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Silver Dollar Nationals

July 15, 2018 Leave a comment

Is it the prodigal son coming home, or me returning to the scene of the crime? Likely both. After not posting a blog for some length of time, here I am Maybe it is just spending $200 for the right to keep this site another two years-and NO, it has not been making money since the early years, or maybe it is the time of year I truly am excited about racing.

I openly admit that I have been less excited about racing in 2018, than I have in any year. I have watched only a few laps of NASCAR this season, and that was at best inadvertent. I have attended one race live, though I was at Junction Motor Speedway a few weeks ago when the rain poured down before the start of hot laps. Due to another commitment I missed Matt’s trek to Adams County Speedway in Corning, and Park Jefferson was rained out on the night we planned to head to greater Sioux City. I’ll explain more of my no tears later.

Thanks to Speed Shift TV and Lucas Oil Racing TV I still have watched plenty of racing this season. I have visited tracks in Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I have watched late models, modifieds, midgets, winged sprint cars, and non-wing sprint cars in action. And have tried my very best to miss support class racing.

This coming week I will be watching Lucas Oil late models race in South Dakota and Minnesota prior to heading to I-80 Speedway for three super nights of the SDN. Thank you to for the coverage. The site will also be covering the SDN if you can’t make it to the track, and next week will be showing both nights of the Prairie Dirt Classic from Fairbury, Illinois. Like the SDN, the PDC is simply a race dirt late model fans need to see. Because of my new job, Matt and I won’t make it to Friday’s PDC prelims, but we are flying into Chicago on Saturday and will be there for the main event. It is that good of a show.

As I mentioned, I have held little enthusiasm for racing in 2018-at least until this week. I have enjoy the computer races because I visit tracks I know I will never go to otherwise-I won’t be going to Washington or Oregon or Ohio or Pennsylvania, even though the tracks do put on great shows. But more important is the convenience these races provide. It is a constant 72 degrees where I sit, and there is no threat of getting wet if an unexpected shower takes place. In all honesty, I have watched very few features this season. I watch hot laps, time trials, and heats of the feature class, and usually turn off my computer and go on to something else.

It is after the feature class heats when tracks start to irritate me. Support class races that go on and on and on bore me. Intermissions that last forever infuriate me. But at The Rest of the Dirt Speedway, I control all of that. A couple clicks on the computer mouse and I can be on to something else, instead of sitting in the stands fuming over shows I feel are not professionally run. With my feelings running like they are, I suppose it is for the best I do not attend more shows. Right now the three nights of the Silver Dollar Nationals, the final night of the Prairie Dirt Classic, and the three nights of the Knoxville Late Model Nationals are all I have scheduled to physically attend the rest of the season, though I suspect Matt will somehow finagle me into going to Park Jefferson or Junction Motor Speedway sometime.

And I am looking forward to the next few weeks. I was hoping that Scott Bloomquist would not win his 600th feature before the Lucas Oil late models pulled into the I-80 pits, but he took care of that last night at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri. That doesn’t mean there is a shortage of stories for the Nebraska event. Tim McCreadie has not won a Lucas Oil feature this year, and a repeat of his 2017 SDN win would be very popular.  Last year’s point champion Josh Richards has not won a Lucas Oil feature since the Georgia-Florida Speedweeks in February. Youngsters Hudson O’Neal and Bobby Pierce will put on a great show. Don O’Neal, known now as much as Hudson’s dad as being a former Lucas Oil champion has won at I-80 Speedway, and put together back to back wins in Ohio a few weeks ago. Superman, Jonathan Davenport leads Lucas Oil points, but of late has been racing more like Clark Kent. Will any regional driver other than the Simpson brothers (boo) actually compete with the national drivers? There are 14 Lucas Oil regulars and they will all be on hand, but what other well know drivers will journey to Nebraska?

I am hoping the temperature will be somewhere below 100 for the SDN, but will be there no matter how hot it is. I do hope Thursday night’s show will be run quickly. I have to work on Friday and would like to get some sleep before going in.

Thanks for stopping by and see you at I-80 Speedway this weekend.



Hello, It’s Me-No, Not Todd Rungren, Ron Meyer AKA Bruton

December 23, 2017 1 comment

Wow, I am doing a blog post. That hasn’t happened in quite some time. I have reasons, but if I am honest, they are just excuses. I can say I will try to do better, but being honest again, I know that isn’t so. Anyway, quality is better than quantity, right?

It is still not too late to get someone special a Christmas present, and you don’t even have to fight all the nut cases at the mall. I have three suggestions that any race fan would appreciate.

First, is a subscription to First because I just happened to do what I am saying you should, give a subscription. If you love late models, and most of you reading this blog do, this site is a must. Day after day all the information you could possibly want about the sport is on display. The articles are great, even though they don’t think I am good enough to write for them, and the videos are top quality. DOD also does PPV’s, and does them professionally-to me they do live late model races better than the networks cover NASCAR races. And often subscribers get a package deal that is better than what non-subscribers get. For example, DOD is covering all six days of the Wild West Shoot-out from Phoenix in January. Non-subscribers have to purchase the races each day, but subscribers get a package deal that saves them more than $50 off the non-subscriber package. Check out the site for more information. And yes, I am a subscriber. Actually I am to all three of these sites.

The next subscription you could give that race fan of yours is to Lucas Oil Racing TV. LORTV is going to provide live coverage of 17 nights of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, including 8 nights of racing in late January and early February from Georgia and Florida. That alone makes a subscription a great deal, but as the commercials say, “wait-there is more.” For open wheel fans-and there are a few reading this, LORTV will air one night of the Chili Bowl, and 8 nights of the Lucas Oil ASCS 360 sprint car series. 10 ARCA races will be shown live, including races from Nashville, Toledo, Elko, Madison, and Berlin-that is in Michigan, not Germany. There are 16 other live events scheduled, meaning 53 live events will be aired. AND, there are over 80 different shows covering any division of racing you can imagine. This is a great value-like DOD and Speed Shift TV.

Yes, Speed Shift TV is the other site you can subscribe to. Thanks to Speed Shift TV I watched more sprint car racing in 2017 than I ever have. And yes Speed Shift does late models, modifieds, and midgets too. The site has 23 events scheduled for January and February-starting with the Ice Bowl from Talladega, and every month has 10 or more live events.

I know some reasonably intelligent people who do not like the onset of racing coverage on the internet. I like it. I never stay home and watch an event on the computer that I would otherwise go to-OK, the Beatrice spring and fall races are ones I might attend-rather, I get to see races at tracks around the US that I would never visit otherwise. Sprint cars in Washington, modifieds in California and New Mexico, USAC sprint cars in Indiana and Pennsylvania, late models in Arizona and Mississippi, and midgets indoors in Oklahoma. I watched them all in 2017 and will again in 2018. Do these races keep me from going to weekly shows at a local track? NO. With the advent of 6 (or more) weekly classes at most tracks, I have no desire to go to weekly shows.

As far as specials Matt and I will attend in 2018, there are only three for sure-the Silver Dollar Nationals in Nebraska, the Prairie Dirt Classic in Illinois, and the Knoxville Late Model Nationals from Iowa. A USAC sprint car race-if there is one-in Nebraska is a possibility, as is a USAC midget race from Fairbury-in Nebraska, not Illinois. Matt seems to think a show from Park Jefferson and one from Junction Motor Speedway are musts for us, and I go, reluctantly. Matt also has been talking up a WoO Sprint Car race at River Cities Speedway in North Dakota. That is a far away track, but no further than FALS in Fairbury, Illinois and like the journey to FALS, all but about 75 miles are on Interstate highways. Who knows?

2018 is going to be an important year in my life. Yes, the Sunset Speedway book. Yes, my grandson’s activities-personally I which he had games every night as I would rather watch him play than watch any pro event. I don’t know if I will still be working full-time as I am now in Omaha or if I will be working part-time, temporary, or not at all. I do know that January 25th is a big day, and one I am concerned about. My left knee will be replaced that day, and I am more than a little worried. But I survived prostate cancer in 2016 and I know I will get through the knee surgery too-but keep me in your thoughts in late January.

I am not real hung up on making sure I say Merry Christmas. If someone says Merry Christmas to me I say the same to them. If they tell me Happy Holiday, that is what I say to them. No one has ever said Happy Hanukkah to me, but I am saying that now to several of my readers. Mainly just enjoy the season is what I have to offer. That, and a big thanks for stopping by.


A Weekly Show At I-80 Speedway-I Was There

July 11, 2015 1 comment

Matt and I followed the long and winding road to I-80 Speedway last night. Long? Well, it is just an hour’s journey, so not too long. Winding? From my house-west, south, west, south, east, south, east, south, east, south, east, west, south-three city streets, four highways, and one county road. I would call that winding.

100 cars were on hand to race-19 “Super” Late Models, 19 Grand National Late Models, 13 A-Mods, 24 B-Mods, 14 Stock Cars, and 11 Compacts. I am not a fan of six classes racing weekly, but if six classes have to race, 100 cars is a good number. Less than that, you have features that aren’t interesting at all. More than that and you have B features, plus the more cars on the track at any given time, the more crashes-the more yellows-there will be.

The show started almost on time, and there was a big crowd-it was union employee night, and more on that later. B-Mods didn’t “disappoint,” they managed six cautions in their feature. Of course that was six yellow flags in the entire race. At Corning a few weeks ago the B-Mods had that many cautions before they were able to complete two laps.

In a rarity, the stock cars did disappoint. Usually they put on a good show at every track, quite often the best feature of the night, but not last night. With half the cars that ran the B-Mod feature, the stock cars had the same amount of cautions, and finally were warned that the next yellow flag would end the race. Funny how the warning seemed to straighten things out.

Both late model races were decent, with Josh Krug and Bill Leighton Jr. racing side by side for much of the last half of the Super Late model feature. Leighton won on a last lap pass.

So, will I go to another weekly show? Sure-in 2016. I will be back at I-80 Speedway next Friday and Saturday though, and I am looking forward to watching the best of the best Modified and Super Late Model drivers in action at Silver Dollar Nationals V. And I am looking forward to another of the track’s famous pork tenderloin sandwiches, simply the best concession stand food at any dirt track in the U.S. Two thumbs up to Mona Kosiski. And the popcorn is great too.

As I said before, last night was union employee night at the track. I am sure that all union members and maybe their families too got in free or at a discount as the crowd was bigger than the crowd for the Alphabet Soup Race. As a son of a staunch union member, I was pleased to see I-80 Speedway honor blue collar labor in this fashion. I am definitely a union supporter and am proud of the efforts my dad made in the 60’s and 70’s in negotiating favorable contracts for union members employed by the Hormel Company. Though unions are not as powerful as they once were, my 90 year old mother is still benefiting from the contracts my dad helped right.

In a move I would call shocking, past champion Darrell Lanigan has dropped off the WoO circuit, leaving after finishing 14th at a race in Hibbing, Minnesota. “I’m not doing myself, my customers or the series any good being out here running the back,” said Lanigan, who has been a full-time WoO LMS competitor since the tour was re-launched under the World Racing Group banner in 2004. “It’s time for me to go back, regroup and refocus. We’re just so far behind on customer stuff that we’ve had to overlook my own stuff and it’s showing in our performance.”

Although Lanigan did have eight Top-Five finishes this season, he did not have a WoO win. In 2014, he won 17 series races.

I have to admit that when I checked results this morning and didn’t see Lanigan’s name with the rest of the Outlaws at Grand Forks, I wondered what had happened, if he had wrecked earlier in one of the qualifying races. Tim McCreadie won the race, which happened to be his first WoO win of the season. Josh Richards finished second, followed by WoO Sprint Car regular Donny Schatz, racing a Late Model at his home track. The WoO is off until a July 14th stop in Gillette, Wyoming.

I speculated that a few drivers heading to Wheatland for the two Lucas Oil races might stop to do the UMP Hell Tour race at Farmers City, Illinois first, and I was correct. Dennis Erb Jr. not only raced, he took a $10,000 check with him as he left the track. Jason Feger finished second, and Brandon Sheppard finished third. Sheppard is also heading to Wheatland. Billy Moyer Jr. finished 4th, but as he has been doing for several races, Bobby Pierce shadowed young Moyer and finished 6th, leaving him with a 30 point lead over the Batesville, Arkansas driver heading into tonight’s race at Oakshade Raceway in Wauseon, Ohio, the last race of the series.

Good luck on finding NBCSN, the cable network that will be showing tonight’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Kentucky Speedway. NBC started off with decent ratings covering the Coke Zero 400 from Daytona, despite the late start of the race. I have a feeling the ratings will drop big time tonight. Ah well, Brian and the Daytona Frances have the millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars this TV contract is generating, so what do they care if fans can’t even find where it is being shown?

Thanks for stopping by.




Mother Nature Must Be A Patriot

July 5, 2015 2 comments

Mother Nature must be a patriot as she allowed the country to celebrate the 4th of July with plenty of fireworks on and off the track, including the MARS/MLRA Freedom Classic at the Salina Highbanks Speedway in Oklahoma. I was told yesterday that if Jesse Stovall won the race I could not continue to keep him off my Top 25 ballot just because I don’t like him. He did win, and I suppose I will have to follow my son’s advice and add him to my ballot tomorrow. I am NOT going to add Chad Simpson to my ballot even though he finished second to Stovall.

Of course Matt actually suggested we go to the July 31st races at I-80 Speedway-with A mods as a support class and featuring the ASCS 360 National Sprint Car Series and the 410 National Sprint League Series. Perhaps he was suffering from fireworks fatigue. Actually, the racing wouldn’t be that bad, but suffering through a night with a throng of open wheeled fans (not including you Ivan, and maybe not Randy either) surrounding me would be as bad as listening to fireworks for hours on end.

Jason Feger gave the UMP Summernationals drivers a little “hell” last night, winning for a third time on the 2015 tour. Billy Moyer followed up a Friday tour victory with a second place finish at Highland Speedway in Illinois. In their series point battle, Billy Moyer Jr. finished ahead of Bobby Pierce, but for the third race in a row, he finished just one spot ahead of Pierce. Pierce entered the race with a 45 point lead over Moyer Jr., and didn’t lose more than five points to the young Moyer on Saturday.

Georgian Shane Clanton continued his winning ways, picking up $4,025 of Southern National Bonus Series money at Senoia Raceway in the Peach State. The race was a tribute to his father Billy Clanton.

Brandon Sheppard seems to like Portsmouth Raceway Park. Several years ago he won the Dirt Track World Championship there, and last night he captured the Lucas Oil Freedom 50 at the Ohio track. Jared Landers finished second, with Dennis Erb Jr., Jimmy Owens, and Earl Pearson Jr. following. Yes, I realize that I may also have to add Landers to my DOD Top 25 ballot. We’ll see how he does tonight at 201 Speedway in Sitka, Kentucky before I make that decision.

Jonathan Davenport finished 19th in Portsmouth and his LOLMDS series lead is down to just 20 points over Pearson. Don O’Neal is 90 points back, and Jimmy Owens is 95 points behind Davenport. And those four drivers along with Scott Bloomquist, Sheppard, Erb, Landers, Steve Francis, and Eddie Carrier Jr. will all be at the Silver Dollar Nationals starting July 16th.

With the SLMR Thursday night rainout and no race we particularly wanted to go to on Friday or Saturday, Matt and I went to Omaha again to watch some of the basketball tournament at Omaha Sports Academy. As we pulled up to my house coming home, I was left with an image that will stay with me forever as to what celebrating July 4th is all about. Obviously it was not a big fireworks display with scenic Mt. Rushmore as the background. And no, it was not fireworks in New York harbor with the Statue of Liberty shining brightly. No, it was a horde of my neighbor’s grandchildren setting off packs of firecrackers in the middle of the street. Truly amazing. What was even more amazing was the man must have turned his garage into an armory as they shot off fireworks for four straight hours. I would like to say thank goodness this holiday is over, but I know some idiot is going to shoot off fireworks tonight, if for no other reason than to show the law limiting burning up money just through July 4th does not apply to him.

Me, I’ll be watching the Coke Zero 400 from Daytona to see if any of the 10 drivers Brad Keselowski wrecked in practice will be seeking retribution. Drivers like Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and Ryan Newman all had to go to back up cars after the wreck, meaning they will be starting at the tail of the field tonight. In Jimmie Johnson at Talladega fashion, Keselowski caused the wreck, but it did no damage to his race car.

An internet story has “NBC prepared to give NASCAR fans coverage they deserve.” Let it be so. I am thinking that Steve Letarte and Jeff Burton will do a good job as race analysts, but I am more than a little leery about announcer Rick Allen. I do know that Letarte and Burton cannot possibly be worse than Darrel Waltrip and Larry McReynolds of FOX. Anyway, here is a link to an interesting article about the second half of the season NASCAR coverage on NBC:

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my friend Rick Bradley.



Fox, USMTS, Lucas Oil, Indy, NASCAR, PJ, Plus My Friend Randy Palmer

May 14, 2015 1 comment

Boy did I screw up on Tuesday.  I admitted my grandson and I were terrorists involved in a plot with Obama and the U.S. military to take over Texas-all because Fox News outed the Obama’s as terrorists because they gave each other a fist bump, and I give my grandson a fist bump every time I see him.  Anyway, I did not have to admit my guilt.

A site known as Pundit Fact analyzed Fox News reports and stated that 60% of their “facts” were not true, broken down as:


11%-Mostly True

18%-Half True

21%-Mostly False


9%-Liar, Liar pants on fire, your nose is longer than a telephone wire.

Another way to put that is that 90% of their “facts” are at least partly false.

The liberal media is not innocent either.  44% of MSNBC “facts” were at least partly false.

CNN had the best record of cable news networks, with only 20% of their “facts” being at least partly false.

For fans of Rush Limbaugh, Pundit Fact found that 84% of his “facts” were at best mostly false.

So, unless it is CNN, don’t believe most of what you hear on cable news, and don’t believe anything you hear on news talk radio.

Anyway, forget what I said.  Henry and I aren’t terrorists at all.  We don’t really want to take over Texas.  Heck, we don’t want to take over Nebraska, not even the part of the state north of the Platte River.

Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes best be prepared to change its nickname to the Land of 10,002 Lakes after this weekend.  The USMTS has races scheduled at I-94 Speedway and Ogilvie Raceway in the Gopher State, and where the USMTS goes, monsoon like rains seem to follow.  If Mother Nature cooperates, the series will race Friday and Saturday nights.

The Lucas Oil Series is heading to Wisconsin and Illinois this weekend with races at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway and LaSalle Speedway, a pair of $10,000 to win events.  The WoO is off this week, but its stablemate MARS has a two night show at Kentucky Lake Speedway near Calvert City. Friday’s KLS race pays $2,000 to win, while the Saturday winner will receive $4,000.  A driver who can win both races gets a $1,000 bonus.

If you like photos of vintage dirt late models, check out this site:

Thanks to TMC for sharing this link.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a link to the Helio Castroneves crash at Indianapolis yesterday:

Hey, if you build them like an airplane, sooner or later they are going to take off. The camera views of Castroneves during the crash were wild.

The teams of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Joey Logano received written regarding failed inspections at the Kansas race last week.  Earnhardt’s car failed pre-race inspection twice, while Logano’s car failed pre-qualifying inspection twice. If they repeat this week, it could cost them a deduction of practice time, deduction of qualifying time, last choice in selecting pits, delay in order of inspection and/or other penalties.

Despite all the hype surrounding the NASCAR All-Star race in Charlotte, this week’s best race will be in Iowa, not North Carolina.  The XFINITY Series takes to the track off I-80 near Newton-Iowa Speedway, and the ¾ mile oval usually provides exciting racing.  No, not always, but it still should be more exciting than watching and listening to the All-Star race on FOX Sports. Tune in at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. I am heading that way, but unfortunately it will be May 23rd, not May 17th.

Below is a blog comment from my friend Randy Palmer. Randy is a pain in my posterior, a thorn in my side, a pebble in my shoe, but I seem to be more concerned about his health than about my brother with similar problems. Just get better Randy.

“I may be stuck sitting at home Saturday night since my ongoing med problems prevents me from going to Park Jefferson to watch the beloved Carpetland Nebraska 360 Sprints take on the new MSTS series. I just do not have the stamina.”

I have been told that Matt’s vehicle will be heading to PJ later in May for the Carlson Clash MLRA/CBC late model races. PJ is not my favorite track.  In fact, I would rank it my second least favorite track behind one that will remain anonymous.  The grandstands simply scare the hell out of me, and the higher we sit, the more frightened I am of breaking a leg-the track lights are in front of the grandstand, not behind it, and the steps are like I can’t even begin to describe. I have already explained this to my son and he assures me, we don’t have to sit many rows up.

Matt insists we are going to both the Friday and Saturday night shows.  I hope not. I hope I am wrong about the grandstand-that changes have been made. However, I doubt any changes have taken place.  Plus B-mods and sport compacts are on the Saturday bill. And, there is the mad dash to the parking exits, kind of like a four lane interstate funneling into a single lane, but with no warning.

Anyway Randy, you need to get better and not partake in all that PJ offers. AND, if you are in need of a winged wonder fix, Speed Shift TV will have a National Sprint League PPV from Jacksonville Speedway in Illinois on Friday.

Thanks for stopping by.







Racing, Alaska, Wrestling, And Rock-Nowhere Else But The Rest Of The Dirt

April 29, 2015 1 comment

I have already suggested this, but do yourself a favor and order the PPV from Macon Speedway in Illinois tomorrow night.  Late models on a 1/5th mile track might seem crazy-more like insane, but if you want to watch an action packed race-something happening all over the track-this is a race you want to see.  The cost is $24.99, but think how much it would cost you to drive all the way to Macon to watch in person.

Before I order, I always check out the weather at the track, though if an event gets rained out DOD will honor your purchase on the make-up date or if the event is cancelled, will refund your money. I will be ordering the Macon event, and will also order the Tri-State PPV on Friday unless Matt and I head to I-80 Speedway.

If the weather co-operates, this will be a very busy Late Model weekend.  As I mentioned above, the Lucas Oil Series is racing at Macon and Tri-State on Thursday and Friday, and will be heading to Paducah International Raceway in Kentucky on Saturday.  The WoO will head to North Carolina for Friday and Saturday races at Friendship Motor Speedway in Elkin and Fayetteville Motor Speedway in Fayetteville.

There is plenty of regional action on the schedule as well.  Ray Cook’s Spring Nationals have $4,000 and $6,000 to win races in Tennessee.  The Southern All-Star Series will complement the NASCAR race this weekend with a show at Talladega Short Track.  MARS will race at Monett and Springfield, Missouri and the Deery Brothers will visit Quad City Speedway in East Moline, Illinois.

Below is my Top 25 for this week. Once again I do not differ greatly on 20 of the drivers, but completely disagree with other voters on 5 drivers.  In fact, one of my drivers is 40th overall, and no more than 1-2 other voters mentioned him.  Ouch. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 4/27/2015
1 Randy Weaver
2 Shane Clanton
3 Jimmy Owens
4 Jonathan Davenport
5 Scott Bloomquist
6 Darrell Lanigan
7 Josh Richards
8 Billy Moyer
9 Brandon Sheppard
10 Don O’Neal
11 Earl Pearson Jr.
12 Bobby Pierce
13 Tim McCreadie
14 Eddie Carrier Jr.
15 Steve Francis
16 Casey Roberts
17 Dale McDowell
18 Devin Moran
19 Steve Casebolt
20 Chub Frank
21 Mike Marlar
22 Billy Ogle Jr.
23 Dennis Erb Jr.
24 Gregg Satterlee
25 Brandon Overton


What famous dirt track announcer has a birthday this weekend?

Why am I reading books about individuals who dropped out and went to live in the Alaskan wilderness? I am on my second such book in the last month.  Both men knew how to hunt and fish.  I have caught one fish in my life and never shot anything. Both men built a log cabin for shelter from the bitter cold Alaskan winter.  I would have trouble putting up a tent. I get cold at April and October races in the Midwest-how would I fare in the Arctic in January? An outhouse at -30 degrees has no appeal to me at all and gives new meaning to freezing your butt off.  I like steak, but I like to get it from a grocery store or at a restaurant.  I don’t want to shoot a moose-probably couldn’t even hit one, skin it, carve it up, carry the meat miles back to my cabin-afraid a pack of wolves would decide they want it more, and fry up moose steak for supper. I am 64 and my left knee is screaming to be replaced so I am not going snow shoeing. And, how would I get by without TV and the internet?

So why am I reading these books? I think I just need to escape. Or maybe it is that the annual audit at work just began and fending off bears and wolverines and mosquitoes and black flies like nowhere else seems more appealing than working with an auditor.

Verne Gagne, longtime AWA champion, died on April 27th. He was 89. I will always remember my dad letting us watch All-Star Wrestling on KETV at 10:30 p.m. on Mondays back in the early 60’s and when good guy Gagne came to Fremont to wrestle the likes of Dr. X and Mad Dog Vachon.  Gagne’s was the first ‘star’ autograph I ever got. RIP.

Also, Jack Ely, an original member of The Kingsmen and singer of the greatest rock song ever, “Louie, Louie,” died at his home in Redmond, Oregon after a long illness.  He was 71.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard that song.  If I did, I could buy a couple of shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock and attend the shareholders meeting in Omaha this weekend.  RIP Jack.

Racing, the Alaska wilderness, wrestling, and rock-you don’t get that combination anywhere else. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S.  Occasionally I post emails someone sent me.  Below is one of them. No, I didn’t leave out anything.

Roush Racing Highlights for 2015:










Top 25, Plus I Am Having A Glass Of Whine Before Noon

April 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Listed below is my Top 25 ballot for this week. I seem to be disagreeing with the other 24 voters more than ever as only 19 on my ballot appear on the site’s Top 25.  I will admit to a personal bias against two of the drivers that do appear, an indifference toward several that show up, and a feeling that my picks deserved to be in the Top 25 more than the other two who did make it. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Name: Ron Meyer
Date: 4/13/2015
1 Shane Clanton
2 Randy Weaver
3 Jimmy Owens
4 Jonathan Davenport
5 Scott Bloomquist
6 Josh Richards
7 Darrell Lanigan
8 Billy Moyer
9 Earl Pearson Jr.
10 Bobby Pierce
11 Don O’Neal
12 Eddie Carrier Jr.
13 Steve Francis
14 Brandon Sheppard
15 Tim McCreadie
16 Devin Moran
17 Casey Roberts
18 Steve Casebolt
19 Dale McDowell
20 Billy Ogle Jr.
21 Dennis Erb Jr.
22 Chris Madden
23 Brandon Overton
24 Mike Marlar
25 Mason Zeigler


The other six on my ballot are scattered between 26th and 32nd so I am not too far off though.  I did consider Ryan Gustin as a possibility this time, but kept Marlar and Zeigler ahead of him.

There are lots of big events this weekend.  The Lucas Oil series is in Batesville, Arkansas for a $20,000 to win show.  WoO late models are in Farmer City, Illinois for a $6,000 to win Friday night show and will stay at Farmer City for a Saturday night race paying $15,0000 to the winner.

MARS/CBC/ALMS are sanctioning three separate races this weekend-a $4,000 to win Friday night event at Davenport, Iowa with a $10,555 to win Saturday race at Burlington, Iowa and a Sunday weekend finish at Quad City, Illinois paying $3,000 to the winner.

Hopefully Mother Nature will co-operate because five of those races are in the same general area.  Eastern Iowa race fans can also head to Farley on Friday for a Deery Brothers race, and that IMCA series heads to Webster City, Iowa on Saturday.  So, why is all the good racing 200-400 miles away?

The USMTS will be in Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday, so I repeat my wonderment of good racing being 200-400 miles away.  For those of you who might want to suggest something closer, sorry, back gate classics with 5-6 divisions and a gazillion cars don’t make it on my list of good races.

Actually I emailed Matt and another fellow earlier today about why promoters in this area seem to get it right about two nights a year, the Friday and Saturday of the Silver Dollar Nationals.  Other specials seem to have to have B-Mods, 305 Sprints, Mod-Lites aka mini B-Mods, or Hornets. Maybe front gates aren’t so good because fans don’t want to see all those classes I just mentioned pull in the back gate.

Yeah, why bitch, nothing is going to change. Thanks for stopping by.