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March 19, 2017 Leave a comment

No question I have been missing in action. I can make up excuses like I did not have much to blog about, but the truth is I just have not felt like writing. It isn’t writer’s block. I am not sick. As some of you are aware I have other things on my mind, but those concerns should not keep me from writing. I haven’t been pleased with some of my recent posts, but that should make me work harder, not write at all. Again, I have not felt like writing, and I feel more guilt than desire to write today.

The last month has been about basketball. Matt and I traveled more to games this year than we ever have. We have been fans of Wahoo Neumann basketball for several years and actually saw more of their games than we did Fremont High School games. And enjoyed each game, and were pleased when they won the Class C1 championship last week.

As always, we spent two days at the State Tournament. On Thursday we only stayed for four games, but in the semifinals on Friday we watched all six games. Thursday was about an 11 hour trip, while Friday was 17 hours. I know-I scream about race programs that last five hours, but love a long day at Pinnacle Bank Arena. How do I justify that? Every basketball game started on time. There was no water truck driving around 45 minutes after the event was supposed to start. AND, there are no B-Mods in basketball. That alone is worth hours and hours of me not complaining.

This weekend was more about baseball than basketball. OK, it was the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, but Matt and I went to Lincoln for NU baseball games yesterday and today. The State Basketball Tournament is the sports event of the year for us-we have only missed one tournament in the last 32 years. NU baseball is becoming #2 for us. We have had season tickets for several years, and look forward to every outing at Haymarket Park.

After the State Tournament and NU baseball, I would put the Silver Dollar Nationals weekend in ranking our favorite sports events. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles to watch the best of the best dirt late model drivers in action, we have them in Nebraska. I hope that the Lucas Oil late model show at I-80 Speedway in May will turn into a one day mini-SDN.

I am typing this during the NASCAR race from Phoenix. I am not watching the NASCAR race from Phoenix. I did not watch the NASCAR race from Las Vegas. I watch very little of the NASCAR race from Atlanta. And most surprising, I watched maybe just half of the Daytona 500. 15 years ago I would not miss a NASCAR race. Even 10 years ago I would not miss a NASCAR race. Just five years ago I watched most of the NASCAR events. Now? I would rather read a book to be honest about it.

I guess I care enough to comment on two issues though. I give a thumbs up to the new “stage” racing format, awarding points for running order at various times in the race. In the past a driver could have an outstanding day turn very bad getting caught up in someone else’s mistake. Now if a driver does well in the first two stages, but something causes him to finish the race poorly, he (sorry, or she) can still have at least a fair points day.

The other issue is Las Vegas gaining a second race next season. I don’t think we need more races on the cookie cutter 1 ½ mile tracks, but since the Las Vegas race comes at the expense of the fall New Hampshire race, I am OK with it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Pocono race go elsewhere.

And that is all I have to say about NASCAR.

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