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Richards, Owens, Jensen, Swindell Win-Birky Back Big

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is a real late model surprise-Josh Richards and Jimmy Owens won national touring series races last night.  Yeah, that is me being sarcastic.  It is no surprise when the top two late model drivers in the poll win races. 

Richards won $10,000 in the WoO race at West Virginia Motor Speedway.  He also increased his series point lead to 84 over Shane Clanton and 90 over Darrell Lanigan.  Lanigan finished 4th in the race, Tim McCreadie finished 6th, Clanton finished 8th, and Rick Eckert finished 18th.  Scott Bloomquist finished 5th, and I think his WoO appearance was all about location, location, location-close to his home and lining up with where he wants to race the rest of the weekend.

Owens increased his Lucas Oil series lead to 95 points over Steve Francis with 10 races left in the season.  Owens led 47 laps of the 50 lap race and like Richards, collected $10,000.  Point challengers John Blankenship and Francis finished 4th and 5th.

Perhaps the big story out of Ohio was the performance of Brian Birkhofer coming back from his broken right hand.  Birky set fast time, won his heat, and finished 2nd to Owens.  Hopefully this will be the start of a big weekend after his several week lay-off.

Young Minnesota driver Joey Jensen won the USMTS last night at Chateau Raceway.  Stormy Scott was second, followed by another Minnesota driver, Mike Sorensen.  Ryan Gustin followed his Thursday win with a 5th place finish.  Point leader Johnny Scott had an off night, finishing 11th, but maintained his lead as second in points Rodney Sanders finished 13th.

The USMTS series heads to its “home” track” with a race tonight at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Minnesota. The hot rod mods finish their weekend at Cresco Speedway in Iowa, and then have only one race remaining in the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup, the finale of the Fall Jamboree at Deer Creek in mid-September.

Sammy Swindell won the WoO sprint car race at Skagit Speedway in Washington last night.  I do like to point out when old-timers win, but for sure when it is the first time a driver has won at a track in 34 years.  Yes, that is right, Swindell last won at Skagit Speedway in 1979.  I wonder how many drivers he races against weren’t even around in 1979.

Daryn Pitman finished 5th and Donny Schatz finished 11th.  Pitman remains in first place, having a 41 point lead over Schatz. 

Also, news that my sprint car fans will appreciate-Kyle Larson will be taking over the Earnhardt Ganassi Racing seat of Juan Pablo Montoya.  Well, they will appreciate one of their family getting a NASCAR Sprint Cup ride, but I would suspect he will be racing sprint cars less in 2014.  He doesn’t carry the clout of Tony Stewart.

It’s off to Nebraska football later this afternoon.  Thanks for stopping by.





It’s Labor Day Weekend. Let’s Head Out To The Track!!

August 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Wow, I am really on my game.  I forgot to publish my Top 25 ballot.  I realize no one knows who the best drivers are if I don’t do this, so shame on me.  And it happened when all 25 drivers I voted for are in the overall Top 25.




Ron Meyer

Please Enter Date   Below




Josh   Richards


Jimmy   Owens


Darrell   Lanigan


Tim   McCreadie


Steve   Francis


Shane   Clanton


John   Blankenship


Shannon   Babb


Don O’Neal


Bobby   Pierce


Rick Eckert


Scott   Bloomquist


Dale   McDowell


Brandon   Sheppard


Dennis Erb   Jr.


Billy   Moyer


Jason   Feger


Mike   Marlar


Brian   Birkhofer


Tony   Jackson Jr.


Chris   Madden


Terry   Phillips


Jonathan   Davenport


Earl   Pearson Jr.


Chris   Simpson


You still should check out for the overall 25 though.


One ranking I will mention though is Tony Jackson Jr. being rated above Scott Bloomquist.  Jackson is 16th and Bloomquist is 17th this week. Sorry, I am not sure that winning every regional race of every Missouri based series would equal winning one of the majors at Eldora.


The SLMR series is in action tomorrow night at Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa and on Sunday at I-80 Speedway.  Unfortunately I will miss both races.  Nebraska football takes precedence over racing in the Meyer household-the Matt Meyer household that is, and I will be going with Matt to the NU vs. Wyoming game.  Sunday is Henry’s birthday celebration and nothing is going to make me miss that celebration.


Brian Birkhofer will return to action this weekend, hopefully with a right hand mended enough to do his thing and make this weekend and next big money events for the fan favorite from Muscatine.


Don O’Neal is out this weekend, still suffering from neck injuries in a roll over at Volunteer Speedway in Tennessee.  He missed a Lucas Oil start at Lawrenceburg, Indiana last Saturday, and will miss both Lucas Oil events Labor Day Weekend races.  He is hoping to return to the MasterSbilt house car for the World 100 next week, but doctors have not yet released him.


For the first time in months Ryan Gustin won a USMTS race.  Gustin went home with a $4,000 check for winning the 40 lap feature last night at Cedar County Raceway in Tipton, Iowa.  Johnny Scott retook the point lead in the Hunt for the Casey’s Cup.  Rodney Sanders is 6 points behind Scott, and Jason Hughes is in third in the standings, 35 points out of first. The series heads to Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minnesota tonight where drivers will be vying for a possible $8,600 winner’s purse.


I realize that my “post” yesterday was somewhat out of character for me.  However, that post caused a sum to be deposited in my PayPal account, and while I am not planning on getting rich blogging, an occasional deposit helps me answer family members who ask me why I keep blogging.  Thank you for your patience.


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Most of you will be surprised to read this, but The Rest of the Dirt is a business. Obviously it is no Fortune 500 endeavor, it is a one person operation. It has a modest-very modest income, expenses, and I do pay taxes on a small profit. I am always looking for new income streams, and when someone contacts me with an offer I have to take a look at it.

I received an email last week from VM Media about placing an article on my blog and paying me accordingly. I advised them I would need to review the article before I would place it on my blog. They were agreeable. I reviewed it and am OK with it.

Yes, it is an online gambling ad. I have had ads like this on my website, and I neither endorse nor condemn them. They are there for your information and what you do with them is your business.

I am going to the New Media Expo at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas in January and it would be a little hypocritical for me to drop some coins into a slot machine in the hotel casino but not me willing to run this ad. Actually, I don’t know if the machines even have a slot for coins, but they like $20 bills. Anyway, below is for your information, and I hope you will read through it-I am a writer who is a terrible marketer and when someone offers a little cash for placing an article in my blog, I appreciate their support and hope my readers will too.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bingo and Bejeweled Team Up for Some Online Fun

Bejeweled is a web-based flash game that was developed by PopCap Games in 2000. The company partnered with Microsoft Zone to host Bewjeweled, and Microsoft actually suggested the name. Microsoft noted that the original name “Diamond Mine” was too similar to another game named “Diamond Mines” that was already in existence.

Since that time Bejeweled has become more than just a household name. It has been hosted on Smartphones, Palm platforms, and consoles such as Xbox. The game can be purchased from the iTunes store.


The game is won by accumulating points by swapping one gem with other adjacent games to form vertical or horizontal line of three or more gems. You can get bonus points by getting more than three identical gems, and/or when two chains are formed in one gem swap. The gems dissipate when the lines are formed and are replaced by new gems that come in from the top of the screen. A cascade is when a falling gem causes a complete line, resulting in bonus points for the player.

It is not uncommon to get three, four, five, or more gems in a row. It is rare, but some players can get six, seven, or eight gems lined up in a row.

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Players who buy six tickets or more get entered into the Bejeweled Challenge which takes place at the end of the game. In this fun online bonanza, players complete lines of gems to accrue points, which adds up in free tickets based on the amount of points each individual has won during the bonus round.

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Dick Trickle

August 27, 2013 Leave a comment

I am just going to share a link with you today. No, it is not because I am lazy, rather because the link leads to a great article on Dick Trickle, a very long article on the short track hero and NASCAR star. Thanks to Craig Kelley for sending it to me, and kudos to Jeremy Markovich of Charlotte Magazine for an outstanding writing job.

Thanks for stopping by.

Links-Not Sausage, Safety, And Trips To ????

August 26, 2013 1 comment

According to Sports Business Journal, ESPN and TNT may be trying to get out of their contracts to televise NASCAR races early. See the link below for more information:

ESPN and TNT see falling ratings while FOX and NBC see new cable subscriptions. A switch in 2014 instead of 2015 seems to benefit the networks. I don’t know if FOX and NBC would simply pay the same as the ESPN/TNT contracts call for, or if they would pay the new contract rate.

A blog like The Rest of the Dirt can promote racing safety, can rant and rave about improving driver safety, and nothing will happen. Death or injury to a driver that dirt track fans may be familiar with will not speed up the process either. It takes the death or injury of a famous driver to lead to safety improvements with cars and at tracks.

I don’t want to see any driver injured, but if there is a silver lining in the Tony Stewart Oskaloosa incident, it is that he will be vocal on improving racing safety and because of his reputation people will listen.

I know so little about sprint cars, and I admit I don’t want to know much more, that I am not sure how to go about making them safer. They are light weight with extreme horsepower and will get airborne easily. Unlike with fendered race cars that are not many soft rolls with a sprint car.

With college football kicking off and a birthday party for a VIT-Very Important Toddler-it looks like any racing action this weekend will be on TV watching NASCAR from Atlanta. Nebraska plays a night home game on Saturday, meaning a no go for the SLMR race at Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa. On Sunday, Henry’s second birthday celebration-a Mickey Mouse event (and Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck and Goofy and Pluto)-will be over too late to head to I-80 Speedway. I don’t foresee a trip to Boone for the Deery Brothers late model race on Monday.

I am thinking of a trip to US 30 on Thursday night or maybe to the Columbus track for Friday night of the Abe Lincoln Memorial on September 13th. If I don’t go there, it might be the end of September in Knoxville before I get to another race. Matt is talking of going to a race on Sunday, September 8th, but I have no interest at all in going to a race at that track. I suppose Friday September 20th of the Foul Ball or Fall Brawl or whatever it is called is a possibility since I really love sprint car racing.

Although I was not enthused about doing so, I did add Chris Madden to my Top 25 late model drivers ballot this week. I looked to for others who might have stepped this past weekend, and simply couldn’t find someone I thought was more deserving than Madden. I’ll publish my entire ballot tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Is Alright-Thanks Elton

August 25, 2013 Leave a comment

“Where is Carmen Sandiego?” was a public TV program that taught children geography and history. I don’t think a new program is planned to replace it, but perhaps it could be called “Who is Dale Hollidge?” Until I read of his Saturday night exploits I would not have been able to tell you if he was a crew man on a NASCAR Sprint Cup team, a B Modified driver, or a pitcher for the New York Yankees.
He is none of the above. He is a 24 year old late model driver from Maryland. Last night was his first start ever in a WoO feature, a race that saw him start on the pole after setting fast time and winning his heat race. He did not grab the lead on the opening lap, but he had it when it mattered, taking the checkered flag first on lap 50 of the Raye Vest Memorial at Winchester Speedway in Virginia. Hollidge has been racing late models for five years, and it was his fourth win in that division.
Finishing second was Jeremy Miller. Following Miller was D.J. Meyers. This was not a Who’s Who of late model racing like most WoO finishes, more like simply “Who?” Josh Richards was the first series regular to cross the finish line and he came in fifth. Shane Clanton was 7th, Rick Eckert came in 11th, Tim McCreadie finished 13th, and Darrell Lanigan ended up in 15th place. Lanigan, McCreadie, Tim Fuller, and Eric Wells all needed provisionals to race in the feature. Chalk one up for the home team wiping out the touring pros.
Anyone who has read my blog regularly knows that Brian Birkhofer is my favorite late model driver. Perhaps my second favorite is Steve Francis, the Kentucky Colonel. The Kentuckian visited Indiana last night, winning the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event at Lawrenceburg Speedway. This was victory number two for Francis in 2013 in the LOLMDS, and he is now just 50 points behind series leader Jimmy Owens. Owens finished 3rd in the race.
Perhaps the biggest news of the night was the Don O’Neal was unable to race after rolling his race car in Tennessee Thursday night. Owens was seen at the track wearing a neck brace and will be checking with a neurosurgeon for possible ligament damage.
In what looked more like an UMP Summernationals feature line-up than a MARS line-up, Jason Feger backed up his Paducah win the night before with a win at I-55 Speedway in Pevely, Missouri. Bobby Pierce finished second, followed by Randy Korte, Wendell Wallace, Billy Moyer, Brandon Sheppard, Shannon Babb, and finally series regular Tony Jackson in 8th place. Jackson holds a 105 point lead over Jesse Stovall in series standings.
In SLMR action this weekend, Corey Zeitner and Bill Leighton Jr. captured feature wins. Zeitner won at Raceway Park in Jefferson, South Dakota, and Leighton finished first as Junction Motor Speedway. With a third in South Dakota and a second place finish at JMS, Kyle Berck continues to lead series point standings.
At the Salina Highbanks in Oklahoma, Jason Hughes won the USMTS feature and took home $5,100. Terry Phillips continued a great late August streak with a second place finish. After Saturday action, Rodney Sanders is now one point ahead of Johnny Scott in the Hunt for the Casey’s Cup. Hughes is in third, 39 points behind Scott.
My only racing action for the weekend was watching most of the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Bristol, Tennessee. On a scale of 1-10 for excitement, I would give it a 6.5. That is better than most Sprint Cup races but not the 9 or better that the Bristol night race used to rate. There was no helmet throwing this year, but after a wreck that took out a number of name drivers, Kevin Harvick parked his vehicle in the pit of Denny Hamlin. Hamlin arrived a moment later and proceeded to use his car to push Harvick out of the pit. That led to some face to face time, but no punches were thrown, just harsh words.

Madden, Lanigan, and Shryock-No, NOT A Law Firm

August 23, 2013 1 comment

A top five finish in last week’s Lucas Oil crown jewel Topless 100 did not get Chris Madden a spot on my Top 25 ballot-I’ve mentioned my reasoning several times why Madden does not show up. Last night the South Carolina driver set fast time, won his heat, and led all 50 laps of the Lucas Oil Scorcher 50 at Volunteer Speedway in Tennessee. Will that be enough to overcome my negative vibes? You’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to find out.

Billy Ogle Jr. finished second to Madden, and Dale McDowell continued a very good August with a third place finish. Scott Bloomquist actually ran a $10,000 to win show-location, location, location-and came home in fourth place. John Blankenship finished 7th, Jimmy Owens finished 8th, and Steve Francis finished 9th. Jared Landers finished 16th. Too bad.

In WoO action, Darrell Lanigan won the feature at Little Valley Speedway in New York. Lanigan didn’t gain much ground on series point leader Josh Richards though. Richards finished 3rd in the race, followed by Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, and Tim McCreadie.

The last time multi-time USMTS champion Kelly Shryock won a series race my grandson Henry was 8 ½ months old. He will be 2 years old on 9/1. You could say he had had a dry spell-Shryock, Henry doesn’t have that many dry spells. Of course you could say that western Nebraska has had a dry spell too. Shryock captured last night’s Grain Valley Speedway A main to end a 15 month winless span. Series point leader Johnny Scott was second, followed by Jeremy Payne.

The USMTS will make a visit to Lakeside speedway tonight. Matt pointed out that the race is available on PPV for $19.95. For more details go to:

Matt and I kicked around going to SLMR show at Raceway Park in Jefferson, South Dakota tonight, but Steph had to work late and grandma couldn’t baby sit Henry. I am considering watching the USMTS PPV or just watching the NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Bristol. If you are in to listening to races, you can listen to tonight’s IMCA Wild West Mod Tour event from Atomic Speedway in Idaho on XSANTV for FREE.

Enough of this, back to my Solitaire game. Jane wonders why I like to play it, and the only reason I can give her is that I used to watch my grandpa play it for hours. Of course he had to shuffle and deal the cards himself, cards didn’t automatically turn over when he made a move, and he had to keep score himself-actually I don’t know if he even kept score, more like he either won or lost. And yes Tony, it is also one of the few games simple enough for me to play.

Thanks for stopping by.