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September 17, 2017 Leave a comment

After spending two nights at the track watching preliminary events and tuning into Lucas Oil Racing TV last night for the Knoxville Late Model Nationals finale, I have lots of thoughts, in no particular order.

Well, no particular order except the first thing I have to do is thank my son Matt for his thoughtfulness. My left knee is shot, getting worse every day, and I am having it replaced in early November. Our tickets for Thursday and Friday at Knoxville were in row 27-meaning a climb of 16 steps just to get to the grandstands, and then of 54 more steps without a rail to get to where our seats were. The thought of climbing all those steps, most without a rail was daunting, and the thought of coming back down to the ground was scary. However, Matt emailed the track and was able to get an elevator pass for us-meaning we were able to ride the track elevator to the top of the grandstands. We did have to climb down 13 rows, or 26 steps, but for some reason the track had aisle rails from row 40 down to row 26, so I had no fear of falling. This really gave me some peace of mind, and I greatly appreciated it.

-On Thursday we were sitting in our seats before the race, the sun was shining and it was about 90 out. And then it began to rain. It only rained for about 15 minutes, but that was enough to set back Thursday starting time by not quite an hour. Matt looked at a weather app on his phone and it appeared the only rain anywhere in Iowa was right over Knoxville.

-Jonathan Davenport had a near perfect point night on Thursday. He was second fast in time trials, won his heat, and finished 3rd in the feature, garnering 494 points. Mike Marlar did have a perfect point night on Friday, setting fast time, winning his heat, and finishing 1st in the feature, all in a back-up car. Davenport and Marlar made up the front row of Saturday’s feature.

-Brandon Sheppard started 22nd in Thursday’s feature and moved all the way to 4th at the finish.

-Jimmy Mars was the only driver to appear in all previous Knoxville Nationals 100 lap features, and he made it again this year, finishing 4th on Saturday night.

-Billy Moyer had nothing but woes this weekend, starting with scaling light after his Thursday night heat, and finishing 52nd out of 56 drivers in points that night. Friday was just as bad as a wreck on the last lap of the B feature kept him out of the second preliminary feature and ended up making the field for Saturday virtually impossible. Moyer did not race Saturday. I do hope he will be back next year, as this would be a said end to his racing in Iowa.

-This has nothing to do with Knoxville, but my 6 year old kindergarten grandson ran all 35 laps around a 1/16th mile track at his school’s PTA fundraiser. I had said on Facebook that I was sure he would go the distance, and he did not even stop for a water break, he wanted to finish before he drank any water. Yes, grandpa is very proud of Henry.

-Back to Knoxville. There were only 56 cars on hand for the Thursday program and it was down to 51 on Friday. I don’t mind that at all because all the drivers I wanted to watch were on hand. This car count was fairly typical of the count at other major races, except for Eldora.

-Even though I am not a great sprint car fan, I do enjoy visiting the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, which is just off turn two of Knoxville Raceway. The featured display at the museum was on Sammy Swindell and it was quite interesting-a number of cars, plus a touch screen that gave information on various aspects of Swindell’s career. Good stuff.

-I have enjoyed the Friday morning programs at NSCHoF in the past, and this year was no different. Commentator Dave Argabright interviewed drivers Don O’Neal and his 17 year old son Hudson. I have always enjoyed the elder O’Neal, and the youngster is not only a talented driver, but is well-spoken too.

-We have a Friday tradition in Knoxville. Matt and I have lunch at the Pizza Hut with Tony Anville and Lee Ackerman. When we got there O’Neal and his wife and Hudson had just arrived. Matt and I were able to talk with them for a moment, and I told the proud dad that with drivers like his son, the future of dirt late model racing was bright.

-Track prep at Knoxville is second to none. If only every track would put that much effort into preparing the racing surface for a program.

-With a grandstand that holds 20,000 people, even stands that are half full hide how many people are there. There must be enough in the stands so the track makes some money, because if it was a loser I am sure there would be no more Knoxville Late Model Nationals.

-Matt and I had talked of staying for all three nights of racing, going home after Saturday’s 100 lap feature. With the L-O-N-G rain delay, I am glad we decided to go home early on Saturday and watch on Lucas Oil Racing TV. If we had stayed, we would not have left Knoxville until 12:30 a.m. and arrived home around 3:30 a.m. Instead I was in bed shortly after midnight. Plus the TROTD Speedway concessions served birthday cake and ice cream, and I know Knoxville would not have served birthday cake, at least not my birthday cake.

-We already have our reservations at the Cobblestone Hotel for 2018. And they are for three days Tony. Of course that could change over the next year. Just like the Knoxville Sprint Nationals is for sprint car fans, the Knoxville Late Model Nationals should be on the bucket list of every late model fan.

I am sure I am missing something-oh yeah, Mike Marlar became the first back to back winner of the event-and if I did, I will write more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.



Name A Cold/Flu Symptom-I Got It

September 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Listed below is my ballot for this week’s Top 25. Top 25 Voting Ballot
Voter Name: Ron Meyer
Please Enter Date Below
Position 09/15/14
1 Jimmy Owens
2 Scott Bloomquist
3 Darrell Lanigan
4 Dale McDowell
5 Don O’Neal
6 Billy Moyer
7 Tim McCreadie
8 Jonathan Davenport
9 Steve Francis
10 Eddie Carrier Jr.
11 Shannon Babb
12 Rick Eckert
13 Chris Madden
14 Brian Birkhofer
15 Gregg Satterlee
16 Bobby Pierce
17 Jimmy Mars
18 Jason Feger
19 John Blankenship
20 Billy Moyer Jr.
21 Mike Marlar
22 Terry Phillips
23 Kent Robinson
24 Randy Weaver
25 Ryan Gustin


Other voters don’t like Kent Robinson or Ryan Gustin as much as I do. They like Mason Zeigler and Brandon Sheppard better. Well, the reason the Top 25 exists is to start conversations, and there wouldn’t be much to talk about if we all agreed.

I received the following links from Scott McBride:

Both give details of sessions to be held at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville during the Late Model Nationals later in September. The Friday session will feature Lucas Oil champion Jimmy Owens, while the Saturday session will feature eight Iowa racing legends.

I also received an email from Lee Ackerman stating Larry Moore would be at the NSCoF signing copies of his book “On Top of the World.” I have been meaning to buy that book, but will wait until we go to Knoxville. Visiting the museum and listening to these drivers is a nice way of spending an afternoon before walking back to the track for a night of racing. And the theater at the NSCoF will be showing past Knoxville late model nationals. It is a great place to stay out of the weather, and if you are so inclined to take a nap as well.

With the season winding down, there are a number of huge specials this weekend. The USMTS will be racing at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota for three nights of the Featherlite Fall Jamboree. The 8th Annual World Nationals will be held at Marshalltown Speedway in Iowa. The event features IMCA Modifieds, Sport Mods, Stock Cars, and Hobby Stocks, and the purse is over $100,000. The Modified feature winner will receive $10,000. I also hear there is some race at I-80 Speedway. The Meyers will not be attending-Friday we are celebrating two birthdays, and on Saturday Matt will be joining 90,000 of his closest friends to watch NU play Miami, while I will be joining my wife to watch the game on TV.

And now back to bed where I have spent much of the past two days. Thanks for stopping by.