A Cold Night For The Go 50, I-80 Speedway’s Prelude To The Silver Dollar Nationals

May 24, 2017 1 comment

I have sat through cold at races too many times too many times. Like Sgt. Hulka in the movie “Stripes” I have said “I am getting to old for this sh*t.” But there I was yet again sitting in the cold watching racing last night.

No, it wasn’t cold like snow flurries before time trials at a NASCAR Busch All-Star Tour event at Crawford County Speedway in Denison, Iowa years ago. It just rained last night, no snow. And it certainly was as cold as every Cornhusker Classic at Sunset Speedway was. But it was cold. I wore warm clothes, wrapped a blanket around my head, and wished I had a portable heater.

When Matt and I left Fremont yesterday it was raining. I told him if the race had been a weekly show I would not have left the house. Heck, if it had been an MLRA late model special I doubt I would have made the 50 mile trek to I-80 Speedway. But this was the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series-I could not miss the best of the best dirt drivers in action.

Late in the afternoon it seemed like the Go 50 was going to be the No Go 50 for the second year in a row (thanks to Steve Basch for that quote). At 5:00 p.m. it rained. Hard. Fortunately not for very long. It did rain long enough though that one more shower would postpone the race. More than once it looked like that would happen, as dark clothes passed over and around the track. There were a few sprinkles, but no heavy rain. Just a cool, cold, really chilly wind instead.

I give two thumbs up to track prep crews. Yes, hot laps started late but after the 5:00 p.m. rain there was no way to start on time. That there was even a race was a testament to the job track prep did-and kept doing during several short intermissions. Good job.

32 Super Late Models and 36 A-Mods were on hand. At my advanced age those are numbers I would like to see at every race I go to-just two classes and not several hundred cars. Each class had 4 heat races, 2-B features, and the A-Main. 14 races and NO B-Mods. Perfect.

There were cars from 16 different states racing last night. There were more A-Feature wins than a person could count when the Lucas Oil Late Models pulled on the track for their feature. There were Hall of Famers, 7 different national tour champions, and crown jewel after crown jewel winners. And the Mod class was not shabby either with 4 IMCA national champions in the house.

I am not a big fan of time trials, but I do not mind the Lucas Oil format. The field is divided in half with the first section composed of cars that will run heats 1 and 2 and the second section made up of cars that will race in heats 3 and 4. Three cars are on the track at one time so it did not take forever and a day to compete the trials. I still prefer the Silver Dollar National format, but last night in the cold I did not need 4 additional heats.

Two heat races stood out. The first was one of the Modified heats. The second heat included Chris Abelson, Jordan Grabouski, and Dylan Smith, all past IMCA champions. The 3rd Late Model heat starting grid read like a Who’s Who of dirt track racing. Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Owen, Josh Richardson, Don O’Neal, Chris Simpson, Dennis Erb Jr., and Gregg Satterlee were racing for just 4 transfer spots.  When the checkered flag flew on this heat, past Lucas Oil champion Don O’Neal, multiple time World of Outlaws champion Josh Richardson, and last year’s Dream winner Dennis Erb Jr. were relegated to B-features. Wow.

Two late model drivers who impressed me were 16 year old Hudson O’Neal, son of Don O’Neal, and Mike Marlar. The young O’Neal was fast in time trials, finished 2nd in his heat and was running in the top five when he got together with Chris Simpson. O’Neal ended up hitting the back stretch wall and Simpson went for a scary barrel roll ride, ending both driver’s night. Marlar started 12th and was contending for the lead when his car slowed bringing out a yellow flag. He seemed woozy climbing out of the car and speculation was that a dirt clod flew into the cockpit hitting him in the helmet.

Actually clods and rocks hitting a driver during a race is not an uncommon happening. When Matt worked on Joe Kosiski’s crew years ago, he told me how Joe often mentioned his hands were sore after a weekend of racing-even with gloves on he was hit with these unguided missiles during a race. Yes, missiles. I have no idea how fast the clods or rocks travel when thrown by a race car, but the driver hit is often traveling at speeds of up to and even more than 100 miles per hour. Ouch. Even with helmets, broken noses and concussions are often the result of such a collision.

I hate to say this, but no doubt that Scott Bloomquist was the class of the field last night. While challenged early on by Darrell Lanigan and later by Marlar and Mason Zeigler, Bloomquist was pulling away from the field at the end of the race. The win was worth $11,100 to the Tennessee driver. Zeigler, Earl Pearson Jr., Satterlee, and Tim McCreadie rounded out the top five.

It is always nice to see friends that I haven’t in months. AND, it is always nice to visit the I-80 Speedway concession stand for one of their famous Pork Tenderloin sandwiches. Other tracks may claim to have the best concession item of any track around, but my vote is for I-80 Speedway’s Pork Tenderloin sandwich. It isn’t cheap, but it is as big as a dinner plate and tasty too. Maybe I should do a series on track food for my blog.

The rest of the week will be baseball and watching racing on the computer. NU is the #1 seed in the Big 10 tournament that starts today, and my favorite ball player Henry Ross Meyer has his first practice of the season tonight. Speed Shift TV-I always type that wrong my first pass through-has 4 nights of open wheeled racing from Indiana starting tonight, and Lucas Oil Racing TV is showing the 3 nights of the Show Me-100 starting tomorrow night.

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Big Week Ahead

May 21, 2017 Leave a comment

If you are an open wheel racing fan like me-I say that with only a hint of irony-this is a big week for you. Thanks to Speed Shift TV you do not have to be “Back Home Again in Indiana” to enjoy some big time racing. On Wednesday, Speed Shift will be showing the USAC National Sprint Series from the Action Track in Terre Haute. On Thursday it will be more USAC action, this time the Silver Crown Champ Car Series Hoosier 100 being run on the Indy Mile. On Saturday it is the Pay Less Little 500 from the legendary Anderson Speedway. Included in a stellar entry list for the Little 500 are former NASCAR drivers Ken Schrader and Tony Stewart.

On Friday May 26th Speed Shift TV will be at the Jackson Motorplex in Minnesota for the Danny Williams Memorial. 410 Sprint Cars will be the feature class of this event. Support classes will be 305 Sprints, IMCA A Mods, IMCA Sport Mods, and IMCA Hobby Stocks.

Port Royal Speedway in Pennsylvania will host the Bob Weikert Memorial on May 27th-28th.  410 Sprint Cars will run both nights. Late Models will race on Saturday and URC Sprint Cars will be Sunday’s support class. Yes, Speed Shift TV will be there both nights.

For those of you who prefer race cars with fenders, Lucas Oil Racing TV is the place to be May 25th-27th.  After racing at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Lucas Oil Late Models will head to Wheatland, Missouri and Lucas Oil Speedway for three nights of racing with MLRA Late Models also in attendance. May 25th will be the 4th Annual Cowboy Classic, May 26th will be a tribute to Don & Billie Gibson, and May 27th will be one of the season’s crown jewel events, the 25th Annual Show-Me 100.

Weather permitting, I am actually going to a race track this week. As I mentioned above the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series will be in Nebraska on Tuesday. This is a must see event. The best of the best Late Model drivers will be on hand-Scott Bloomquist, Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie, Don O’Neal, Jimmy Owens, Earl Pearson Jr., Darrell Lanigan, and Steve Francis have all won at least one national touring championship. So has Jonathan Davenport, but as of now his schedule does not include the Go 50.

Gregg Satterlee, Dennis Erb Jr., Boom Briggs, Colton Flinner, and Hudson O’Neal (16 year old son of Don O’Neal) are also scheduled to race on Tuesday, as is Iowan Chris Simpson. Unlike the Silver Dollar Nationals, the Go 50 will follow the regular Lucas Oil format, which includes time trials.

Unsanctioned A-Mods will be the Go 50 support class. The A-Mod feature winner will collect $2,000. Hot laps are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Congratulations to the University of Nebraska Baseball team on claiming the Big 10 regular season championship yesterday. Coach Darin Erstad’s Huskers are the #1 seed in this week’s Big Ten Conference Tournament. I think NU is a lock to be one of the 64 teams playing in the NCAA championship, and if the team captures the tournament title it has an outside chance to host a regional-very few schools could match NU’s financial bid.

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Tired No, Retired Kind Of, NASCAR No, Dirt Yes, Sunset Speedway-What Do You Think?

May 8, 2017 3 comments

I am once again retired. Sort of. If anyone knows of any part-time or temporary full-time office jobs I would certainly be interested, just no permanent full-time positions.

Hopefully not having a 35 minute commute each way will allow me to do some things I have wanted to do for some time. One is getting back in shape-at least in shape enough so that I can have knee replacement surgery on my left knee. To say my knee is a mess is putting it mildly. Five years ago my orthopedist called it “that bad boy,” and it is five years worse now. Anyway, I went to the ‘Y’ today and worked out for 45 minutes, so that is a start.

My goal is to blog more, but that is iffy right now. I seem to have lost all interest in NASCAR-go figure, me and several million others. I can state with certainty that I have not watched 100 laps total of the Monster Energy Series this season, and most of those laps were in the Daytona 500.

Matt and I listened to maybe 40-50 laps on MRN on the way home from the NU baseball game in Lincoln yesterday, but there were still 70 laps to go when I got home, and I did not bother turning the race on. Not that many years ago I would not have missed a NASCAR race on TV.

One person who did not miss the Talladega race is my friend Tony. I have always claimed Tony is one in a million-take that good or bad, but after this weekend, there is no doubt he is 1 in 326,111,903. He has to be the only person in America who attended both the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting AND the NASCAR race at Talladega this weekend. No, he did not fly from Omaha to Alabama on a private jet. At least I don’t think so.

Anyway, Tony got to his financial hero and his racing hero do their thing this weekend. I can’t think of anyone else who would claim both Warren Buffett and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. as heroes, but Tony’s mind works in mysterious ways.

So, I don’t blog about NASCAR. And I have not been to a dirt track since the Knoxville Late Model Nationals last September. My first “live” show won’t be until May 23rd when the Lucas Oil late models visit I-80 Speedway before heading to Missouri for the Show-Me 100. I rarely missed a race at Sunset Speedway, and the same with the first few years of Nebraska Raceway Park, now I-80 Speedway. Now I don’t want to go to any weekly show. That is quite a turn around.

I have been watching races on the computer though. A week ago I watched All Star Circuit of Champions 410 sprint car races from two different tracks in Pennsylvania. I enjoy seeing tracks I know I will never visit in person, and Speed Shift TV allows that. Last night I watched WISSOTA action from Casino Speedway in South Dakota. Check out their schedule. Modifeds, USAC sprints and midgets, late model, 360 and 410 winged sprint cars, action from Pennsylvania to Washington and many states in between. I think the production quality of these PPV’s is good, and like I said, these are tracks I know I will never visit. Check out Speed Shift TV.

One thing I am contemplating doing at last is the Sunset Speedway book I have kicked around for years. Craig Kelley and I talked of this a number of years ago, but the timing was not right. Perhaps it is now. Before I put too much effort into it, I have several questions I hope my readers will answer:

-would you be willing to share your Sunset Speedway story with me?

-would you buy a book, maybe 300 pages, maybe more, with at least 1/3rd of the pages photos?

I am guessing such a book would be priced at $20-$25 dollars, with the hopes that it would pay for itself.

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Hello, It’s Me

April 23, 2017 Leave a comment

Surprised I blogged today. No more surprised than me. It is two surprises for me-I also went to the Fremont ‘Y’ and worked out for the first time in months. The blog is certainly a mental lift and the bike, treadmill, and weight lifting routines let loose at least a few endorphins. Now the trick is to start doing both regularly.

I have been focusing far more on things other than racing in 2017. I have become vocal politically because I see what is happening leaving an America far from what America was as I was growing up and far from what I would hope it will be for my children and my grandson.

I have been enjoying baseball more than ever, especially Nebraska baseball. A trip to Haymarket Park is better than a trip to a psychologist for me-at least I think it is as I have never been to a psychologist. I love the kind of baseball Coach Darin Erstad has the Huskers play. I have enjoyed watching, even when the Huskers lost two games to Iowa. And several games have been very special for me. Two weeks ago Henry got to run on the field with one of the NU starters for the National Anthem. Doing so he got to high five all the non-starters. And yes, he was thrilled. Last week was even better as he was “guest coach” for the Saturday game against Iowa. He got to walk out with Coach Erstad and give line-up cards to the home plate umpire and Iowa coach. Not bad for a 5 year old before 7,200 people. If you are a Facebook friend you can see photos and videos on my page or Steph’s page.

I haven’t been to any live racing shows yet this year, and probably won’t see one until the Lucas Oil late models are at I-80 Speedway on the Tuesday before they head to Wheatland, Missouri for the Show-Me 100. I have been watching on my computer though, mainly on Lucas Oil Racing TV and Speed Shift TV.

Yes, I have been watching. Last night I even watched sprint cars racing at Park Jefferson Speedway in South Dakota. Those of you who know me know that I am not big on sprint cars, and that I truly do not like Park Jefferson. So, make it three surprises for the weekend-the two I already mentioned, and watching last night.

Driving to Lincoln last weekend, Matt and I listened to Kevin Harvick on one of the NASCAR radio stations. Harvick stated that other than the Daytona 500, the 600 mile race in Charlotte, and the Southern 500 at Darlington, all races should be shortened. I agreed with Harvick, while Matt thought the night race at Bristol should still be 500 laps too.

300 miles at New Hampshire drives me insane. 250 miles would be better, 200 miles better yet. 300 miles at Dover is beyond plenty. Same with Pocono. All the 400 mile races at the cookie cutter 1 ½ mile facilities could be cut back to 300 miles.

Would this pull NASCAR out of a seeming slow death spiraling downhill year after year? It would fit in with the attention span of younger generations. Coupled with the new segment format it would mean less riding around the track. I think it would be a good thing, but I don’t see it happening. How many commercials would be lost with shortening races? And that unfortunately is the bottom line.

I mentioned before enjoying baseball more than ever. Part of it is the play of the Huskers. Part of it-a big part-is simply enjoying time spent with my son. When the starting time for the game is listed at 6:05 p.m., that is when the game starts, not 6:25 p.m., not 6:30 p.m., not 7:00 p.m. There are no B-Mods in baseball wasting everyone’s time. And there are no ridiculously long intermissions at baseball games either. No “short intermissions,” no “brief intermissions” that last a half hour or longer. There is a 90 second break between each half inning of a game. If I go for concessions I can still watch the game from the Haymarket Park concourse. And if I need a restroom break, I can still listen to the radio broadcast of the game. Those things don’t happen at the track.

The Lucas Oil show at I-80 Speedway will be my first live show this year.  The SLMR show at US 30 Speedway in Columbus is on our list. I plan on attending the final two nights of the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 as well. The following week I am hoping Matt and I will be heading to Fairbury, Illinois for the Prairie Dirt Classic, but that is iffy right now. We do plan to attend the first two nights of the Knoxville Late Model Nationals in September. I have no doubt that Matt will try to rope me into a race at Park Jefferson or Adams County Speedway, more likely both. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t though. And we are giving some thought to the Friday NASCAR show in Kansas City in October. Other than that-well, lots of events shown on the computer.

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MIA Blogger

March 19, 2017 Leave a comment

No question I have been missing in action. I can make up excuses like I did not have much to blog about, but the truth is I just have not felt like writing. It isn’t writer’s block. I am not sick. As some of you are aware I have other things on my mind, but those concerns should not keep me from writing. I haven’t been pleased with some of my recent posts, but that should make me work harder, not write at all. Again, I have not felt like writing, and I feel more guilt than desire to write today.

The last month has been about basketball. Matt and I traveled more to games this year than we ever have. We have been fans of Wahoo Neumann basketball for several years and actually saw more of their games than we did Fremont High School games. And enjoyed each game, and were pleased when they won the Class C1 championship last week.

As always, we spent two days at the State Tournament. On Thursday we only stayed for four games, but in the semifinals on Friday we watched all six games. Thursday was about an 11 hour trip, while Friday was 17 hours. I know-I scream about race programs that last five hours, but love a long day at Pinnacle Bank Arena. How do I justify that? Every basketball game started on time. There was no water truck driving around 45 minutes after the event was supposed to start. AND, there are no B-Mods in basketball. That alone is worth hours and hours of me not complaining.

This weekend was more about baseball than basketball. OK, it was the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, but Matt and I went to Lincoln for NU baseball games yesterday and today. The State Basketball Tournament is the sports event of the year for us-we have only missed one tournament in the last 32 years. NU baseball is becoming #2 for us. We have had season tickets for several years, and look forward to every outing at Haymarket Park.

After the State Tournament and NU baseball, I would put the Silver Dollar Nationals weekend in ranking our favorite sports events. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles to watch the best of the best dirt late model drivers in action, we have them in Nebraska. I hope that the Lucas Oil late model show at I-80 Speedway in May will turn into a one day mini-SDN.

I am typing this during the NASCAR race from Phoenix. I am not watching the NASCAR race from Phoenix. I did not watch the NASCAR race from Las Vegas. I watch very little of the NASCAR race from Atlanta. And most surprising, I watched maybe just half of the Daytona 500. 15 years ago I would not miss a NASCAR race. Even 10 years ago I would not miss a NASCAR race. Just five years ago I watched most of the NASCAR events. Now? I would rather read a book to be honest about it.

I guess I care enough to comment on two issues though. I give a thumbs up to the new “stage” racing format, awarding points for running order at various times in the race. In the past a driver could have an outstanding day turn very bad getting caught up in someone else’s mistake. Now if a driver does well in the first two stages, but something causes him to finish the race poorly, he (sorry, or she) can still have at least a fair points day.

The other issue is Las Vegas gaining a second race next season. I don’t think we need more races on the cookie cutter 1 ½ mile tracks, but since the Las Vegas race comes at the expense of the fall New Hampshire race, I am OK with it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Pocono race go elsewhere.

And that is all I have to say about NASCAR.

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Rain, Hail, Snow, Basketball And Racing

February 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Well, with snow on the ground and more forecast plus winds howling, I decided to take a day off from commuting to Omaha for work. And, it has been awhile since I last blogged, so now is a good time to post something.

I have been much more into basketball than racing the past month. Instead of watching late models from Volusia Speedway Park, last night Matt and I drove to Waverly to watch the battle of Wahoo in a sub-district basketball tournament game. Wahoo Neumann beat Wahoo High School 72-46 and as always played very well. I only went to one Fremont High School game this year, but have watched the Cavaliers play in Wahoo, Columbus, Springfield, Grand Island, and Waverly. I like coach Mike Weiss-a Midland graduate, and his team plays the game the way I think it ought to be played.  With wild cards in class C, they are a lock to get into the State Tournament.

Last night it was raining when we drove to Waverly. After the game we came out and it was still raining, but there was thunder and lightning as well. Heading west on Waverly road to Highway 77 we ran into freezing rain and hail. Going north on Hwy. 77 it was snowing so hard it was difficult to see the road. It was like that all the way back to Fremont. Matt did a very good job of keeping us out of a ditch and not hitting anyone else. I was more than happy to reach the city limits of Fremont.

We are hoping to see one more district game before the State Tournament. Winnebago plays Columbus Scotus for a district championship, and hopefully that game will be played at Midland University. We love watching Winnebago play-we’ve seen them play in Ralston and Grand Island this year-and that will be a great match up. Winnebago is number one in power points in C-1, Scotus is number two, and Wahoo Neumann is number three. All three appear to be State Tournament bound.

I did watch all the Lucas Oil late model racing the past few weeks from Georgia and Florida and it was outstanding. OK-Josh Richards, Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Owens, Don O’Neal, Jonathan Davenport, Darrell Lanigan, Earl Pearson Jr., Steve Francis, and Tim McCreadie as tour regulars, you know it is going to be good. All of them have won one or more national tour championships.

The racing at East Bay was outstanding this year. Young guns, veterans, side by side racing-and passing. McCreadie started 18th on the Thursday night Winternationals show and won. Josh Richards won at East Bay and in Georgia. Bloomquist won at East Bay and lost on a last lap, last turn pass by Brandon Shepard at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala.

The Lucas Oil series has a lot of star power, no question. However, I think it is important that someone not named Richards or Bloomquist win some races. Don O’Neal’s 16 year old son Hudson raced during Speedweeks and did a good job. It would be great to see a youngster like that in victory lane. An occasional win by some of the big names would be nice too.

Thank you Joe Kosiski for booking the series twice at I-80 Speedway. The first visit will be several days prior to the Show Me 100 in May, and of course all the stars will shine in July at the crown jewel Silver Dollar Nationals.

Who is going to win the Daytona 500? Personally I would like to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. take the checkered flags. Jimmie Johnson or Kevin Harvick would be OK too.

With several score dirt track races available on the computer and Jeff Gordon no longer racing NASCAR, the Daytona 500 does not have the same anticipation factor for me as a few years ago. I will watch it and am hoping for a good race, but if something happened and I did not get to see it, I would not feel cheated.

Driving to Waverly last night, Matt and I discussed the future of NASCAR. Ratings and attendance continue a downward trend, and many of the stars of the sport are nearing an age when they will be considering retiring-Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, and Kevin Harvick are all over 40. Harvick has stated that the pressure of The Chase-now simply The Play-offs, is such that no driver will race into his 50’s. Earnhardt Jr. would retire if that elusive championship became his. Would Johnson step aside if he won his eighth championship?

Where are the big guns of the future? Chase Elliott? Maybe. Sorry, never been a fan of the Elliott’s, Chase or his dad Bill. Certainly not Bayne or Stenhouse in Roush Fenway cars. Daniel Suarez? Possibly. Joey Logano-everyone knows how much I like Logano and his partner in crime Brad Keselowski. Not at all is how much. Kyle Busch will be around for some time yet. Since his marriage, accident, and birth of his son, the younger Busch brother has matured and I am starting to like him. Denny Hamlin? He is just Joey Logano from Virginia. The Dillon Brothers? Thumbs down for Austin, thumbs down for Ty. Ryan Blaney? That would be OK.

There are certainly some possibilities, but to me drivers like Saurez and Blaney need to prove they are legitimate winning against the over 40 stars.

Matt also questioned if the current NASCAR business model is sustainable. What happens when Penske, Roush, Hendrick, and Gibbs want to retire as owners? How many corporations will justify spending $500,000 a week in a sport that is seeing dwindling TV ratings and attendance? Both are good questions. NASCAR does face some difficult questions in the coming years. I hope the leadership can find the right answers. I am fearful they won’t.

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Prime Rib, Racing, Basketball, And Good Conversation

February 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Matt and I drove to Grand Island yesterday for the Heartland Hoops Classic-8 high school basketball games featuring match-ups that don’t happen anywhere else. Eight games are too much for us. We arrived at half-time of game 3, watched all of games 4-5-6-7, and left at half-time of game 8. Yes, we were there for about 9 hours.

I can hear I-80 promoter Joe Kosiski telling Matt “your dad complains about how long our shows are and they aren’t 9 hours long.” Well three things:

-every one of the games started on time. Not 15 minutes late, not a half-hour late, they started on time.

-we were back in Fremont by midnight. There have been far too many times when I have been at a race track-and not just I-80 Speedway-well past the witching hour.

-I did not have to suffer through 4 heats, a consolation race, and an A-feature of the infamous B-Mods.

All in all it was a great night. I enjoyed the two hours of conversation driving to Grand Island, and the two hours of conversation on the ride home.

Admission was $16, far less than any race special. AND, Matt found us seats in a three seat row so no one was crawling over us every five minutes. Courtside seats cost $75. We were maybe 20’ away from the court and could see the action far better than if we were in the courtside seats. Two thumbs up for Matt.

On Friday we went to Z’s Bar and Grill in Scribner. I have no idea why small towns like Waterloo, Hooper, and Scribner can have good steak houses but Fremont does not. Anyway, that was our first visit to Z’s, but it won’t be our last. Good food and good service too.

I got home just in time to watch the B features and A features of the Lucas Oil series race at Golden Isles Speedway in Waynesville, Georgia. It wasn’t great late model racing-very little passing, not unusual for a track’s opening night, but it was still late model racing with plenty of name drivers in the field.

As seems to be the case every race, Scott Bloomquist arrived late. He tagged on the rear of a B feature so he could use a provisional to start in the A main. Yeah, he finished at the rear of the B feature, and was even worse in the A. He spun out early in the race and then was going so slow that leader Billy Moyer Jr. virtually ran over the Zero car, spinning him out a second time.

Whether the wreck damaged Moyer’s radiator or the 21 Jr. was overheating for some other reason, both Bloomquist and Moyer Jr. left the track-Moyer after leading the first 37 laps. Brandon Overton led the final 13 laps and collected $10,000 for the win.

I do not know who won last night’s race. And don’t want to know. I will watch the race on Lucas Oil Racing TV later today. That is a nice feature of having a LORTV subscription-all the live events are archived.

The Lucas Oil series takes tonight off, but will be back in action tomorrow at East Bay Raceway Park near Tampa. And yes, LORTV will be covering the event. Late model racing on a Monday night in February-fantastic. East Bay is late models only, and the track runs all of the races quickly, no messing around. So yes, I will be watching.

I will admit that even though the temperature at TROTD Speedway will be a comfortable 68 degrees, and even though the concessions at TROTD Speedway are as good as at any race track-and far cheaper, and even though my bedroom is only steps away, it is not quite the same as being there. I do envy my friend Ivan Tracy who has been doing his usual winter thing in Arizona attending races.  Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing that, even watching sprint car races. Maybe someday when I get older.

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