway. See bullies above for what I would like to do to them. Same with the creepy sob’s who would hurt an animal.

Yes, that is more than 10 dislikes and I haven’t even mentioned B-Mods yet. At 65 there are a lot of things that piss me off.

But you people make me happy. I am glad you spend part of your week reading what I right. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. So, thanks for stopping by.