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I Get High With The Help Of Computer Savvy Armchair Racing Democrats

September 3, 2015 Leave a comment

Below is a link to a National Speed Sport News post on the recovery of Kevin Swindell:

Also for my open wheel friends, Winter Heat tickets sales are now on sale. There will be five nights of 410 sprint car racing at Cocopah Speedway in Arizona-January 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 9th.

http://www.CocopahWinterHeat. com.

No doubt a certain rich Lincoln area resident already has his tickets.  The Wild West Shootout in Tucson will go on January 9th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. A nice three day swing would be January 8th at Cocopah and then back to Tucson on the 9th and 10th for late models. I may have the time, just not the dime-maybe someday.

Even better would be fly to Las Vegas for a few days, drive to Yuma and then to Tucson and head back to Nebraska after the WWS weekend. What the mind can conceive ain’t likely to be achieved-at least for me in this case.

Dirt track racing on New Year’s instead of football?  Matt would call that heresy.

Got the following from that famous Iowa writer Jeff Broeg:

“Hey Ron, I thought that you would get a kick out of this thread on

I wonder if they understand that the poll each week is the combined “opinions” from as many as 30 people that Dirt on Dirt trusts to weigh in each week? Of course they prove in at least five pages that they themselves cannot come up with a consensus either 🙂

In this thread the voters have been accused of being high; armchair racers with some extra computer savvy and even Democrats………I am sure that you and I have been called worse over the years 🙂

I didn’t vote for the green haired guy from Mississippi either this week……have a great Labor Day weekend!”

TROTD: I went to the site and found some posts I really liked:

“don’t have DoD to look at the rankings, but doesn’t matter. I am aware of a few who do have votes and am not impressed by the credentials/requirements. that being said, any voter who has bloomquist at #1 doesn’t deserve a vote. and creates a credibility issue for the rankings. jmo.

TROTD: Ha-in my opinion, anyone with a link to ACS has a credibility problem.  It didn’t used to be that way, but sure is now.  I wonder if this person knows what the credentials/requirements are.  I figure I am about the last on the voter totem pole (or should it be totem “poll?”), and guys like Jeff are very knowledgeable. I am just a fan, but I have been watching dirt races since 1955, so surely something has sunk in after 60 years.

Anyway, the whole purpose of the poll is to create discussion about and interest in dirt late model racing. NO question the poll subjective.  Heck, I won’t vote for someone because he has a green Mohawk hairdo. Or did, it could be rainbow colored by now. Actually, I don’t vote for Bub McCool just to irritate a certain auditor friend. I wouldn’t vote for another driver-I am now though-because he wrecked Brian Birkhofer in the Silver Dollar Nationals a few years ago. I give the benefit of any doubt to Lucas Oil drivers over WoO drivers. I give the nod to someone who wins a few national tour races as compared with someone who won five or six regional races. Bobby Pierce irritates me, I like Devin Moran-Pierce is likely the better of the two, but a week ago I had Moran in and Pierce out.

I wrote about Dennis Erb Jr. for Dirt Late Model and was voting for him long before his chassis switch and top notch Dream performance. I hold a grudge forever-I don’t vote for a certain eastern Iowa driver because fans of his dumped beer on me one night at Corning-no, not on purpose, just after about 10 beers each. I would call that subjective to the nth degree.

I don’t think someone voting for Bloomquist makes for any credibility issue.  I suspect most of the people who voted Davenport #1 voted Bloomquist #2. If Bloomquist had been 25 pounds heavier on the Eldora scales in June I suspect a goodly number of voters would have him at #1, including me.

I like to kid around in my blog about the intelligence of the voters when they don’t agree with me, but that is simply kidding around. I respect their right to vote for whoever they want, no matter how wrong they are.

Here are a couple of other comments:

“This poll is meaningless… It has no rhyme or reason. When it first started it was fairly accurate with only a few voters. Now it has clearly become nothing more than a popularity poll. An idea for DOD for a poll that would put drivers in an order that would make since would be off of money won…1 point for every dollar won. Maybe DOD could hire Montana to put that together for them for a poll that would have some creditability.”


I appreciate your comment onlyfacts, but I don’t think DOD would want me to do anything for them, they have their own little clique, and I don’t think I’d fit in, besides, I got a lot of friends on here that I love supplying information to that keeps me happy. And Maestro, the state was Illinois, which I have no problem with, but my point was there’s other states that are just as big on dirt late model racing as the Land of Lincoln. And isn’t DOD based out of Illinois……hmmm.”

TROTD: I don’t see myself as a member of a DOD clique.  Heck, Matt talks with the DOD people far more than me. I just email my heavily opinionated vote to Andy Savary and Ali Collis every week.  Matt talks with the big boys.

Anyway guys, it isn’t rocket science.  It isn’t science at all. It does take a little time-I make up a spread sheet every week of the DOD Top 25 and about five more drivers, showing where they ranked that week, and then writing in their finishes for the week. I use that along with the criteria I mentioned above and then draw names out of a hat to rank the drivers.

Oh, and the ranking is just for this year. If it included every year since a driver started racing, obviously Moyer would be #1 and Bloomquist #2, etc. That the Zero car has finished first at Eldora a gazillion times in the past doesn’t mean anything this year.

Anyway, the poll obviously accomplished its goal when a site like has five pages of comments on it.

Again from Jeff:

“In this thread the voters have been accused of being high; armchair racers with some extra computer savvy and even Democrats………I am sure that you and I have been called worse over the years.”

High?  My drug of choice is Diet Coke.  Computer savvy?  After being something like 4 operating systems behind Windows 10 I finally broke down and got a new Dell. I would not be using it if it weren’t for my daughter’s computer savvy. Democrat? Well, you could have called me a Senator from Kentucky or Trump-like if you really wanted to insult me.

Thanks Jeff for the link, and thanks to all the people who posted on 4m-I didn’t have much to write about today.  And thanks to you for stopping by.




A Good Steak And Some Good Racing Too

August 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Just as I mentioned yesterday, Jane and I celebrated our anniversary going to Fat Brain toy store in Omaha to buy a certain almost 4 year old a birthday present and then went to Farmer Brown’s to eat.  We got to the restaurant just as it was opening, and there was a line waiting to get in.  I used to say “the old people and us,” but I guess we are now part of “the old people.” So, it is the old people with money and us-hey, there was a Cadillac SUV and a Corvette convertible in the parking lot, and that says “money” to me.

There is a reason why Farmer Brown’s is busy-actually three reasons.  The food is good, the service is good, and the price is reasonable. Jane says I always have to get the most expensive steak, but I don’t at Farmer Brown’s. The Club Steak is actually better than the more expensive New York Strip or Ribeye. The restaurant is definitely worth a trip to Waterloo. And the onion rings are good too.

I watched the NSL race from Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Missouri last night. It is amazing what a new computer will do for the quality of the PPV. A-mods and late models were the support class for the 410 sprints, with each class having 15-20 cars.  Danny Lasoski won the NSL feature, with Bryan Clauson and Terry McCarl following. Lasoski leads the series point race. The racing was over by 10:30 p.m., even though the sprint cars did time trials.

If you can’t go racing tonight, you have three different options at From asphalt in Carolina to California or Canadian dirt, RACEFEEDX has it covered. I haven’t watched short track pavement racing in years, so maybe I will watch some of the Lead 2 Real Estate 200 from Concord Speedway.

Scott Bloomquist, Josh Richards, Jimmy Owens, and Jonathan Davenport make up the first two rows of tonight’s Pittsburgher 100 feature. That is 4 of my Top 5 Top 25.  Actually, Richards and 10 Lucas Oil regulars make up the first 11 spots on the grid, so it should be a very competitive race.

It is difficult to choose someone other than Bloomquist when he is on the pole, so I will say Bloomquist finishes first tonight, followed by Davenport and Richards.

For the second time this season both Billy Moyer and Moyer Jr. won races on the same night.  Moyer is simply a force at Tri-State Speedway in Illinois, and he won $5,000 claiming a MARS victory.  Moyer Jr. will head back to Arkansas with $5,000 in his pocket as well.  The son of the Hall of Famer won a Southern All-Stars race at Kentucky Lake Speedway.

MARS is headed to Federated Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri tonight, while the SAS is racing again at Kentucky Lake Speedway. Both of these races pay $5,000 to win and the Batesville, Arkansas father and son should be favorites tonight too. A good night at Pevely will move Jason Feger up my Top 25.  Feger has raced three times this week and finished 2nd, 1st, and 3rd.

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Pigpen, SLMR, Plus MARS Dirt-The Series, Not The Planet,

August 28, 2015 Leave a comment

A comment from Pigpen on yesterday’s blog:

“The thanks go to you, Ron. A friend (67 Camaro) and I (68 Falcon) are going to tow our vintage late models northbound to US30 for the Cornhusker Vintage Nationals in Oct. You need to put this race on your bucket list.”

TROTD:  Everyone who ever watched the old coupes and sedans or the “real” late models like yours should put this race on their calendar.  It is scheduled for October 3rd and 4th.  This would be a Saturday night and I believe a Sunday afternoon.  I have been to the Cornhusker Vintage Nationals in the past, and loved wondering around the pits taking photos of the old cars. Barring anything strange, I am thinking that October 4th would be a great time to visit U.S. 30 Speedway one last time this year. I’ll stop by to see you.

While Matt and I are visiting the track west of Columbus on Sunday for the SLMR late model special, the series is also racing Saturday night at Junction Motor Speedway as well.  The track is south of York, west of McCool Junction, north of Fairmont, and east of Henderson. Actually if you drive about seven miles south of I-80 and look to your right you can see the track.

An Iowa track I have never been to, but would like to visit is Stuart International Speedway, a ¼ mile oval on the west edge of Stuart, just off of I-80, not far from Des Moines.  It is a Sunday night track which adds to the difficulty of getting there. I have heard good things about it though.  It won’t be this year-this Sunday is Columbus, and next Sunday is a celebration of the 4th birthday of a very important fellow, and that also happens to be the last night of the season for the track.  Maybe next year on a night when they race IMCA late models.

Other jobs I have been thinking of applying for but didn’t mention in my blog yesterday:

-Navy Seal

-stunt pilot

-TV weatherman

-University of Nebraska A.D.

-professional bowler

-Alcatraz guide

-Wrigley Field rat exterminator

-ethics professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University (they’ve never had one)

-alligator wrestler


-circus clown

-Sprint Cup driver for Roush Fenway Racing

-Buddhist monk

If anyone has other idea for my potential employment, let me know.  I will certainly share them.

I was right about Billy Moyer racing with MARS this weekend.  Well, at least he raced with the series last night at Paducah International Raceway.  Moyer was leading the race with seven laps to go when he had a flat. Jason Feger inherited the lead and led the remaining laps, collecting $5,000 for his efforts.

The series heads to Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Illinois tonight for another $5,000 to win show.  This track is one of Moyer’s favorites, so I would be surprised if he does not race there.

Feger is making a strong bid to move up in my Top 25 next week.  On Wednesday night he finished second to Ryan Unzicker in the Herald & Review 100 at Macon Speedway. Hey, the man wears glasses while he is racing, is not necessarily svelte, and he has a green race car, not a green Mohawk.

Tonight is the Speedy Bill Memorial at I-80 Speedway.  There will be six classes racing, including the Nebraska 360 sprints. 17 winged wild men are pre-registered for the event-and 60 drivers are already entered in the other classes. Sorry Randy, can’t make it. I am pretty sure my wife would prefer me to do something other than go racing on our 45th anniversary.

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Guess Who Won The North-South 100?

August 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I had planned on traveling southwest to McCool Junction for night two of the Junction Motor Speedway King of the Hill Late Model Shootout last night. It was rained out. Matt and I talked of going to Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa or Off Road Raceway in Norfolk, but decided not to because of possible weather problems at each track. Instead I watched the start of the final “Star” race at Hancock County Speedway, visited my grandson, and then saw the last of the action from HCS.

The Britt, Iowa facility and one of the nights of “Star” action was already on my racing bucket list, but after watching how organized officials were in running the programs on Thursday and last night, HCS jumped to near the top of the list of tracks I want to visit.

I don’t know why I bothered checking this morning to see who took the $50,000 first place prize in the North-South 100 at Florence Speedway in Kentucky. Of course it was Jonathan Davenport. Scott Bloomquist was second, with Mike Marlar, Dale McDowell, and Jared Landers rounding out the top five.

Since June Davenport won two Dream preliminary features worth a total of $7,500 and of course after Bloomquist’s DQ, won the Dream at Eldora Speedway, worth $100,000. He won the Clash at the Mag at Magnolia Speedway in Columbus, Mississippi-adding another $20,000 to his bank account. He won Lucas Oil shows at Fayetteville Motor Speedway in North Carolina, and Cherokee Speedway in South Carolina. They were worth “just” $10,000 each. He won the Diamond Classic at Lucas Oil Speedway in Missouri and followed the next night with a win in the Show-Me 100. His trip to Wheatland, Missouri proved to be a $40,000 weekend for the Georgia driver. Davenport visited Fairbury American Legion Speedway in Illinois, and left with the $26,000 winner’s share of the Prairie Dirt Classic. He had not planned on racing in the WoO sanctioned USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway in Wisconsin until his win at FALS. He won the $6,000 preliminary to that event, and of course he also took first in the finale, worth $50,000. If I do the math correctly and add his North-South 100 check, that is $309,500 in first place money since June. Superman? Someone better find some Krytonite soon.

Billy Moyer decided to race with the Corn Belt Clash series this weekend instead of visiting Kentucky. He finished second to Chad Simpson at Fayette County Speedway in West Union, Iowa and then took first in the Ralph Fryer Memorial at Lafayette County Speedway in Darlington, Wisconsin. Depending on the source it was either Moyer’s 796th, 800th, or 803rd feature win. I think I am on safe ground to say there will never be another driver quite like the Batesville, Arkansas Hall of Famer.

This may go to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, but in the three USMTS races run this weekend, Rodney Sanders has not visited Victory Lane once. Jeremy Payne won in Wichita, Jason Hughes won at Humboldt, and last night Johnny Scott won at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri. The hot mods of the USMTS finish their long weekend with a show at Monett Speedway in Missouri tonight.

It is 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday. I am debating whether to go back to bed or work on a resume cover letter. The bed is calling, but so is getting on with my life. I can always take a nap during the NASCAR race this afternoon.

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No Rocking Chair For Moyer

August 1, 2015 Leave a comment

“Moyer captures pole at Cedar Lake’s USA Nationals.” Isn’t that a great headline? How can race fans not be thrilled to see the Batesville, Arkansas legend add yet another line to his Hall of Fame resume? Every time Moyer has success, baby boomers feel another year younger. 60 is the new 40. His smile is worth the price of admission, and then you get to watch him display a talent that who have or ever will possess.

Moyer goes after his 6th USA Nationals championship tonight. It won’t be easy. Jimmy Owens starts outside of Moyer in the front row, and the Newport Nightmare seems poised to fashion another of his summer win streaks. Starting on the outside of the third row in tonight’s 100 lap feature is none other than Jonathan Davenport who has won so many big races this season he has to be thinking a post-race visit to Victory Lane is now his right.

17 drivers have already qualified, but the list of those who have not garnered a spot in the $50,000 to win show reads like a Who’s Who of dirt late model racing. Notice I didn’t mention Scott Bloomquist in the last paragraph. Bloomquist is one of the driver’s who will be vying for one of nine consolation and last chance race transfers spots. Add to that list Jimmy Mars, Josh Richards, Bobby Pierce, Brian Shirley, Brandon Sheppard, Earl Pearson Jr., Shane Clanton, Kent Robinson, Rick Eckert, Darrell Lanigan, Rodney Sanders, Chub Frank, Gregg Satterlee, Jesse Stovall, Mason Zeigler, Eric Wells, Morgan Bagley, and Tim McCreadie. That is a feature race any promoter in the country would love, and at least seven of these drivers are going to load up before the always exciting USA Nationals driver introductions.

Yeah, I know there are 18 drivers listed above and I said only nine transfer spots were available. I was right-the other two spots are WoO provisionals. No matter how they finish in the consolation races, Shane Clanton and Josh Richards are guaranteed a feature spot as they are currently first and second in WoO points. Others with a possible provisional are Frank, McCreadie, Bagley, Eckert, Wells, Lanigan, Zeigler, and Satterlee.

If you check out the WoO point standings, eight of the series top ten drivers have not qualified for what is the biggest payday of the WoO season. I have said it before, but to me the Lucas Oil series is the better of the two national series, and this is just more proof. The racing tonight should be phenomenal. With that many top drivers seeking a spot in the race it will be balls to the wall from the drop of the green in the first consy. Wow, I am pretty sure I am setting the bar high in use of racing clichés, and setting the bar high is another one.

You can still purchase the PPV and see all of tonight’s racing action. Cost is $27.99, but well worth it.

Two thumbs up for R.C. Whitwell, driving Al Humphrey’s #6 late model. Last Saturday he was racing for $2,000 in an SLMR race at Off The Road Speedway in Norfolk, Nebraska. Last night he finished second in his heat race, and later finished second to Moyer in the 12 lap FANSFund dash. Whitwell will start 7th in tonight’s feature.

For all of you Clint Bowyer fans, the driver who has not won a NASCAR point race in 1,024 days issued a statement yesterday on the future of Michael Waltrip Racing:

DBF pointed out that the only way Bowyer will get into the NASCAR Hall of Fame is to buy a ticket. Ouch. Funny, and I wish I was that clever.

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Gordon, Sprints, USMTS Mods, And Billy Moyer

July 24, 2015 Leave a comment


If you think that Jeff Gordon’s retiring from full time racing is no big deal, Indianapolis Motor Speedway estimated it received an addition $1,500,000 in ticket and merchandise sales because this may be his last race at the track. I say “may” because he has left open the possibility of racing at a few tracks in the future, with IMS one of them.

Yesterday was Jeff Gordon Day in his former hometown of Pittsboro, Indiana. There was a parade and Thursday was proclaimed Jeff Gordon Day in Indiana. Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana presented Gordon with a Sagamore of the Wabash award. Apparently that is similar to being named an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy.

I watched hot laps, time trials, and heat races of the NSL show from Jackson Speedway last night-they all seemed like hot laps to me. The Minnesota track reminds me of Adams County Speedway-it is a black dirt track with long straightaways. The corners seem to be a little longer than those at ACS though. Anyway, the PPV on Speed Shift TV seemed a little like what fans at I-80 Speedway need to be prepared for next Thursday and Friday. The support class for the NSL sprints was the track’s 360 sprints. I will say that the quality of the competition in the ASCS National Series will be better and they will have more than 16 cars on hand.

I do not understand the time trial obsession of sprint car series. OK, it is not just sprint car series, the two national late model tours and every track in the southeast U.S. time trial as well. To me time trials are a waste of time and what is on trial is my patience. Draw for heat position and give passing points.

I admit that sprint cars go fast and turn left, but I have a difficult time calling it racing when 5-10 car lengths separate each of 8 cars in a heat race. At least they didn’t have B-mods on the program at Jackson.

The NSL series visited the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines two nights ago. According to the Speed Shift announcer, track officials stated attendance at the race was 7,100. That is huge considering there were only 18 NSL cars on hand. Still, the series has seen six different winners in the past six races, so NSL racing is competitive.

Terry Phillips won the feature at the opening night of the World Modified Dirt Track Championship at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota. Phillips also claimed the point lead-after tonight’s preliminary, the top 12 in accumulated points will be locked into Saturday’s feature that could pay the winner $20,000. Joey Jensen and Rodney Sanders round out the top three in points. 63 USMTS modifieds were on hand. Again, the WMDTC is on a RacinDirt PPV if you can’t make it to the track.

Just when you start thinking Billy Moyer no longer plays a leading role in big time dirt late model racing, he does something like win an UMP Summernationals race or better yet, a WoO race. Last night Moyer passed Shane Clanton on lap 38 of the 40 lap WoO event at Quincy Raceway in Illinois and held on for WoO career victory number 42. Clanton finished second, followed by Josh Richards, Brandon Sheppard, and Tim McCreadie.

It is off to Fairbury, Illinois for Moyer and day one of the two day WoO sanctioned Prairie Dirt Classic. The Batesville, Arkansas driver tops the list of PDC winners with five. Other past winners of the event likely to be on hand this week include Tim McCreadie, Shannon Babb, Jason Feger, Dennis Erb Jr., and Kevin Weaver. The PDC was named Dirt on Dirt Race of the Year in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Oh, I made an error in a post from several days ago. I said Casey’s sponsored the Friday night SDN feature and was Cubby’s. You say tomato, I say only in chili and barbecue sauce.

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Silver Dollar National Prelims Are Simply SUPER, Man

July 18, 2015 1 comment

I-80 Speedway is the center of the dirt universe this weekend. Cars and drivers from Florida to Oregon, Pennsylvania to California, Texas to North Dakota and many states in between filled the track pits. An event record 60 super late models signed in, along with 29 USMTS modifieds.

The word to best describe the opening night of Silver Dollar Nationals V is “inevitable.” Billy Moyer making perhaps his last run in Nebraska won his first heat. Sentimentally inevitable. Hall of Famer Scott Bloomquist winning a heat? An ego driven inevitability. Lucas Oil series stars Earl Pearson Jr., Jimmy Owens, and Dennis Erb Jr. finishing first in a heat? Logical and inevitable. And if I-80 Speedway is the center of the dirt universe, well, it was inevitable that 2015’s brightest late model star would win both of his qualifying heats.

Jonathan Davenport alone was worth the price of admission last night. He was simply SUPER, and MAN was he fast. Starting third in his first heat, the driver from Georgia moved to the outside of front row drivers Jordan Grabouski and Austin Siebert as the green flag flew, and had the race lead before exiting turn two on the first lap. In his second qualifier, Davenport started eighth, moved past California driver Jason Papich on lap six, and drove away from the field. Davenport’s two wins place him on the pole position for tonight’s 80 lap feature.

What was not inevitable was Nebraskan Tad Pospisil starting tenth in his first heat and driving to the front in a convincing win. In his second heat, Pospisil finished a close second to Erb, and will start tonight’s $32,000 to win A feature alongside of Davenport. No, that is not a typo. A Nebraskan is actually starting on the front row of the Silver Dollar Nationals finale.

Matt told me earlier that he thought Pospisil was a dark horse for a top ten finish, and obviously has his Black Diamond chassis working like he wants. Row 2 of tonight’s feature will have Owens and Jared Landers, while row three will be Iowans Chad Simpson (boo-hiss) and Jason Utter. Three of the first six starters are MLRA drivers, not Lucas Oil regulars, which does surprise me.

Pennsylvanian Gregg Saterlee will start on the inside of row four and Billy Moyer will begin the race on his outside. Bloomquist starts ninth and Clay Daly from Salinas, California will be on the outside of row five. Daly had solid finishes of second and third in his qualifiers. Illinois and Missouri are represented in row six, with Rookie of the Year contender Brandon Sheppard starting behind Bloomquist, and veteran Terry Phillips starting 12th on the grid.

Other first night qualifiers were Chris Brown, Eddie Carrier Jr., Rodney Sanders, Don O’Neal, Jason Feger, and R.C. Whitwell-representing Texas, West Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, and Arizona. Drivers who will have to run a consolation tonight include Ryan Gustin, Jason Papich, Garrett Albertson, Jeremy Payne, Chris Simpson, Kyle Berck, and Hall of Famer Steve Francis.

Berck’s situation reminds me of golfer Tiger Woods. Woods strived to be perfect, not just settling to be among the best ever. In doing so he changed coaches often and really messed up his game to the point of being an afterthought in conversations of who might win the next PGA event. Berck has repeatedly changed the chassis he runs, and finished sixth in his opening heat, and fourth in his last heat. He finished behind locals Mike Collins and Brian Kosiski in heat one and I am sure that was hard for Berck fans to swallow. Berck does have a provisional starting spot, garnered with a win in the Alphabet Soup Race three weeks ago.

Back to inevitable. With a third place finish in his USMTS modified heat, Rodney Sanders qualified for the redraw that determines starting spots 1-8 in every USMTS feature. Sanders drew the #1 spot, and from that moment, the other 23 drivers in the feature were battling for second place. Sanders earned $3,000 for his 35 lap victory, which was his fifth victory in a row at I-80 Speedway. With the win Sanders clinched his third regional USMTS championship, and if he is able to win his third straight USMTS National Championship the Happy, Texas driver will be very happy, collecting $100,000 for his efforts.

If I could only go to a race one night a season, it would be the Friday night of the Silver Dollar Nationals. The qualifying format is one that fans have to love-NO time trials, meaning drivers have to battle from the drop of the green to the checkered flag. To me, the Lucas Oil drivers are the best in the business, so watching the best having to race their way into a big money feature makes this a crown jewel event.

A sour note-the P.A. system was not good last night, and that is putting it as mildly as I can. Actually, it sucked. A crown jewel race needs crown jewel equipment backing it up, and that sound system is far from rating crown jewel status. I would rather see the SDN feature start just 26 cars and use the money to invest in a P.A. system that works. The campgrounds and parking area were full of vehicles from many different states. Fans deserve better than booth announcers fading in and out and a pit reporter microphone that turned fans into cryptanalysts, trying to decipher what drivers were saying when only every third word was heard.

Still, fans are willing to forgive many ills as long as the racing is good, and the racing was good. Jonathan Davenport starting on the pole seems unfair. He has won 11 of the last 13 events he has raced, and it looks promising for the Lucas Oil point leader to add another big $$$ win to his resume. 100 degree temps or not, a working P.A. system or not, I will be back in my grandstand seat cheering on the #6 to do just that.

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