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100 Laps, No 80 Laps, Wait-100 Laps Again

The once 100 lap Saturday night Knoxville Late Model Nationals feature that became 80 laps because officials were concerned a winner could be determined by a driver running out of fuel is now back to 100 laps. I am sure the punctuation of that last sentence is all wrong, and perhaps so is the decision by Knoxville officials.

Apparently officials were concerned that the race had been advertised as 100 laps and that fans buying tickets for Saturday would be upset if the race was only 80 laps. So, it is back to being 100 laps with the quirk being there will be a fuel stop on the first caution to occur between laps 20-40. If there is no caution between those laps, a caution will fly on lap 40 to allow cars to refuel.

I would assume that this is not a NASCAR like pit stop-when the race resumes, the line-up will be the same as it was when the caution flag flew. Will cars only be allowed to refuel? I can see drivers wanting to change tires during this stop, especially if it does not occur until lap 40. Will they be allowed to make a tire change? Will there be a penalty if tires are changed? If the penalty would be a lead lap car just goes to the tail of the lead lap on the restart, would it be worth it to change tires anyway?

Look at what changing tires did for Scott Bloomquist a few weeks ago at the Topless 100 in Batesville. Could the same thing happen at Knoxville?

I used to want to go to the IMCA Supernationals in Boone, Iowa. Haven’t for a long time. That changed when I began to realize that 200-400-600 cars does not make for better racing than 80 of the “right” cars. I’ll be watching the www.DirtonDirt.com coverage of the World 100 for three nights starting tomorrow, and while I may check to see who won at Boone, that will be it for my Supernationals experience.

My friend Steve “Raceguru” Basch says I am not qualified to participate in the World 100 experience. He thinks I need to “start slow,” like go to The Dream before I even think of going to Eldora in September. Apparently I am very boring. I still envy Steve being in Rossburg, Ohio this weekend, and hope he has a great time too. And will see him in Knoxville.

I was going to take a day off from blogging today, but the Knoxville news got me going-I couldn’t not talk about it. Thanks for stopping by.





  1. TMC
    September 7, 2017 at 10:43 am

    The way the Lucas Oil folks like to hand out courtesy cautions (for things like flat tires, helmet changes, donut breaks, etc.) like candy at a July 4th parade, I think the fuel stop should be fuel and one tire only, give them 5 minutes and anyone not moving at the 5:01 mark goes to the tail. After that, NO courtesy cautions. Bring out the yellow, lose a lap. Bring out another yellow, go to the pits and watch. Watching a Lukas race is getting to be like watching college football – the pace gets slower every year because of all of the needless interruptions.

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