Prime Rib, Racing, Basketball, And Good Conversation

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Matt and I drove to Grand Island yesterday for the Heartland Hoops Classic-8 high school basketball games featuring match-ups that don’t happen anywhere else. Eight games are too much for us. We arrived at half-time of game 3, watched all of games 4-5-6-7, and left at half-time of game 8. Yes, we were there for about 9 hours.

I can hear I-80 promoter Joe Kosiski telling Matt “your dad complains about how long our shows are and they aren’t 9 hours long.” Well three things:

-every one of the games started on time. Not 15 minutes late, not a half-hour late, they started on time.

-we were back in Fremont by midnight. There have been far too many times when I have been at a race track-and not just I-80 Speedway-well past the witching hour.

-I did not have to suffer through 4 heats, a consolation race, and an A-feature of the infamous B-Mods.

All in all it was a great night. I enjoyed the two hours of conversation driving to Grand Island, and the two hours of conversation on the ride home.

Admission was $16, far less than any race special. AND, Matt found us seats in a three seat row so no one was crawling over us every five minutes. Courtside seats cost $75. We were maybe 20’ away from the court and could see the action far better than if we were in the courtside seats. Two thumbs up for Matt.

On Friday we went to Z’s Bar and Grill in Scribner. I have no idea why small towns like Waterloo, Hooper, and Scribner can have good steak houses but Fremont does not. Anyway, that was our first visit to Z’s, but it won’t be our last. Good food and good service too.

I got home just in time to watch the B features and A features of the Lucas Oil series race at Golden Isles Speedway in Waynesville, Georgia. It wasn’t great late model racing-very little passing, not unusual for a track’s opening night, but it was still late model racing with plenty of name drivers in the field.

As seems to be the case every race, Scott Bloomquist arrived late. He tagged on the rear of a B feature so he could use a provisional to start in the A main. Yeah, he finished at the rear of the B feature, and was even worse in the A. He spun out early in the race and then was going so slow that leader Billy Moyer Jr. virtually ran over the Zero car, spinning him out a second time.

Whether the wreck damaged Moyer’s radiator or the 21 Jr. was overheating for some other reason, both Bloomquist and Moyer Jr. left the track-Moyer after leading the first 37 laps. Brandon Overton led the final 13 laps and collected $10,000 for the win.

I do not know who won last night’s race. And don’t want to know. I will watch the race on Lucas Oil Racing TV later today. That is a nice feature of having a LORTV subscription-all the live events are archived.

The Lucas Oil series takes tonight off, but will be back in action tomorrow at East Bay Raceway Park near Tampa. And yes, LORTV will be covering the event. Late model racing on a Monday night in February-fantastic. East Bay is late models only, and the track runs all of the races quickly, no messing around. So yes, I will be watching.

I will admit that even though the temperature at TROTD Speedway will be a comfortable 68 degrees, and even though the concessions at TROTD Speedway are as good as at any race track-and far cheaper, and even though my bedroom is only steps away, it is not quite the same as being there. I do envy my friend Ivan Tracy who has been doing his usual winter thing in Arizona attending races.  Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing that, even watching sprint car races. Maybe someday when I get older.

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I Have Not Forgotten How To Write

February 1, 2017 1 comment

Congratulations to Jeff Gordon. Gordon’s team won the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, making Gordon only the 4th driver to win both the Daytona 500 and the 24 hour race. It was no surprise that A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti were also winners of both races, but I was surprised that Jamie McMurray was the other winner of Daytona’s classics.


Two thumbs up to Phoenix International Raceway for making a commitment to spend $178,000,000 to upgrade facilities. As part of the upgrade, the finish line will be moved to what was turn two at the track-famous for driver’s wheeling on the track apron to try to pass others. It would be great to have a really wild and crazy finish in NASCAR.

Two thumbs up to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for his Tweet on immigrants. This took courage as his is far from a popular sentiment among NASCAR fans. I liked Earnhardt before, I like him even better now.


I am not quite sure what to say about NASCAR’s rules changes. Google “NASCAR changes,” if you haven’t already read about all the changes because there are more than I can comment on. My thoughts? IF it brings about more racing, more entertainment for the fans, I am all for it. My fear is that crew chiefs will think the rules into oblivion, everyone striving for an advantage, everyone doing the same things, and the same old ho-hum “racing” resulting. I am certainly willing to give it a chance though.


And The Chase is no more. Good. There will still be a 10 race play-off, but it won’t be called The Chase.

A number of Missouri Republican office-holders have been mentioned as potential challengers against Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat who is seeking a third term in a state that Donald Trump carried 56-38.Well-known former NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, who abruptly retired two weeks ago, has dipped his feet in the water. Why do I think of muddy water, polluted water, or cesspool when I read that?

Anyway, Edwards told the Associated Press that “I believe firmly in the principles that the U.S. was founded upon,” and added, “If I could help, I definitely would consider it.” Edwards said that he didn’t have any plans to run, but he went on to quote Douglas MacArthur and declare, “No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” (OK, this is from me, not anyone else, but I have a difficult time believing that Edwards came up with that quote all by himself.) Edwards didn’t say he was interested in running as a Republican but it seems extremely unlikely that he’s thinking of challenging McCaskill in a Democratic primary.

If Edwards does run, he’ll have a very different profile than the myriad of other Republicans who could get in. Edwards came close to winning the NASCAR championship in 2011 and 2016, and he shocked fans when he stepped away from full-time racing earlier this month (though he refused to say he was retiring). Edwards also has a bit of a temper. In 2008, he allegedly had to be placed in a headlock to stop him from fighting another driver. Two years later, he admitted to intentionally wrecking an opponent’s car during a race. However, Edwards’ career survived both incidents, and Trump proved last year that Missouri voters can tolerate a lot from GOP candidates.


What do I think about Senator Carl? Well, an orange haired reality TV star is now President, so why can’t a NASCAR driver be Senator? Perhaps the times have changed, but I believe that when Richard Petty ran for Secretary of State in North Carolina he was defeated, and Petty was certainly more popular than Edwards. I don’t think Edwards can simply declare his candidacy and pack for Washington. Given the numerous times I have commented unfavorably about the Columbia, Missouri driver, it should come as no surprise if I give this effort two thumbs down.


I am giving ten fingers and ten toes up to Lucas Oil Racing TV. The network will be covering racing in Georgia and Florida on 2/10-2/11 and 2/13-2/19. I believe that is 9 nights of racing in February. DirTVision will carry the sprint car, late model, modified, and big block modified nationals from Volusia Speedway Park on 2/14-2/25. will also carry the late model portion of this event. So, it may be cold in Nebraska, but you can definitely get a racing fix this month.

From pizza to popcorn and Diet Coke, TROTD Speedway has the best concessions around. The temperature is always 68, and the track is just seconds away from my bed. Can’t beat that.


And, it is only 170 days until the Silver Dollar Nationals.  Thanks for stopping by.




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A Few Questions Answered

January 16, 2017 2 comments

From Mike Pierson: “I was hoping to get your read on the ‘major’ announcements out of JMS, between the sanctioning and the track reconfig they seem to be trying to re-invent that track. Anyone willing to try something gets my approval. Also one of your favorite NASCAR drivers big announcement, tell us what you think Ron!”

Since I didn’t go into work because of the ice storm, I will answer Mike.

About JMS shortening the layout-I think that is a good thing. I have witnessed some really hard wrecks at that track, and anything that can slow the cars down even a little should be welcomed by the drivers.

I am indifferent about the exit being moved from the back stretch to between turns 1 and 2. I don’t think cars can slow enough to turn into the exit after the checkered flag, so it is still going to mean another lap around the oval, though not having to go through the infield might speed things up a little.

The NeSmith crate lates, well that is an NCRA thing. I have never been an NCRA fan, so I am not sure what to make of this change. With Lexington Raceway also switching to NeSmith it does give Central Nebraska drivers an opportunity to run for a National Championship by racing at Salina Speedway in Kansas on Friday’s, at JMS on Saturday nights, and in Lexington to end the weekend. The NeSmith Weekly National Champion gets $10,000 for his efforts, and 10 drivers get national point fund money.

The NeSmith season runs 27 weeks, from late March through September. A driver’s 14 best finishes count for points. Car count does influence points-8 or more cars get full points, less than 8 cars do not. The first tie breaker to determine final point standings is the number of wins in races with 8 or more cars. The second tie breaker is the number of 2nd place finishes in races with 8 or more cars. I would think that both JMS and Lexington would have fields of 8 or more cars.

I do hope this will work for both tracks.

I assume that Mike is wanting to know what I think of Carl Edwards retiring. I would say that Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s concussions played a part in his decision. Even with all the improvements in safety, it is still a risky business. Edwards is in good health, I would say he is financially secure, perhaps he will have announcing opportunities similar to Jeff Gordon, he has had a successful career, and the time demands for Cup drivers are insane and very hard on families. Add it all up, and I would call this a good decision.

I saw an article on Edwards stating that he has had a Hall of Fame career. That is likely the case. Though he never won a Cup championship, he did have six Top Ten point finishes, won 28 races, and led thousands of laps. He did have a Nextel-now XFINITY-Series championship. I have never been a big fan of Edwards, but I certainly can see him in the Hall of Fame someday.

I don’t see him “retiring” and then racing 70+ times in a season like Tony Stewart is scheduled to do in 2017. While no schedule has been published yet, Stewart will race sprint cars, a TQ Midget, and late models. I suspect he will race often at tracks he owns-like Eldora, and in the All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Car Series which he also owns. I wonder if someone like Joe Kosiski could talk Stewart into appearing at the Silver Dollar Nationals this summer. The expense might be greater than the return, but it would be fun watching Stewart race against Bloomquist, Richards, Davenport, etal.

And if you watched the Chili Bowl on Saturday, that was Stewart on a tractor doing track prep work.

Did I answer you OK, Mike? Thanks to Mike-and you-for stopping by.







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Late Models, Midgets, And PPV’s

January 15, 2017 1 comment

When Craig Kelley chastises me for not blogging, it has been far too long since my last post. Normally I would be writing about the late model racing in Arizona, but a certain young Illinois driver with a famous father has won three of the four features there. Let’s just say that my feelings about Bobby Pierce are not unlike those of the Fairbury American Legion Speedway back stretch denizens. I would not shout obscenities at him as he roared by, but I would likely think them. I would not wave one finger greetings either, and I would not make up nasty signs about him, but I would not get upset if he broke either.

Pierce has put himself in position for major bonus money. With Saturday’s rainouts creating a Sunday double header, Pierce needs just one win to collect a $50,000 bonus from Keyser Manufacturing. Win both features today would double his bonus money to a whopping $100,000. With his other wins and a 3rd place finish in a race won by Billy Moyer-the 59 year old retired Billy Moyer-plus point fund money, Pierce would leave Arizona with $135,000. That is like 2015 Jonathan Davenport money. And if he decides to stop in Las Cruces, New Mexico on his way home, he could pick up another $20,000 next weekend at Southern New Mexico Speedway. Wow.

You can still purchase PPV’s for the two Phoenix races today, and for just $39.99 you can get all three of the New Mexico races. It beats worrying about the ice storm headed our way.

Congratulations to Andrew Kosiski. First, for deciding to make the trip to Arizona to compete against top flight competition. The trip wasn’t about winning or even top ten finishes for the 3rd generation driver, it has been about getting better. Kosiski did not qualify for either of the opening week features, but he did make the Wednesday and Friday features this week. Two thumbs up for Joe’s son.

Like I mentioned about, the only driver to keep Bobby Pierce out of victory lane has been Billy Moyer. 59 year old Billy Moyer. He is “retired,” sort of, meaning he will limit his racing to events he enjoys. Moyer finished 2nd at last year’s Silver Dollar Nationals. He does have local connections plus family in the Des Moines area. It might be worth the effort for I-80 promoters to work with Moyer’s Nebraska connection to get him to the 2017 SDN.

If you don’t subscribe to Lucas Oil Racing TV, now might be the time to do so. The site will be showing two nights of the Super Bowl of racing from Golden Isles Speedway in Brunswick, Georgia and six nights of the Winternationals from East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa. They will follow those shows with one last Lucas Oil late model show, this from Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida. That is nine nights of the best late model racing-that alone would make the subscription worthwhile. A year’s subscription cost just $59.99-and there are many more live racing shows scheduled throughout the year (11 more Lucas Oil late model shows plus plenty of ASCS sprint car action), and there is much more than just the live shows too. However, if you are cheap-and I am thinking of one person-you can buy a month’s subscription for just $6.99. Nine nights of Lucas Oil late models for just $6.99. That is one helluva deal.

Last night I watched the Chili Bowl on Lucas Oil Racing TV. I can see why the event is so popular with fans. Action, action, and more action. The Lucas Oil show was only 2-C features, 2-B features, and the A main, and started at 7:30 p.m., but the racing had been going on all day, starting with O features. Amazing.

The names of drivers running C and B features and not making the A main is mind blowing. Kyle Larson, Justin Allgaier, and Brady Bacon did not make it out of the C features. Dave Darland, Sammy Swindell, Wayne Johnson, Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz-yes THEE Donny Schatz, Chad Boat, Jac Haudenschild, and Tim McCreadie were not among the 12 drivers to advance from the B features. Tell me how many promoters would not love to have those drivers in a race at their track.

Christopher Bell won the A feature, with Daryn Pittman finishing second. And NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. won a B feature and finished 16th in the A. Ha, the Roush Fenway Racing driver has a future in open wheeled racing if the NASCAR Monster Cup series does not pan out for him.

Keep warm-and hope the weather forecasts are wrong-a quarter to a half inch of ice is not funny. If I can’t make it to work, my employer has made arrangements to load work software on my computer to enable me to work on payroll. That is truly telecommuting, unlike one individual who considers telecommuting to be staying home, watching Bonanza reruns on METV, and occasionally checking in with the office.

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Silver Dollar Nationals-Or Why I Haven’t Posted Since December 17th

December 31, 2016 Leave a comment

No, I didn’t forget how to write. No, I don’t have writer’s block. I actually started a post after Christmas, but didn’t finish it. Yes, I do feel guilty, but obviously not enough to sit down at the keyboard before now. I’ll use the excuse of “the holidays,” plus working 98 hours this pay period. A little lame, but that’s all I have.

Here is my unfinished Christmas blog:

It has been decades since I last dreamed of a white Christmas. To me, perfect December holiday weather is sunny, with temperatures in the 50’s. I can’t say that I have ever dreamed of a thunderstorm Christmas like we had on Sunday, but every drop of rain meant fewer snowflakes and less shoveling, so if it can’t be 55 and sunny on Christmas day, I am OK with 55 and rainy.


The Meyer family had a nice Christmas. Matt, Steph, and Mr. Henry Ross Meyer spent part of the day with Jane, Amanda, and me, as did my Mom. The excitement of five year old Henry opening presents would have made the day, but a nice meal (Amanda’s fantastic homemade vegetable beef soup, with sandwiches, relish tray, chips, and too many Christmas goodies) and good conversation made for an even better day.


I don’t want to admit that my family knows me too well, but among my gifts were five books and an Amazon gift certificate. I hadn’t finished the seven books my writer friends sent me as I was recovering from my surgery, so I have plenty of reading material stacked beside my bedside table, enough that I shouldn’t need more for a few months.


Anyway, I hope all of you had as nice of a Christmas as I did.


I don’t know how the chemicals in my brain work much of the time, why I think of things I haven’t thought about in years, but here is one I bet only a few of you remember-the McDonald’s All-American Meal. What was it? A hamburger, fries, a chocolate shake and change back from a buck. This was back when you walked up to a window to order, the sign out front said “Millions Sold,” and it was years before cities the size of Fremont saw the Golden Arches. I thought it was a big treat when we stopped at the 84th and Dodge location-no longer there. Even with changes I think their fries are still the best. The hamburgers? Tolerable. The chocolate shake? I don’t know what they have done with it, I hate it, and haven’t ordered it since I discovered they changed it.


Of course thinking of no McDonald’s in Fremont had me thinking of the Gold Key Drive-In (a bank is now there), and A & W Drive-In (now a parking lot for Mac’s Restaurant). Which led to missing my all-time favorite sandwich, A & W’s Mexiburger-a kind of sloppy joe. They had just the right amount of grease-i.e. the hamburger bun was soaked, and a Mexiburger with a frosty mug of A & W root beer definitely hit the spot. At least my spot.


And this let to thinking of what was really a cheap date-Putt Putt golf, which is now a Scooter’s Coffee shop across from the Fremont Medical Center, then known as the Dodge County Memorial Hospital. I read in the Fremont Tribune-no longer deserving of the title “newspaper” that when the new $15,000,000 aquatic center-next to the ice rink-is completed, the Fremont Y will be the largest in the United States. Wow. I can remember when old YMCA at 5th & Park, with a basketball court straight out of the movie “Hoosiers,” and a swimming pool a little bit bigger than a rich person’s hot tub.


Good memories. Too many bad ones from 2016. Jane nearly dying from being over-medicated after knee replacement surgery in October. My prostate cancer-I am now cancer free, but still not fully recovered from the cryoplasty procedure. And losing our beloved silky terrier Sophie in January.


I am counting on 2017 being a much better year. Unlike the 29 years previous, I love going to work in the morning, and don’t even mind the commute to Omaha. This will be the year I get 1, maybe 2 new knees-and hallelujah to that. Before and after the knee surgery I am going to have to lose weight. Hopefully I will be as successful at Jane in doing so.


Matt and I have talked-and talked, about racing plans for 2017. On our way to Fairbury, Illinois last year we detoured to visit Iowa Speedway. Just looking impressed us enough to want to return for a race-probably the NASCAR XFINITY Series event in June. Obviously we will not miss the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 Speedway, and cross your fingers the other Lucas Oil show there won’t be rained out.


Fairbury and the Prairie Dirt Classic is on our list too. If you have never been to Fairbury American Legion Speedway go. And try to get seats on the back stretch. Matt and I sat close to turn 3 and it was so good it was almost overwhelming.


The Knoxville Nationals-late model version-is a mainstay on our list, and this year there is no work conflict for me. The SLMR at US 30 Speedway makes our list, though I am hoping for a racier track there. Matt wants to go to Corning for a USMTS and SLMR show. I don’t much, but I am sure I will go.

And depending on knee surgeries, there might be a trip to Kansas City for one of the qualifying days for the NASCAR Sprint Cup oops, Monster Energy Cup races.


If I didn’t already know it was New Year’s Eve, my email inbox would tell me. So far I have had 17 different emails telling me that today is the last day to get a tax break by donating to their cause. Sorry, gave at the office. Well, actually I did give at the office, and many other places too.


Have a safe night and a good and Happy New Year too. Thanks for stopping by.






A Nice Way To Spend An Icy Cold Night-The Gateway Nationals

December 17, 2016 1 comment

I left work a little early yesterday so I did not have to drive home after sunset-I know, there wasn’t any sun-with freezing rain falling. Going west on Dodge I felt like a Roush Fenway driver in a NASCAR Cup race. Yeah, I was in the middle lane and getting passed left and right.

Actually, it took me over an hour to get home (usually it takes about half an hour). A wreck by Valley turned Highway 275 into a one lane, go very slow route from the Waterloo viaduct to Valley. Further on there were two incidents on the east bound lanes, and then a long line of cars following a snow plow.  I made it safe and that was all that mattered.

I got home in time to watch the Alphabet Soup portion of the Gateway Nationals from St. Louis. I admit I was a little nervous about getting my money’s worth from this PPV, but it was worth more than I spent for sure. In only its second night of action, this event got put on my “to do” list. Anyway, the Alphabet Soup I mentioned was the D-C-B-A features. The modifieds and late models had two each of the consolation features before the A mains.

I wondered about the set-up and track in an indoor facility, but it was obvious a lot of thought went into how to make it all work. A line-up lane surrounds the 1/5th mile track and also provides a safe space between race cars and fans in the front row of the grandstands. The track itself is about the size of tracks in Macon and Belle Claire, Illinois. The turns are tight, so handling is much more important than raw horsepower. There was action around the track, often three wide racing with lots of bumping. Lots and lots of bumping. Did I mention bumping? Yeah, plenty of it.

St. Louis area promoter Kevin Gundaker was in charge of track prep, and the track prep crew is outstanding. After each of the alphabet letters, there was a brief intermission to air out fumes and to work on the track. The topside was constantly watered, tore up, and repacked. By the time the A features came around it could not have been much better.

Scott Bloomquist started on the pole in the A feature-boo, hiss-and jumped to the lead immediately. He was pressured by Darrell Lanigan and hit the wall several times in the opening laps. Bloomquist led every lap until catching up with lapped traffic late in the race. Shannon Babb, Lanigan, and Jason Feger were ready to pounce on any Bloomquist mistake. The four cars reminded me of the pack racing of Pro-Am stock cars at I-80 Speedway. You don’t see that much in late model racing. Anyway, Bloomquist pushed up coming out of turn two in the final laps-maybe he hit a rut-and the other three drivers were able to pass him.

The race was simply outstanding. It far surpassed my expectations. Other than the Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway, this was the best feature race I saw all year.

Shannon Babb was the winner, and surprisingly it was his first win of the season. Babb, Lanigan, Feger, and Bloomquist all qualified for tonight’s $20,000 to win feature as did Chris Simpson, Chad Zobrist, Don O’Neal and Kevin Weaver. Name drivers who will have to qualify through consolation races include Kent Robinson, Bobby Pierce, Brandon Sheppard, Ray Cook, Billy Moyer Jr., and Devin Moran. provided excellent coverage of the event with two announcers, two roving reporters, and more cameras then I would have believed. Yes, I am going to purchase today’s package-racing action will get underway around 3:00 p.m. I give the coverage two thumbs up. Next year I hope to talk my son into going. It isn’t a bad drive from Fremont to St. Louis, and it is just a short flight from Omaha to St. Louis, and it would be nice to get a bunch of friends/fans to go in 2017. Yes, I do think there will be a 2017 Gateway Nationals next December.

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Lots Of Puzzle Pieces

December 11, 2016 Leave a comment

Bits and pieces you probably already know:

-Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been cleared by doctors to return to the 88 car, and will be back in the saddle for the Daytona 500 in February. I am not sure who is happier, Earnhardt, NASCAR or the Junior Nation.

-In a related story, not sure how or why, Earnhardt Jr. and Amy Reimann are getting married on New Year’s Eve. In order to keep away 47,000 uninvited guests, the location was not disclosed.

-Monster Energy is the 2017 sponsor of what has been known as the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. No word yet on what the series name will be, but I am pretty sure it will NOT be the NASCAR Monster Energy Rest of the Dirt Cup series. No, I have never tried a Monster Energy drink, but there are many days I feel like I good use more energy.

-LATE MODEL RACING LIVE on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from the Gateway Dome in St. Louis. Also on the card will be Modifieds. If you can’t make it to St. Louis, catch all the action on PPV. Coverage starts at about 2:30 p.m. each day, which is somewhat irritating for those of us who work, but there aren’t exactly a lot of other events to watch this coming weekend.

-The St. Louis track will be approximately 1/5th mile, or about the size of the Macon, Illinois oval. If you have ever watched racing from Macon, you know there is going to be action everywhere on the track.

-It took 140 truckloads of dirt to build the indoor track. Tri-City promoter Kevin Gundaker is in charge of track prep and I am sure will do a great job. I do wonder about the noise and the fumes, not unlike the Chili Bowl in Tulsa.

-Josh Richards switching form the Rocket house car is good news for area fans. Richards will now be following the Lucas Oil Series which will visit I-80 Speedway in May for a one night show, and again in July for the Silver Dollar Nationals. Brandon Sheppard will be running the Rocket house car in the WoO series.

-Richards, Bloomquist, Lanigan, O’Neal, Pearson, Owens, Davenport, and McCreadie. I wonder how many national tour champions those eight drivers have won. All of them will be running the Lucas Oil series. Past Knoxville National winner Jared Landers and past Dream winner Dennis Erb Jr. are also planning on being tour regulars in 2017.

-There is no WoO late model race scheduled against the Silver Dollar Nationals this year. The UMP Summernationals ends a week before the SDN. Will a $53,000 to win purse draw some WoO or UMP drivers to Nebraska in July?

-More good news for Midwest racing fans, especially those who think open wheel racing is the cream of motorsports. USAC sprint cars-you know, the ones that don’t look like stubby airplanes-will be heading to Nebraska and Iowa on June 2nd and June 3rd. The action on Friday June 2nd will be at I-80 Speedway, while the June 3rd racing is at Knoxville. Two thumbs up to I-80 promoter Joe Kosiski for making this happen.

-Still more good news for open wheel fans is that the USAC midgets will also make a stop in the Cornhusker State on their journey to the Belleville Nationals. The Jefferson County Speedway in Fairbury will once again play host to size challenged USAC hot rods, this time on Tuesday, August 1st.

-I do like the WoO coming out with random drug tests. Other sports have these tests and I see this as a commitment to safety. Reaction from WoO sprint car drivers was positive.

Enough already. I think I will watch some archived event on Lucas Oil Racing TV. Thanks for stopping by.