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More Knoxville

September 18, 2017 Leave a comment

Yes, more Knoxville. Only two of the top ten WoO late model drivers were in Knoxville this weekend, Brandon Sheppard and Tyler Erb. Sheppard can race with anyone, anywhere, and Erb can wreck anytime, anywhere, but where were the rest of the WoO regulars. The series remains a national tour-it does travel across much of America-but a baseball comparison would be that the Lucas Oil series is Major League and the WoO is AAA.

As at Eldora for the World 100 and at FALS for the Prairie Dirt Classic, there was a large contingent of local drivers at Knoxville. I hate to admit it, being far less than a fan of the brothers, but Chad and Chris Simpson are really the only Iowa drivers that can seriously compete with national caliber drivers. Chad was 26th and Chris was 11th in Saturday’s feature.

Saturday’s rain made for a blazing fast track. It also made for lots of tire trouble. Rain or no rain, if the feature is to remain 100 laps, I think that in addition to a fuel stop on lap 51, that the stop can include changes that can be done in 10 minutes, such as tires. If this rule had been in effect, the outcome of the race would have been different. Yeah, I am saying this as a Jonathan Davenport fan, and the opposite argument is such a rule penalizes drivers who have not been as hard on their equipment.

Davenport has had a profitable three weeks, earning $25,000 at the Hillbilly 100, $50,000 at the World 100, and collecting 2nd place money of $20,000 at Knoxville. Of course with the nearly obscene cost of running nationally, weekends like those are needed. More on Davenport later.

In an interview last weekend, veteran Steve Francis hinted at retirement, suggesting that technology had taken the fun out of racing for him. Matt and I had talked about Francis on the drive over, not realizing he was considering retirement, and wondering just what he might do after his driving career was over. Francis just turned 50, and for those not in sports, that is a long way from retirement. With the cost of racing I wonder how much money the Hall of Famer has been able to save over the years.

Maybe it was because I was riding the elevator this weekend with lots of “old” people, but it seemed like the number of old people at the race far outnumbered the young people. Matt had an interesting idea about how to engage the very young. What driver might appeal to the very young like Mike Duvall did with his Flintstone Flyer? How about Superman, Jonathan Davenport? Matt bought Henry a Jonathan Davenport Superman t-shirt, his first dirt racing t-shirt, and Davenport has a way about him that I kids would love if they got close to him. Think of M & M’s sponsoring Davenport and kids visiting his trailer after a race getting a small bag of the candy treat.

If you want to involve teens more, Hudson O’Neal would be a perfect spokesman. His demeanor is that of a typical 17 year old, but he is an incredibly talented driver and for someone that young is quite polished when interviewed. He would be a great spokesperson for some company. What do teens love? Other than their phone? Or maybe he could have some smart phone for a sponsor.

At the NSCHoF program on Friday, the young O’Neal was asked about going NASCAR racing. Anymore talent is not enough. You have to show them the money, bringing big sponsorship dollars with you. That is a shame because there are plenty of young dirt car drivers with just as much-even more-talent than drivers on any of the top NASCAR circuits.

As far as young talent in dirt late model racing, I am less concerned about the future than I was several years ago. Brandon Sheppard in the Rocket house car has been amazing this year. Though I am not a big fan, Bobby Pierce has won a number of crown jewel events in little over a year. Devin Moran has won some races, and as I said, Hudson O’Neal is very talented. There are others too. Hopefully there will still be a sport for them to showcase their talents ten years from now.

I had not said much about Mike Marlar winning back to back Knoxville Nationals 100 lap races, but that really is a fete. Good equipment well prepared, talent, and luck is often not enough to accomplish what Marlar did, so two thumbs up to the driver from Tennessee.

Knoxville might be the last race I attend this season, though there are still plenty of races to watch on the computer. I guess Beatrice this weekend is a possibility, but I can watch it at home on Speed Shift TV. The Fall Brawl or Cornhusker Classic at I-80 are still to be run, but neither really grabs my attention. Matt has discussed going to Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City in October for World of Outlaw sprint cars. Ouch. Maybe. Or go to Kansas Speedway for NASCAR practice during the day and then to Lakeside. We’ll see.

Anyway if Knoxville was my last race of the season, it was very enjoyable. And next year maybe I will try one of the $10 ribeye steak sandwiches one of the midway vendors has for sale.

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September 17, 2017 Leave a comment

After spending two nights at the track watching preliminary events and tuning into Lucas Oil Racing TV last night for the Knoxville Late Model Nationals finale, I have lots of thoughts, in no particular order.

Well, no particular order except the first thing I have to do is thank my son Matt for his thoughtfulness. My left knee is shot, getting worse every day, and I am having it replaced in early November. Our tickets for Thursday and Friday at Knoxville were in row 27-meaning a climb of 16 steps just to get to the grandstands, and then of 54 more steps without a rail to get to where our seats were. The thought of climbing all those steps, most without a rail was daunting, and the thought of coming back down to the ground was scary. However, Matt emailed the track and was able to get an elevator pass for us-meaning we were able to ride the track elevator to the top of the grandstands. We did have to climb down 13 rows, or 26 steps, but for some reason the track had aisle rails from row 40 down to row 26, so I had no fear of falling. This really gave me some peace of mind, and I greatly appreciated it.

-On Thursday we were sitting in our seats before the race, the sun was shining and it was about 90 out. And then it began to rain. It only rained for about 15 minutes, but that was enough to set back Thursday starting time by not quite an hour. Matt looked at a weather app on his phone and it appeared the only rain anywhere in Iowa was right over Knoxville.

-Jonathan Davenport had a near perfect point night on Thursday. He was second fast in time trials, won his heat, and finished 3rd in the feature, garnering 494 points. Mike Marlar did have a perfect point night on Friday, setting fast time, winning his heat, and finishing 1st in the feature, all in a back-up car. Davenport and Marlar made up the front row of Saturday’s feature.

-Brandon Sheppard started 22nd in Thursday’s feature and moved all the way to 4th at the finish.

-Jimmy Mars was the only driver to appear in all previous Knoxville Nationals 100 lap features, and he made it again this year, finishing 4th on Saturday night.

-Billy Moyer had nothing but woes this weekend, starting with scaling light after his Thursday night heat, and finishing 52nd out of 56 drivers in points that night. Friday was just as bad as a wreck on the last lap of the B feature kept him out of the second preliminary feature and ended up making the field for Saturday virtually impossible. Moyer did not race Saturday. I do hope he will be back next year, as this would be a said end to his racing in Iowa.

-This has nothing to do with Knoxville, but my 6 year old kindergarten grandson ran all 35 laps around a 1/16th mile track at his school’s PTA fundraiser. I had said on Facebook that I was sure he would go the distance, and he did not even stop for a water break, he wanted to finish before he drank any water. Yes, grandpa is very proud of Henry.

-Back to Knoxville. There were only 56 cars on hand for the Thursday program and it was down to 51 on Friday. I don’t mind that at all because all the drivers I wanted to watch were on hand. This car count was fairly typical of the count at other major races, except for Eldora.

-Even though I am not a great sprint car fan, I do enjoy visiting the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, which is just off turn two of Knoxville Raceway. The featured display at the museum was on Sammy Swindell and it was quite interesting-a number of cars, plus a touch screen that gave information on various aspects of Swindell’s career. Good stuff.

-I have enjoyed the Friday morning programs at NSCHoF in the past, and this year was no different. Commentator Dave Argabright interviewed drivers Don O’Neal and his 17 year old son Hudson. I have always enjoyed the elder O’Neal, and the youngster is not only a talented driver, but is well-spoken too.

-We have a Friday tradition in Knoxville. Matt and I have lunch at the Pizza Hut with Tony Anville and Lee Ackerman. When we got there O’Neal and his wife and Hudson had just arrived. Matt and I were able to talk with them for a moment, and I told the proud dad that with drivers like his son, the future of dirt late model racing was bright.

-Track prep at Knoxville is second to none. If only every track would put that much effort into preparing the racing surface for a program.

-With a grandstand that holds 20,000 people, even stands that are half full hide how many people are there. There must be enough in the stands so the track makes some money, because if it was a loser I am sure there would be no more Knoxville Late Model Nationals.

-Matt and I had talked of staying for all three nights of racing, going home after Saturday’s 100 lap feature. With the L-O-N-G rain delay, I am glad we decided to go home early on Saturday and watch on Lucas Oil Racing TV. If we had stayed, we would not have left Knoxville until 12:30 a.m. and arrived home around 3:30 a.m. Instead I was in bed shortly after midnight. Plus the TROTD Speedway concessions served birthday cake and ice cream, and I know Knoxville would not have served birthday cake, at least not my birthday cake.

-We already have our reservations at the Cobblestone Hotel for 2018. And they are for three days Tony. Of course that could change over the next year. Just like the Knoxville Sprint Nationals is for sprint car fans, the Knoxville Late Model Nationals should be on the bucket list of every late model fan.

I am sure I am missing something-oh yeah, Mike Marlar became the first back to back winner of the event-and if I did, I will write more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


Knoxville? I’ll Go With Bloomquist Again

September 14, 2017 Leave a comment

In a few hours Matt and I will be heading east to Knoxville for 14th Annual Lucas Oil Late Model Nationals. The Thursday and Friday preliminary nights will include time trials, 6 heats, a D Main, C Main, B Main, and the A Feature.

The invert is a key at Knoxville. The fastest cars in time trials will start heat races 8th on the starting grid. Only four will qualify for the A feature from the heats. The rest will have to go through consolation races. And no, it is not easy at Knoxville to move up that many spots in a heat race.

If a driver has to race in a consolation race, the best he can start in the feature is 25th.  The preliminary features are just 25 laps, so achieving a good finish in the A feature would be very difficult. And since Saturday’s starting grid is determined by points, a bad night on Thursday puts a lot of pressure on the entire team to have a good Friday night.

Even if you time trial well and qualify well in the heats you can end up with a mediocre point night because the top 8 qualifiers are inverted in the feature. To start on the pole for Saturday’s 100 lap feature is quite an achievement.

So, who am I going to predict to finish first this weekend-aka who will I jinx this weekend? I did a good job of jinxing Bloomquist last weekend as he had a poor-for him-World 100. Since I am not a big fan of the Zero car and driver, and since I enjoy irritating my friend Tony, I will put the jinx on Bloomquist again this weekend. You can bet the Hall of Famer will not want two mediocre weekends in a row. I am betting his best preliminary night will be Friday though.

Other possibilities? The Rocketeers Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards can’t be counted out. Darrell Lanigan had a great World 100 weekend with two preliminary feature wins and a top five in the Saturday race. Will Jonathan Davenport be Clark Kent or Superman this weekend? Mike Marlar had a good World 100 weekend with top five finishes in all three races, plus he is the defending Knoxville Nationals champion. Bobby Pierce? I am thinking not, but he has won other races where I thought he didn’t have a chance. A sentimental favorite would have to be 60 year old Iowa native Billy Moyer. Like many fans, I wonder if this will be his last Knoxville event.

So who will it be? Of all those I mentioned, I would most like Davenport to win Saturday’s 100 lapper. But I will go with Bloomquist. If he wins I can say I picked him. If he does badly, half the fans will thank me for jinxing him.

Again, if you can’t head to Knoxville, will show the Thursday and Friday preliminary nights and Lucas Oil Racing TV will show Saturday’s racing. Go to their sites for details.

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Superman Conquers The World, Is Knoxville Next?

September 10, 2017 Leave a comment

A little over a week ago, Clark Kent aka Jonathan Davenport found a phone booth and donned his Superman outfit for the first time in 2017. Davenport won the Hillbilly 100 at Tyler County Speedway in West Virginia, giving him a big boost in momentum entering World 100 prelims.

Davenport finished 2nd in a Thursday feature and 8th in his Friday feature, giving him enough points to start on the pole for his Saturday qualifying heat. He won his heat and started the World 100 on the inside of row 2, just behind pole sitter Hudson O’Neal.

The Blairsville, Georgia driver stormed past the young O’Neal and led lap1. And lap 2, and lap 3, and lap 4. And led every other lap too, becoming the first driver to lead all 100 laps of dirt late model racing’s most iconic event since Dan Schliepper did in 2003. It was Davenport’s second World 100 victory in three years.

Odds and ends:

-Pole sitter Hudson O’Neal is just 17. He did not qualify for the Saturday night main event last season, so this was his World 100 debut. I am certain there will be many more in his future. For those of you going to Knoxville this week-me too-Hudson and his dad Don will be mainstays of the Friday morning program at the Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

-Not having many World 100’s in his future is Hall of Famer Billy Moyer. The Batesville, Arkansas driver hinted this would be his last World 100, but he is supposed to be retired but he has run 56 nights already this year and will be at Knoxville starting Thursday, so maybe there is a glimmer of hope Mr. Smooth will be back at Eldora next season. Moyer has 8 wins this season, so he still can find the way to Victory Lane. Oh, Moyer finished 8th last night ahead of name drivers like Sheppard, McCreadie, Pearson, Owens, O’Neal-father and son, Pierce, Bloomquist, Clanton, and Richards.

-I am not a big fan, but have to admit that Darrell Lanigan had a great week at Eldora. Lanigan won both of his preliminary features and finished 5th in the World 100. Those finishes were worth $28,750 dollars.

-The 50/50 winner amounts at Eldora are staggering. Saturday night’s raffle drawing winner took home over $35,000. That is not a typo. Of the drivers, only Davenport left Ohio with a bigger check.

-If I heard correctly, Saturday’s attendance was the biggest ever for the World 100. I realize that many weekly dirt tracks struggle-I tend to blame promoter for that, but most of the crown jewel events see plenty of butts in the grandstands.

-Scott Bloomquist did not have a typical Bloomquist week at Eldora. Not being allowed to time trial on Thursday was just the start of a “not good” three days for the Zero car. While Bloomquist often has an off-night at the track, he normally bounces back. He did not in 2017. His feature finishes were 12th-8th-24th. Still, guess who will be among the favorites at Knoxville this week. Yeah, Bloomquist.

-There were 10 Rocket chassis in the feature, and Davenport, Gregg Satterlee, and Mike Marlar, the top three finishers, all drove Rockets. Other chassis makes in the feature: 5-Longhorn, 2- Sweet Bloomquist, 1-Pierce, 4-Club 29, 1-Swartz, 3-Moyer Victory, 2-Black Diamond, 1-MB Customs, and 1-Capital.

-17 states were represented in the feature, including 5 Illinois drivers.

-Among the drivers not making Saturday’s feature were Steve Francis, Steve Casebolt, Mason Ziegler, Eddie Carrier Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Brian Shirley, and Shannon Babb.

This week is the Knoxville Late Model Nationals, one of the big three events Matt and I attend-the others are The Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 Speedway and The Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway in Illinois.

Knoxville means good conversation on the drive over and back, breakfasts at Hy-Vee, lunch at Pizza Hut with Tony and Lee, and visits to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and to Slideways Karting. It means sitting in row 20 (my left knee is already complaining) behind the flag stand. This year I’ll even be wearing a race t-shirt, one I bought at FALS in July, and that is definitely a first.

If you can’t make it to central Iowa this week, Thursday and Friday prelims will be shown on A 2-day subscriber package costs $42.99, while single nights run $24.99. Saturday’s feature race night will be shown on Lucas Oil Racing TV. It is available to yearly subscribers only. Yes, a year’s subscription costs $99.99 but the number of live late model and sprint car events makes it easily worthwhile.

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Back Home Again In-

October 27, 2016 2 comments

No, not in Indiana, Jim Nabors. Back home in my house. My own bed. I’m glad. 30 odd hours in a hospital were more than enough.

How do I feel? I would say like I have been run through a wringer, but unless you are my age you probably don’t know what a wringer is. Let’s just say that while yesterday in the hospital bed I was thinking I could go back to work today, today I am thinking that was a very dumb thought.

Fortunately I am not in a lot of pain, more discomfort than pain, but I am very, very tired. It seems like if I am up and around for an hour today I need to rest for two hours. Which I plan to do when I am done with this very brief post.

I can tell you nothing about the procedure. I was wheeled into a very cold operating room. I said hello to the people on the surgical team and don’t remember anything else until I was in the recovery room. However, the doctor thinks the procedure was successful, and that is all that matters.

When I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I did think about a number of things, including racing. I pictured myself next season at Kansas Speedway in the spring. At Fairbury American Legion Speedway in late July, and at Knoxville in mid-September. Nice thoughts, just not sleep inducing thoughts.

Back in July, a routine physical with lab work discovered I had a very high PSA, one sign of prostate cancer. Another test showed an even higher PSA. Some doctors swear at the PSA test, rather than by it. I only know that I am very glad it was done. That we caught the cancer early. That while what was done was major to me, it was not radical to surgeons. What I am saying to my male readers is to get this test done at least every year. Yes, it is important.

And now, I am going to try to read a little and take a nap. I have a feeling I will read very little, and my nap will last until supper time. I am glad to be writing this, and as always, I am thankful you care to read it.


Happy Birthday Matt Plus Knoxville Redux

September 23, 2016 1 comment

Happy Birthday to the father of my grandson, the person who has been going with me to races for over 30 years. It has been quite a few years since that day, but I still remember it vividly. There have been times he has done his best to drive me crazy, but I have always been proud to call him my son. I hope you have had a great day Matt.

While the Knoxville late model nationals are history for 2016, I just received this email from someone who attended all three nights of the event.
“The racing was great all 3 nights.  The track is always good there.  The efficiency was mind boggling.  I understand other specials I attend have sun and heat issues.  I understand lots of money is made at the concessions.  But last weekend, they were almost too effective.  When the feature is over at 10:00, well, 11:00 would have worked for me.  When I say you are done too fast, you’ve done something special.

I loved hearing Jim Wilson’s comments during the Friday seminar at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.  He mentioned things I never thought of (NASCAR insurance issues, etc. for the demise of the series).  It was cool seeing Ed Sanger there.
It was also cool getting to stand in victory lane Saturday night as the winning driver got out of his car.  What is even cooler is my story from Thursday night.  After Matt and I left the track, I went to the Casey’s on the south side of town (only one open).  A very friendly gentleman with a Southern accent was in the store shopping at the same time.  He was buying donuts, pizza, and cookies.  He said to me, “I think they’ll appreciate me for this”.  I smiled and said, “I know I would”.  He was in line, but moved and aside and told me to go ahead of him.  I thanked him, walked out and thought “now that’s a nice race fan.”
You should have seen the look on my face in victory lane on Saturday as this “nice race fan” crawled out of the driver’s seat of the winning car.  I just smiled and shook my head.”

Thanks to this anonymous race fan from Auburn for that commentary. Of course it makes me even more jealous that I missed Knoxville this year, and determined not to miss it in 2017. I enjoy the ride over and back with Matt, I like the breakfasts at Hy-Vee across from the track, and I have fun watching Matt and the anonymous commentator race go-karts at Slideways Karting.

The NASCAR Busch All-Star Tour was always a favorite and I would have enjoyed hearing Wilson, the Kosiski brothers, and others talk about this best ever regional series. I can remember Ed Sanger coming to Sunset Speedway in the 70’s and kicking local butts-well, he kicked butts everywhere he went-and I every much would have liked to talk with him. And of course watching the best of the best dirt late model drivers race on the famous Knoxville oval would have been the icing on the cake.
Right now I have three events penned in on my schedule for 2017-the Silver Dollar Nationals on July 21st and 22nd, the Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway on July 28th and 29th, and the Knoxville Nationals on September 15th and 16th. I am also hoping for a spring or fall Friday trip to Kansas Speedway when the NASCAR Sprint Cup tour visits.
For now though I am looking forward to lots of nights at TROTD Speedway watching PPV’s-starting with Septemberfest from Beatrice tonight, and maybe going a night of the Cornhusker Classic at I-80 Speedway. Actually, what I would really like to do is talk my son into going to the Cornhusker Vintage Nationals at US 30 Speedway on Sunday October 2nd and taking Henry with us-no need to worry about a too dry track with the old coupes and sedans racing, and I would love my grandson to see what hooked his grandpa on the sport. It won’t be crowded, and I am sure Henry would love it.
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A Knoxville First, A NASCAR Dud, PPV’s, My Top 25, Plus “Show-Me” The Money

May 19, 2015 1 comment

Last weekend was big for McKenna Haase.  Not only did she graduate from Carlisle High School, but the night before she became the first female sprint car winner at the most famous of all sprint car tracks, Knoxville Raceway.  Haase was driving a 305 sprint car-and no I don’t dislike all 305 sprint cars, just some of them. I wrote about McKenna months ago on my blog. Here is a link to a video of the race:


Below is a USA today column by Jeff Gluck.  Unlike me, Gluck gets paid for his words, so I suppose those words do a little bit better of a job saying what I was trying to say in blog about the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.


Instead of worrying about penalizing Jimmie Johnson over the possibility one of his crew members tried to adjust the side skirts on the #48 car during Saturday’s All-Star event-which didn’t do Johnson much good, I wish NASCAR would use that time-and a helluva lot more time-to figure out a way to make this race something worth watching. If the Coca-Cola 600 turns into a longer version of the All-Star race, I am heading to my computer room to watch the National Sprint League PPV from Husets Speedway on Speed Shift TV. Speed Shift TV will also show the NSL event from Jackson Speedway on Friday.


For those of you in need of a little pick me up before the holiday weekend, is hosting the IMCA Hawkeye Dirt Tour race from Benton County Speedway in Vinton, Iowa tonight.  Check out the site for more details.


RACEFEEDX also plans a big holiday weekend, with three nights of the IMCA North Star Tour followed by another Hawkeye Dirt Tour race.  Friday racing will come from Murray County Speedway, Saturday from Arlington Raceway, and Sunday from Redwood Speedway-I am assuming all of those tracks are in Minnesota.  On Memorial Day, RACEFEEDX will be at I-35 Speedway in Mason City, Iowa.


Yes, I do know I could watch sprint car racing in person Sunday night if I would travel down the road to I-80 Speedway for the Charlie Clark Memorial. A-mods, B-mods, hobby stocks, and Nebraska 360 sprints will be racing.  What was that Meatloaf line? “Two out of four ain’t bad.”


I don’t know if I’ll be recovered enough to go on Sunday anyway.  Saturday I am spending all day driving to and from Sigourney, Iowa-east of Oskaloosa, and you know what I-o-w-a stands for. I am sure I will have a headache and pain elsewhere too, that will take me all of the holiday weekend to recover from.


Below is my Top 25 for the week.  23 of my top 25 are included in the overall Top 25. Voters still aren’t showing Dennis Erb Jr. much love, but at least I wasn’t the only one voting for him this week. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 5/18/2015
1 Randy Weaver
2 Shane Clanton
3 Scott Bloomquist
4 Jimmy Owens
5 Darrell Lanigan
6 Don O’Neal
7 Billy Moyer
8 Earl Pearson Jr.
9 Brandon Sheppard
10 Jonathan Davenport
11 Josh Richards
12 Bobby Pierce
13 Tim McCreadie
14 Devin Moran
15 Chris Ferguson
16 Casey Roberts
17 Dale McDowell
18 Eddie Carrier Jr.
19 Steve Francis
20 Jason Feger
21 Chub Frank
22 Steve Casebolt
23 Shannon Babb
24 Rick Eckert
25 Dennis Erb Jr.


Once again, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the scene of a major wreck yesterday.  Driver James Hinchcliffe had a part break on his car and slammed into the safer barrier in turn three of the famed 2.5 mile oval. Hinchcliffe had surgery on his upper left thigh and was in stable condition in an ICU at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Hinchcliffe’s car did roll over, the 4th time this month a car has been wrong side up in practice for the Indy 500.  The cars look like a combination of an airplane and a guided missile, and I fear more may end up flipping during Sunday’s race.


I wish the Show-Me 100 from Lucas Oil Speedway was on a PPV this weekend, but I guess it will be shown on a later date on some odd cable network. Hey, whatever Forest Lucas wants, Forest gets. There are several hundred million reasons why.  Me, well, hopefully DOD will post updates during the race.


The Show-Me is also known as the Jimmy Owens Benefit Race. Since 2011 the Newport Nightmare has won seven special events at Lucas Oil Speedway, including three of the Memorial Day classics. True, he did not win last year, but he has to be the favorite.  Last year’s winner was Don O’Neal, but I don’t think the Indiana driver will challenge Owens in 2015.  I think the biggest challenge for the #20 car will be another Tennessee driver, the Hall of Famer from Mooresburg, Scott Bloomquist. Hey, it is a big money race, so never count Bloomquist out.  Wish I could be there.


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